i hate elle

Quick Rant

the Edd x Ell ship just

makes me very uncomfortable.

I personally don’t like the ship, since I see them as brother and sister and honestly they’re the same exact person. Plus, Ell’s voice actor was Edd’s sister. Actually, shipping the males with their female counterpart is just

no thanks

i’ll stick with my eddmatt, tomtord, elltilda, and tamtori uwu

ship what you want tho

i won’t judge


You don’t need me.

Hiatus is upon us, which means for the first few weeks, I will be going on hiatus too. The tag is teeming with fics/gifsets right now so, you know,  you don’t need me.

the law of falling bodies (act i)

first part of the indie au: carmilla and danny accidentally become famous, elle accidentally becomes more than rough sadness, and laura exists somewhere beyond them all.

ft octavia and lexa and a whole lot of swearing at myself for ever thinking this was a good idea.

act i: carm is very small and very sad, mattie is glamorous, kirsch is a puppy, danny is kind, and elliot learns to be someone new.


‘forgive me, distant wars, for bringing flowers home.’
- wislawa szymborska, ‘under one small star’


you don’t remember much about your home before the wars began.  You were maybe six when the fighting came to your home, and only eight when your papa was killed while he was out getting you a new shirt for your school uniform.  Your mama would not speak to you, so you had to ask your teacher at school the next day, still in your old ripped school shirt.  You remember asking why your papa didn’t come home, because he said he would and you needed a new shirt and you also hadn’t slept very well because he didn’t rub your back and sing you that lullaby in his mother’s language, and you remember her getting very, very quiet.

Your mama answered you finally a few days later, said he wasn’t going to come home anymore; she said he had been blown into tiny pieces, and that you should stop asking because it was rude and upsetting.  You just didn’t understand, but mama was very sad, so you stopped asking.

The kids at school told you what was going on.  They explained to you, softly on the playground outside, that your mama’s people and your papa’s people did not get along sometimes.  They explained that the loud bangs that had become commonplace in your home were bombs, and guns, and angry men, and they explained that sometimes, people that shouldn’t be are hurt by these weapons.  They explained that your papa was ‘collateral damage’—a term an older boy with a scar on his cheek explained to you when you asked by simply motioning to the thick pink cord down his face.  You didn’t ask again.  

Your mama stopped speaking your papa’s language with you, stuck to her native tongue, so you would practise by yourself in your room at night time, whispering the lullaby into your sleeve so your mama wouldn’t hear.  You didn’t want her to get sad; more than that, you didn’t want her to hit you again.  She had started doing that when she caught you speaking Serbian or soft words of Hebrew, slapping you with the back of her hand, muttering apologies later when she came to tuck you in.

Zogu,’ she would say, softly into your hair, ‘forgive me.  I don’t mean to be so cruel; sometimes my heart just aches.  Sometimes it simply hurts too much to hear.  Please understand.’  So you would turn over and place your hand on her cheek, very softly.  

‘It’s alright mama,’ you would whisper, ‘it’s alright.  I miss him very much too.’  And she would sniffle a bit then pat your tummy, say, ‘goodnight, zemra ime,’ and turn out your light.

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anonymous asked:

i fucking HATE ota yuri as much as the next guy, but you publicly denying user yuuri--on--ice for shipping it was extremely rude and frankly humiliating. at least answer on private instead of basically making fun of them for all of your followers to see. youre not a crusader or righteousness for being rude to a random person just for shipping fictional anime ice skaters. grow up.

yeah got it forgot it existed whatever i’ll grow up when i immediately hit 18 right

How am I supposed to forget you?

I see you in everything
Every little thing reminds me of you

I went to the drug store today and saw those cigarettes you smoked the night you put your arm around me.

That song that played on the way home that night, just played on the radio.

I’m out doing errands and I swear I see you in every face that passes me by.

How am I supposed to forget you?

—  How did I get this hung up on you?