i hate everything about u ugh

You know that feeling...

When someone hurts your feelings, and you’re really upset about it and at them and everything, but u know ur gonna forgive them and u know you can’t let it bother you forever so it just makes you even more annoyed and so you wanna be mad about it for even longer?

Ughhhhh jsh;&6uwöpå&);@gsh I hate feeling like this!!!!!

i was on the phone with my grandpa today and we were talkin politics and at one point i made up some bullshit negative thing about president obama and my grandpa was like “i KNOw! can u believe he dID that!” and then five minutes later i gave a very real statistic about hate crime rising after brexit and my grandpa was like “well u can’t believe everything u hear on the news, u gotta check your sources” 

i love republicans