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You are not to be underestimated, Claire.
Hell, I’m still getting used to bringing the hurt instead of fixing it.
Well, for what it’s worth  I’ve never had a student progress as fast as you have.
Guess I got tired of people doing things for me all the time.
Tell me about it.

Okay, I swear I tried but God, antis made me break my ultimate rule and post this shit (You can either love this or hate, I don´t care).

I’ve been trying to grasp some things people are saying about his character. I’ve seen some say he was poorly written, some claim that Chris is a bad actor, and other things I dare not to mention.

And now, I see people saying he was a coward because he didn’t killed his mother and prevented a doomsday. So I was like, hell no. Prepare for the ride, this will be long.

1) Why is everyone so blinded by the things he’s been through? 

Rhea is evil incarnated. She was willing to kill the woman he loved, to trap him for four years, to manipulate him, to kill her own husband, to bring Daxamites to Earth, to control J’onn - trapping him in an endless nightmare -, she was willing to physically assault him, to hurt him, to guilt trip him. She said that he was responsible for his own father’s death. Do you understand what that means?

And thank you for the anti who said, not even his own mother loved him. For the first time in my life, I will agree with you. Not even his own mother loved him. He was craving, begging, he was desperate for love and she denied him that. She denied a child love. Is it so hard to dissociate him from the grow man he is? He was once a boy, little, scared, and he just need it to be LOVED. I mean, many of you can relate to that, can’t you? To the feeling of being utterly alone even with thousand people around you. To the feeling of never being enough, no matter how hard you try. Rhea is right. He doesn’t see himself as enough. Not even his own mother did - the one who was suppose to love him more than anything didn’t -, she barely granted him her time, let alone her love.

2) Why the hell people said he should have killed her?

I mean, in this moment I realized something about this fandom, in particular those people here. One second they were wondering why he was pointing a gun at his own mother, and now they said he had to kill her. I’ve come to realize some hope he corrupts himself. Some need to prove he doesn’t deserve to be forgive. But this shows exactly why the world is the way it is. If you say he should kill her, you are the problem. You are the one saying the ends justify the means, that you can corrupt yourself, bend, break, that you can taint your soul, that is okay as long as you get what you want, as long as it takes you to where you intend. Is this teleological philosophy that show’s me exactly why everything is so fucked up. If you say something like that, you meant it, and if you meant it, you believe in it. Is as simple as that. This greater good policy does not work. Because in the end, hands will be still dirty, blood will still be spilled, and if you look around you’ll see where all this “greater good” has lead us.

So, if you claim your moral ground is “oh so better”, and yet you say something like this, shows me that the problem on the equation is you. Not him.

And this behavior only reiterates what has been made very clear for me. No one should be forgiven. Not a single person who has ever made a mistake - regardless from the portion of it -, not because of wickedness - like Rhea -, or misconceptions, prejudice - like Lillian -, should be forgiven. If you ever hurt someone, if you ever said something you regretted, if you ever made a mistake, you should never be forgiven, not even if something you desire. You hate Mon-El for who he was, and yet can barely see how he has become.

3) Everyone turns a blind eye when he is under abusive situations

Why is that? Is because he’s a man? Because sometimes I truly think this is the only reason. Now let me tell you, men endure abuse - I’ve seen it in my own family -, I’ve seen in hospitals, bars, I’ve seen it being normalized and treated as a “minor offense”, and most of this men were abused by women. Just because you don’t see, doesn’t mean is not there. So, when his mother gaslighted him - see this, is how we use the word correctly -, no one said anything. When she slapped him - not a sound -, and she looked him in a cell and was planning to leave him there for four fucking years - oh, nada -, when she almost killed the woman he loved - he was the one blamed -, when she stabbed Lar Gand, I saw people wishing it was him instead. And now, I see people saying he was a coward for not pushing the trigger. You know what he was? Apparently better than many of you who claim to hate abuse - just as long as it’s against women - even when there’s no actual abuse -. We see a mother who manipulates her own son, that denies him something all children should have, and he’s the one to blame.

All everyone can see is a man who was a “slave owner” and “misogynist”. No one sees the boy who said he would always love his mother, regardless from the cruelties she put him under. A boy who was craving love, who just wanted to be loved. All of you see a man who called Kara entitled, but don’t dare to see the one who lost his whole planet, the only life he knew in a matter of seconds. The one who hat to learn everything again, that found out that his whole life he had lived like a coward. No one saw the one who had his whole planet being diminished by Kara’s self righteous tendencies. The one who wasn’t enough for his mother, for the woman he loves, for his family…

While everyone points out he should have know better, I see someone who was so scared of feeling, so scared of pain, love, or everything, he numbed himself. He drugged himself away, he choose not to feel at all. And when I see people coward for not pulling the trigger. I say, to quote one of the greatest wizards I know -, It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. If you think he was a coward, I hate to break it to you but the act of bravery she showed many of us wouldn’t have. So many of us would break - clearly, considering some thins I’ve seen people say -, many of us would have pulled the trigger against the man who broke us. His loved wined over vengeance, over blood. He choose not to taint himself, and too fight with the right weapons. And he did for himself. Kara wasn’t there, no one was, he didn’t got one of her pep talks, he didn’t had her begging him not to. He choose that. Alone. He choose to be the man he sees himself being. A man people can be proud of. In the end, it doesn’t matter if he dies, because if he does, he will die a hero.

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The scene I’m looking most forward to in ACOWAR is when Feyre finally tells Tamlin everything. To have a full verbal confrontation with Tamlin and to finally close her character arc by telling Tamlin, to his face, that she doesn’t love him anymore.

To tell Tamlin that Rhysand is her mate and that she loves him with all her heart and she’s grateful for the kindness and generosity Tamlin showed her before Under the Mountain but she will always hate him for everything he did and tried to do to her, to her family, new and old, after.

