i hate everything about that sentence

Sentence Starters: Anger!

“What the hell is your problem?!” 

“Leave me alone! Just get out!” 

“I don’t care that you’re sorry.” 

“Sorry doesn’t just fix everything!” 

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?!” 

“I’m done trying to help you!” 

“All you care about is yourself!” 

“I hate you. I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.” 

“You’re a disaster.” 

“Fuck you! I’m not going to be your little underling anymore!” 

“You’re the worst type of person, you know that?” 

“I couldn’t care less about your problems right now!” 

“I don’t want to see you ever again!” 

“You don’t even care, do you?!” 

“You’re pathetic.” 

“Don’t come back!” 

“I hope someday you get a taste of your own medicine.” 

“I don’t care if it kills you this time.” 

Things I Hate

1. Being paged with a number. Just a number. Fuck you. Unless someone is crashing, you can type out a fucking sentence so I can appropriately triage shit.

2. People who cover up their smoking habit with insane amounts of perfume.

3. Being hammer paged about stupid shit that doesn’t relate to my ability to keep a patient alive overnight. FUCKING EYE DROPS ARE NOT NECESSITY THAT REQUIRES MULTIPLE PAGES FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

4. Using vital signs in lieu of common sense. IF SHE’S WALKY TALKY HER BP IS NOT 60s/40s.

5. Everything.










Scorpio: you want Libra’s ex?






Pisces: yes. *types up curse words and types really weird sentences about the people they hate* ehehehehehehhe



Virgo: yeah?

Gemini:……what’s an office….or a business……or company……..?

Everyone: *facepalm*


Gemini: isn’t that prison?

Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces and Cancer: NOPE




Pisces: *intensifies keyboard clacking*

*Libra hands the phone to Aquarius, and Leo is ready*


Libra: RIGHT *turns it off*

Aquarius: *grabs Virgo’s phone*

Virgo: HEY

Aries and Scorpio: *glare*

Virgo: wHAT?


Person: Hello?

Aquarius: *falsetto voice* Hi, we’re Bahamian Company. We sign people up for a trip to the Bahamas. Are you interested?

Person: HELL YEAH!

Aquarius: Watch it dumbass.

Person: What?

Capricorn: *hissing* shHHHH

Aquarius: *nods* I meant, give me your email, please.

Person: *gives*

Leo: *signs them up for stuff*

Aquarius: *whisper* should I cut it?

Libra: *nodding*

Aquarius: *real voice* by the way, gET FUKTED

Person: wHA-

*call ends*

*Aquarius drops phone*

Aquarius: fear me.

Leo: yES. But guys….where’s Sagittarius?

Sagittarius: i am here.

*everyone looks at the ceiling*


Sagittarius: Aquarius said they got high yesterday with Pisces and they were all wandering around, but I don’t get it.

*everyone gasps and looks at Pisces*


Aquarius: hehehehe it was good

Pisces: hehehee yes

Aquarius and Pisces: it was really good heh

Sagittarius: oKAY BUT please help me down.

*doorbell rings*

*Libra opens*

Libra: gET OUT 

Person: nO



Aquarius: Oh, come in! :))))))))))))))))))))

*everyone glares*

*Aquarius leads them under Sagittarius*

Aquarius: Would you like to be really close to a person?

Person: ye s

Sagittarius: oh yeah, baby.

*person looks up and then Sagittarius falls on their face*

Aquarius: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) gET FUKTED

Gemini: I have an ex.

Leo: whERE

Gemini: they’re next door. Sagittarius, get up on the ceiling again

Sagittarius: eheheheheheheh

Scorpio: I’ll get the rope.


Everyone: torture to extreme.

Gemini: HI!

Person2: you dtf

Gemini: Come in!

Scorpio: HI THERE BITCH *tackle*

Cancer: HAHHAHAHAH *ropes them*

Aries: *recording the moment and Cancer shows the videos*

Person2: NOOOOO

Taurus: you got money?



