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Like honestly, I was scrolling through the ji/kook tag on Twitter (idk even know why I do that. It gives me migraines) and bc of a couple of things this ONE shipper said (of which I don't support/believe) suddenly we're all "the next v/kook shippers" or "the new l*rries" Honestly. People need to come up with better comebacks or whatever they're doing.

yeah, lmao. i can’t stand the ji/kook twitter tag. that’s a mess. and it’s always filled with majority hate. 

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19 and 23 for the salty asks.

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

the same things i end up hating the most about every fandom - the queen bee bnfs and their cult of sycophantic followers who hang on their every word and treat anyone who dare criticise or disagree like a for real Suppressive Person. the subset of the same who will go as far as actively spreading lies and rumours about people who they’ve taken umbrage at the existence of. the ‘you do you’ ‘ship and let ship’ ‘fandom used to not be toxic’ people who refuse to kick out the rape porn artists and the nazi fetishists and racists and so on and so forth (and who frequently actively support and/or are the same). anyone who pines for ‘the good old days’ in any way shape or form.

yeah that’s more than one. idc.

23. Unpopular character you love?

quinn skadge tanno vik dk’s version of revan

trying to think of someone outside of the Usual Suspects:

tai cordon. cinamon roll senator with a smile that could charm the whole world, if it’d let him. (i don’t know that he’s unpopular-as-in-hated so much as unpopular-as-in-who?, but still)

darth acina was hated by a certain subset of the fandom after kotfe came out until they realised that oh no she’s hot, and apparently i’m still incredibly salty about that, appropriately?

anyway it can’t be said enough times so koth vortena deserves. endlessly better from his own goddamn writers, never mind the fandom. he’s a cutie. he cares. he’s got a sense of humour. he’s smart. he’s a crack pilot! and he stands up to assholes who blow up civilians!


#now that explains why she wasn’t eating


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.

a soft boy



you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”

when bae says he needs space

p sure this is the kind of content Oikawa’s vine has

oikawa x space *:・゚✧


“It takes ten words to turn Bucky into The Winter Soldier but only one word to make Steve a 16 year old kid in Brooklyn again.” (x)

the boy who stole sweaters

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Great Sans Things
  • Sans being gross
  • Sans being a complete troll
  • Sans being an expert on exotic foods
  • Sans trying to bake
  • Sans genuinely loving terrible jokes
  • Sans straddling the line between sincere and sarcastic
  • Sans being ridiculously unhelpful
  • Sans finding loopholes for EVERYTHING
  • Sans being incredibly observant
  • Sans navigating social circles like he belongs there
  • Sans coming up with goofy money making schemes
  • Sans talking his way into like 5 jobs at once
  • Sans being lazy
  • Sans being clever
  • Sans connecting with the regulars at Grillbys
  • Sans working to overcome his apathy when it truly matters most
  • Sans being Papyrus’s hype man
  • Sans and Papyrus doing cute activities together
  • Sans getting into a passive agressive post-it war over a sock
  • Sans forming a significant relationship over bad knock knock jokes
  • Sans valuing a connection he has with someone he’s never seen face to face
  • Sans deeply valuing promises
  • Sans dealing with a time-traveler with silly pranks
  • Sans secretly hoping to be friends with something he knows may destroy him
  • Sans being cyptic
  • Sans being flawed
  • Sans appreciating what he has
  • Sans being a survivor

Skinny af girl: *eats a ton*

Everyone: she’s so confident and so comfortable with herself! She also looks super cute, I love girls that are confident like that

Fat girl: *does EXACTLY the same thing*

Everyone: I don’t hate fat people but she really should look for herself more :/ eating that much is not healthy, I bet she is doing it to cover a hole on her life or something

I really want a sterek 10 Things I Hate About You AU where Stiles is the super smart but socially awkward and abrasive step-brother of the beautiful Allison Argent. 

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Scott is head-over-heels in love with Allison but Chris and the Sheriff (yes, they’re together and the best dads in the world) have a rule that Allison is only allowed to date when Stiles does. So, Isaac comes up with the brilliant idea of getting someone equally as awkward and abrasive: Derek Hale.

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(All of this drama could have been avoided if Scott had talked to Stiles about his crush on Allison, Stiles would have talked to his dads and convinced them to lift the dating rule; no drama. But clearly, Scott and Isaac didn’t think it through.)

At first, Stiles is suspicious and isn’t interested at all; he constantly turns down Derek’s attempts at flirting, thinking they’re practical jokes and set ups for pranks, but then over time Derek begins to break down his walls and Stiles breaks down Derek’s.

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Stiles begins to fall in love with Derek and Derek with Stiles, but it all falls apart when the conspiracy to get Derek to date Stiles so Scott can get with Allison is unveiled.Stiles, brokenhearted and betrayed runs away and Derek has to prove that he actually does like Stiles.

Allison tries to comfort her step-brother, but can only do so much. And, when all hope is lost, Stiles finds Derek standing in his front yard, soaking wet but come to tell him the truth: yes, he was paid to take Stiles out, but none of it was pretend, all emotions he had for Stiles were genuine.

They start again and go out on a proper date.

I just want to thank each and every person in this fandom who do their best to keep this fandom positive and as ship friendly as possible! So this is for everyone who writes metas, fanfic, headcanons and every artist of different skill level! You guys rock and brighten my day when others try to tare us all down! So this is for you and everyone else in this fandom who needs it too! No hate just hugs!