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Till Death Do Us Part

Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Message- This is a soulmate AU! My first one!! This is part one, I will make a part two at some point!! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Word Count- 1374

In a world where everyone’s soulmate (or soulmates) was written on their wrist there were bound to be a few errors. You were one of those errors. You had two names written on your wrists- something upon hearing made a lot of people jealous. That jealousy only lasted until they read the names, then it turned to pity. They pitied you because your two soulmates died in the 1940’s. They were the famous Steve Grant Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes, they were Captain America and his most trusted best friend, both sacrificing their lives in the name of freedom. You had resented them for a very long time. You had cursed destiny on many occasions. It had gotten better when you had joined a support group for “errors”-those who were born with a dead soulmate or those who didn’t have a name at all. They didn’t pity you, they were able to understand your bitterness and you were all there for each other. You all learned from each other, you now kept your wrists covered and you would never tell people the names that would mark your skin forever.


You had been on a plane with your boss Pepper Potts when your life changed forever. Aliens were currently invading New York City but you couldn’t focus on that because Captain America was on the TV screen.

“I-Is that Steve Rogers?” you whisper.

“Yeah. According to Tony, SHIELD found him and the plane he went down in a couple of weeks ago. He was still alive-obviously.” Pepper answered. “Why do you ask?” She said while eyeing you suspiciously. She watched as your rubbed your fingers over where Steve’s name was. Eventually you tug your sleeve up and show her your mark.

“I-I thought you said you didn’t have a soulmate.”

“I thought he was dead. It was just easier to tell everyone that I didn’t have one.” You whisper. You and Pepper shift closer to each other as the two of you watch your soulmates fight for the world.


It had been about a week since the battle. You had been avoiding the tower like the plague. You had come clean to Pepper, showing her your other mark as well. You had cried into her shoulder as you told her how you had hated the two men for so long. How you had always felt a little broken knowing that you would never get to love them like they had loved each other, while they were alive. You tell her how you had grown used to the idea of being alone and now that you knew that you had one of your soulmates out there you were paralyzed in terror. Your phone starts to ring.

“Hello?” you say.

“Y/N, you need to come to the tower. Steve thinks that he lost both of his soulmates. He thinks that you were born during his time and he thinks he’s all alone.” Pepper says.

“I-I’m not ready for that. I’ve been alone my whole life. He can deal with it for a couple months while I get used to the fact that one of my soulmates is alive.” You whisper.

“Please, Y/N. I don’t think I can take it. You don’t need to date the guy right away, just talk to him. Tell him how you feel about everything.” Pepper says.

“Fine, I’ll be over in an hour. I’m probably going to scream at him. So just prepare yourself for that.” You say.

“I can deal with yelling. Bye, Y/N”

“Bye.” What the hell did you just agree to? You were not ready to meet him. You take a deep breath and start to walk to the tower.  New York was destroyed but the clean-up was going surprisingly fast thanks to Tony. Eventually you make it to the tower, you take a deep breath and walk in. Pepper had texted you the floor number that they were on while you had been walking over. You had to take the stairs because the elevator was still out. When you get to the right floor you start to hear voices, one of them was close to hysterics.

“W-we looked before the war, but it was harder then. We couldn’t just look her up on the google. She must have hated us, both of her soulmates abandoned her for the glory of war or maybe she died during the war to. Can we look her up? Is that possible, Tony?” Your heart stops when you realize who you were listening to. Even while sobbing his voice was gorgeous. In that moment all of the hate and resentment you had ever felt towards your two soulmates left your body. You kind of felt lighter, like the hate had been weighing you down. You take a deep breath and open the door.

“Hello, Pepper said I could find Steve here.” You say as you take in the scene. Tony was doing his best to comfort Steve, but it wasn’t really working. Most of the other Avengers where spread throughout the room, eyeing you curiously.

“Who are you?” Natasha asked.

“I’m Peppers assistant. My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N.” As soon as your name left your mouth the room went from curious to chaotic. Steve sobbed a bit.

“Are you named after your grandmother? Was she able find someone to love? Are you here to tell me about m-my soulmate?” Steve asked, while tears rain down his cheeks. He thought you were coming to tell him about his dead soulmate. You don’t really know how to respond so you walk closer to him and then you just take your jacket off and show him your wrists. You can hear his breathing stop as he looks at his name on your left wrist and his other soulmates name on your right. He collapses and lands on his knees. Then he wraps his arms around you and starts to sob even more. You start to run your fingers through his hair.

“Would you guys mind giving us a minute?” You ask the rest of the Avengers. They all nod and start to file out of the room.

“I-I thought I was alone. Buck and me have been looking for you since we were kids. How are you here? How did you f-find me?” You explain everything to him. You tell him about how you had always felt abandoned by them and how you had hated the two of them for so long. “D-do you still hate me?” Steve whispers. You tell him no. Eventually the two of you move to the couch and the two of you sit there for hours, getting to know each other.


It has been about 6 months since you met Steve. Things had moved quickly and he was now living with you. The two of you were currently lying in bed, talking about Star Wars.  Steve tells you that Bucky had been really into science and that he would have loved the movies. Eventually the conversation dies down and the two of you cuddle in a comfortable silence.

“Hey, Stevie?” You ask.


“Do you ever think that maybe Bucky’s still alive? Maybe he doesn’t remember who he is? You told me that when Hydra captured him they gave him the serum. So maybe he survived the fall and Hydra went looking for him.” You whisper. Steve tenses for a moment and then he starts to think about what you said. He has to admit it makes sense.

“We should start looking for him.” Steve says as tightens his hold on you. Eventually the two of you fall asleep, while thinking of your other soulmate.

High School (1/?)

Summary: It is alternate universe where Steve goes to the same high school as the reader but she is very shy and quiet while he is very popular. Lindsay is there to make reader’s life miserable. 

Pairings: AU!Steve Rogers x Reader 

Word Count: 1,940

Warnings: Angst, reader gets picked on a lot and she get’s called “retard”

A/N: This was requested by @ruby-rose789 and I’m sorry it’s two parts. It just got way too long and I didn’t want to drag it. Next part will be very fluffy, I promise and I recommend checking out, ‘A Little Princess’. It is amazing! 

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Y/N walked through the halls with her head down, trying to get to her locker without any problems. There were a lot of other people that made walking down the hall difficult for a person that is shy and quiet; like Y/N. It was ironic really, that the quiet people got more attention than the loud ones, well usually they got attention from others who hated them, like how Y/N got attention from Lindsey Montenegro. Lindsey Montenegro was the most popular girl in the school which happened mostly because her dad is the principal which makes everyone fear her and it also made her have power. Power to make everyone’s life miserable by picking on them, even if they’re doing nothing but breathing.

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Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts 

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Honorary tag: @tesseractbucky because I somehow seem to keep kicking you off this thing (not on purpose, I promise!) This way it’ll hopefully not happen again!

Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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Steve Rogers and the Father-In-Law of Doom *x Reader* 2/5

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Summary: Your whirlwind relationship to engagement with Steve Rogers, left little time to meet family members. With yours and his work, it left little free time, till now. Chicago, where your father resides. Dr Henry Walton Jones Jr and Steve Rogers go way back.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Indiana Jones, Sam Wilson, Howard Stark, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Peggy Carter, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff
Pairing: Steve x reader

Note: This was inspired when I watched Indiana Jones, the first movie was set during WW2 and figured, he’d know Peggy and stuff if universes collided. I’ve had to change Indy’s age a bit, to fit with Marvel universe, so things are kind off. Don’t question it too much, go with it. - Rosalee

Part One

(This has been queued the day before it goes up. I’m away on break, therefore editing is kinda hard, please be patient if there’s mistakes. I’m working through them now.)

The dining table was filled with awkward tension and unspoken words. You would’ve blamed it on the fact it’s still morning, everyone is still trying to wake up but you aren’t that lucky, it’s due to your father. His steely glare made everyone on edge in the morning for breakfast, he made breakfast in absolute silence, even your brother was twitchy around him.

“So…” Mutt, your brother,(whose name is Henry but everyone calls him Mutt), began and gained the attention of everyone’s eyes. He looked around nervously for a second, “Any… How is wedding planning going?” you sighed gently and looked at your brother, who simply shrugged, at least he accepted Steve.

You half shrugged, “We haven’t really discussed the wedding, yet.” That earned and amused chuckled from your father as he cut into his eggs, sunny side up. “We didn’t want to set anything in stone because we were hoping to get married in the chapel where grandma and grandpa got married, then you and mum,” you softly smile as your dad looked at you, “and I was hoping to wear mum’s dress, I know you kept it.”

For a brief moment, you see a glimmer in your dad’s eye, a sort of happy sadness behind them. When your mum passed away it was left to your dad to look after you, he stopped his adventures and became a full-time teacher, he did his best and still does; he’s just a little protective now, well a lot. The look is soon replaced by a grumbled no, and a shake of his head, you bite your lip and feel a deep weight drop in the pit of your stomach.

“Dad, please will you just-” Your cut off by him slamming his knife down onto the table, the glasses of orange juices rattle and everyone stops, unmoving and all looking down at their plates as if they’re being told off too.

“I said no.” He tells you firmly, “and I mean it, Y/N. No more talk of a wedding, my decision is final. The chapel is where every Jones man has been married. Steven isn’t a Jones and he never will be,” you both stare at each other and he’s the first to look away; picking up his knife and going back to finish his breakfast.

You look across to Steve who looks just as devastated as you do. You didn’t expect this type of reaction from your dad, even if he did know Steve from back then, you didn’t understand why he hated Steve so much and was so against you marrying him. A part of you wondered if maybe it was because he didn’t want you to grow up but he seemed fine with your line of work.


You sighed and face planted your bed, Steve stood and leant against the doorframe watching as you moved to lay on your back, a small pout pulling at your lips and a deep frown as you stared up at the ceiling. Steve’s eyes glanced around the rest of your childhood room, various posters; mostly maps of various places your dad had been.

On your dresser was a photo frame, Steve walked around your bed and to the dresser where he picked up the white frame. Smiling at the younger you, you had your arm around your brother and you seemed to be in some jungle, your mother and father behind also grinning at the camera.

“You look just like her,” Steve comments and turns his head to where you’re still looking up at the ceiling, he sighs and puts the frame down surveying the room once more before walking to your bed and laying down with you. “Maybe this was a bad idea.”

You nodded. “If I knew this is how he’d react I would have eased him in a little more,” you muttered, voice hardly above a whisper.

“It wouldn’t have mattered,” he shrugs, “Your dad hates me. No matter how we told him, what we said, it would have always turned out like this.” You both fall into silence for a few seconds, “maybe… I should talk to him. Just me and him, alone.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Stevie.” You chuckle taking a hold of his hand gently, he shakes his head and you exhaled softly, “if you think it will work then sure, I’ll take the guys and my brother out for an hour.”

Steve watches as you sit up; stretching your limbs before leaning over and pressing a chaste kiss to his lips then leaving the room to round everyone up. His eyes stay on the pale blue walls of your room, drifting to the open window where the breeze ruffles your curtains, this isn’t how he pictured feeling when meeting your father. He expected some hesitation due to how fast your relationship was, a little anger for not being told till now, but he didn’t expect to not be accepted.

You call his name from downstairs, he gives it one more second before he gets himself up and walks down the creaky, old, staircase where everyone was pulling their jackets on. Your brother and Sam chatting about some sports games, Bucky was giving Steve a nervous smile, Natasha and Clint talking amongst themselves. He feels a hand clap onto his shoulder, Tony smiled encouragingly at Cap.

“Stand your ground, let him know that you love her and nothing will stop you from marrying her, trust me, Henry Junior, will commend your bravery and confidence.” Steve let’s slip a sigh at the advice, not sure whether to take it or not, he hadn’t even decided what he’d say to your father when alone.

“He’s in his study, he goes there to think, so could be a good sign.” You slide up as Tony slips away and out the front door, Steve nods with a fake smile as your wrap your arms around his neck. “If you need back-up, call me. Don’t let anything he says get to you, he’s an overprotective jackass, but he’s still my dad. Just… try to be his friend?” You suggest and Steve rolls his eyes with a chuckle, shushing you with a gentle kiss, “I love you.” You grin as you walk out the front door, leaving Steve in your dad’s home alone, with him.

Steve walks down to the end of the hall; passing the living room and to a burnt red oak door that had your father’s- father name on a plaque. He lifts his hand to knock, hesitating before pulling the hand away. He couldn’t do it: he couldn’t face the man that wants to eat him alive. He should’ve asked for Bucky or, at least, Sam to stay behind, as a precaution.

Biting his lip he paces a few quiet steps on the wood, stopping and looking at the door, once more opting to not knock. It’s pathetic really, he can fight and face aliens and Hydra, but your dad? No way. All he wants is his blessing, all he wants is to be accepted, all he wants is for Henry to accept the fact that you love Steve.

Without a second thought, Steve knocks the door, hard, three loud knocks.

“Enter.” Is all that he receives and he takes ahold of the golden door handle, pushing it down to open.

*Indiana Jones p.o.v* (I may revert from Indiana to Henry through this, sorry if I do, I’m trying to stick to just Henry for now.)

(Credit to Gif owner- I couldn’t find you, even though this was from tumblr gif search!)

Henry closed the door to his study and let go a few short breaths of air. His hands still balled into tight fists, anger coursing through his veins and he’s sweating with anger, almost. He pushes off the door and walks to the brown desk, sitting in the old leather chair and resting his elbows on the surface, face in hands as he tries to control his temper.

He looks up making eye contact with the photo of his father, he looked almost judgemental, as usual. His piercing eyes staring directly into Henry’s, as if to say, you’re doing everything wrong and being an idiot again. He reaches forward and grabs the frame, opening up the top draw to hide the photo, only he’s met with another gaze.

His breath hitches briefly as he looks down at his wife, his love, your mum. It was a photo of just her, in Egypt, him and Marion both went back for their anniversary. Her bright smile, loving eyes, you had her eyes and smile. She’d know exactly what to say, she wouldn’t have let him get this angry, she would have liked Steve. He rolls his eyes at the photo as if she would just shake her head back at him. He picks up the photo gently, studying it for a few seconds.

