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(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 3 + Tokuten

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Furukawa Makoto

T/N: commissioned!! ok to be honest this cd is such a Ride, like i hate it at first?? but then i like it?? and when the Good Engrish comes i hate it again?? and then there comes the parts in the cd when the plot finally uncovers and im like!! wow i love this cd, everything about this series makes sense now!! like bruh, im so conflicted, should i love it or hate it? the whole cd just makes me feel like:

I mean voice-wise he’s not my type since it’s so…daddy lmao but ngl this is one of the best-crafted smutty cd series, except for the fact that mc is always a rookie… like why. WHY would you send a NEWBIE…for an undercover operation…. against a highly dangerous man, to boot. chief suou what the heckie r u thinking!? lmao.

wait was that a spoiler?? ………

ok just…listen to the cd first then… i’ll…meet y’all at the end of the post.

(also, there are a lot of literature/history/medical/alcohol names references that i might have mistaken so feel free to correct me.)

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how can you still stan jackson after what he's done?

I think this question doesn’t even deserve an answer? Idk if you love Jackson and you are just simply asking me or you ask this out of hate. Doesn’t really matter anyway.
Everyone overreacted this whole Jackson thing and haters calmed down finally, not fully, but everything is better now than it was back then.
And how can I still stan him? Because he would never hurt anyone on purpose. He loves his fans, he loves people (every race, he said it clearly and you can also see it from the way he cares about people) and all the sweet and nice things he has done shouldn’t be forgotten about because of one mistake. I admit that he didn’t handle the situation well, but it doesn’t mean that he deserves dead threats and so much hate for it. Because this whole thing was blown up way too fucking much.
I have known GOT7 since debut, I have known Jackson since debut and some stupid people can’t make me change my mind about loving them and loving Jackson. Do you know why I think it’s stupid? Because Jackson is not the only one who had this hairstyle. Do you know how many people have this hairstyle all around the world? I live in Hungary, Europe and even young or elder people have this hairstyle. And it’s not because they want to mock black people. They probably know about black people’s history, but they would never think that they would get hate from black people because of it.
And Jackson didn’t think about it either, because well, he is a human and humans make mistakes, you know. And he had this hairstyle out of love, not out of hate.
It’s your choice if you don’t stan him anymore or never did, but Jackson is really a sweetheart and he deserves all the love that Ahgases can give him. For fighting so much to get there where he is right now and fighting so much to make those people happy who love him and who he loves so dearly.
Everyone makes mistakes, some of them make much worse mistakes, but everyone should be forgiven once, soon or later:it doesn’t matter. No one deserves death and this much hate; at least not for something like this.
Everyone has to calm down and think things over, before mindlessly sending hating and threatening messages to anyone who hurts them. That’s it.

The square plot twist was a freaking joke I’m laughing at right now.

But… there’s one thing Julie really didn’t understand.

The hate posts.

That horrible post about Thomas is hate in all it’s glory but pointing out that Noorhelm is toxic - isn’t.

That disgusting posts telling people to kill themselves that should be having Police involved aren’t equivalent to people pointing out that this season is everything but Sana and that not being fair.

The fact that Julie thinks it’s the same thing, because people are (rightfully) critisizing her work this season and pointing out her mistakes really upsets me and should be called out.

That’s why I’m writing it.

Skam was a great adventure untill it wasn’t.

I don’t know if you guys agree with me.

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You both could have been a lot more understanding of the circumstances each of you are going to that lead to your behaviour, you both overreacted and you owe each other apologies for hurting each other. One of you will have to be the bigger person and swallow their pride to reach out first.

Tim: They aren’t wrong. 

Mathias: I know, it’s just- I messed up. He probably hates me now and… I just need time, I guess. To figure everything out?

Tim: Alright, take it slow, Mat. 

Emil: They are right, Lukas.

Lukas: I’m not swallowing anything but cum, and I have no dick to suck anymore. I don’t have to do anything, because I don’t care about any of this. 

Emil: Lukas, you can’t- *sigh* Give him time to cool down, I guess. 

