i hate every cop in this town


Eraser: Eraser is easily one of Ed’s best and most honest raps I think he’s put out there. YNMIDNY and Take It Back have more the undertones of not giving a fuck about what the industry thinks and staying a step ahead while being aware of the darkness to avoid. Eraser shows the side of Ed I feel he had been trying to hide from us. It’s honest about his struggles and alludes to cocaine, which is a terrifying drug (not that he needs to be told).  It seems to be an almost apology for the wrong turns he’s made throughout his career; to us, to his family and friends, and to himself. I think this song is the perfect reminder as to why Ed took his year long break to find himself and his happiness again and for that reason it is a perfect opener for this album. It forever warms my heart endlessly to know Ed trusts us with songs like this that are so brutally honest and full of his deepest emotions. I feel happy that he can open up and get these feelings out, but I hope he never feels like he needs to apologize to us for things like this. This is a reminder that celebrities are real people too, just like you and me. It can’t be easy to live under a microscope all the time. I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him. We are well aware he is not a perfect person and it is totally acceptable to make these mistakes and lose yourself because everyone does.

Castle on the Hill: I remember when Ed dropped this song and Shape of You at the same time, I was immediately drawn to this one despite the ABSOLUTE BOP that Shape of You is. It made me feel so nostalgic for a childhood that wasn’t even mine and that is an amazing talent that no other artist has ever really made me feel (besides when I was 4 and first heard ‘butterfly kisses’ with my dad). This song made me, for the first time in my entire existence, feel nostalgic for my home town, I remember being back on campus in the city and crying in my bed about home AND I WAS MISERABLE IN MY HOME TOWN. I have always heard that nostalgia is a dirty liar and they would be right. But I found that, even though I hated home, I felt a longingness to be there and was reminded of the little moments of drinking in corn field at my friends barn and running through fences when the neighbors called the cops, of driving down every country road around my house with my dog or best friend listening to music, of all the little memories Ed sang about. It gave me an over powering feeling of excitement for the future; to look back and feel happy and whole at my life as ed does. As I have said so many times, I feel blessed to be alive at the same time as an artist like Ed Sheeran. He trusts us with these personal feelings. Hearing this song reminded me a lot of the same sensation I got from watching the Photograph music video. I felt like he had let us into such a different point in his life, before fame and music and before we existed in the same world. Letting us into his childhood and pre-fame life is such a big deal and he has no obligation to tell us anything about his past. I’m lucky to love an artist that acts as our friend in telling us childhood stories and secrets.

Dive: This one if for sure in the top 3 best of this album. I love the beat and the whole idea of starting a relationship and being nervous on whether or not to trust them or to just dive in. I think this might be the most relatable and best song both lyrically and sound wise on this album. Also, I low key see this as an Ath*na drag… do with that what you will.

Shape of You: I’m very happy Ed released this song first because it’s catchy and attracted more people to the album and him in general. It’s a very different sound and at first listen, I thought it was the SING of divide and didn’t love it, though it is an absolute tune. As I listen to it more, the more I really hear the lyrics. I appreciate a big star like Ed writing a song about the female body without degrading it. Also, he is talking about the entire shape of the female body; any and all types. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders and body image issues, it actually made me tear up a bit when he talked about appreciating the female body because the media usually puts pressure on women to look a certain way that isn’t possible and I guess I just really love Ed’s appreciation of women in every sense that he does. Also, that music video actually killed me and is absolute perfection. *cough**cough* SHIRTLESS ED!!

Perfect: I knew this song would be my favorite on the album because Ed had told us that this song was about Cherry and you all know how hard I ship them. Lyrically this song is beautiful. I think it really shows a very happy and in love side of Ed that we didn’t really get in + or x and I love that he is happy now. It is the purest song I have ever heard and an amazing change of pace from all of Ed’s other love songs because it’s not so sad. Thank you Ed for sharing yet another extremely personal part and emotion in your life. Cherry is extremely lucky to have such a beautiful song written for her AND I BETTER BE INVITED TO THIS WEDDING.