“You would be on her side,” he sighs. “She’s getting married, our little girl and I don’t know what to do,” he hears the pacing of the footsteps outside the door, Steve footsteps. “I’m talking to a photo, I’m losing my mind.” He places the photo down as the door knocks, three loud taps and he contemplates being silent, but when he leans back against the chair he catches Marion’s gaze once more and he sighs. “Enter!”

“Sir, I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna sit there and listen to what I have to say,” Steve tells him firmly and Henry raises an eyebrow at the tone, “please?” His voice lacking the authoritative nature from before.

“Go for it, spright!” Henry stares at the man before him, shaking with determination or maybe, fear? One of the two. His eyes briefly glance down to the photo, catching the gaze of his wife, he leans back against the chair in nonchalance. Ready to hear whatever this idiot wanted to say but already knowing it wasn’t going to change his mind.

Henry watches as Steve thinks how to word his next, heroic, speech. “I came here with the hope that I’d be meeting the girl. that I love, dad. I didn’t care what her background was or how many people I had to meet before we got married, I just wanted a blessing, I wanted her family to acknowledge our love and accept it.” Henry quirks a brow to let him know he’s still listening. “When I saw you, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I knew you’d make it difficult but… I love your daughter and she loves me, isn’t that enough? To stop whatever vendetta you have out for me? I’ve proved enough that I love her! To some it’s fast but I’ve lost my best years to the army, to the ice, I didn’t want to wait because I’ve waited too long for happiness.” Steve finally breathes normally after that, his eyes shining with love and compassion, hope.

Henry nods slowly, mulling over the marvellous speech that was probably, prepared for this moment. It’s silent as Steve stands, shifting from foot to foot, waiting to hear some kind of response from Henry who is looking down at the desk. He’s looking directly at the photo, knowing he’s in over his head with this. Marion would have everything sorted within an hour, she would’ve welcomed Steve in with open arms and a wide smile, of course, apprehensive at first but she was kind and loving; like you.

“Y/N looks just like her,” He hears Steve mutter and looks up to see Steve looking at the photo also.

Henry nods. “She’s just like her mother, looks and personality, all her best qualities are from Marion.” Steve nods slowly, “I know what you’re doing and it’s not working.” Henry grumbles, taking the photo, gently, and placing it in the draw, shutting that a little forcefully. He’s glaring at Steve now, seething with anger, trying to use the photo of his wife as a distraction.

“I don’t think that’s true, sir.” Steve offers gently, “There are times when I can now see she’s like you, your brashness and needs for adventure, I met her at a party. Introduced by Stark, obviously, he knows everyone. She was so… different. She holds her alcohol better than my friend, Bucky,” Steve chuckled at some memory that he conjured up.

Henry rolled his eyes. “Just like her mother, trust me. Not an ounce of me in that kid, Spright. Marion could drink men under the table and had a mean right hook, it’s why I loved her…” Henry smiled to himself. “Her last name is Jones but she’s a Ravenwood. Those women are one of a kind; intelligent, street-savvy, adventurous and beautiful…” He looks at Steve who is nodding, agreeing, “And too good for you!” Henry snaps causing Steve to sigh. “I don’t know what you thought this little speech would do but it didn’t work, Marion, my wife may have liked you but she’s not here.” He turns his chair away, defiantly,  crossing his arms and he looks at the window. Seeing Steve’s reflection, his shoulders slump as he turns around, opening the door before giving one last look at the back of the chair.

“I’m sorry you lost, Marion,” Steve sincerely tells him. “Y/N, she has your stubbornness, I don’t want her to lose her dad over me or for you to lose your daughter.” The door is shut gently and silently.

Normal P.O.V

You returned back to the house, sighing gently when you see Steve sat outside, sat on the porch with his head in his hands. Your brother leads everyone inside through the backway, letting you and Steve have a moment of privacy.

“I made it worse,” Steve mutters as you sit down beside him. “I said this whole grand speech then ruined it by asking about your mum,” you cringed that was always a sore topic. “I don’t want this feud between anyone, I don’t want your dad hating me or you hating your dad.” Steve sighs, you wrap your arms around him.

You breathe in Steve’s scent as he rests his head on top of your own. It’s silent between you both, the wind blowing through your hair but the warmth Steve provides is comforting. “It will all work out, I promise.” You mumble into his chest. Before you can console him some more your phone rings, breaking the intimate moment between you. “I got to take this.” You stand up and walk a few steps away from Steve, answering the phone to one of your colleagues. They say one word, one little word and you’re running inside, pushing past everyone and to your room.

You start packing together a bag, not noticing the concerned look Steve has at the doorway. “Finn just called, they’ve found it, Stevie.” You grin but go back to packing, “all this time we’ve been looking. It was right under our noises, well, the last piece was in France but Indonesia. They’ve found a temple, it may have the sword of Lü Dongbin’s, considering he’s one of the eight Chinese immortals… Indonesia, that’s so strange and France?” You question and ramble to yourself.

“You’re leaving?” Steve asks, finally, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Who’s leaving?” You look behind Steve’s broad shoulder to your father and you grin, knowing this would make him happy.

“They’ve found it,” it’s all you need to say before your dad pushes pass Steve and hugs you, joyously. “I’m getting a plane and meeting my team there, I’m sorry for leaving, especially when I just got here and we haven’t even discussed-” You’re cut off by your dad.

He starts helping you pack. “Nonsense, you need to go and be there. We’ll discuss whatever you want when you come back, it was so nice meeting your friends and… Steve,” he smiles brightly and you quirk an eyebrow.

“Steve is staying here, so are the rest of them,” Both your fiance and your dad look baffled. “I’ll be back within a week. And when I’m back, I expect you both to be getting along, got it?” You asked crossing your arms.

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(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, a little violence, dead (flasback), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; I’m incredibly sorry for the delay. Anyway, hope you hate Dot as much as I do xd .Oh! And the tags are being stupid little b#tches, please if someone doesn’t receive my notifications, let me know.

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Chapter 9

You have no clue how much time passes while you stare at the white wall of your home, neither how much time Steve looked at you without saying a word. The tears had dryed from your cheeks but the pain in your chest hasn’t stopped, you can tell that it will never. Numbed you look at Steve, who winces when your gazes cross, you don’t wanna know how horrible do you look for him to react that way, you don’t care. 

- Why? - you whisper 

- It’s not his fault… - Steve straighten up from his half lying position, whining because of the pain on his side. You can tell, but, that he’s healing extremelly fast - He don’t have any choice

- He didn’t even let me explain! - tears burn in your eyes again

Steve let out a deep sigh, defeated

- I should have explained you everything before…

- Do it now - you demand

Steve’s eyes make holes in your soul before he starts talking

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CLF: Tendrement, Pasionement (F)

A/N: We are back to our regularly scheduled program! All my new followers, this is my fic, Cherchez la Femme! It’s long as hell and has an OC, but I encourage you to read it because BUCKY AND STEEB. It’s been updated on AO3 and the tag list is open! This thing is my baby and needs some love. So here you are. 