I need Rhys to hear it too. I need Rhys to hear the beautiful monologue that I know Sarah will write, I need him to hear that he is her heart and soul and she wants a future, wants marriage and children, with Rhys.

But I need her to say this to Tamlin, I need Tamlin to know, to be painfully aware, that Feyre will leave with Rhys, that Feyre chooses Rhys, and that she’ll mate and marry Rhys, and Feyre will never think of Tamlin again.

That’s what I want most from ACOWAR.

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i hate how tony's response to "he's my friend" which is basically just steve pleading with him, please, please don't do this is just "so was i" because not only is it really self centered, but also feel like it rings pretty false. like i feel like if bucky and tony's positions were reversed, bucky would never put steve in that position. don't you think?

It’s self centred for sure and also like….shows the lack of understanding that T has for Steve. Because i think had it hypothetically been anyone else stood where T was stood, or maybe not anyone but for sure like Sam or Nat or maybe even Wanda, if it was them that had heard that from Steve, they wouldn’t have even considered trying to compare their relationship with Steve with the relationship Steve will always have with Bucky. And that in itself, the fact that they wouldn’t say that and T did, is what makes the line so ironic. Bc they wouldn’t say that, they wouldn’t put themselves on that same level because they understand Steve, they know Steve, and that’s what actually makes them Steve’s friends. T saying what he said showed that actually, he didn’t understand Steve, he didn’t know Steve, he didn’t have any real connection with Steve bc if he did, he’d have known that he couldn’t compare a few missions together with the life that he had with Bucky. The fact he tries to compare that, the fact he inserts himself into that dynamic with the “so was i” actually shows that, no, he really really wasn’t.
And I agree, Bucky wouldn’t try and make Steve choose between him and someone else. He literally asks Steve what’s going to happen to his friends bc of everything Steve’s doing for him, and then tells Steve he doesn’t think he’s worth everything Steve’s doing and everything Steve’s friends have done for him.

Long Live Regina...

It’s been 16 hours since I watched the episode… 16 hours of me thinking about how the EQ arc ended and I just wanted to put down my views.

When the whole SplitQueen thing happened I have to say I wasn’t happy. The more the arc played out and the more talk there was from both sides about destroying the other I had real concerns about where the journey was heading.

I could easily see them writing it so that Regina would destroy her Evil counterpart, that as Regina was everything good about the two of them she would win the battle because she had made herself a hero. But in doing this it would ultimately undo all the redemption Regina had gone through since the show began.

Also my other concern was what that ending would do for the image of the show. Adam and Eddie have always said it was a show about hope. For me, if Regina destroyed the EQ there would be no story of hope in that.

What I wanted was for Regina to forgive her Evil self and all of the horrendous acts that she had carried out. I wanted her to see that what the EQ personified was part of her, part of her history and parts of her future and a part of what makes Regina, well, Regina! I wanted Regina to accept this and reabsorb the EQ because of what she stands for.

After watching the scene in last night episode I was actually extremely happy with what they did. Yes Regina didn’t get reabsorbed but the meaning behind her actions were still there and although not exactly how I would have written it, I was actually happy with the way it played out.

“I’m going to be brave for both of us and choose love over hate” - Regina

This line shows just how far she has come. She hated herself, for everything she had done, all of her actions and all of the consequences those actions had. She hated what she had become. But with the help and love of her family she had learnt to process, deal and come to terms with what she had done. She learnt, despite everything, to love herself.

“I gave you some of my love. Love from Henry and Robin and people I care most about. And in return I am taking some of your darkness. Our darkness.”


“You are a part of me. And I’m part of you whether you like it or not and now I love myself which means so should you.”

This whole scene was essentially what I wanted from being the beginning. It was about Regina accepting the darkness and sharing the love she had found. It was about her realising in that moment how far she had come and accepting responsibility for what had happened in the past.

It spread the message that no matter what had happened, no matter where you have come from or been through you can still love yourself. You can love your experiences because you are who you are today because of them. You can be proud of what you have achieved and accomplished. It spreads the message of hope that if Regina found a way to do it then we can too.

There is a very famous quote by Martin Luther King Jr which summed up this whole scene extremly well and it reads:-

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.

This is exactly what Regina did in those moments. She chose light and love over hate and darkness and gave the one person she had once believed to be the worst parts of herself a happy ending.

There is a very moving and powerful message to be taken from this moment and I hope, when the time is right, each of us will learn to love ourselves.


I’m now choosing to believe that somewhere Serena still has influence over HR or something and decided that since she knew her Trash Army Girlfriend™ would be four years behind on paperwork, pulling strings to get someone in who would hate the paperwork but amuse Bernie was the least she could do. (and she wanted to show Ric Griffin just how good her Bernie was anyway)

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So I just found your blog after reading some stuff on another tumblr regarding asoiaf. You have some great theories and everything. I've read the books through twice and while I enjoy them greatly I also enjoy HBO's adaptation of GoT as well. I know this is a controversial aspect to take with the asoiaf fandom since most blogs I read are either "you must hate the TV show or you are a lesser creature"

continued on. Is it wrong to say that I like both books and television version? Or do I have to choose to be a “proper” fan?”

Nothing wrong with liking the show! Certainly doesn’t make you a lesser fan. I still enjoy many aspects of it (the score, the costumes, most of the cast), but I feel like the writing has gone steadily downhill over the last few seasons. 


It’s a story my brother told me when we were kids. The East Wind – this terrifying force that lays waste to all in its path. It seeks out the unworthy and plucks them from the Earth. That was generally me. 

Make me choose: A nonnie asked His Last Vow or The Reichenbach Fall

Thoughts on Scorpion 3x24 Maroon 8

My laptop is back in working order ! So that will be a better review. Yeah.