Galway Girl: This song makes me want to take Irish dancing again like I did when I was 4 years old just so I have the proper dance moves for this tour. I really appreciate hearing Ed say “pretty little” and sing about Irish girls. I had heard that this song wasn’t approved by his label because I guess Irish folk music isn’t popular but bitch now it is. I appreciate that Ed has always felt he could stay true to himself and where he comes from in his music. He is always 100% honest and embodies his roots, even when it’s not “the popular” thing to do. He had always talked about how important it is for artists to break in America to make it big, so most artists gear their art towards the American audience; Ed, though, has always kept it diverse and different. He further emphasizes the importance of being yourself to be the most successful you can be. Without realizing it, Ed has influenced and inspired so many people, whether it be in pursuing a musical career or just going out and doing what you want regardless of what anyone says. What a guy, what a bop.

Happier: This one was such a tease because I was really expecting a happy song but instead I got my heart ripped out. I think this goes with New Man because it’s about moving on from someone. It’s very heartbreaking to see someone you loved be happier with someone else and learn to be okay with it because if you really loved them you’d be happy for them regardless on if it includes you. This is another + vibes song and a sad song, and I live for the sad songs.

New Man: This song is a great change in pace and it gets goofy but is also serious. This is part of The Holy TrinityTM: YNMIDNY, Take It Back, and now New Man. This is such a drag on the fuck boys and I appreciate it and the fact that, even big famous popstar Ed, isn’t a fuck boy. This song drags this New Man to the deepest pits of hell with a catchy beat and lyrics about bleached assholes. Clearly this song is the quality content we all expected on this album and this honestly has to be in my top 3 favorite tracks on this album.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: For whatever reason, I really thought this was going to be the next Take It Back. I thought it was going to be a rap but again I WAS WRONG. This is the only time I actually enjoy being wrong and I should just learn to expect it with Ed because he’s always doing some type of shit to surprise us. It ended up being one of the sweetest songs on the album. It really continues on from Perfect and it makes my heart feel so full when I think of how happy he is now. As a fan, I think our job is to support his career but also respect his personal life and encourage his happiness; even if that doesn’t include us. This song just fills my heart and warms me at the thought of the place someone must be in to write songs like this. I feel lucky to hear it and anyone who has been through heart break and come out the other side can relate to the complete feeling you find in someone that you know won’t do that to you again. Ed somehow has the talent to make me feel in love when I’m not and has the ability to articulate the sweetest and purest feelings through amazing lyrics and song.

What Do I Know: To be completely honest, this is my least favorite song on the album and the only one I don’t really like. Ed had said his favorite lyric was in this song (Love can change the world) but I personally find it generic. Whoops. I do like the beat and how he mentioned his father. This album has such a big emphasis on family and love, so lyrically it related to that. But yeah not my favorite so I gtg.

How Would You Feel (Paean): I love this song and I’m adding it to the second Holy TrinityTM on this album: Perfect, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, and How Would You Feel. These all truly embrace the happy and in love feeling of this album and of course I love any song about Cherry. The story behind this song actually makes me kind of laugh because Ed had only just reconnected with Cherry a week before writing this and he says he loves her. I actually really do love the sound of this song, though to be honest it’s not my favorite on the album or lyrically. I think I didn’t dismiss this song because of the back story of it. I think this song has a very + feel to it about being young and innocently in love and I really live for that. It’s a very soft and beautifully written insight to the very precious and personal time in their relationship.

Supermarket Flowers: OH GOD HERE COMES THE WATER WORKS. This song killed me just like I had expected. Ed has always been incredible at writing songs in honor of other people. I think this song killed me just as much as Afire Love did because I had just lost my great grandmother a week before this album was released. I felt an incredible connection to putting someone to rest and getting supermarket flowers to decorate their grave. It’s heartbreaking but also peaceful to know they are at rest. “you are an angel in the shape of my mom” killed me because I have never heard someone describe having an angel in such a beautiful way, as well as “heaven singing hallelujah you’re home” describing the peace that comes at knowing someone’s at rest. He wrote this song for his mother and played it at his grandmother’s funeral, which is so personal and beautiful.

Barcelona: Hearing Ed sing in Spanish was beautiful and amusing because I don’t think it was proper Spanish, but again I love the very worldly vibes that came with this album. I think this year off was both good for Ed’s mental health and his sound. It’s not only lyrically diverse but also sound and culture diverse and I love it. I feel like I’m traveling around the world listening to this album.