WARNINGS: Swearing, awkward moment in the bedroom (sorry, not all sex can be perfect), kinda coitus interruptus, discussion of kinks and why they exist (I used my own personal reasons for this character), some serious shit happens at the end of this chapter. Allusions to Bucky’s PTSD.

WORD COUNT: 3038 (Jesus Christ, this is what happens when I don’t post for ages.


SONG TRACK: Sweetest Devotion–Adele

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I’m crawling on your shores

for the first day of OMGCheckPlease Women Week 

Also on AO3 

Jessica Ford stirs from her slumber, the smell of eggs and chorizo pulling her away from her dreams. She gently rubs her eyes as she yawns. She reaches for the other side of her queen sized bed. It’s empty.

She shuffles out of bed, putting on her fox slippers before trudging upstairs to the kitchen. Her eyes are still mostly shut as she slides onto a barstool at the breakfast nook. She rests her chin in her hands.

“Morning,” Caitlin says cheerfully from the stove.

Jess cracks her left eye open, grinning tiredly.  “Hey, did Chris leave already?”

“Yea, the coaches wanted him to come in early to do drills with some of the vets that are still in town,” Caitlin explains.

The sound of Caitlin grating a spatula against the pan is oddly soothing.

Jess hums contentedly. “That’s good right?”

“I don’t want to jinx anything, but…I think so,” she says. “Do you want toast on the side or should I make it a sandwich?”

“Sandwich.” Jess groans as she stretches in her seat. “I don’t think I can wait for toast. I’m famished.”

Caitlin chuckles. Not a minute later, she places breakfast in front of Jess, kissing her firmly on the temple. Jess turns her head so they can properly kiss each other. She thinks this is her favorite part of Caitlin and Chris visiting, getting quiet moments with her girlfriend. As much as she loves her metamours, all three, it’s nice to have some time for just the two of them. 

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Play Me 1/2

WARNINGS: Smut, angst, cursing. Please do not read if under 18.

You are Bucky’s therapist. After a particularly difficult session, you teach him how to play piano. 

Sergeant Barnes?”

No response.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

You sighed. The man named James Buchanan Barnes, once known as the Winter Soldier, was sitting on your couch, back against the cushions, knees spread, hands clenched in fists on his thighs, head hanging down. It was his default position whenever he didn’t want to talk to you, and it meant that apparently, all of the progress you had made two days before had gone right out the window.


“Stop calling me that.”

You blinked. “Why? It’s your title-”

“I haven’t been Sergeant Barnes in over seventy years. I don’t remember who he is anymore.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do–help you remember-”

“I don’t want to remember him.”

You stopped, at a loss. “Then what do you want to do?”


“That’s not really the point of you being here-”

“Why does everything have to have a goddamn objective?” he burst out, looking up at you. There was anger in his voice and in his stance, but his eyes were pleading. “We’ve been doing this for weeks! I remember things. The triggers are gone; they don’t work anymore. I talk to Steve and that idiot Sam every day, because if I don’t, they look at me like I’m on my deathbed. I help T’Challa when he asks me to. I don’t go after anyone, even HYDRA, because everyone says it’s not healthy. I’m cured. What more do you want?”

“…For you to have a fulfilling life that you can live for yourself.”

A wry bark of laughter escaped from him, and you cringed inwardly at the sight of his smile, bitter and hateful, not at all like the smile you had seen only two days ago when he had been telling you of an incident at the Stark Expo, in which he’d spent three dollars trying to win a stuffed animal for a girl at a carnival game.

“I’ve never had that, Doctor. Not even before HYDRA. Before HYDRA, it was me takin’ care of my sisters and my ma because my dad was dead. On top’a that, there was Stevie, gettin’ in every fight he could and givin’ me heart attacks every time I looked down a damn alleyway. And then I got drafted. I didn’t even choose to be one of the brave men signin’ up. I was forced to. And now you all are askin’ me to behave like everythin’ is normal. Like I’m here on vacation or somethin’. Like this is some rehab resort. You want me to act like gettin’ the response to the triggers outta my head is going to magically make me wanna rejoin society.” He took a huge breath. “Not once has someone, even Stevie, asked me what I wanted since I… woke up. Steve barged in on my apartment in Romania and went through all my journals while I wasn’t even fuckin’ home. I didn’t even get to eat my goddamn plums. He led those people to me and we got caught up in another fight because he wanted to find me. He never asked if I wanted to be found. The only thing I’ve been able to do for myself since we got here is go to sleep… and you all took that away, too.”

Through all of that, you sat in your chair with your mouth slightly open, eyes widening as he talked. It was the most he had spoken since you met him, and instead of being elated that you’d managed to crack his silent exterior and actually do your job for once, you were filled with an ugly guilt. He got up and stalked out, slamming the door behind him, and you jumped, before putting your face in your hands.

He was right, of course. No one had asked him what he’d wanted. You weren’t entirely sure of what had been going on in the Avengers before James Barnes and the former Captain America, now just Steve Rogers, had arrived here, but since he had been “cured”, no one had asked him what he’d wanted. Steve, desperate to have his best friend back, had immediately tried to integrate him back into some form of society. T’Challa, attempting to give Barnes a purpose in his new home, had asked him to help periodically with royal duties (Barnes had turned out to be a surprisingly decent architect). You had been assigned to give Barnes therapy, and, while making him delve through his fragments of memories, you had never once asked him who he wanted to become, concerned only with who he had been.

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Request: I’ve been stalking your blog and it’s awesome! Can I submit a request? A Bucky X reader where the reader is a British friend of Peggy’s who’s in the howling commandos and falls in love with Bucky who is too busy flirting with the nurses until he sees the reader flirting with another soldier and gets jealous. I would love this request if you can do it, if not I understand- I love your blog!!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: violence, cocky bucky, pre serum Steve, makeout session at the end ooo, CATFA scenes swearing omg!!!!!!

A/N: Thank you to @arrowswithwifi for submitting this request. :) I honestly don’t know much about ranks so you can make fun of me all u want. Oh and the italics are flashbacks so enjoyy


Fighting in the war wasn’t something you’d expect yourself to do. You lived in the city of Brooklyn with your family, until you were drafted to fight as a female soldier in WWII. You had experience in fighting. Took some classes when you were younger, your father showed you how to use guns, the rifle being your favorite one to use. You were a weapons expert, all thanks to him. Your mother being the one to help you keep your feminine attitude and wit, her being the one to show you how to dance outside of the battlefield. You thanked your parents for being there for you, as they molded you into a gal that liked both guns and a nice dinner and dancing. Without them, you wouldn’t be in your position as an upcoming agent.

You trained almost all of your life to earn your position. Right now, you were a commander, working with captains. Well, something of higher class. You worked with your lifetime friend, Agent Peggy Carter. The two of you had been friends since the beginning. You met Peggy in England, becoming inseparable, until you had to move to New York. After a few years from being separated, Peggy called and told you that she was working as an agent. She was working for an upcoming project, Project Rebirth and invited you to join, but of course, you couldn’t just do it like that. You had to train. Fight in the army first, then earn your role alongside Peggy as an agent.