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I'm convince they all hate Derek or something// same same same and I mean they probably do! because we all know a show about pre-fire derek/the hale family would be infinitely more interesting then teen wolf has ever been, and the fact that no one was meant to like derek or empathize with him losing his entire family and see him as a villian was the most ridiculous oversight ever on jd's part. of course we empathize more with the guy who lost everything than the whiny teenager


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I'm genuinely upset. They cancel the get down, pitch and now still star crossed. I'm just so exhausted lmao. From fandom and their performative cry for diversity to the networks not even promoting the show as much as they should have. I hate everything.

same, im so depressed about this, like this legit ruined my summer, i was so happy when it aired because it exceeded my expectations and every episode made me love it even more, like the last time a show made me happy was in 2014 (aka s1 of ze flashe)

fandom and their fake woke asses should choke on every one of their cry for diversity. 

networks only use diversity to promote some shows and make them look good tbh, so abc not giving a fuck is normal (if this were a fall show or something, with a bit more white folks youd bet their asses they would be promoting it)

everything is problematic now no one’s allowed to do anything it is law

Hey! It’s Marga!

Soooooo, about me… um… I’m 19 years old, a pirate but above all a helms(wo)man and sword(WO)man.

I love: food, fashion, sea and adventure !


You can ask me everything !

( About the mun, I’m a 17 years old french girl. I hope my English isn’t that bad. Marga is my OC since 4 years. I always want her to interact with other ask blog. But I never managed to get started: language barrier. So Marga is my first ask blog. I hope everything will go well. LET’S GO ! ;) )

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8, 24, 28, 35, 36 🤓

thank you so so so much for asking! love ya <3

8. Favorite quote?

a Betty quote! 
“I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can’t I do this one thing for me?”

I relate to that one a lot.

24. Any unpopular opinions?

I hate b*ronica and j*rchie. even their friendships, if I’m honest with you. all fucking unhealthy as hell. I would write up long long posts about it to vent my bitterness but no one wants to read those, and I’d get slaughtered by shippers.

28. What are your thoughts on Polly?

she can be a little selfish and stupid sometimes, but I suppose her heart’s in the right place. just neutral, honestly.

35. Watch a movie with Jug at The Twilight or drink a milkshake with him at Pop’s?

easily drink a milkshake, but I think I’d need betty’s permission first ;)

36. Who’s the real DILF? 


likewise, mädchen amick (Alice Cooper) is the real milf, don’t even @ me

send me a riverdale ask! here’s the list.

Sometimes I change my mind about people, sometimes I change my mind about myself. Sometimes I like things I thought I’d hate and sometimes I grow to hate things I used to love. Sometimes I can’t make up my mind because I don’t like any of the options and sometimes it’s because I like all of them too much. No one has everything figured out and some people don’t have anything figured out, but that’s called living and it means we’re real.
African Americans leave Black Panther alone.

Aight, I’m tired of your shit and I’m gonna rant about it at 4am.

I’ve been waiting for Black Panther on the big screen for so long. He’s half the reason i saw civil war. He’s literally my favourite superhero, and easily one of the best characters marvel has at their disposal. I trust in the cast and crew of the movie, and the trailer has only proved that that trust is well placed.

But you. You fucking vitriolic hateful pieces of shit have to ruin everything. Black Panther is not a film for you to co-opt for your anti-white agenda. Fuck off. If you were trying this on a character that fit your demographic I’d be less annoyed, but that isn’t the case. Wakanda is a fictional AFRICAN country full of AFRICAN people. If anyone gets to claim the movie it’s Africans, but we’re not crazy enough to try and claim a movie for ourselves. And no, you’re not African. You haven’t been African ever in your lives. It’s not the greatest fucking thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean you get to put on your dashikis every weekend and spout your bullshit like you represent every black person on earth.


This is all a matter of opinion so don’t come for me, okay? Deal.

Aries 🔥♈️: hot headed af and don’t say that ur not!! admire that y'all have no prob speaking your mind. can be major sweeties at times though.

Taurus 🌎♉️: fierce as hell and you can never tell them anything cause they’re always right. OVERDRAMATIC!!! lowkey crybabies 😂 their love is pure af

Gemini 🌬♊️: LEAVE THEM ALONE. I’ve never met one I haven’t liked. Emotional and overdramatic but loveable and smart af. They peep everything so they’re mad cautious. Forgiving/understanding as hell but they remember every word. always thinking. best 2 for 1 deal 👌🏼

Cancer 💧♋️: ANGELS. Idk why the sudden slander?? they love with their whole being but also will not tolerate being fucked with. smart as hell. and funny af. Smiles/laughs a lot. Their skin is so clear cos they cry about everything.

Leo 🔥♌️: ooze self confidence even tho lowkey you’re insecure. NO CHILL. Honest af. Will hype anybody/anything but mainly themselves. Much love for this sign 💓

Virgo 🌎♍️: it’s 50/50 w y'all, I either love you or hate you. OVERANALYZE IS UR MIDDLE NAME. Big time lovers. Some are sweet as hell too. Always look out for themselves.