Bibi Be Ye Ye: I was especially excited for this song because I knew it was the song he wrote in Africa. This song truly embodies the theme of Divide and its diverse sounds. I remember when x came out and people were complaining that he “sold out” to pop and lost his sound, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was pleasantly surprised that Ed took such a big leap in sound and really changed his image and I loved it. He got to experiment and find himself in x and I think that gave way to his confidence to make Divide because he did so well last time with the diversity. I appreciate the he takes sounds from all over the world and represents other cultures while still respecting them and of course giving them credit. This is also such a BOP and the upbeat kind of song that it going to make everyone dance at his concerts.

Nancy Mulligan: This is an absolute BOP and the story behind it is amazing. It’s quite amazing that he wrote a song in the point of view of his grandfather, much like how I was blown away by Small Bump. The idea that he could embody the view point of a love story that happened years before he was born is quite amazing. One of the things I enjoyed most about this album was his focus on love and family and this song fuses them together with a very Irish sound. When this song title came up on the track list before the album was dropped, I was very curious to find out who this song was about because WHO IS NANCY? Ed being Ed didn’t fail to let us in on not only his very personal life but also his grandparents love story, which is quite an amazing tale. Like so many of Ed’s songs, I felt like I was almost invading someone personal space or listening in to a deep conversation that I was not part of. It is so personal and no matter how many times Ed is open and honest with us, I still get blown away; especially with this song in the fact that he references his grandmother in the point of view of his late grandfather. His story telling skills forever give me chills and take my breath away. I can only imagine what his grandmother must feel listening to this.

Save Myself: Jesus I was not ready for this song. It had so much pain in it and it kills me to know how greedy and selfish people are towards people who give and are the most selfless. It worries me a lot about Ed, but again I think this song compliments Eraser. He really needed the break from fame and especially his phone. I hope Ed learns to say no and to learn to be a little more selfish when it comes to giving people things, and I hope people who took and took from him learn to be more appreciative. I could say so much more about that, but I think I’ve rambled enough.


So, overall I think this is the best album Ed wrote and I love every song on it, which is a first! He was so open and honest with us about his family, emotions, love, pain, and loss. I appreciate Ed and all he gives us. Love you Ed, I wish you a long life xx

Yellow Fever - Part 3

Word Count: 3795

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, hallucinations

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“This is the Garland file.” Deputy Linus handed the folder to Sam while Dean and you stood back, leaning heavily on each other and swaying. “Are they…drunk?”

Sam looked back quickly and you smiled at him and he quickly turned back to Linus. “No.” Sam said firmly. “Deputy, according to this, Luther Garland’s cause of death was physical trauma. What does that mean?”

“The guy died 20 years ago, before my time.” Linus shrugged. “Sorry.”

“Then can we talk to the sheriff?” Sam asked.

“Um…he’s out sick today.” Linus lied.

“Well if you see him, will you have him call us?” Sam asked. “We’re staying at the Bluebird.” He grabbed the file and walked out the door without Dean or you, the two of you still standing there.

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NO MATTER WHO DID WHAT WRONG we know our girl is now going to be in for some tough times. We know Taylor’s punishment won’t fit the crime. It’s going to be thrown way out of proportion. She is going to cop it from every angle. I am cringing at the thought of all the hate Taylor is now going to face over ONE TWEET. One tweet that may have been slightly irrelevant (depending on how you look at it) but a relatively harmless tweet nonetheless. The media are going to go to town on Taylor. The haters are going to have a field day with this one. Don’t be one of them. Isn’t love about accepting someone with all their imperfections? We love Taylor, whether she has done the right thing in this situation or not. You don’t have to agree with her, but don’t abandon her. She is going to need us.

Open your mind and understand where Taylor was coming from. We know she had good intentions. Nicki may have been promoting the skinny shaming mindset, but probably accidentally and unknowingly so. We know that on the whole, Nicki was addressing a separate, very real issue that had nothing to do with Taylor.

Maybe Taylor missed the main point. Maybe she should have stayed silent on this one. Maybe she should have let it slide. But that doesn’t make what she said worthy of the backlash she is going to receive. Just remember we don’t see everything, and there is always a bigger picture.

Taylor could have left her thoughts out of it all. But at the same time Nicki could also have left the comment about thin women out of her argument. It was undeniably unnecessary and irrelevant to the point she was trying to make. Everyone gets defensive when they feel attacked, even subtlely attacked. Everyone says things without thinking when they are speaking passionately about something that they feel is important. But we know it sure as hell isn’t going to be Nicki copping the flack.