You worked as a weapons expert in the army and knew all of the routes to take during battle. You were like a captain, but that role went to the super-soldier, your good friend, Steve Rogers. You worked alongside with him as well. Speaking of Steve Rogers, you knew him before the army as well. You met him while you were taping up posters during Howard Stark’s convention one night. You saw him as a small, scrawny guy, looking for some hope as he looked in the army mirror that night. You remembering yourself smiling and walking up to him.

“Hey, sport.” You said, making him turn around to meet your eyes. “Thinkin’ of joinin’ the army?”

The blonde stepped down from the stool and stood, facing you. He looked at your outfit: White shirt tucked into your brown high waist slacks, wearing brown boots that went up to your knees, a dark blue army  ball cap hat matched with red lipstick as your hair was in messy curls. “Heh, a guy like me? Never.” He said. “Are you?”

You smiled down at him, taking your hat off of your head. “Commander (Y/N) (Y/L/N), at your service.” You said, tipping your hat as you jokingly bowed. You laughed at the man’s reaction when he heard that you were a commander. His mouth gaped, eyes widened.

“I apologize for not realizing any sooner, commander (Y/L/N). I just..You’re..” He stammered, nervously clapping his hands together as he did a small bow.

“A woman?” you interrupted. He nodded and you smiled. “I get that all the time. No need to worry about your manners, darling. I don’t do all that formal stuff.” You admitted. You weren’t into the special royalty and attention you received. A girl in the army? Whatever. You didn’t care if people called you by your army name, you wanted people to treat you like a normal person. “What’s your name, hun?”

“Steven Grant Rogers, but you can call me Steve, miss.” He said quietly, walking back up to the stool to examine himself.

“A pleasure to meet you, Steve. My name is (Y/N). And I’d prefer you to call me that. I don’t like the word ‘Miss.’ it makes me feel old.” You smirked. He smiled, facial expressions softening a little. Before you started to talk, you saw a brunette man walking up to Steve, wearing his army uniform. You stepped back and put a poster near the pole as you stood next to the picture Steve was admiring himself in. Steve started to talk but before he could, his friend walked up behind him and gave him a light shove. Your eyes widened.

“C’mon, kinda missin’ the point of a double date. Takin’ the girls dancing.” The brunette laughed as Steve jerked forward a little. He got off the stool once again as he faced his friend, you standing closely behind with flyers still in hand.

“You go ahead, I’ll catch up.” Steve replied, turning awkwardly on the balls of his feet.

There was a slight silence between the two, before the man spoke up. “You really gonna do this again?” His friend asked as he turned to Steve’s side. You watched the two having their conversation as you engaged in answering questions for people about the army.

“I’ll try my luck.”

“As who? Steve from Ohio?” The man asked. You stopped your conversation with a lady as she began to walk off, your ears perking up as they started talking about how Steve lied on his application form.

“I know- I know.. C’mon, Bucky. Bucky!” Steve said to his friend, Bucky his name was.

“You know, lying on your application can get you into some serious trouble, Steven.” You said, speaking from behind. You walked closer to the men as Bucky exchanged looks between you and Steve, eyebrows raised in amusement. “And lying about applying for the army.“

Steve pursed his lips as you stood next to him. “I know, I should’ve told you. I was just.. nervous since this is one of the longest conversations I’ve had with a girl.” He said, making you smile and pat him on the back. Meanwhile, Bucky spoke from your left side, clearing his throat to get your attention.

“Pardon me, sir. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You said, tipping your hat like you did with Steve. Bucky just smiled at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Ohh, I get it, Steve. You met another girl because you didn’t like the one I picked out for you! Ah, I’m heartbroken.” Bucky said in sarcasm. Steve scoffed. “Nice to meet you, doll. Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, the-“ He said, but you spoke for him.

“107th, shipping to England tomorrow. I know.” You said as you eyed his uniform.

“She’s a…Commander.” Steve said, making Bucky laugh.

“You’re kidding. You?” He said, looking down at you. You furrowed your eyebrows in response.

“Yes, indeed, soldier.”

Bucky started to mock you and say that you’re just a woman and questioned why you were a commander. You rolled your eyes at his remarks.

“Say, why don’t you join me and Stevie here on a date? Sound good, doll?” He asked. You looked behind him, seeing two girls waving his direction on the steps.

“I wouldn’t want to intervene with the girls you have now.” You smiled sweetly. Getting sick of talking to the soldier in front of you, you handed Steve a flyer, and shoved one into Bucky’s chest. “I’ll see you very soon in the army, Steve!” You called.

You walked down the steps that led to the outside of the convention and turned around. “I hope I don’t see you very soon, Sargent.” You yelled as you walked away.

Bucky smirked as he watched your figure depart and go into the crowd of people outside. He saw something in you that he didn’t see in the other girls he’d talk to. Usually, the girls would swoon over him. You, however, were different.

Till that day forward, you did not like James Buchanan Barnes. Not one bit. Well, maybe a little.

And here you are now, lining up to get your weapons at one of the military tents. Steve in front of you as Bucky was behind you.

Things have changed in a year. Steve rescued you and Bucky from being held captive by hydra, and you never forgot your reaction to what he looked like when you saw him from your view from the chair you were strapped into. He was bigger and taller. Nothing like the Steve you met at the convention a year ago. And Bucky? Well, Bucky is still the same person he always had been since you met him. Cocky, witty, and charming. You hated yourself for admitting it, but you had a love-hate relationship with the Sargent.

You were the first and only female to be apart of the Howling Commandos. Still a commander, sniper, and weapons specialist, but hey, you did one hell of a job. As long as you got to work with Steve and Peggy, everything was all good. Bucky and you had your fights during every mission. Every single mission you two fought over something. That was out of hate, and you couldn’t deny it, but love as well.

“You know, Rogers, I will never get over the fact that I have to literally look up to you when we talk.” You said, stuffing your rifle behind your back in its placeholder, a few knives, and two guns in your hip pockets. Steve smiled as he gathered his shield and started walking to one of the trucks.

“I know how you feel. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to it, either.” He said, before hopping into the small truck.

“I can get use to looking down at you, (Y/L/N).” Bucky winked at you. You scoffed at his innuendo.

“In your dreams, James.“

You and Bucky sat in the back as Steve and Peggy drove in the front. The other Howling Commandos drove in another car, since they couldn’t fit.

“Mission is simple, people. Get into the hydra base as per usual. You’re in and out. Steve will do all the work inside while everyone will work outside in the field. You all will be his eyes and ears.” Peggy explained to the group. Everyone agreed as you guys got off of the car and grabbed your utilities.

“Careful out there, will you, (Y/N)?” Peggy stopped you from walking, holding you back from the team.

“You know I always will be careful, Carter.” You smiled, adjusting the guns in your jacket pocket.

“And please don’t injure Sargent Barnes!” She called before you started to run with the rest of the team.

You made your way around the building, clearing any sign of a hydra agent. Bucky watch you in action from the top of the building across, laying down on his stomach with his rifle in hand. The way you took the hydra agents out with your hands and knives. Every time he watched you made him realize that he could watch you do that for hours. He admired you, secretly. Steve didn’t know about the crush he had on you, and he wanted to keep it that way since Steve was considered the chick magnet now, and not Bucky himself.

You heard a shout of pain from the inside of the building. Looking at one of your fellow howling commando member, Dum Dum, he gave you a questioned look.

