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11. “Why are there four dogs in our house? We don’t own four dogs. We don’t even own one.”

Sebastian Stan was a hardworking guy. Over the last year and a half, he gotten booked on more movies than ever before. At first it was a tad overwhelming, but it was his passion. He absolutely loved what he did.

He worried that the more traveling he did, the more of a strain it would be on your relationship. The two of you had been together for almost three years. You met because of a mutual friend who had a feeling that the two of you would click. Your friend had been right.

It started off slow but the relationship picked up speed when you both realized that there wasn’t anyone else on the planet that you’d rather be with. You felt like you knew absolutely everything about him and he felt the same about you.

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Imagine being reunited with Chris.

A/N: Here we are, here’s the epilogue. 😊 I shall be back soon with the next chapter of this lovely mini-series. Until then, I love you all, and thank you for joining me on this fabulous journey. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D’)

You were picking Chris up at the airport as he was finally home after nine months of being away from you. Though you saw each other quite a bit throughout the nine months, it was still nice to have him back and actually living in Los Angeles. There was no saying how long you were going to have him for as he had a few upcoming projects- his debut on Broadway being one of them. As proud as you were of him, you were definitely going to miss him when he had to leave again. So in preparation for that, you were going to appreciate every second you had with him. It started with a nice home cooked meal- Italian, ‘cause who didn’t love Italian food- at his house where you’d left Ava and Dodger to finish up while you headed to the airport. You thought you were just picking Chris up, so you were surprised to see Sebastian walk out of the arrival hall with him.

“Chris!” You pushed through the crowd and pounced on the bearded man in the ‘Guns & Roses’ cap. He dropped his backpack on the ground and hugged you back, lifting you off the ground. “It is so good to see you,” you told him, cupping his face in your hands as he lowered you back onto your feet. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too,” he gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all sucked without you.” You told him and he nodded in agreement. The two of you reluctantly went your separate ways during the holidays; he’d gone home to his family in Boston and you’d stayed in Los Angeles with your family and Ava. It was pure torture, but neither of you could spare the little time you had to travel to each other so you painfully agreed to spend all three apart. But after Thanksgiving, you agreed- never again. The future holidays were to be spent like how you wrote your stories, alternately with each others’ families. “All the time I was thinking, what is Chris doing right now?”

“You’re telling me,” he chuckled. “I saw your Instagram posts and-” Sebastian cleared his throat, chuckling when you both turned and remembered he was standing there. “Sorry, Seb. Y/N,” he turned back to you, “Seb’s going to be crashing at my place for a few days. He’s here for a shoot and I told him he was more than welcome to stay with me.”

“So there’s going to be a roommate at your house too?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself, then blushed deeply when both guys laughed. They clearly got your drift; a drift you wished you’d kept to yourself. “That’s not what I meant!” You protested, but it was too late. You’d said it, and they’d heard it.

“Man, I just thought of nine bad jokes that I can’t say,” Chris chuckled, picking his backpack up. “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he whispered into your ear as he slipped his hand into yours. “There are always hotels we can escape to if the roommate situation gets too bad.”

“That’s not what I meant,” you mumbled, biting back your smile. Chris and Sebastian both smirked at you with a mocking nod. “Shut up, jerks. And hey,” you laughed, playfully slapping Chris’ arm. “As my fiancé, you’re not meant to laugh at me.”

“Oh, really?” Chris quizzed with a raised brow and a smug smile. “'Cause I thought that was my main duty as your fiancé.” You chuckled, leaning into him when he pulled his hand out of yours to throw it around you instead. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll make it up to you later tonight.” Sebastian snickered, which earned a scoff from you and Chris. “You know what, Seb, you can go live with Ava if you’re going to give us attitude.”

“If Ava doesn’t mind, and if the two of you don’t mind me crashing in Y/N’s bed then- hey, I’m more than happy to give you love birds some space.” Sebastian responded; you and Chris smirked at each other. “Oh, what?” He bit playfully, trying not to laugh because he knew what.

