i hate everything atm : )

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So uh, this is less of a question more a thankyou? I'm really and I mean, really low atm. I'm considering really stupid things and I hate everything I do, my art, my everything. I just sort of stumbled across another video of yours and it's keeping me distracted. You are amazing for just making videos I can't really explain it. But thankyou.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being you. :) love you! 💜💜

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hi hello was wondering wdyt of other youtubers like who do you watch besides dnp? also ily hope you're good

it changes a lot but the people i watch the most atm are i hate everything, macdoesit, philip defranco, jenna marbles, jimmy0010, jar media, yourmoviesucks, duncan/pdrさん and rose & rosie……i think that’s it? probably not. i’m very forgetful

Today has been a stupid day..

First my plans get canceled..and now theres no bread for my nutella or milk for my cereal..im leaving this house and going to subway.

edit: NEVERMIND today is Christmas..everything in the world is closed uggghguhgughgughsdkjdsjkdsfkjfdskjds