“Was that Rogers, Miss?” he asked. You shook your head. You pressed your ear against the door and heard another shout of pain, this time louder.

“Shit.” You muttered. “Yes, that’s definitely Rogers.” You said. You took a few steps back from the wooden door, getting ready to break it open.

Bucky’s eyes widened as he saw what you were about to do. He took his rifle with him and started climbing down the side of the building and running to you. “(Y/N), don’t you dare!” He yelled.

“Oh no, Miss. I don’t suggest you doin-“ Dugan replied. But it was too late. You ran into the door and successfully broke it open, landing on the cold hard floor of the hydra base. You got up, the pain in your right shoulder soon subsided as you searched for a sign of Steve. You heard screams and grunts upstairs and soon made your way up to the fifth floor. You crept along the halls quietly, before you found Steve’s shield lying on the ground. No, no, no. You thought.

You picked his shield up and slipped it into your forearm, holding your gun out in front of it. You approached the door where the grunts were heard and saw Steve strapped onto a chair, just like you were. Your eyes widened as the agents saw you, and you immediately started shooting and darting at the agents, the shield protecting your body with ease. You freed Steve and helped him up, putting his shield in his hand.

“Why’d you do that?” Steve asked as you ran with him down the stairs.

“Because you did it for me once.” You replied as the two of you made your way out of the compound. You met the other commandos outside of the broken door, them looking at you in shock. You had bruises and cuts on your side from the punches you couldn’t dodge from the agents. You looked like a mess and you felt limp.

All of you started walking back to the cars which drove you to the tents of the base.

“You didn’t have to do it, Miss. I could’ve done it, of course.” One member said from your side. You laughed dryly, wiping the blood off of your forehead.

“I know, but Steve saved me once. I had to return the favor.”  you smiled, making him smile back.

Bucky watched from behind the two of you, scoffing at the smiles that were being exchanged once again.

“She would do anything for Steve.” Bucky grumbled. You thought you missed it, but you sure as hell didn’t.

“Course I would. Steve’s kind and generous, unlike you, James.” You said over your shoulder to him.

The two of you started bickering again as the others watched as always, Steve shaking his head like the parent he is. He just wanted his friends to get along.

You and Steve were in the nurse’s aid area where the two of you were being taken care of. Peggy sat in between the two of you, as she helped the nurses bandage your wombs. You sat on a chair as Steve sat up in the beds since he had taken it harsher than you. Him and Peggy talked. You tried to listen but the damn nurses were in the way.

“I have a feeling that they like each other, for some reason” Peggy spoke.

That’s all you heard before Peggy walked up to your place in your seat. She sat next to you with a sigh.

“You got hurt, (Y/L/N).” She said. The nurses walked away once Peggy told them that you were fine in her hands.

“I know I did. At least I’m not dead.” You said, looking out into the window where it was pouring with rain.

“You’re a tough cookie, (Y/N).” Peggy smiled, putting her hand on yours. You looked at her. “And so is that Sargent you claim to hate to death.”

“How did he suddenly get invited into the conversation.” You said. Just then, one of the workers requested for Peggy’s attendance. She stood up before looking back to you.

“Where is he, anyways?” Peggy asked. You shrugged.

“Probably flirting with the nurses.” You said. And you weren’t wrong. Turning your head to the right, you saw that familiar Sargent smile he’d always give to the ladies. It won them over in an instant. You shook your head, your blood boiling over jealousy.

Hours passed before that incident. The rain stopped and you got up to walk around the tents and small buildings of the military base. You had a chance to  walk off your scars on your legs and stretched your limbs, so you took the opportunity to do so, and to think. While you passed one of the nurses tents, you saw Bucky standing there with a few of the nurses by his side. Probably telling them one of the shitty jokes he used to get all the ladies. You sighed through your nose. He did this every time. He didn’t even bother to check up on his best friend, only to just go flirting around with his one time hook ups.

All of a sudden, an idea popped up in your head. It was cruel, you admitted, but you just had to test it. You were sick of this. You saw Steve looking at one of the files outside on one of the trunks of the cars. Files were placed across the opened truck as he examined them. You took your hair out of your pony tail to loosen them up. Grabbing your blue hat and placing it on your head, you walked up to him.

“Hey, Rogers.” You said from behind him. He turned around and greeted you with a smile. You fumbled with the buttons of his jacket before wrapping your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. “Whatcha’ doing?” you asked.

Steve felt his cheeks get hot from your actions. He was use to you being all handsy, since you two were close friends, but every time you did something, his cheeks would burn. Turning around to look at you, he rested his back against the truck. “Same ol files.” He said. You hopped up on the open trunk as he started getting back to work. You felt Bucky’s eyes burn into the side of your head as you felt him watching.

“Mmmh, that sucks.” you said, pulling him in between your legs by his jacket. He was startled by your actions as you leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, a little too close to the corner of his lips.

“Well,” You said, hopping down to the ground. “Better get to work then!” you said, saluting to him with a smile. You left him startled in his tracks before he kept exchanging quick glances at you then to his papers. “That woman..” He said under his breath.

As you skipped along the dusty ground of the forest, you reached one of the tents.

“(Y/N).” A voice yelled, calling to your attention. You headed back to the nurses rooms and to the waiting area. You turned the corner to face Bucky.

“James.” You said, nodding your head. Before you could walk away from the room, Bucky pulled you inside by grabbing your arm. You groaned. “What do you want?”

“What the hell was that?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he cornered you.

“What the hell was what?”

“Your little stunt with Steve.” He said, pointing to the trucks, seeing Steve leaving and going into one of the tents outside.

You smirked. “Why were you watching, James?” you asked, knowing he wouldn’t know how to cover it up. You saw his eyes shift as he looked down into yours. He looked furious, but you weren’t really sure why. “Overprotective are ya, sport.” You said, leaning over a little to meet his eyes.

“I’m not overprotective. I just don’t like it when girls like you flirt with my friend.” He said. You could see him grind the backs of his molars, making his jaw clench so it looked extra sharp.

“Mhmm.. So you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” He shouted, making the nurses look your way. You shooed them away as Bucky kept talking. A moment of silence grew over the two of you as he tried to think of what to say. You noticed your position with the soldier: Your back against the wall as he pinned you to the cold cement with his arms on either side of your head. You hated to admit it, but you liked the position you were in, and could stay in it forever.

“And by the way, you could’ve gotten yourself killed earlier today.” He said, pushing his hands off the wall as he changed the topic. “You and Steve.”

“I had to save him. I couldn’t just let him die in the chair, Barnes. I was the closest, and I knew that Dugan couldn’t do it because he always listens to Peggy’s orders.” You spit back. “Why are you so stuck on that topic, anyway? We’re alive, James. It’s not like we’re dead.”

He sighed, finally giving in and not knowing what to say. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket and started walking away, muttering something before he turned a corner.

“What was that? Barnes..Barnes! Where are you going? We aren’t finished!” You yelled, following him into the next building, which was the armory room. Once you two were inside, he turned around to look at you.

“You were right.” He said, his tall frame slowly walking closer to you.

“About?” You asked, confusion written all over your face as you stepped back a few steps, hitting a table.