I always loved deserted island stories. Yes I do hate Lost but that’s another story interily. But the concept of survival in the most hostile condition without the hope of a quick rescue? I adores it. And with our geeks that can McGivers everythings out of anything I was sure it was going to be great.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Especially since the choose to show the team abilities by saving Scott, and so it showcase Happy’s and Toby’s talents, my favorite characters. Sly and Walt brand of talents were also used, it truly give us what we love about this team. Big issues and very very creative solutions. I’m not entirely sure that a guy could survive at least 3 weeks after coffee-maker dialisis and internal bleeding cured by powder BUT it’s still riveting and fun to watch.

Quintis : What was fun too are the little tidbits we learned about Happy. She does have an interesting dating history, and different experiences. It also makes sense that someone with Happy’s past and childhood. She couldn’t settle before she find her home. Plus it leads to “my favourite thing is to be your wife” which made me smile so much. I mean she dated Jake Gyllenhaal, and still married Toby. Once he’ll realise that, the doc gonna be insufferable ! Also, did you notice that while they were crashing, she said I love you first?

Waige : Love is in the air with Walter and Paige. And I love the geeky-romantic-clumsy boyfriend Walter. It’s cute and sweet and yes ridiculous but he’s trying, and I love the petnames. You just have to remember this is “I have no EQ” Walter we’re talking about. While unusual, the petnames make sense and are loving once you put yourself in Walter’s shoes.  I also love that Paige very quickly realised that she was wrong and should let Walter express himself however he can. Sure, it’s clumsy, but it’s Walter, the man she fell in love with. Changing that, when it doesn’t hurt anyone, would have been an error. 

Sylvester : I love pessimistic, “We’re gonna die anyway so I don’t care anymore” Sly. He is fun and it’s always interesting to explore another side of a character. I wouldn’t want to see him like that all the time, but some times when the situation calls for it, like in this episode, it’s great.  

Ralph and Cabe were a little underused here, but alas, an ep is only 42 minutes. However, as much as I love Ralph’s sass, I find it very interesting that Cabe called him out when he was disrespectful, and in a loving respectful and understanding way. Cabe is such a great father/grandfather. This is also something other TV Shows forget a lot. They create sassy, disruptive, misbehavin but sweet little angels for comedic relief, and everyone encourage them and laugh with them. There are no negative consequences to their behavior. Once they grew up, they become fine, functionning little adults.
But it doesn’t really work like that. Kids don’t raise themselves, don’t learn good manners and appropriate behavior and appropriate ways to express their feelings out of thin air. They need guidance and sometimes discipline when the situation calls for it, like in that moment. Scorpion has always been great showing that, and I think it’s why Ralph is one of a very few kid character I love and I don’t find unbearable. 

Notes and questions

  • During the “action scenes”, was Happy with Jake or his stunt-double?  Or maybe this is why they needed to use the double so much during that movie.
  • Scorpion team are still bad at gift giving, even when there’s a list. It was still useful but guys how you can screw-up something when there are clear directions?
  • Can we have a duet with Happy and Paige now that we know Happy can sing?
  • Am I a only one to smile everytime Toby’s wedding ring was spotted?
  • Sea-BS, Sea-W, yes the puns were lame and easy but I laughed.
  • It was such dad’s jokes……
  • And there’s a pregnancy book on that island….
  • …Nope, I’m not going there.
The fans are hurting (Sit down, we will talk)

I know I’m supposed to write a review about last night’s ep but this has to come first. I was so freakin’ exhausted last night that decided to hit the sack and watch the replay this morning, as usual I had to take a quick (take note, QUICK) look at Enca’s official twitter page (I don’t hang around their FB page that much since Twitter people makes more sense, lol!) I was kinda expecting that AB was going to make it to the trending topic last night and I’m surprised that it was KyRu and YA who made it to the 8th spot, I scanned the tweets from last night and I am actually kind of not expecting how the fans are reacting with the possible AleBarro come back, guess what? Some are disliking it, most people don’t care, and some really wanted them back together and I couldn’t blame them.

Going back to my post questioning what happened to Encantadia:
http://iris-sistibly.tumblr.com/post/159898640644/encantadia-what-happened-to-you (just in case you haven’t read it yet)
I haven’t really mentioned what was the root cause of all the mishaps that happened in the show right? As I was re-reading everything that I wrote in that post, I feel like I am being unfair—unfair in the sense that I kept pointing out stuff, ranting about other actor’s performance, shit like that that I failed to point out what really caused all of these. Maybe I was in denial that time, maybe I was just throwing all of my frustrations at Arra way too much because I couldn’t do that to Kylie. Yes, as much as I hate to admit this, I’m not going to be deaf and blind anymore and continuously deny that it was Kylie who really brought the entire show down. I thought by writing that three part response to Kylie’s “The Blue One” I can finally move on and just enjoy the rest of the show, but seeing how everything’s turning right now, I want to take back everything I said in that post. But of course I’m not going to do that. I love Amihan, always and forever, but sometimes I do want to sarcastically thank Kylie for everything she did to Amihan and Encantadia. Now before y’all react violently kindly read the entire post.

