i hate emily for convincing me to do this

take it all until there’s nothing left of me

pairing: Kazuchika Okada/Female OC
warnings: swearing, almost alcohol abuse
a/n: angst and smut, two things i write the best; more chapters incoming soon. kinda enemies to lovers trope. let me know if you want to be tagged in the rest :) 

Part 1

They hate each other; of that, she is completely sure. He hates her tattoos, mocks her every time he sees them— “unnecessary and, frankly, would suit someone else much better.” He hates her in-ring style, calls her brash and reckless, like he’s not the exact same when it’s him between those ropes. She hates his smug grin, arrogance seeping through every pore of his body, and she hates the way he thinks he owns everything he sees. She hates the fast cars, the obnoxious noise every time he rocks up to a meeting or a show. Emily hates him, mostly, because, even with all these things, even with him belittling her, she can’t stop thinking about him.

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Learn To Trust Me (Emison Prompt)

Prompt: Prompt- Emison have a fight cause Emily saw Alison kissing a random person. But the person kissed her first and she was shocked. And the rest of the girls are protective over Emily till Alison finally proves that she didnt kiss the person back

She was silent. With what? Sadness? Shock? She didn’t know. Well, she couldn’t really say she was shocked, she had tried to trust Alison, really she had, and she did, trust her, but she would be lying if she said a small part of her hadn’t been screaming at her that trusting her was a huge mistake the whole time they had been together. As for sad, she definitely was sad, but not as much sad as disappointed. She loved Alison, loves her, even now, even when she’s looking at this stupid photo, and she hates herself for it. The photo had ended up in her locker, and even though there was no signature, she could guess who it was from. I mean, who else had been trying to ruin her’s (and all the other girl’s) lives for what felt like forever now. And of course, this was not an opportunity A would pass up on. She took the photo between her tan fingers, gently brushing her thumb against the smooth photo paper. She felt nauseous looking at it. Alison stood still in the picture, though it felt like she was punching Emily in the face. Noel stood facing her on the frame, his tone arms wrapped around her body, his lips pressed hard to hers. She put the photo down, roughly pushing her hand through her dark hair, trying to think of anything but the blonde, and the fact that the photo made her jealous even more than it made her angry, which disgusted her.

“Hey babe,” was what knocked her out of the angry world her mind just couldn’t seem to escape out of, well until the blonde’s words shook her. She looked up at Alison, her dark eyes angry, but also filled with exhaustion, and she didn’t know what was worse. “What-” Alison started, worriedly, but she cut herself off as her blue eyes fell on the photo sitting in front of Emily on the bed. “You kissed him?” Emily whispered, her voice shaking, and Alison just stared down at her, her eyes wide with shock. “Who…how did you get that?” “Someone put it in my locker.” “Obviously, A, Em, you can’t-” “Can’t what? Can’t trust A? It’s a photo, Alison. It doesn’t matter who it’s from. What matters is that you kissed Noel.” “I didn’t! He kissed me!” “And you didn’t even think to tell me?” She felt like her blood had turned to acid, every part of her body aching with such extreme intensity that she thought she might pass out. “I should’ve told you,” she resigned without a fight, even quicker than Emily suspected, “I know I should’ve. But I was scared, scared I would lose you.” “You were right to be,” Emily said, venom to her words, and she was so angry that when Alison cringed at her voice, she almost smiled. “Em-” “Please, stop. I’m so sick of this. All the lying, God, Ali, I actually thought you liked me.” “I do like you, Em! Of course I like you! I…love you.” “I wish I believed you.” “Don’t do this, Em. Please trust me, please.” “How can I, Alison? All you do is lie.” The words tasted like acid on her tongue, she wanted so badly to forgive the blonde, even after she kissed Noel. And god, it fucking hurt. “I should’ve been honest before, I know. But I’ll be honest now. He kissed me. I didn’t kiss him back, and I told him to never try it again. But I didn’t tell you because I was scared you…you wouldn’t believe me.” There was sincerity to her voice, hurt, even, but she had kissed Noel and there was no way Emily could get over that. Maybe, Emily decided, this is good. Maybe if she pushed her away then it would hurt less. Everything about the blonde would hurt a little less. But, of course, she knew that wasn’t true. She would always love Alison, even when it felt like the blonde was strangling her, killing her. “I don’t,” Emily said sternly, but she just felt like crying. She held the tears back, but Alison couldn’t, warm tears steadily streaming down her face. “Please, Em. Please! I love you!” “Stop! You don’t love me, Alison. You don’t know how to love,” and with those words, that were filled with such an extreme hurt, Alison felt broken. She held herself together as she walked out the door, only falling apart once she was safely away in her car.