“About me being…Jealous.” He said quietly, and took a deep breath. “Look, (Y/N), I like you, alright? The reason we fight a lot and the reason why I pick the fights the most is because I do it out of the fact that I like you, and I don’t know how else to explain that I do. I mean, look at you,” he said, standing up straight as you met his eyes. “you’re nothin’ like any of those girls in skirts and bows I take out. You’re in the army for cryin’ out loud! Ever since I met you that night at the convention, you made me realize that there are better people in the world. You’re a badass commander from Britain who wears the same baseball cap everyday to her job, wears dirty boots everywhere she goes, even though she has the privilage of getting new ones, and holds a rifle with pride. If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. I-I know you like Steve more than me, and I’ll let you be happy with whoever you choose.”

You were stunned by Bucky’s choice of words. You felt the exact same feeling he had just explained, except you weren’t scared of him. You stood there, pressed against a wooden table with his frame towering over you as he just confessed his love to you and all you could do is look up to him. He took in every single detail of your face, your actions and different gestures, the weapons you picked out every day, and you couldn’t say anything. You were speechless.

“Bucky…I.” You smiled as you stammered for words. “I don’t know what-“

All of a sudden, he pulled away. “I get it. You like Steve. That’s, that’s fine. Everyone else does now.” He said under his breath. “I mean, who wouldn’t like Steve? He’s great, he’s nice…He’s tall…He’s basically the symbol of America right now! Everyone, even the other soldiers probably swoon over him, he has great-“ Bucky continued with his little speech about Steve, but you didn’t want to hear about Steve anymore.

You shut him up by quickly walking over to him, grabbing him by the blue jacket he had on, and pulled him down into a hard, yet passionate kiss. His eyes widened at your actions, but soon closed them as he started kissing back. Your hands were tangled in his, playing with the little hairs at the back of his neck. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.

You pulled back from the moment, the two of you gasping for breath. “Just so you know, I don’t like Rogers. I’ve always liked you and you only. That explains the position that we’re in right now, soldier.” You said. He nodded before bringing you back into the heated kiss.

He started walking forward with you in his arms until your thighs touched the back of the wooden table. Your lips still in action, Bucky hoisted you up onto the wooden table, clearing the guns and knives that were left on the desk. He started to rip open your sweater before you stopped him.

“Someone will see us.” You panted, your shirt now hanging loosely across your chest.

“We better be quick then, doll.” He said before resuming his actions. He took his jacket off of his body. You smiled and met his lips once more, taking his bottom lip in between your teeth, causing him to groan. You were about to fumble with the belt loops of his pants, before the two of you heard someone clear their throats.

“Uhhem.” You heard someone, Peggy to be exact, say. You and Bucky stopped dead in your tracks as you met Peggy and Steve standing in the large doorway of the armory room. You covered yourself with your sweater, as Bucky did the same with his jacket, and you unhooked your legs from his waist. “Were we interrupting something?” Peggy asked.

You jumped down from the table and zipped up your jacket, as Bucky mirrored your actions, fixing his hair.

“No ma’am.” You said. “No, ma’am.” Bucky said, shortly after you. He tried to hide the smirk that was plastered onto his face, but failed miserably.

Peggy couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sure we didn’t.”

“When we said for you guys to get along, we wouldn’t mean like this but, whatever you want, I suppose.” Steve said, shrugging.

“Well, we sure did as Peggy said.” You smiled.

I... Love you *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

Originally posted by midgardianqueenofmischief

Requested by Anon-Can I have Wanda x fem reader where Wanda is trying to tell the reader she loves her for the first time lots of fluff and smut?
Warnings: Swearing and implied smut-maybe
Admins Note: I am not writing full-on smut because I am not at the point where I am comfortable writing it, hopefully in the upcoming weeks I can commit to writing something good on smut, for now I am just levelling myself. Hope you enjoy this, I love writing Wanda requests, she is so perfect. LOOK AT HER, OH MY GUHD… I am so deeply in love with Wanda its unreal.

Yourself and Wanda had been a committed relationship for almost six months, ever since she officially joined the Avengers you started to have feelings, you were the first to make a move and actually ask her out. Everyone loved you both together, believing you were meant to be with each other, and you agreed. 

Despite this, neither of you have actually said those three words, not that it mattered-you both knew how each felt and you have a difficult time showing or expressing emotions. That might also be why you hadn’t even fully done the deed yet either, you’ve kissed and gone nearly all the way but never actually full committed, something either stopped you or it just didn’t feel like the right time for you or Wanda.

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Little Sisters

Here is my story written for @chelsea072498‘s 37th Birthday!  

This is a sister!reader story with Sam and Dean, but it focuses more on the case and sibling stuff than the boys.  My prompts I chose were “People have felt an eerie feeling in a car wash” and bubble gum.

Happy Birthday, @chelsea072498! I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: mentions of a brutal child’s death

word count: ~2000

“Dean, can we please listen to something else?  I’m getting tired of this same old tape,” you begged your brother, hoping he would finally relent.  An off-hand remark about “Night Moves” being a lame song the previous week had caused Dean to put the cassette tape of Nine Tonight on repeat just to annoy you – the only moments without it was when he was re-winding the tape.

Dean looked at you in the rear view mirror with a smirk on his face, winking obnoxiously before belting out the next line of lyrics.  You rolled your eyes, seeing Sam do the same.

Giving up, you sat back against the seat and smacked your gum as obnoxiously as possible, knowing Dean hated the sound.  You popped a few bubbles to spite him and went back to watching the scenery outside the window pass by.  

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anonymous asked:

Your WinterIronPanther fics are amazing, I officially can say this is in my top three pairings. Anyway could you write something else, maybe pic up where you left off with Sam discovering Tony in Wakanda. Maybe team reactions and T'Challa and Bucky head of the TonyStarkDefenseSquad

Sequel to this

P.S. Xhosa is the language I believe used as “Wakandan” in MCU, so I used that for this. Translation here.



Sam watched Bucky closely the next time he saw him. He joked with Steve, heckled Clint, acted like nothing at all was up. Like he wasn’t fucking Tony Stark, like he hadn’t been keeping it a secret Stark was here.

Sam went and sat next to him on the couch, glanced back to make sure the others were occupied, and murmured, “I haven’t said anything. But you can’t hide it forever.”

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stevenrogrs  asked:

Stucky + comforting one another after a nightmare? I'm always a sucker for those:')

GOD I’m a sucker for this too :) Sorry it took me a while to get to this one, but I loved writing this! I made this canon compatible just cause I really want Bucky out of cryo and getting the comfort and recovery he needs. Hope you enjoy! xoxoxo

There’s blood, so much blood. And God the smell of it, it’s like you wouldn’t believe. Sharp, like metal. It flows from a wound– his wound– her wound. Bucky can’t pinpoint exactly who and what, but he knows the blood on his hands isn’t his. It’s from the daughter of an ambassador that got in his way, it belongs to an engineer who was deemed a threat, it’s spilling from the headshot of a president, it’s flowing from the shoulder of the redheaded woman who speaks to him in Russian, that he thinks he once knew. And suddenly it’s from him. Steve. Steve. He’s blonde, and beautiful, and familiar, and his eyes– Bucky’s seen them, he knows them, but he feels his metal arm realign, and suddenly he’s on top of him– Steve– and bringing his hand down onto his beautiful face for the final blow– he knows this one will kill. He shouts, he screams, he begs, but they make him, they make him bring his fist down and then it’s done, and he– Steve– is gone and he is left gripping the body but they drag him away they take the body they take the memory they take–

Bucky wakes with a start, and his panicked shout bounces off the walls of his room. It’s the middle of the night and he is alone.