Aries: eehehehhee

Taurus: *takes money* $40? wow. I could make more


Leo: *takes the hat*  At least this is good material. 

Scorpio and Cancer: *drags ex under Sagittarius*

Aquarius and Gemini: gET FUKTED

Sagittarius: HAHAHHA

Person2: nO

*Sagittarius falls onto person*

*Aries, Aquarius, and Pisces drag the exes out of the house*

Virgo: so um, I have an ex….


Sagittarius: ON IT

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio: We’ll get the rope

Taurus and Capricorn: We got the tape

Libra: I have the pepper spray.

Leo: Gimme the number

Virgo: *sigh* you know what? HERE’S THE NUMBER….

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Sweet nothings sentence starters

  • “You’re a masterpiece.”
  • “I could just eat you up.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Just let me look at you.”
  • “Do you realize how perfect you are?”
  • “You deserve to be treated like a prince.”
  • “I love everything about you.”
  • “You are my world.”
  • “Do you believe me when I say you’re beautiful?”
  • “I love these lips.”
  • “I could stare at you all day and never get tired of it.”
  • “You are my everything.”
  • “You’re an angel.”
  • “You’re mine.”
  • “Tell me I’m yours.”
  • “Let me make you feel good.”
  • “I want you so bad.”
  • “How bad do you want me?”
  • “Come here, little one, don’t be shy.”
Christmas Sentence Starters

From the movie Gremlins

“Now I have another reason to hate Christmas.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The worst thing that ever happened to me was on Christmas. Oh, God. It was so horrible.”
“Everything was falling apart.”
“And that’s how I found out there was no Santa Claus.”
“Look Mister, there are some rules that you’ve got to follow.”
“Yeah, what kind of rules?”
“The most important rule, the rule you can never forget, never feed him after midnight.”
“Well, that’s the story…”
“Turn on all the lights, check all the closets and cupboards, look under all the beds, ‘cause you never can tell there just might be a gremlin in your house.”
“I warned you. But you didn’t listen.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it…”
“You do not understand.”
“You are not ready.”
“Let me drive.”
“That’s cause I’m the sheriff, asshole.”
“No, you’re drunk.”
“To understand, one has only to listen.”
“I want your dog.”
“What could you do?”
“I’ll catch the beast myself.”
“what are you trying to tell me?”
“The bank and I have the same purpose in life - to make money.”
“It’s Christmas!”
“Well, now you know what to ask Santa for, don’t you?”
“Get Out Of My Kitchen!”
“What are they?”
“I give up.”
“Well, a merry Christmas to you too.”
“Fantastic ideas for a Fantastic World, I make the illogical logical.”
“It’s the creatures!”
“The creatures are making it look like an accident!”
“It’s great. You’re doing fine.”
“You say you hate Washington’s Birthday or Thanksgiving and nobody cares, but you say you hate Christmas and people treat you like you’re a leper.”
“Perhaps some day, you will be ready.”
“This question is totally without meaning.”
“Look, I’ve got to have it.”
“It’s a present for ___, for Christmas.” “
"It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’ve been everywhere.”
“I’ll give you $200 for it.”
“That’s pretty neat. What does this button do?”
“No, don’t touch it!”
“No, I’m really sorry.”
“It’s not your fault. I was going to get to that. I’ll fix it tomorrow.”
“Look, I know it sounds crazy. I know it does…”
“Sit by the fire and open your Christmas presents okay?”
“I want you to know I am truly sorry for all this.”
“I want to offer you this…”
“Little monsters?”

