i hate everything about u ugh

You know that feeling...

When someone hurts your feelings, and you’re really upset about it and at them and everything, but u know ur gonna forgive them and u know you can’t let it bother you forever so it just makes you even more annoyed and so you wanna be mad about it for even longer?

Ughhhhh jsh;&6uwöpå&);@gsh I hate feeling like this!!!!!

anonymous asked:

i voted for ur url!!!! can i ask u to name 5 things that u like about ur crush?

smh first I get asked to post a selfie and now this……why do you all want to see me Suffer like this am i allowed to pretend that i hate everything about my crush or nah

okayyyyy ugh I’m gonna try not to be Too gay 

1. her eyes

2. the way she gets flustered and excited when she talks about her fave anything like it’s adorableeeee

3. the way that somehow she just Gets me and can see through all of my bs while also teasing me and making fun of me like jsykfjslghlaejajdalk

4. those really cute moments which i can’t repeat because I’m terrified that she’d find this

5. how she makes me feel safe and okay :)

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