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anonymous asked:

so during the stream someone asked chilled "when are you going to make out w/ ze" and he said something along the lines "when we get drunk enough". so what if they did get really wasted and ended up making out, and then one of them had a vivid memory of it while the other doesn't remember one bit?

so this was a fun one

- - -

“Ze, dude, buddy, Steven,” Chilled slurred, trying to get his friend’s attention.

Steven, who had had a lot less to drink than Anthony, turned to look at him questioningly. “What’s up, Chilled?”

“I have an amazing idea, Stevie. Like, it’s such a good idea that I’m not even sure why we didn’t think about it before,” he said, eyes wide.

“How drunk are you?” Ze asked, amused, and Chilled waved him off.

“Not important. But yeah, the idea.” Anthony grabbed Steven’s shoulders, looking at him seriously. “We should totally make out.”


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Preference #9 - Nina by Ed Sheeran
This preference is based off of Nina by Ed Sheeran

A S H T O N (HIS P.O.V.)

Sometimes I wonder / In any other summer could you have been my part time lover / To me listening to Stevie Wonder / Under the covers where we used to lay / And Re: Stacks is what the speakers play / I’d be on tour almost every day / When I was home up in my flat is where we used to stay

Being home from tour was fine. Great, even. Until I started seeing things that reminded me of her every time I turned a goddamn corner. This morning when I woke up, I did everything I could to blur the memories of me and her waking up in the same bed, the same broken sunlight streaming through the blinds. I tried to forget the way she’d lazily roll over, the sunlight making her hair shimmer and adding to her overall angelic appearance, and start the music playing from her phone, and we’d just lie there and listen. When I put my phone on shuffle in the car and that Stevie Wonder song played, I had to stop it after the first five seconds to avoid whatever emotion I was feeling. I tried to forget the way we never put a label on our relationship, and the look she had on her face when I hugged her the last time at the airport before leaving for tour. We’d stopped talking everyday after a while, until eventually we didn’t talk at all. I wondered if she knew I was home. I wondered if I should call her. I wondered if she missed me and if she struggled with the memories the way I did. I didn’t even know if I was allowed to feel these things — after all, we were never really together, were we?

C A L U M (HIS P.O.V.)

Oh Nina / You should go Nina / ‘Cause I ain’t never coming home / Nina oh, won’t you leave me now / And I’ve been living on the road Nina / But then again you should know Nina / ‘Cause that’s you and me both / Nina oh, won’t you leave me now / Now

“Won’t it be nice when you come home, for good?” Y/N asks dreamily from her end of the phone call. “Yeah,” I agree halfheartedly, swallowing the guilt and dread that had begun to form in my stomach each time we went through one of these phone calls. “God I miss you,” she sighed. “Miss you too,” I said truthfully. I did miss her. I just didn’t know how to tell her we’d scheduled another tour, and I wouldn’t really be home for good for quite a while. She was better off without me, better off without constantly missing me — but I couldn’t bring myself to leave her. She’d have to do that on her own. Eventually, Y/N would realize that I spend far too much time on the road to be good for her, and she’d leave. And it would hurt, but I’d let her. The sooner she realized it, the less hurt she would be. As I told her I loved her and hung up the phone, I painfully wished she’d just leave me now and spare herself the tears.

L U K E (HIS P.O.V.)

And every weekend in the winter / You’d be wearing my hoodie / With draw strings pulled tight / To keep your face from the cold / Taking day trips to the local / Where we’d eat on our own / ‘Cause every day when I was away / We’d only speak on the phone

“Its. So. Cold.” I remember her hissing out, her voice muffled from my hoodie that she had pulled tight around her face and creating puffs of smoke in the cold December afternoon air. “Stop being a pussy,” I joked, laughing at how ridiculous she looked in the hoodie that swallowed her small frame, only her eyes and nose visible. She groaned quietly as I continued pulling her down the deserted London streets, towards the nearest cafe to get out of the cold. “You know there’s a reason we’re the only two out right now, right Luke?” she sourly questioned, struggling to keep up with my long strides. “Because we’re adventurous and don’t mind a little cold?” I guessed, raising my eyebrows as her. “No, because it’s 20 fucking degrees outside and there’s half a foot of snow on the ground, and you’re a dumbass who I somehow decided I was in love with and followed to London,” she whined, using her both her hands to grab onto one of mine and try to keep up. “Aw, Y/N, love you too,” I kept up my positive attitude, finding it strangely adorable the way she rolled her eyes in disgust. I knew she hated the cold, but I was determined to get to a cafe. After, we hadn’t come all this way for nothing. I finally saw a glimpse of the familiar cafe and reached my hand out to open the door when I saw a sign clearly marked ‘CLOSED.’ “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Y/N began, before I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers. “Guess we’re gonna have to find another way to keep warm,” I had mumbled, her lips complying with mine. Now, I fell out of the distant memory and looked at the snowflakes falling outside my hotel window, and then the phone in my hand. My thumb hovered over her contact info before I decided against it and locked my phone. No. She wouldn’t want to talk to me now. That day in the cold was far away.

M I C H A E L (HIS P.O.V.)

You call me selfish, I understand / But I can’t help it / I put my job over everything / Except my family and friends / But you’ll be in between forever / So I guess we’ll have to take a step back

"Ugh!” she let out angrily as she grabbed a fistful of my shirt. “Why did you wait to tell me you were leaving for five months until the day before you leave?!” she weakly pushed me back away from her. “Y/N…” I trailed off, trying to grab her hands in mine. “No! No, Michael,” she looked up at me, her eyes impassioned and conflicted. “You know what you are? Selfish! Fucking selfish! I’ve known you since we were, what, five? I should’ve fucking known you’d do this to me,” she jabbed her finger into my chest as angry tears streamed out of her eyes. “I know,” I start. “I can’t help it,” I try to explain. “What do you even think we are, Michael? What am I to you? Am I your girlfriend? Your best friend? Someone you’re willing to leave behind without any warning? Explain, please,” she finally lets go of my now crumpled shirt and takes a step back, sniffling and wiping her face with the back of her hand. “I guess…I guess we just need to take a step back while I’m away. This tour, this is what I need to focus on right now, Y/N, I’m so sorry,” I say as a pang hits my heart. She looks up at me and weakly chuckles, shaking her head slightly. “Bye, Michael,” she holds my gaze until she reaches the door, then walks out and to my surprise closes the door silently behind her.

A/N: I’M SO SORRY THIS IS AWFUL BUT IT MADE ME EMOTIONAL. I may or may not have cried for all four. Also got carried away with Luke’s like usual soz Luke girls. Anyways, please tell me what you thought, reblog it, and send me a request! Love you!