Left 4 Dead {Sentence Starters}
  • "You do that again, and I will bury you alive."
  • "Zombies are real! I knew the movies were true!"
  • "Your latest issue of 'Hating Everything' magazine is here."
  • "If it's not one of us, shoot it."
  • "I dunno about you, but I'm killing these things."
  • "This used to be a nice neighborhood!"
  • "Wanna hear a prediction?"
  • "We made it! I can't believe we made it!"
  • "Gonna beat me a zombie to death with a nightstick!"
  • "I. Am. Bad. I am bad! Yes I am! Whoo!"
  • "If we get out of this alive, I'm gonna frickin' kill that guy!"
  • "Let's not throw a party 'til we're out of the city."
  • "I'm in the middle of nowhere."
  • "I hate hospitals. And doctors and lawyers and cops-."
  • "Hey, watch out for that steam pipe."
  • "Your voice is all muffled from your head being so damn far up your ass!"
  • "You know what I don't hate? I don't hate vests."
  • "Oh man, I changed my mind! I do NOT wanna get married!"
  • "Why would you think shooting me is a good idea?"
  • "Whatever you do, don't take off your shoes."
  • "Okay, that better have been an accident!"

anonymous asked:

it makes really suck being a terrorist, you know you should just repent to become a christian. you won't burn in hell for all those you've killed bitch.

 i wasn’t going to respond to this but i just wanted to clear things up for you since you decided to basically SPAM  me with various messages about this subject.  the first & foremost,  i’m taking everything you say with a dear grain of salt, as your sentence structure   and  use of the word  “terrorist”  shows me what i need to know about you.   second,  if you truly think that all muslims are terrorists, there was no need to send me messages on the subject or try to JUSTIFY what you are saying.  there are SO many wonderful examples of muslims in the world today,  and the acts of a few  RADICALS will never define my religion.   as for burning in hell,    you clearly needed to state that to me in your other anonymous messages so all i can say is,  i frankly do not care what you think of where i’ll be going.  my religion is of PEACE   &  i don’t have to belittle other people because of it. 

How To Make Studying Japanese Grammar Fun

I know, I know, everyone hates grammar. English grammar, Spanish grammar, Swahili grammar. It doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to learn the parts of speech and diagram a sentence. It is pretty boring. It’s like a dark cloud of lethargy and non-motivation (is that a word?).

But if you think about it, if you get it all over with and practice by doing, then everything will become fun again! Yay!! *queue that annoying children-saying-hooray sound effect*

So here’s some ways to make it fun:

  1. Set small goals. It sounds stupid, but it’s a lot more motivating to learn something when you’re learning towards a goal. For instance, “how can I use two verbs in one sentence?” may be a question you have. To answer it, you have to learn, but apply that knowledge towards something you really want to say! Anything, philosophical quotes, a facebook status you made, use the knowledge to translate it all on your own! 
  2. Learn the vocabulary you want to learn to use with the grammar. Don’t use something stupid like “foot” if you don’t want to. Heck, even learn some slang words….like hella.
  3. even though you have to practice, don’t practice the same thing every time. That gets boring. Keep finding ways you can use the new knowledge to say something you’ve never been able to say before.
  4. Most importantly, use the things you learn. On real people. Part of the motivation is that if you say something wrong, you’re going to be embarrassed, so you should learn the correct grammar so you feel confident in a conversation. Otherwise, you won’t have a reason to do anything. And why learn a language if you’re not going to talk to people?
    (I have a bunch of links on my blog to good places to do this btw)
  5. ………and nobody ever said food wasn’t a good motivation, right?
So Autism Awareness Month is Coming Up...

As someone on the Autism Spectrum my relationship to this month was conflicting for awhile. In high school, I saw myself as someone who rose above everything and somehow could blend into society. I assumed everyone on the spectrum was the same as me and there were no exceptions, but as I have grown up and a few stressful moments later I realize Autism isn’t something you can generalize with one or two sentences. Everyone on the spectrum has their own talents, struggles, and severity of this disorder. 

As I scroll through my Facebook I keep seeing the same post about how Autism Speaks is a hate group, we need to accept people with Autism and we don’t need awareness, and MOST IMPORTANTLY that people on the Autism Spectrum should have a voice. 

Well if that is the case, it’s time that I step up here and let me give you a couple of things that I find wrong with this post. 

1) If you believe that there shouldn’t be a cure, or that we don’t need awareness on this issue, you are part of the problem. 

2) If you believe that we can base this disorder off of the voices of people in the Autism community, you most likely have only met people that are high functioning. 