“Hey Emily,” Noel said, catching her at her locker and leaning casually against the wall. His bright eyes flickered with amusement and his smile was that of a lion right before it pounces on its prey. “What do you want?” She said, more harshly than she intended, slamming the locker door in his face, which only seemed to amuse him more. “I can see you enjoyed my picture, but I’m gonna need it back.” “You knew I had it?” Her stomach sank, and she thought about the picture wedged into one of her textbooks, which she had thrown into her bag. “It disappeared from my bag yesterday morning. I was following Alison last night, I needed some more photos, when I saw her in her car crying. It wasn’t that hard to put it together,” he said, seemingly bored, “Now, can I have it back?” “No,” Emily responded quickly and sternly, trying to walk around him, but he stepped in her way. “Look, it’s not going to do you any good anyway. It’s not like I enjoyed it, the dumb bitch didn’t even kiss me back,” he said, slight annoyance to his voice. “She didn’t?” “No. I was going to use it to turn you against her if I needed to, but it doesn’t matter now.” Emily cautiously pulled the photo from her bag, examining it with new eyes. She hadn’t noticed before, but Alison’s arm hung limply at her side and her eyes weren’t even closed, they were wide in shock. She felt her body go numb as she realized that Alison hadn’t been lying after all. She pushed the photo into Noel’s outstretched hand, running off before he could say a word.

“Listen, Alison, you need to stay away from her,” Hanna said, a harshness to her voice that Alison had gotten used to recently. “She told you?” “Of course she told me, she’s my best friend.” “Did you two have a good night full of alcohol because of it?” “You know I’m not drinking anymore,” she said, crossing her arms. “Whatever. Spencer and Aria are already giving me the cold shoulder, and Emily already screamed at me, so I think I’ve learned my lesson. Now, can you please leave me alone? I need to get to class.” “No, Alison. You don’t understand. Emily loves you, she always has, and as much as I hate it, she always will. And sadly, I can’t change that. But what I can do is tell you to back off. I didn’t want her to date you, but I knew better than to try to convince her not to, she wouldn’t have listened anyway. And I have to admit, I kind of was actually hoping you changed, because Emily deserves the best and if she can’t get over you than that is what you need to be. But you aren’t. I wanted to be wrong, I wanted things to work out between you and Emily, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. So if you are capable of caring for her at all with that frozen heart of yours, then please, leave her alone. Let her move on. It’s only fair.”

“Alison!” Emily shouted out when she caught a glimpse of the blonde walking by herself down the hallway. The blonde stopped and turned, obviously recognizing her voice. “You’re talking to me now?” She asked, a slight bitterness to her voice, but also something else, hope, Emily decided. “I talked to Noel,” she said softly, taking in the blonde, the blonde who maybe she could actually trust after all. Her blue eyes were dark, she looked tired and distant, and there was hurt and pain laced into the blue that had quickly become her favorite color. “And?” Alison said, hurt evident in her voice, but also a little annoyance. “You were telling the truth,” Emily started, and the blonde’s lips curled into a smirk. “I know.” “I’m sorry, Ali, I should’ve believed you, it’s just-” “Stop Emily, it’s okay, I understand. I’m evil Alison and you can’t trust a word I say.” “It’s not that! I was-” “No, Emily, I get it. But I’m kind of sick of trying to earn your trust. You either trust me or you don’t, and you’ve made it very clear that you don’t.” “I do, Alison. But it’s hard to trust you when I’m staring at a picture of you kissing Noel.” “If I ever saw a picture of you kissing anyone, Paige even, and you told me that they kissed you, I’d trust you. That’s what love is Emily, trust. Not that I’d know, right? Cause I don’t know what love is?” There was hurt in her voice, venom to her words, but her lips remained curled into a smile. “I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it.” “Yeah, but you did say it Emily.” “Please, I don’t want to fight,” Emily said softly, closing the gap between them and wrapping her tan arms gently around the blonde’s slim body. “This isn’t a fight Emily. It’s a realization.” “Of what?” “That until you actually learn to trust me, this isn’t going to work,” she said, pulling her body away from Emily’s grasp, and walking away without even a glance back.

