i hate feelings :))))))))

All this shit is happening in the Sherlock fandom rn and I feel like that kid in Mean Girls who is calling his mom as all the girls in the school fight around him.


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I think I’m starting to notice a trend in…

How could anyone hate these characters

well yknow, i dont think i need to restate why for Lapis thats pretty well known

and of course Namine was a gross manipulative bitch who totally messed with sora memories all on her own choice with no coercion from say, marluxia or larxene, because shes a nobody and nobodies cant feel scared so namine wasnt actually scared of them, she chose to hurt sora so awful amirite. couldnt have been in a traumatizing powerless situation because her memory powers are actually super powerful from a strength point of view

and then i think Feferi hate has mostly died, but you still see the odd Eridan fan here and there claiming shes actually the real one to blame for eridans genocide because she wouldnt take his feelings about their failing relationship into account, yknow she got him all riled up so really its her fault for friendzoning him like a beach

sarcasm sarcasm etc

Growth isn’t a one way road to a sunny destination
Sometimes its a U-turn and a side road to a cold town, 
Where the waitresses are miserable and even the cracks in the sidewalks are lifeless 
Sometimes you have to turn your back to the good to find something better

Positivity is valuable,
but realism is a teacher with a slivered ruler 
Nobody wishes for bruised knuckles,
but every fighter knows once the scabs heal they’ll be stronger for it. 

Maybe I could be softer,
when her eyes are watery
and guilt seeps into the edges of my heart 
Maybe I could grow without hurting others,
I could cover up the stretch marks with daisy petals
and blades of grass
But have you ever regretted stepping on a daisy?
There’s a reason roses have thorns,
and there’s a reason I tuck my shame away on the highest shelf 
You call me cruel, 
but I never claimed to be a saint
and I’ll be the one looking every flaw in the eye without hesitation or fear
Meanwhile you shiver at the mention of their name 

Maybe a little cold,
Maybe a little selfish,
but baby selfish people live longer
and I intend to live forever.

Sherlock's season 4 finale might be the show's last. If it is, it’s a huge disappointment.
Though to be fair, it's disappointing either way.
By Aja Romano

“There’s also the issue of queerbaiting; Sherlock has done a tremendous amount of it, continually turning the issue of John and Sherlock’s friendship into a running, insulting gay joke. If that was never going to go anywhere, as both Moffat and Gatiss have repeatedly stated it would not, it’s hard to see it as anything but a homophobic running gag at the expense of actual queer identity — even though Gatiss, an openly gay man, has done his part to give us complicated queer characters before.”

Hey Johnlock fans!

So, I hear there’s a lot of discontent over… whatever the hell’s going on, I don’t really know, I’ve not been paying attention, because I gave up on this show, like… 70 queerbaits ago. And that is a low estimate.

Anyway, point is, I haven’t watched a single episode since the close of season 3. I don’t actually know how I got through season 3 come to that. But I sure as shit do not know or really care what’s going on now.

BUT, I see a lot of y’all are in pain. I see a lot of y’all are disappointed and upset and, you know, it was that feeling that drove me the fuck out of this show years ago. So I feel you. And I want to help. So I thought ‘what a spiffing idea I’ve just had, what if I do a Salty Film Review of season 4 of Sherlock?!’

Now, again, I don’t really care, but I thought it’d be fun to write a scathing review of this year’s crop of poorly written nonsense and it will be the only way I get through watching this pile of horseshit if I do. So hey, if you’d like some cathartic bitching at poorly written plot lines and characterization, I can do that for you X3 Thought I might stir up interest and/or reassure you that if you need a healthy dose of salt, I will provide you in this time of need. Never let it be said I left anything unsalted.

To everyone who has genuinely enjoyed: good for you! You keep on enjoying, I’m sure you found… whatever happened worthwhile and I’m happy for you. Please disregard or unfollow me as you see fit according to your level of offense by this post.