3) I don’t believe I can emphasize this enough, AUTISM IS A SPECTRUM, there is no “one size fits all” description for it. While some can be just a little weird but crazy intelligent, there are people that still have to live with their parents because of how disconnected their brains are. Some are not even able to speak. I have spent so much time getting to know people with the same diagnosis and while some have been able to be successful, some have not. Some still can’t fluently speak. 

4) We need to talk to parents about how to handle this. Raising a child on the spectrum can be mentally taxing. For more severe cases, imagine you putting forth effort into a child that never seems to show love back to you because of how distant they are. Mental health is important and the more of us that go about talking self awareness rather than just “simply accepting” the child for who they are is impossible. Parents understanding this disorder is essential to their mental health, not to mention that their thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter. 

5) I cannot speak for what Autism Speaks has done because quite frankly it wasn’t much of an impact on my life, but to replace it with “Support Groups” isn’t the hard solution to this issue. Yes this helps the people who are high functioning and can speak, but what about more severe cases where people can’t speak out about what they’re feeling. 

6) There was a recent article I read about how women on the spectrum (such as myself) where the reason that a lot of women are a lot better at hiding their symptoms or it looks a lot like anxiety symptoms. This does not necessarily mean that doctors are biased or are after women, it’s just harder to detect than men. From my experience, women are diagnosed later in their life than men. There’s always a case where a doctor is a jerk and does these things, but it is a small population. 

I’m probably one of the few people that believe that there should be a good cure or treatment for Autism but let me explain why. I am not at all ashamed of my diagnosis and in my case I was blessed for it to provide so much benefit with my music HOWEVER not every case is exactly like mine. There are some people on the Autism Spectrum where their potential lives are stripped away because of their lack of communication skills and I guarantee it is not always the parent’s fault. In an Autistic brain, the pattern is that the brain is not balanced and have an intense focus of connections on certain portions of the brain, but lack these connections in another. Temple Grandin explains this really well. 

Now that I have expressed my concerns and problems with all of this, allow me to provide solutions.

1) Replace “Autism” with “Autism Spectrum,” they have recently changed the terminology where everywhere on the spectrum is now just referred to as “Autism,” for example my original diagnosis was PDD-NOS, but now it’s just straight Autism. Spectrum puts a lot more perspective into this. 

2) Realize that not every person on the spectrum can speak up, but that doesn’t mean that their situation matters any less. 

3) You need to learn what something is before you can accept it. 

4) Take a step into the shoes of the families who raise these children, parents need support too. 

5) Talk to more than just a few on the spectrum or visit facilities where there are more severe cases of Autism. 

This might be seen as highly controversial so let me give a message to fellow people on the spectrum with me. 

Your voice still matters, I don’t want any of this to be twisted into thinking it might be but I think what is going to help is us spreading what more severe cases can’t speak about. I recommend if you haven’t done so already, take time to analyze how you react to situations and why. Go so deep that you’re talking about possible triggers to the point you can explain yourself to a person who doesn’t experience what you do, write it down if you need to. Some of you might be mad at me, but please note I was in your shoes, but then I learned of people I was friends with years ago who didn’t get to go to college because of the severity of their Autism and as someone who thinks every person should have a fair share of their story I can’t just ignore their feelings even if they don’t necessarily apply to me. 