anonymous asked:

This game is beyond awesome and your blog slays, what is your opinion in each character? Thanks for your time have a lovely day!!

Ahh, thanks so much!


I’m neutral about Ashley. I really want to like her, and going into the game, I thought she’d be my favorite but something about her bothered me and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I don’t like that she tried convincing Chris to shoot her and then if he does she gets salty and lets him get killed. Like when he chose to shoot her, he thought he would die if he didn’t do something. Where as Ashley just snaps and leaves his ass to die.


Chris caught me by surprise! I thought he was gonna be annoying but I warmed up to him super quickly. We played him for a really big portion of the game which made me grow really attached to him. He’s probably my favorite male character in the game.


I hate Emily. I swear every time she spoke it gave me gas. I think she’s a great character, but dealing with so many “alpha bitches” in my life has sorta given me a 0% tolerance and when you call her out she whines about it. It bothers me that everyone always does what she says, she isn’t necessarily persuasive, she just wines if she doesn’t get her way and it feels like people do what she says just so she’ll shut up. I hated Emily every second of the game but I loved her as a character. She’s really well written.


She is honestly one of my favorite characters and it makes me sad that she probably has the least screen time and not much character development. She is totally me though because I would absolutely still want to get banged when a creature with predator vision is chasing me, man. But yeah she got shafted with the weakest role but I loved every moment I had to play as her.


As soon as I started the game I had a feeling he was up to something? He’s an excellent character and even though I was cautious about him, the part where he dies cleared all my suspicion of him which made the big twist pretty shocking.


Matt is incredibly sweet! And he’s just so good to Emily and Emily is just such a bitch. I don’t have much of an opinion on him because like Jessica he had a minor role. He was the first person to die in my playthrough and it got me so mad when Emily said he didn’t do anything because he died trying to save her.


I didn’t like mike at first, so much so that I purposely made Jess dislike him. They still end up almost sleeping together but if things aren’t going well she’ll be in pajamas. He really redeemed himself from the jerk jock over the course of the story and really became one of the heroes of the game.


I absolutely adored Sam. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I love her actress but they used her to advertise the game so I came into it already knowing I’d like her. She’s just so good, y’know? They wrote her as the easiest to like and they did that really well. She becomes totally kick-ass and I con only dream of being that talented when it comes to tying towel on me because I suck at that and she’s a pro.

If you were curious to who my absolute favortie character in the game is, it’s the wolf. I refer to him as my best friend. He’s the best written and most well executed character to ever be in gaming and is absolutely perfect in every way possible. 

- grizzlybara

Pll 612 review and thoughts

Favorite line before the credits: Hanna  - “She’s lying.Just like she lied about having Swedish syndrome”

Hanna eying Aria for hiding the fact that she left the hotel last night

‘Can she really not sign her own name? ‘ - Spencer

‘She was living out in the world. She chose to help Charlotte torture us.’ - Hanna Did the writers finally give us some truth via Hanna!

We get it. Sara Harvey exists. She really has to have a scene in every episode? F*CK. Why. Why. Why. I’m upset.Sara Harvey is an infuriating character.

Speaking of characters making me upset..not Sara Harvey level but..Aria WTF. You straight up lie to Hanna. Then you try to convince her SHE remembers it wrong and was drunk, and then YOU mess up the details of the night? just. Wow.

Caleb and Spencer. I know most Spoby & Haleb shippers hate this pairing, and I could do without it. I would rather they were friends. It’s clear there is more, and they seem to have some cute chemistry/

Sara Harvey again? Are you kidding me? all she does it look at people.