Firrst up, the show started great, Kylie was at the peak of her career, YA was sailing smoothly and this happened—an unpleasant surprise as it seemed, Kylie’s pregnancy really took a toll on the show, no matter how many times they deny it, no matter how much they shove to everyone’s faces that they are consistently trending and at the top spot, no one can deny how badly the show turned out after Kylie left the show. The prod’s mistake was making Amihan the center of the Enca-verse, maybe the pressure took a toll on her, who knows what was really happening behind the camera? Maybe she was just in-love like she said? As a person, I’m not gonna be one-sided and not listen to the other version of the story, but I am figuratively speaking as a fan, and as a fan who waited ELEVEN FUCKIN’ YEARS, I’m not happy, I am not satisfied, I dread of what’s gonna happen in the next two weeks. Everyone including me were pointing fingers at Arra when clearly the girl is just doing her job, I’m still not impressed with her performance but she wasn’t the first to kill Amihan—it was Kylie, she murdered Amihan so badly, the writers made it worse when they chose to go on with the show instead of listening to the fans’ advices to just end the first book at that, take a break and resume when Kylie is ready to work again, or if that’s not possible, at least take a break so Arra will have more time to study her character and improve her acting, that way, the fans would have been more excited, lastly it was Arra who brought the show down to it’s worst with her unconvincing performance. I hate the prod for not listening to their fans, I badly want to ask DMR why did he take such huge risk of choosing someone who clearly can’t fill in what Kylie left in the show. Is that a way of insulting Kylie? Is that their way to express how disappointed they were because everything they have planned were shelved? Seems like it to me. Recently you may have noticed that I’m not raving or ranting the show a lot like in the previous episodes, because I want the show to just end,  I have very little hopes of Kylie returning to the show, I am already predicting who’s gonna end up with whom in the finale and it hurts so much that I just want to fast forward time and get it over with. Marian’s return brought back my enthusiasm, true. But it was only temporary, even if it was a wise decision to bring back Marian in the show, it still didn’t cover up the lacking that only Kylie can fill in, it still didn’t hide the fact that this is no longer the show everyone loved. Why? Come on YA, at he end of the day, it’s all because of Kylie.

I believe Kylie leaving the show wasn’t her decision in the first place, but the decision she made in her personal life prompted the prod to kick her out. I know I have no right to comment anything about her personal life because I know nothing, but for me, you don’t have to “know someone” to distinguish what are the things that’s going to affect another in a negative way, the success of the show relied solely on team work, so when Kylie got pregnant while the show is still airing, it was like a chain reaction, the writers had to come up with a plan B to keep the story going and it’s not an easy task, and it’s hard to come up with a good story in a short amount of time, but then again, going back to number one, this wouldn’t happen if they decided to take a break. For the other side, of course when you’re living in with someone, the possibility of the girl getting knocked up are high, so don’t ever think that it is unexpected because the fact that you’re doing it, whether you are living in or not, well you know the rest…

Fine, let’s not dwell on that and move on they said. This is just a show they said, the story does not only revolve around Amihan, is that so? People gave this whole sarkosi plot a chance, but then again it only angered the fans because Arra is not giving justice to both Ariana and Amihan. This is the very reason why everyone’s demanding for Ariana’s death and Amihan’s return, I’m betting you guys a hundred percent the prod is not satisfied with Arra’s performance and they are probably regretting for choosing her. The YbriAna team up depended solely on Ruru and adding Joross in the picture did not help at all, unfortunately even if they showed hints of a possible AleBarro come back, they still didn’t get the reaction that they were expecting from the fans, people want Amihan, people demand for Kylie and I will be surprised if Kylie did not feel guilty at some point for disappointing her fans, although I believe she mentioned she was in that three-part post, with all honesty, if you ask me—well she should be. Knowing that her fans are still fighting for her even if the chances are extremely low she should be, she should feel responsible for all the chaos that’s happening in the show, I will stand firm on my decision to hold on to the YA ship, I will still hold on to that 0.00001% of Kylie’s return to the show even if it’s just the final episode, y’all know I too fought hard for Kylie, I fought hard for the YA ship, I fought for the entire show, but I’m getting tired see? All I ever want right now is an ending that’s worth the watch, I hope the entire team will not disappoint, because even if the show isn’t over yet, I have already come to this point that I have realized that this show is not worth the wait.
Please do take note that I wrote this from an Encantadia fan’s perspective, I did my very best not to stray and hit Kylie personally because that is not my intention, I don’t care about her personal life (or even Ruru’s), but I care about the show because this not just a show to me, it held so many happy memories in the past and I’m just angry that instead of reliving those memories, everything is just so…tainted.  


Hey All! Just an heads up that I will NOT be hosting a Watchalong Next Saturday due to having friends over and attendance to OCC! 


I would hate to have next Saturday empty, since this is a social gathering for many people every week! Movie and time choices are COMPLETELY yours to choose! You can either reply here or DM me and I’ll note it on this post who’s blog to watch!

idk how other people see it, but to me anne’s relationship with max is a journey of self discovery but not in the “oh, i’m into women” sense. that’s far too simple. i always felt that max being a woman was a non-issue to anne? it wasn’t about her being attracted to a woman, but the fact that she was attracted to someone that wasn’t jack.

maxanne starts out as anne discovering something about herself yes, but to me it wasn’t her sexuality. at least not completely. like she’s attracted to women, great! but like i said that’s not the issue. we never see anne being all “holy moly! but you’re a lady!” if anything, it’s about anne finding out that she can have a sexuality that’s not tied up with jack. that’s the whole point. maxanne to me is about anne discovering herself as a person. AWAY FROM JACK. that’s why that relationship is so important to me. 

i remember seeing something a while back along the lines of “maxanne was an unflattering representation of wlw because it made it seem like they can’t control themselves” or whatever. (which i find hilarious because this is a show in which vaneeleanor exists and that’s the biggest example of two people apparently not being able to control themselves when it comes to the other, even if that relationship is incredibly toxic for both of them. i mean look at both of their sex scenes ffs. talk about no self control.) but to me, anne doesn’t desperately latch on to max because “oh, my! lesbian sex is great!”. she does so because she’s finally finding a part of herself that belongs to her and her alone. it’s about finding her own identity.

anne spent her whole life since she was 13 years old dependent on jack. knowing nothing but him. acting like him. doing what he asked her to do. the idea that she could have her own identity unrelated to him never even crossed her mind. she says and quote: “i was 13. i always thought he saved me from something. always been so fucking grateful. now i wonder… maybe jack took me from something i was supposed to figure my own way out of. maybe he took away the chance to get strong enough to save myself. to grow up. instead, i went with him, did what he did, did what the others did. thought i’d become one of them. if i’m not what i was when i was born, and i ain’t what i’ve become instead… what the fuck am i?” 