This is why I think of you.
I am cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down.
That taco place is still open; they painted it lime green.
It’s strange that the places we used to haunt are still alive when we have been dead for so long.
My mom went to the hospital today. EKG.
No sweating. Chewing aspirin.
This is why I think of you.
I remember you as you were: young, paper thin.
Like ice when it starts to thaw.
You were beautiful and broken, a perfect
Sentence without punctuation.
You drove your dad to the hospital.
Counted cracks in a ceiling in the waiting room.
I always hated waiting. Remember that?
They hooked my mom up to the EKG.
Everything’s fine. She’s so pretty tired.
I’m tired. Fuck that taco place, man,
And fuck the fact that I think about it always,
Like when I’m starving and craving lemonade
Or mini golf sundaes and seasalt waves,
And fuck the fact that I had a summer love
To compare to other loves, and this kind of love
Is the kind of love that makes you wonder why
People don’t stay when things make total sense
And why people don’t call back when all you
Want to do is say, “This is why I think of you.”
Because the sun set over the marina
Was sparkling red and orange
Like when I used to drive home from Wildwood,
And I stared at that goddamn bottle of Bayer
For decades until the sun went down
And I was in my kitchen, in the dark,
Thinking about how it felt to watch you
Wake up, fall asleep, laugh, walk, sigh,
Almost cry, never cry, roll your eyes,
Tell me sorry, take it back, fall asleep,
Wake up, find your clothes, disappear.

This is why I think of you:
Because the footprints we left behind
Are still here, where I can see them,
Even when our bodies have disappeared.

—  my mom went to the hospital and it reminded me of that one time with you, and I keep wondering why you visit me in dreams because I’m sure I’ve only made up the good times in my head, Jenn Carmen

“Don’t let anyone ruin your life”

You know that cheesy sentence of every romantic comedies: “love is about timing”. God I hate that sentence for being so true. 

We loved each others for six years. We still do. It was never the right time. First I loved him, but he loved my best friend. Then he loved me but i rejected him because I was stupid and too pride to accept him. He went away for his studies (he later confessed that it was to forget about me). He had a girlfriend (who really looks like me). 

This summer he came back, he invited me, i said yes without any ultimor motives, because he had a girlfriend. Then everything went fast. He confessed that he had never forget about me. He found out about my depression (my self-injuries just started to bleed all of the sudden when we were out), He went on a trip in Corsica paid by his parents for his 2 years anniversary with his girlfriend and left her (though I happen to be one of the reason he had other reasons). But they were going to move in together for a year, they are college students so they need to keep the apartement. She told him she wanted them to try again, on the condition to never speak to me. I understood her conditions so I accepted. He however did not stand a week. He came back. And six years after my first confession we had our first kiss, we finally touched each others. It was a dream.

But it’s over. He’s going away again. He has an serious illness (that could left him paralysed) , he feels guilty about his ex. He doesn’t want us to suffer, me to suffer. Although I insisted that I did not care, he wants me to forget abour him, to move on. “I want and I have always wanted you to live your life without waiting anyone”

It’s over, we said our goodbyes three days ago. He is leaving in two days. 

I’m all alone again. 


- ❛ I love you but you don’t know what you’re talking about.  ❜
- ❛ Can you french kiss? ❜
- ❛ Be advised, the two of you will never see each other again.  ❜
- ❛ You’re a traitor to our family.  ❜
- ❛ I’m sorry about this.  ❜
- ❛ You’re a fugitive.  ❜
- ❛ He likes you.  ❜
- ❛ How could I allow myself to do something so stupid?  ❜
- ❛ Women are more emotional.  ❜
- ❛ I hate you.  ❜
- ❛ You’re trying to hurt me.  ❜
- ❛ Why is everything so hard for you? ❜
- ❛ We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that? ❜
- ❛ You’re probably a much more intelligent person than I am. ❜
- ❛ Damn us. ❜
- ❛ He’s emotionally disturbed. ❜
- ❛ In other words, it’s over. ❜
- ❛ Get out of my chimney. ❜
- ❛ Which injuries are you apologizing for specifically? ❜  
- ❛ I hope the roof flies off and I get sucked up into space. ❜
- ❛ Stop feeling sorry for yourself. ❜
- ❛ Your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors. ❜

letter no.1 -


i worry constantly, even about the little things that are trivial and most likely mean nothing to most people but they mean everything to me and i hate that about myself

i word every sentence carefully, especially with you, for i worry that i shall sound too young for you and i want to share my thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams with you always always but i worry that my juvenile thoughts will annoy you and

i want to take risks because that is what love is, love is full of risk but that’s why it is so rewarding and wonderful and bright but i’m young and i’ve made mistakes that i regret and i’m afraid of revealing them