Taylor has some tough times ahead. We do not need to blindly agree with her. But we do need to support her when this rain storm hits.

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Sick anon! It's the flu so I don't know if I can blame selling cookies, but senseless fluff is great. (Souharu? You made me ship it so hard I can't even)

Short senseless fluff with mer!haru and cop!sousuke.  I can never resist writing cuddles.

Sousuke hates night shifts with every fiber of his being.  

He knows he signed up for the occasional late shift the moment he decided to be a police officer, but they simply flat out suck.  It’s not that they’re really any harder than day shifts, as the night crime of their quaint little coastal town is limited to a few rowdy teenagers even on the worst of occasions.  He just doesn’t enjoy staying up into the young hours of the morning patrolling dead streets, forcing down ridiculous amounts of coffee and trying not to pass out at the wheel.

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i fucking hate the notion of “cops risk their lives every day!!!” like shut the fuck up especially in small towns cops sit on their ass all day and occasionally harass teenagers y'all don’t do shit

When They Assume The Worst: Keep Doing Your Best


If you’ve grown up in the same town for a while: there are many who time-stamp you with certain labels that are nearly impossible to shake.  You’re the lazy one.  The angry one.  The unreliable one.  The bad kid.  The loud girl.  That one time you ___.  And when we outgrow those labels, the shackles can still follow us.

Most of us do grow up: but we feel a need to defend ourselves or explain our actions or really win the trust of our neighborhood opinion.  Yet there are always a few who have made up their mind about you, and they will always see you as the little punk kid who can’t possibly change.

I’ve been in the same town almost two decades and have made bad choices at least the first half of it.  So up to this day, I’m still in a gossip-chokehold.  Every few weeks, someone else is saying, I can’t believe you’re really a pastor now.  Didn’t you hate God?  Weren’t you at the strip club every weekend?  Weren’t you running into the cops all the time?

Even in ministry, there are tons of pastors and leaders who will subtly sow those seeds of suspicion about other people.  Be careful with her, she’s a little too friendly.  Yeah that guy can preach but he’s got some issues at home.  You don’t want to attend that church, they’re all crazy there.


Recently I made a sacrificial decision to my own hurt that was intended to be gracious to others.  I knew I had to because it was the right thing to do.  It was done secretly without much fanfare.  And as expected, 1) most people assumed I had done the easy dishonorable thing, and 2) they were surprised to find I had done the right thing.

Which means, no one ever wants to believe that people can change.  We think the grace of God is reserved for the people we prefer.  We say that “God loves everyone” until it comes to a difficult person, to some guy with history, to some girl with baggage, as if Jesus died for everyone except the people we don’t like. 

We find grace an uncomfortable proposition.  It’s easier to assume that someone is the one-dimensional cartoon caricature that we wish them to be, because it means we don’t have to expend energy to get into their struggle.  We write someone off and dismiss them because it’s our natural flesh-driven position.  We don’t contend for love.  We call it “wisdom” when it’s really just laziness.

May I please beg of us to reconsider this?  Because the moment any Christian thinks that someone is beyond redemption: we are calling ourselves God.  We’ve traded the truth for a wicked evil idol.  We’re suckerpunching God’s sovereign grace.

The only reason you might have any happiness today is because someone else gave you a chance you didn’t deserve.  Your friend decided not to believe the local rumors about you, and even when they were true: your friend acted like they were not.  Jesus gave you grace you couldn’t earn, and if you’re not offering that to others, you haven’t understood grace at all.


But regardless of who says what – keep doing what you’re doing.  Do your best anyway.  You might not get to share your side of the story.  No one might ever believe you’ve changed.  Maybe no one will see you’re striving for sincerity, that you actually love Jesus, that you’ve become more patient and humble and gracious than you’ve ever been. 

But that’s okay.  Because you have grace for the people who don’t.

The thing is: Even when you do the right mature thing, others will assume you’re doing it to get ahead or look good or show off.  When you do wrong, it’ll only confirm pre-made biases that were set in stone way before you.  Both of these judgments are obsolete antiquated opinions that will almost never change no matter what you do: so do what’s right anyway, and don’t worry.  

Your life will be a testimony to Christ, and they will believe Him.

His glory will be enough.

– J