anne never had an opportunity to figure who she really is. “i did what he did, did what others did”, she spent her whole life mimicking others. until max. she doesn’t have to do that with max. being with max gave her a freedom she didn’t know she could have. and she’s inebriated with it at 1st. but it passes and she starts caring for and loving her instead. like she says, she doesn’t feel like she owes max anything, not like she does with jack. and that allows her to be a different person. to finally be herself. to figure out what being herself means.

people love to portray max as the predatory lesbian taking advantage of anne (so gross), but that’s because they can’t conceive or don’t want to accept that anne’s relationship with jack is based on the fact that anne knew and had nothing else but him her whole life. that she felt indebted to him. but not to max. she was with max for so long because she fell in love with her. genuinely loved her. and she’ll never have that with jack.

i’m not trying to dismiss rackhanne. mostly because i believe it’s impossible and i’m not an hypocrite. i think anne will always care deeply for jack, for better or worse. he’s been her companion her whole life, her family and you can’t shake off something like that. who she is will always be tied up to him. but it doesn’t change the fact that as a relationship its basis is incredibly unhealthy.

and i hate how people oversimplify anne’s journey in s2. how they just want her to go back to jack. fuck everything else. how the fact that she “leaves max” for him, means she undoubtedly chooses him. (does she even choose to leave max? max is the one that tells her that it’s best for them to go their separate ways. anne never shows that she wants to leave her. she just follows max’s wishes.) because they don’t fucking get it. because, let’s all be honest here, they don’t actually care about anne at all. they care about their ship. they care about jack. but they don’t give a fuck about what it all means for anne and it’s infuriating.

i’ve talked about how rackhanne in s3 makes me incredibly uncomfortable for several reasons, and the fact that people don’t give a flying fuck about how jack uses anne however he pleases pisses me off. how he takes her for granted. even after everything. how he has no problem putting her in danger to achieve his own goals. 

ffs, look at this fucking quote: jack: “you said anne is alive, did you not? i would argue as long as that is true, there’s a chance, however remote, that she will frustrate your efforts to send me off to my death.” rogers: “out of curiosity, how would she go about doing that?” jack: “well, i have no idea. everything and anything in her power, i imagine, up to and including walking out in the middle of the road ahead of us to be RUN OVER by your horses in the hope of slowing you down for even a moment.” 

i’m so very sorry but this will never sit well with me. particularly because it’s true. and anne is agonizing over losing him: “we miss that caravan, you lose, what? money? your war? what i got to lose ain’t something so easy to recover from.while jack doesn’t really show any concern for anne’s safety at all.

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p2.. that was probably my favorite subtle detail Julie added. it's interesting bc it showed how people pick and choose which parts of their religion to follow and how easy it is for someone to use religion to rationalize their hatred.

Thank you so much for this. This season means the world to me, honestly. This season speaks to me DIRECTLY. I grew up in a religious environment but I broke up with that for the exact same reasons Yousef did. I was just so angry and mad at everything I kept seeing around me. I couldn’t bear people using religion to hate and hurt other people. Before I knew it I realized I simply didn’t have faith. And I wish I did. I envied my friends who did. But I didn’t. My brain simply couldn’t use it as a theory to understand the world. I accepted that some people have faith and some people don’t. Many of my friends do and I love them with all my heart and we agree to disagree and we live in complete peace. We just have different theories to understand the universe.

This season meant a lot to me at first because I could see myself in Sana and in how she’s immersed in a society that considers her ‘different’. She’s struggling to keep her identity while fitting in and keeping everything under control. But I never related to how she found peace in her religion because I lost that a while back, unfortunately. I still related to everything else about her: her struggles, her pride, the fact that her friends keep talking about sex and she has to pretend she doesn’t think about it, that desire to be in control. I related to that. 

But then Julie gave me Yousef. This character whose thoughts are mine, completely. Some people were worried about feeling guilt-tripped about abandoning their religion at the beginning of the season. But no. As usual, Julie shows all sides of every story. I’m mindblown truly. 

It’s my favorite clip of the season so far. 


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i was hopeful 5 minutes ago then people started to be negative and i start to think bellamy will hate her 4ever and that we'll just have angst until act 6 of 4x13. that sucks because i was holding in your speculation that she'll be banished from the bunker and bellamy'll choose to go after/with her. but now i guess we'll see him like "oh well guess i should go with her huh what choice do i have". kill me

Well everything I say is speculation until the show airs so who really knows what happens, I’m just throwing ideas out that I think are very likely.

And tbh a lot of people in this fandom (myself very much included) just try to stay as negative as possible (I don’t want to use negative but I can’t think of the English word lol) just in case what we want to happen doesn’t happen. If these past few years taught the bellarke fanbase anything, it’s to lower your expectations lol. But I still have hope!

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I understand where you're coming from with the whole torturing her on her death bed thing and I hated it and thought it was disgusting too, but then I realized it just shows how much Katherine has hurt Damon. Or how much he thinks she's hurt him. I don't like how he blamed her for every single bad thing he ever did though like c'mon that was pretty cowardly. She gave him a choice in 1864 to either become a vampire or to not.

dude no? i’m sorry but he was a willing participant in everything that they ever did together the only thing she ever did was choose stefan over him. the moment she said that she loved stefan and it was always stefan. the dude started holding all of this contempt for her. when before that the sun shined out of her ass. it was all about katherine, he was willing to forgive her for not being in the tomb until she said those words. after that his target and obsession became elena.

i’m not saying katherine is an innocent but all of damon’s bad choices and shit life decisions were his own, they aren’t her fault and never will be. he’s a piece of shit by himself… and that’s that.