Charlotte had her neck broken by blunt force trauma before being thrown from the bell tower. - According to Rosewood PD.

I wish Emily would give her mom a hug when she sees her like that.

I love that Hanna has been honest with Jordan. I love Haleb and was hoping not to like Jordan but he seems sweet and Hanna seems happy. She is in love, she in engaged. I will root for where the character is in life right now. I would not hate a Haleb reunion either, but no cheating please. I like Hanna’s character too much for her to do that to her fiance.

Aria: Straight to Ezra’s to get her story straight and she demands he lie for her.

‘You didn’t call me’ (there are phone records Aria), ‘I didn’t leave the hotel’(Security Tapes!), ‘we didn’t walk’(Other people and their eyesight) or’ talk anywhere.’

A depressed Exza agrees.

What is wrong with Emily? At first I thought Diabetes. But she said travel puts a lot of stress on the body, it’s really best if you complete your treatments in one place. That does not sound like diabetes to me. Any guesses ? ‘I really need this to work’ - Emily

‘Finger nails were wiped clean, and so were her hands.’

Rosewood PD took Sara Harvey off the suspect list because she could not have done it on account of her hands. Do they not consider the man that has been guiding her everywhere?

‘She was still angry with Charlotte’ - Ali

Hold the F up. Aria gets to be angry with Charlotte for as long as she wants. Charlotte tortured her for years. For no reason. 

‘I saw her dad this morning’ - Alison. She saw Byron? Why? and he told her Aria left one day earlier than planned?

The dinner thing is nice for them to do for Alison, to show friendship and support for her loss.

Aria and Liam. Ehn. Cute enough. Not feeling a real spark.I hope Emily and new blonde girl won’t become a thing. It feels forced.

“Ezra Fitz was my high school English teacher” - Aria . Soo..Ezra writes the book or Aria is out a job?..blah storyline..blah

So they are really emphasizing the girls are adults. 4 bottles of wine. Why would Ali have to debooze the place for Charlotte? She didn’t have an alcohol problem, she had a torture strangers problem.

‘Let’s say Grace. Thank you for this heavenly food. Thank you to all those who are working tirelessly to seek justice for Charlotte. Thank you for helping the police find charlotte’s killer and anyone who could be protecting him or her’ - Alison

Emily sees Aria go up to Ezra’s Apartment at the Brew. Her mom sees her phone  - a reminder for a doctor’s appointment, Emily lies to her mom and tells her nothing is wrong.

Aria asks Ezra where he went after she went back to the hotel. He looks away and says he went home.

Caleb sleeps on the couch at Spencers . They met 3 years ago in Madrid.’ Best night in Europe. Mine too. Hands down.’ - Spencer and Caleb

Hanna gets the girls footage of Aria and Ezra at the hotel. Aria gets confronted. Stop lying Aria. They have proof. Stop lying.She middle of the night calls Ezra. Ugh.Ezra and Aria spy a blonde who Aria thinks is Alison, and Ezra says is Charlotte. I have a different idea…

Ezra is angry. Red herring much?… ‘he told me he went home afterwards..he was so angry..Spencer thinks she told Ezra how to commit the murder, by showing him her murder essay.

NOBODY CAN SEE THAT SECURITY FOOTAGE - Aria. lies to her friends, and then wants their help hiding the truth.

Emily flunked two classes and they took her scholarship away after her father passed away. I feel so bad for Emily. Why did they have to kill off Wayne? Why not give Emily any other story line?!?

SARA F-ing Harvey again? are you kidding me? that is the third damn stare down scene!

Aria checks the usb drive. Is that proof of Nicole’s death?Hanna does another favor I feel is going to bite her in the ass. She deletes the footage of Aria at the hotel.

Ali calls Lorenzo over. Wow she just has a cop-on-speed-dial. She is going to rat on her friends. The same ones who have lied for her time and time again.

You know who I think left the roses? not A. not Uber A. Just Jason Dilaurentis. As Fucked up as he is, and as screwed over as he was by family, he still showed up to her grave and brought flowers, maybe for closure. That is my big guess on the ‘Sir’ in the ending. Hes on my pll wish list for the ‘sir’ at the end of the episode. Who is on yours?