Libra 🌬♎️: I LOVE ALL OF U. Honestly one of the most real and honest signs. Best friends to have. Personalities are 🔥 All around dope sign ❤️ Probably the most woke after Aquarius’ ✊🏽✨

Sagittarius 🔥♐️: BORDERLINE CRAZY. ALL OF U. Your chill setting is at a -5. Work ethic is bomb af. Second to Leos on being in love w themselves🙄

Scorpio 💧♏️: the definition of “do no harm but take no shit”. Sarcastic as FUCK but has that soft ass side they show 2% of the population. Will literally murder somebody who hurts or fucks with someone they care about. Loyal as hell. On the low sensitive lil babies.

Capricorn 🌎♑️: Idk many so I can’t rly talk about y'all like that but the one I do know is chill. Likes to play cold/emotionless until they know you. Will do anything for those they care about. Witty.

Aquarius 🌬♒️: lemme not be a basic bitch and say we’re the best but…I mean🤷🏼‍♀️ for the most part cool, annoying at times cos we think we know everything. hates the majority, loves few. Solid ass friend. The stereotype about us loving aliens/always being high is 100% true

Pisces 💧♓️: I CANNOT STAND ANY OF YOU!!! (with one exception) BIGGEST whiners/crybabies!! Everything is your fault bc they’re soft af. BE GONE DEMONS.

Wolfgang & Sun

Originally posted by sensatessource

  • They don’t say much, but they FIGHT for their loved ones
  • They don’t show emotions, but they PROTECT their loved ones
  • They’ll kill for survival, but they’ll DIE for their loved ones
  • They don’t smile much, but when they do, it comes from PURE happiness
  • I was SO HAPPY to see so much interactions between Sun and Wolfgang happened in this season – I loved this pair since Christmas special when they had this whole “if you need help” “I’m fine. If you need some air” “I’m good” then * both smirk * scene
  • There are so many things Sun and Wolfgang share in common
  • Both are the quiet ones in the cluster; they are badasses; and THEY DESERVE PEACE & HAPPINESS – and LOVE!
  • They might be strong on the outside, but they have soft heart inside; and that sometimes make these two people blame themselves for what they’ve done
  • Their mothers loved them; their fathers…one was abusive and the other was ignorant; and their other family members (like Steiner and Joong Ki) just couldn’t leave them in peace
  • One thing they don’t share in common, other than their fighting style, is that when Sun needs help, she asks for help. Whereas Wolfgang would NEVER, EVER ask for help – even when he’s being captured and tortured by Whispers
  • I really hope that in the end, both Sun and Wolfgang find their own peace (except rest-in-peace bullshit, I won’t allow it)

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers!)

2x02 Who Am I?

Originally posted by warinfinities

– I like that when they’re visiting each other, neither of them says ‘hi’ or ‘what’s up?’ Instead they just simply have a short eye contact and that’s it. The zoo scene sums up Sun and Wolfgang’s relationship. And we love this quiet-yet-we-know-each-other-by-just-looking-at-one’s-eyes. PERFECTION

– Not just from this scene, but most conversations between Sun and Wolfgang are short, very straightforward & concise…and that’s what makes their dynamic so real and sincere because we know both characters share a deep connection through their unspoken pain

2x03 Obligate Mutualisms


– OK, I love Sun just the way she is. But I absolutely love her when she embodies Wolfang. Two words; and her level of being badass just exploded there. Hats off to Doona’s perfect portrayal of Wolfgang/Max

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate


– In graveyard scene, everyone from the cluster talks to her from their heart…from their experience. What differentiates Wolfgang from rest of them is he’s the only one who says ‘the world would be better without’ people like Joong Ki and Wolfgang’s father. Revenge is a double-edged sword. It’s bittersweet. And Wolfgang has already had a taste of revenge..several times. However, I don’t think sweetness of revenge or his skepticism about justice are entire reasons why he says it. I think it’s because deep down he knows Sun is stronger than she thinks; strong enough to not only make Joong Ki pay for her father’s death but also take in the bitterness of revenge

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet (1)


– YES! YES! YES! A thousand times YES! THAT SMIRK IS EVERYTHING! I don’t we need more explanation to this, at all * drops mic *

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet (2)


– OMG. Did they literally finish each other’s sentence? OH YES THEY DID! * drops mic, again *

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate & 2x09 What Family Actually Means



– This is not an interaction between them, but I really wanted to go over this little parallel scenes. Another thing I love about Sun and Wolfgang is they don’t use their strengths to bully someone or to just show off. They use them to protect their loved ones when they are treated like shit by shitty people not nicely

2x11 You Want A War?