More whinging about AOS/FS

- So, today I’m going to choose to get annoyed by: the “she’s worried he still loves someone else” line. Now, the come on Mech-Bull, stop finding fault in everything part of me thinks this is sweet and true because of course she just loves him and wants to be with him no matter what and certainly doesn’t blame him for any of it. The nitpicky I hate everything part of me is like “Yep, Jealous Jemma certainly wouldn’t care that he did horrible things to other people in the Framework and is suffering for it and might actually retain some of those characteristics, etc. Just God forbid he likes some other woman.”

- OK, let’s acknowledge what this really is about. With the exception of the tediously dull Ghost Rider arc (I know I’m in the minority among my friends list but my response that he’s returned is SIIIIIGGGGHHH. At least that Deus ex machina should wrap the AIDA plot up in a tidy bow.), this season has contained some of the strongest arcs they’ve had, if not the very best. But at the end of the day, my priority on this show is FS. And we started out great, with them looking for an apartment, etc. Alas, that high did not last. I don’t even mind angst. I expect angst, because I know TV writers in general are unoriginal and too afraid to write anything else when it comes to will-they-won’t-they relationships. It’s the repetitive BS love triangle and forced separation angst that I cannot stand. If someone had told me that after FS finally got together, the following season would have them only rarely on the screen at the same time and their biggest storyline would involve them shooting each other and Fitz forgetting her and sharing kisses with another woman that were arguably more passionate and definitely more frequent than we’ve ever had with them… I mean, come on. Give us a damn bone, writers.

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Your opinion on Gunn/Fred vs Wesley/Fred?

Ugh, you want me to get lynched by an angry mob, don’t you Nonnie? Sigh.

Words cannot express the anger and devastation I still feel over the decimation of the beautifully balanced, healthy, deep and well-rounded relationship that was Fred and Gunn in order to make way for the obsessive, unhealthily creepy, and unequal one-sided “relationship” that was Wes and Fred.

Fred and Gunn honestly had one of the most beautiful and well-developed relationships in the entire Whedonverse. It was a relationship based on mutual feelings and respect, a relationship that started with friendship and blossomed into this incredible love story, between two people who absolutely adored each other. They went on breakfast dates (I’m going to die from the adorableness of that)! They knew each other so well, they talked and spent time together, they had each others’ backs. Gunn never treated Fred as if she was fragile, delicate or the “damsel in distress”. He had such respect for her and her independence, he took her patrolling and treated her as an equal. She, in turn, adored him with every fibre of her being. She watched him play video games. She acknowledged how smart he was (at least until she became OOC in Season 4). She knew him well enough to know exactly what he was trying to do when he broke up with her in The Price. She loved him, a big huge to-the-end-of-the-world kind of love, and he loved her just as much.

Wesley, on the other hand, put Fred up on a pedestal while simultaneously reducing her into something to be “won”. He spent all of Season 4 acting like he was entitled to her and to her affections, even though he’d done nothing to earn said affections. He deliberately kissed her when he knew she was in a relationship, showing no respect to her or Gunn. In Season 5 he treated her like a child, taking her to a dangerous meeting with a shady client, yet not offering her a weapon to protect herself with, choosing instead to play the hero (resulting in Fred getting shot, nice work). His obsession with her was creepy, unhealthy and full of Spike-esque overtones, yet it is treated by the fandom as the most beautiful thing in the world? Ugh.

I think what I hate most about the Fresley relationship, is that it is all about Wes. Everything that happens to Fred in Season 5, happens to fuel Wesley’s man-pain. She gets shot to fuel his guilt, held at gunpoint to bring Wesley’s Daddy Issues to light, infected with Illyria so that her death scene could belong to Wesley (do not even get me started on Fred’s death scene and how it was set up to look like Wes was the love of her life - ugh, no, gonna stop before I explode). Basically, Fred was used as a plot device to further Wesley’s story, and yet I’m supposed to buy that that was Fred’ great love story? No way.

Not to mention how amazing it was to see a developed interracial relationship, free of stereotypes and how disheartening it was that said relationship was bulldozed to make way for a white love interest.

Seriously, Gunn and Fred’s relationship and the way it was completely destroyed will always be a travesty. What could have been the strongest and most resilient relationship in the Whedonverse was instead shoved clumsily aside to make way for a creepy “Nice Guy” to “win” the possession girl. It’s disgusting.

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Do you know what Wanda and Hawkeyes (616) relationship is like? I know that in the past it was hinted at that he had a crush on her and eventually slept with her one once after House of M, but apparently it was actually a doom bot disguised as Wanda or something?? lol I'm not even sure anymore. btw I love your blog you write great meta.

He had a crush on her, yeah. Clint has A Thing for Eastern Europeans. He also has trouble with Eastern Europeans. It’s the things we love the most that destroy us (and stand outside our apartment building with baseball bats).

They both joined the Avengers way back in Avengers Vol. 1 #16 during an era known as Cap’s Kooky Quartet. There was a subplot about Clint pining for Wanda while Wanda pined for Steve. It was pretty typical comic book stuff, and there was never any sign Wanda reciprocated Clint’s feelings.

Eventually, Clint started dating Black Widow. Then he got dumped by Black Widow. His crush on Wanda returned, but only to cause drama in the Wanda/Vision romance, which wasn’t official at that point. Wanda and Vision’s relationship was constantly being derailed by these kind of obstacles (see also: Pietro, Mantis, angry protesters, Vision’s… Vision-ness). Clint decided he still liked Wanda and kissed her, but she told him she was in love with Vision. Vision saw the kiss but not the rest and misinterpreted it. This was all straightened out pretty quickly, and Vision and Wanda started dating. Hawkeye was so upset that he left the team.

