i hate everything about u ugh

If you wish it...there’s some chance that it will happen

170318 Exordium Malaysia

Those shirts remind me of the pastel video Dan and Phil did XD ahhhh I’m such trashhhhhhh

They were really goofy~

GIF VERSION. We have a Baekhyun strolling along like it’s nobody’s business but then…

BOOM COLLSISION THEN KICK. ahhhhhhhh, Chanyeol, we could take you away for abuse

Ehehe, I love it when they play fight~ I think it’s the cutest thing ^^ so happen

*cough* height difference. That’s one good thing about shipping some pair with height difference XD there’s always something to spazz about

Oh yeah look at that tongue *insert lenny face here* (I’m so sorry XD)

Mhmm mhmm I don’t blame you for staring Park Chanyeol, that’s quite a work of art in front of you XD (ugh I hate myself)


Aww they look so happy ;3 they glad to be back together after being apart so long ;u; (i missed them)

Okay why in the fuck is Mon Ew even in Supergirl??? So many things from this season have disappointed me so much. But he’s a definite #1. As well as the forced relationship the writers are trying to convey between Kara & him? 

Everything just feels so forced, he tried to guilt trip her when she didn’t return his feelings, he’s saving people to impress Kara, not because he really wants too, and he’s such a fuckboy!!! The fact that he tried to guilt trip her was already a HUGE red flag. That’s not cute, it’s fucking abuse. It’s manipulative and abusive. What the fuck are the writers doing??? YOU DON’T GLORIFY MANIPULATION AND ABUSE. 

What in the world are the Supergirl writers thinking pairing sweet, all things good in the world, puppy Kara Danvers with someone who didn’t even respect her until he realized he wanted to get into her pants??? It makes me F U R I O U S

Kara doesn’t even act like the season 1 Kara I fell in love with! What happened to the bubbly, positive personality we got to know? I understand character development and growth, but how does adding someone who doesn’t compliment Kara in any way at all, help her grow? Mon El is only bringing her down and I fucking hate it.  

The only good thing about season 2 is Lena Luthor & Sanvers but why does everything else suck? UGH IT MAKES ME FURIOUS WHY ARE THE WRITERS DESTROYING THE FOUNDATION THEY BUILT?!

okay listen, if u haven’t read/watched boku no hero academia yet…….please do!!!!!!!!! both the manga and the anime are so..good…there’s so many amazing characters and honestly? it’s my 2nd fav manga/anime now, right behind hxh….everything about this series is so lovable and the serious moments are bone chilling i just? i LOVE IT

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ive dated a libra before and i hate them too, they're always so back and forth and never tell me how they feel and idk your experience but it was a lot... ugh

exactly like u tell them how u feel and are open and honest about everything and they’re like i’m really tired goodnight like ?????(’,??????

You know that feeling...

When someone hurts your feelings, and you’re really upset about it and at them and everything, but u know ur gonna forgive them and u know you can’t let it bother you forever so it just makes you even more annoyed and so you wanna be mad about it for even longer?

Ughhhhh jsh;&6uwöpå&);@gsh I hate feeling like this!!!!!