i worry that i’m too much too soon for almost everyone, i try to stay quiet and look away when i’m afraid or upset but i know it only makes me cry harder

i’ve learned that when hearts break they don’t shatter, they unravel piece by piece, and i know it hurts even more to stitch it back up because i have, time after time, and it’s been a year since i’ve felt the pain of heartbreak and i’m still not finished healing so be patient love, i’m going as fast as i can

i’ve been told i’m only honest in the dark and i find that i lie more than i should but i’m fixing and working and hurting and loving and trying and worrying and when i’m with you i tread on air and i’m free and it is so so lovely to be with a person who
understands what freedom should feel like

thank you for loving and accepting me and listening to music with me and laying in fields
while goats eat your clothes and smiling and laughing and holding my hand when you know i need it and being real and open and being so honest and lovely, you mean the world to me and my heart is open and healing and it is yours

xx m

—  m.r. (via ballaad and vodkoh)

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Modern au: history professor Bellamy & student Clarke!

I know I saw something v similar to this somewhere so I tried making it a lil different. Hope you like it!!

When he was in law school, Bellamy had seen teaching as a death sentence. “Those who can’t do, teach,” after all, and after all the studying and coursework and student loans, it felt like a waste to not become a lawyer. But after passing the Bar and starting at a small firm near where he grew up, it took him six months to start hating everything about his life.

As he walked up the front steps, he almost felt nostalgic, even if the building was on the other side of the country from the schools he’d attended. If he closed his eyes, he could almost pretend that he hadn’t wasted the last four years of his life. Almost.

He stepped into the lecture hall and made his way to the front as the students started trickling in. He felt his heart rate speed up a little as he saw how full the class was getting; he hadn’t expected an 8am class to be so popular, especially when there was another section of this class offered at a later time. He took a long gulp of his coffee and set his briefcase and travel mug down on the desk, before turning to the class with a wide smile on his face. “Good morning, class. I’m Professor Blake; let’s talk about Rome.”

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i hate that post thats like “the minions crucified jesus” because pontius pilate wasn’t the biggest villain in the world he was just a roman prefect working under titus, the roman emperor at the time, who would have qualified as the biggest villain except the whole point of jesus’s crucifixion was that pontius pilate didn’t really want him dead but he was soft under the people’s pressure to sentence jesus to death so it’s really the people who wanted him dead so the biggest villain would be? people who opposed to jesus i guess? peer pressure? i’m not looking to get into a theological argument i  don’t want to talk about religion i just went to church for 19 years against my will and i hate that i know this i hate that it’s bugging me enough to defend minions i hate everything

Alison & Mona’s History

I’m hoping they really go into Mona and Alison’s history with each other this season. I know Mona hates Ali and Ali hates Mona but the reason for the hatred doesn’t seem to add up. There is so much animosity between Ali and Mona that it has to be more than just bullying.

In season 5, episode titled “Bloody Hell”, why would “A/Charles” finish Ali’s sentence to say, “Mona told everything.” What was this message referring to?  Mona and Alison seem to know a lot about each other and their history is deeper than we know.

Harry runs with rainbow flags. Louis doesn’t flinch signing rainbow hearts. Liam and Louis regularly point out “You Make Me Strong” rainbows. Niall respectfully and carefully folds and sets aside a rainbow flag during a show. Niall encourages Ireland’s marriage equality passage on Instagram. Harry celebrates America’s marriage equality passage on Instagram and mentions it at a show. Louis beams like the sun whenever he sees rainbows.

And some of y’all still wanna tell me these boys hate the LGBTQ+ people in this fandom. Some of y’all still want me to believe those boys are ashamed of me as a gay fan. Some of y’all still want me to believe those boys are “uncomfortable” because I think two of them are dating. Some of y’all accuse ME of making “everything about Larry” when I literally can’t say three words in a sentence about my gay ass without y’all screaming about Larry. But go the fuck off I guess I really am the problematic one after all!