After he returned to the team, the crush seemed to go away. There weren’t any real signs he still had feelings for her until many years later. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

CLINT: Hiya, Witchie! How’s tricks?
WANDA: Hawkeye! How are you?
CLINT: Back from the dead and ready to party. And I must say, you’re looking quite ravishing, as always.
WANDA: Ah, thanks. I—
CLINT: Don’t worry. I’m not hittin’ on you. I do learn, sometimes.
Avengers Vol. 3 #1 by Kurt Busiek & George Perez

People tend to remember that he was attracted to her, but to me, the more important thing was their friendship. They have a lot in common. They’re both orphans who grew up in a rural area. They started out as bad-ish guys who weren’t really bad. They have brother problems and violent fathers (yes, yes, I remember Magneto isn’t Wanda’s father anymore). Much of their identity comes from being Avengers. They tend to be team players, even though Hawkeye (bless his heart) thinks of himself as a loner. They’re kindred spirits in a way.

In other ways, they’re opposites. Hawkeye is the best at what he does. He can’t miss. He has to hit the target every time because he has no powers. In place of powers, he has skill and hard work and determination. Wanda is all raw power, potentially immeasurable power. Wanda’s powers are such that “can’t miss” is a laughable objective. Missing is part of the game. There is a certain amount of danger and unpredictability that comes along with what she does. There’s a reason she compared chaos magic to “tossing grenades.” She has to accept that things will sometimes go horribly wrong. Clint can’t allow things to ever go even sort of wrong. Clint is all precision and Wanda is all disorder.

Up until Avengers Disassembled, Clint was one of Wanda’s best friends. Something about that mix of similarities and differences worked very well. They got along. Everything was very nice… and then she killed him. She got powered up by Doctor Doom and started losing her grip on reality and hearing voices that told her to kill the Avengers. He was one of the ones who died.

What really happened was that Avengers had become an unpopular book and writer Brian Michael Bendis was hired to reboot the franchise. He was given a list of names of characters he could kill off and Hawkeye was on the list. He said, “There’s no way I can kill off Hawkeye. People will hate me,” and so, because he is a troll, he killed off Hawkeye. There’s no real reason Wanda would want to kill Clint (Vision is the only death in Disassembled that made sense), but his name was on a list.

Bendis (and Wanda) resurrected Clint in House of M, but he was really mad about being killed so he went after Wanda. They had a very emotional confrontation where she didn’t seem to 100% understand what was going on (“I loved you. I would kill for you.” “I love you too. I brought you back.”) that ended with her accidentally killing him again. Or erasing him from existence altogether. It’s not clear.

She brought him back again at the end of that story, but he was a mess after that. He became a ninja. (We don’t talk about that time Clint was a ninja.) It was just… a mess. Did I mention it was a mess yet? I respect Clint’s right to be traumatized by dying twice (and Bendis’ right to bring up his own stories ad nauseam), but a ninja, really?

Clint wanted to know why Wanda killed him. He went to Transia to track her down, but when he found her, she had no memory of anything that happened or who he was. She had given herself amnesia at the end of House of M and was no help in Clint’s quest for answers. And so he slept with her.

I’m trying to keep this from devolving into a Comics Have Consent Issues discussion, but suffice it to say, that was not a good idea. A Wanda with her memories would not have slept with Clint. She made that abundantly clear when she did have her memories, and as an amnesiac, she lacked necessary information that would have affected her decision to have sex with him. She and Clint were not on equal footing in that situation. This was a bad story, and everyone involved with making it happen should feel bad.

[Note: During this period, Clint also kissed Loki while Loki was disguised as Wanda, but that’s a different story.]

Avengers: Children’s Crusade tried to fix this by having the Young Avengers find Wanda in Transia only for that Wanda to turn out to be a Doombot, while the real Wanda was in Latveria with Doctor Doom.

CLINT: You found her in Transia?
BILLY: No. The Wanda we found in Transia turned out to be doombot.
CLINT: What?!?
HANK: You’re joking.
JESSICA: Please don’t be joking.
Avengers: Children’s Crusade #6 by Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung

These panels come right after Clint mentioned sleeping with Wanda in Transia. The implication is obvious. Clint didn’t really sleep with Wanda. He slept with a Doombot. But it’s far from a confirmation. We have no idea when Wanda was replaced by a doombot or even when she met up with Doctor Doom after losing her memory. Characters saying or believing something =/= that thing being canon. Tom Brevoort has always maintained Clint slept with Wanda and not a Doombot. How seriously you take that depends on how much you care about Word of God.

There is another complication to the Doombot retcon, and it comes during Avengers Vs. X-Men, just as Wanda was returning to the superhero fold.

CLINT: What did she say?
JESSICA: You mean: What did she say on our all-day ride home in the quinjet? Where all she talked about was you?
CLINT: You guys aren’t going to tell anyone about this, right? Bro code?
JESSICA: Where she said: I wonder what things are going to be like between you two now that she is back with the Avengers? And I said: Whatever do you mean? She says: We have some unresolved issues in that we used to have a thing. But her knowing you as well as she does, she’s wondering if and when it’ll ever resolve itself… this thing with you and her… and what did I think of the whole thing? You know, me being a woman of the world.
CLINT: What did you say?
JESSICA: I said I wanted to light you on fire.
Avengers Vol. 4 #30 by Brian Michael Bendis & Walt Simonson

This is one of those moments of Bendis canon — and they happen a lot — where things just make no sense. Characters talk about their lives in a way that does not reflect what actually happened. Wanda and Clint did not have a thing. He had a thing for her, but that was many, many years earlier. It’s not like they had some unresolved issues right before Disassembled.  They have unresolved issues in that she killed him, but that’s about it. I can buy that Wanda has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about Hawkeye. I cannot buy that she has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about her non-existent romance with Hawkeye.

The only thing this can reasonably be referring to is them sleeping together in Transia, which is why I’m hesitant to say the line in Children’s Crusade makes the Doombot thing officially canon. This is Bendis’ attempt to counteract that. For a guy who loves to rewrite others’ stories to mean the opposite of their intention, he’s surprisingly prickly about other people undoing his stories.

