i hate drawing ears


I liiiiiiiiive!!! [insert Mushu gif here]

So… first time doing Inktober. And yea, I’m sorta cheating. BUT! In my defense, I’d be in the sky for like two days and also dead for three(?) more days following it.

But yea…

Massive amount of art of soon to come!

EDIT: Didn’t know there was an “official” prompt list and I really wanna do that too!! UGH, decisions!!! I’ll probably ink these another time.

I don’t think Bolin was used by Kuvira only to hand out food to the civilians.
He was a Corporal. I am not a specialist when it comes to military things, but I think he also had other things to do for her… maybe fight.

I messed up the design of his uniform, that’s because first I wanted to make this for my Modern AU but then I thought, naah… I haven’t drawn much for the official story of Korra for a long time :D 

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Paul McCartney (Nowhere Boy)

Well I got a girl with a record machine,
When it comes to rocking she’s a queen.
I took her to a dance on a Saturday night,
All alone where I can hold her tight.
She lives on the twentieth floor uptown
The elevator’s broken down

And I walk one, two flight, three flight four,
Five six seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I’m starting to drag,
Fifteenth floor I’m ready to sag
When I get to the top, I’m too tired to rock

Alright, this is a very amateurish sketch, I’m no pro. I just draw what I love whenever I feel like it.
The more I look at this, the more I hate it (I will never learn to draw decent ears), so it’s best not to look at it for too long :v

(can i please just add how freaking good he sounded i mean what other hidden talents do u have boi i hate how much i love him *sobs uncontrollably*)