– I know I didn’t include “I would” in Gala scene. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it; it’s just kinda goes along with what I’ve written in graveyard scene. I didn’t want to be redundant. But yeah, I liked that scene too: Wolfgang in gangsta mode walking by Sun’s side while others are trying to stop her XD

– But back to the point, I personally like this scene more simply because I love when Wolfgang shows his gentle and caring side of him towards his cluster. Like when he cared for Will [x]. Also, we don’t really get to see Sun being afraid a lot (I mean of course, she’s a warrior), so it was kinda good to see her being weak and vulnerable for a moment but then quickly regaining her calmness after her cluster reassures she’s going to be fine. It shows how much Sun trusts her cluster; and how much her cluster cares for her (PLATONIC LOVE RIGHT HERE PEOPLE!)

I would say most interactions between Wolfgang and Sun happened during ‘sharing’ – resulting great action sequences, which also proves (again) that these two are not talkers; they’re fighters. Maybe that’s why they make an awesome pair!

Dear Ex-Best Friend,
So I’m writing this currently and there’s so much I could say but I don’t know how to say any of it. Are you hurting, are you affected by this at all? I’m not trying to come off as an ass but I genuinely want to know are you hurting. I mean when the final decision was made I cried on and off for 2 hours. And currently, I’m still not fully over it. I don’t think I ever will be. I know they’ll be days when I see you at school or on the bus and my heart will just hurt because it’ll make me think of what we used to have and it’ll want that again. I hate the fact that I lost you, my best friend. The memories we shared are ones I’m never going to forget. They’ll always be in the back of my mind and every now and then they’ll come back and show me the amazing life I had with you. You were there for me through pretty much everything whether the problem is big or small. You made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I didn’t have to feel weird about things. You were also my support and backbone through everything, whether the situation is stupid or serious. You were always there and now not having you here a piece of me is missing. When you left I literally felt my heart just break and then I felt empty, but now I don’t know what I feel. I just feel nothing I guess. I wanted you to be the friend that when my kids asked “Mom who is your best friend?”, I could say you. I wanted us to be the 2 old crazy ladies in the nursing home dancing to One Direction. I wanted you to be the one to help me plan my wedding and my baby shower(s). I wished and wished that we could be those friends that their bond lasts forever, but it was only just a wish. Eventually, I’ll move on but I’ll never forget you, and I hope you’ll never forget me. I still look at your page and from an outside point of view it looks like you don’t care, but I don’t really know that. I hope I don’t look stupid for crying all that time and just wishing it was a dream that I could wake up from. I hope that I’m not the only one who now has a piece of their heart missing that’ll never be found. I hope one day along the road possibly we can bump into each other and automatically connect like nothing ever bad happened. I’m probably hoping for something that’s never going to happen but hey, a girl can only hope. I guess this is goodbye. I don’t want it to be but it has to. Well, bye I guess and I hope you have a good life.

Your ex best friend

that one scene is dear Evan Hansen where we all cry,,


I’m not doing this, I’m done

You can’t just stop now

There’s no way I can live with this anymore

What about my parents?

No more emails

How can you do this to them?

No more Connor project, no more orchard

After everything they’ve done for you…they need you.

need me for what, for me to keep lying to them?

That lie’s is the only thing that is keeping them together

That’s not- that’s not true.

Oh really? So they seemed like a pretty happy family when you met them?

I don’t wanna lie anymore!

What about Zoe?

Zoe said she just- she wants me.


Yes, yes- she likes me for who I am-

Except you didn’t happen to mention that everything you’ve told her, it’s all been one big fucking lie, did you? No you left that part out.

So then what.. Um.. What if I did her the truth.

She’ll hate you.

No, no, no- maybe she’d understand- Maybe everyone will understand.

Everyone will hate you

Not if I could just-not if I could just explain it

You’ll be right back to where you started

No. No, no, no, I’m done with this. stop

With no more friends, nobody, nothing. At all.

I’m ready to be done with it!

If you really believe that then why are you standing here talking to yourself? Again. You think you’re going to turn around, all of a sudden and start telling everyone the truth. You can’t even tell yourself the truth.

What are you talking about?

How’d you break your arm? How’d you break your arm, Evan?

I fell.

Really is that what happened?

Yes! I was just- I lost my grip and then I just.. I fell so..

Did you fall? Or did you let go? …you can get rid of me whenever you want. You can get rid of all of it; the Connor project, the orchard. But then all that you’re going to be left with…Is you. End of May or early June, this picture perfect afternoon we shared. Drive the winding country rode, grab a scoop at alamode and then, we’re there.