This conversation that Wanda and Jessica Drew had would have made perfect sense… if she had been talking about Steve. Wanda and Steve have an unresolved thing. Since we don’t see her actual conversation with Jessica, it’s not hard to believe this has a touch of the unreliable narrator. Characters saying things =/= things actually happened that way, remember? I don’t know what to make of this scene beyond that it’s Bendis trying to assert that his ship was canon.

If I choose to believe Wanda didn’t say the guy’s name during this off-panel discussion and Jessica assumed it was Clint but really it was Steve, and Clint DID sleep with a Doombot, is that cheating? It doesn’t make everything right in the world, but it’s a minor improvement.

Anyway, Clint doesn’t seem mad about being killed by Wanda now. It hasn’t come up in a couple of years. They seemed okay with each other in Avengers Vs. X-Men. That doesn’t mean some new writer won’t show up who has him hate her again (hopefully, sans the ninja thing this time), but Disassembled and HoM were written a decade ago. I’d rather have comics that tell new stories than ones that obsess over old ones.

  • Who needs true love as long as you love me truly?
  • I don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in you and me.
  • You want the same as I, so stop pretending.
  • This is not a love song, hunny if you want one better turn it off.
  • Don't need your heart 'cause I got mine.
  • Take my love before I go because you should know I'm about to break your heart.
  • Feels like we are stuck here in a badly written TV show.
  • Do you want me for my body? Do you want me for my brain?
  • I'm in love with a zombie, but his heart is so cold.
  • You like your words to cut, you like to choose the best artillery.
  • Am I the epitome of everything you hate and you desire? You love me like an enemy.
  • It feels so surgical how you dissect every mistake I make.
  • Say my name, hit me hard, put that gun right to my heart... Bang.
  • Shut your mouth and close the door, I wanna watch you while you take it off.
  • You're 'bout to, but boy don't pull the trigger yet, I haven't reloaded the clip.
  • I'm gonna make tonight a show.
  • Thought that cupid shot me with love, it was only a arrow.
  • If you wanna be the one be the one, just for now, but we're not in love.
  • Broke a couple hearts but I'm not trying to start a collection.
  • If you're wondering why your window's smashed, your shirts are slashed, your house is trashed, me. Don't you know that it's me?
  • Call me psychotic or numb, I'm just a product of love, so thanks for showing me how.
  • If i had a dime for every single time you ever made me cry I'd be a millionaire.
  • I'd rather beg then live that lie with you again.
  • You had it all but all I am is not enough, so I'm taking back my heart.
  • They say a picture says a thousand words, but I would trade a thousand pictures to hear one of yours.
  • I miss you every day like they took summer away, like they took color away, and this grey, needs to get the hell away from me.
  • I know my heart is broken but you can have it anyway, if I could only see you again.
  • My heart stopped but I'm still breathing.
  • How can you say that someone is really bad when they do everything with a good heart?
  • What do you know about love? What do you know about real love?
  • We'll never go to heaven but who needs to when you live this good?
  • If I paint my sins white will it make me pure again?
  • You got no power to control how I make you my toy.
  • Don’t you wanna claim my body like a vandal?
  • Come and pin me down.
  • We’re hell raising and we don’t need saving ‘cause theres no salvation for a bad boy.
  • We’re rock bottom but there ain’t no stopping ‘cause its you and me against the world.
  • I put my high heels on so I'm closer to God.
  • When the night is young and we look 25 but we're sweet 16 can I be the one to turn your nightmare into a dream?
  • I'll be yours tonight, but don't hold me too tight... When we say goodbye, remember, boys don't cry.
  • I'm gonna tease you through your jeans yeah but when it's over better catch amnesia.
  • Don't f***ing tell me when I've had too much.
  • I'm over the limit? What is the limit really?
  • You know I'll ride with you right through the fire of hell.
  • Do I look pretty through all your tears?
  • Too late to trade it all for that one last chance.
  • Can you hear my heart through the prison bars?
  • I’m a ****ing teenage tragedy.
  • Hold on before you say that you’re better off without me.
  • I’m gone and I ain’t coming back this time, I’m gonna find my home underneath the city lights.
  • Don't tell me I'm unfixable.
  • You don’t know what it’s like to be seventeen with no place to go!
  • Remind me one more time it’s the best days of our lives.
  • Just because I fight don't mean that I never learned how to love.
  • You know, devils don't fly, so don't expect me not to fall.
  • Devils don't fly, but I try.
  • Angels were never meant to fall and you were the loveliest of all.
  • I used to put my ear against the wall to hear the screams, to hear the fall, more reasons to escape it all.
  • You knew that I could hurt you but you said I was worth the fight.
  • We're the kids your momma warned you about.
  • I eat boys like a cannibal, f**k hard, howl at the moon like an animal.
  • When I fall in love, I fall down the rabbit hole.
  • We're gonna do it anyway!
  • We're gonna f**k like rabbits.
  • Follow me down the rabbit hole.
  • Been 25 times that I called but I know that you love me.
  • Out of all the stupid boys I knew I had to fall for you.
  • Out of all the pretty lies you told can one of them be true?
  • When you wake up I'll still believe you're mine.
  • No, no, no, this is not the plan, if I can't have you, then no one can.
  • Tell me it's over.
  • I'll open my bottle but no, I ain't opening my door.
  • Say you'll forget me, say you'll erase me from your mind.
  • Save the words you've rehearsed, we both know I won't be fine.
  • You know that fate don't take my bribes and I only want what's never mine.
  • At least can we be friends?
  • But if no one understands me at least you could pretend...
  • I'll stay here to defy our fears even though I know it'll end in tears.
  • I know your friends say that I'm trouble.
  • Love me even when my lies ain't white.
  • I'm the best mistake you'll ever make.
  • Save your innocence for the next life.
  • I'm trouble.