Sebastian and Ava had a bit of a friendship brewing. It started at Salt Lake City when you let them FaceTime through your phone, which was really a sneaky move on your part. You’d called Ava, claiming you wanted to check-in on her. But before she could even answer the call, you’d left your phone with Sebastian telling him you’d be back. You didn’t come back, he answered the call, and the rest as they say- was history. They exchanged contact details and had been texting a lot, to the point where Ava would stay up past her bedtime just to talk to him. They had a lot in common which made their getting along easy, and you were sure it wouldn’t be long before they fell in-love and became an official couple. You and Chris were excited for that, and though Ava and Sebastian were playing it cool- they were very, very excited for that too.

“Nothing,” you and Chris responded simultaneously with a knowing smile. “And we can see what Ava thinks of the idea 'cause she’s going to be at dinner.” You told Sebastian and you swore his face lit up. “We’re having Italian food, by the way. Home made, courtesy of myself and my brilliant sous-chef and best friend.”

“I could do with some good Italian food,” Chris grinned.

“Oh, me too,” you smiled. “And of course, some great Bostonian company.”

“Stop,” Chris chuckled, squeezing you tight against him. “You’re making me blush.”

“Both of you stop,” Sebastian laughed. “God, no wonder Ava hates being single around you two.”

“Saying her name for the second time, Sebastian Stan,” you teased him; Chris chuckled, and Sebastian laughed, but blushed fairly obviously. “Hey, if the two of you would like to have dinner without us- just say the word. Chris and I can go to a hotel, and you can show up to Chris’ alone and make it an official first date.”

“You know how you started pushing us together quite subtly?” Sebastian quizzed and you made a face, pretending like you didn’t know what he was talking about; Chris laughed at that. “Well,” he smiled as he said, “it’s becoming very obvious that you’re trying to get us together.”

“But you’re smiling about it, so clearly I’m on the right path,” you pointed it out to him and he chuckled. “Hey, I’m all for the two of you becoming something more but- I can only do so much,” you told him. “If you want to be with her, make a move. Don’t wait until it’s too late,” you said and Chris nodded in agreement. “Take it from the couple who could’ve avoided all that unnecessary hassle and been together a lot earlier.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded in agreement. “Ava’s a keeper. If you like her, keep her.” You looked up at Chris then laughed when he asked, “what?” You shook your head, trying not to giggle. “What?” He laughed, poking your side and making you squirm.

“Nothing,” you laughed, “that was just such a cheesy line.” You laughed harder when he shook his head, smiling. “It sounds like something I’d write in one of my stories, that’s how you know it’s cheesy. 'Cause you know me, I’m all about the cheese, fluff, and clichés.”

“What can I say, sweetheart?” He winked and you giggled. “I learned from the best,” he said then leaned in to kiss your cheek. Just as he was about to pull away, he whispered into your ear and drew a wide smile from you. “Just so you know, Y/N, you’re a straight up keeper too.”

“Believe me,” you wiggled your engagement ring at him. You both smiled when you said, “I know.”

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Say Something
                                   -  PART I

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 444 …

WARNING : angst…

(Events in this story take place after Kai turned into a vampire / witch heretic.
Kai and Reader are in a relationship ; One night Reader sees Kai kissing someone else at the Grill and shuts him out , but he is determined to get her forgiveness …)


Three days have gone by since the incident. He still didn’t know how that had happened. Kai loved Y/N and would never ever hurt her. Not intentially , anyways… but that’s exactly what happened that night at the Grill.  Some random girl had approached him and kissed him … and he hadn’t pushed her away , instead Kai had done the opposite and Y/N had seen it. The look of hurt and pain of her face , tears streaming down her face - he couldn’t get the image out of his head.  He had rushed after her , tried to talk to her but she had shut the door in his face , literally.
Kai wanted to apologise to her and he had tried more than couple of times over the past few days. Y/N just wouldn’t return his calls , wouldn’t reply his text messages. He had been to her apartment every day from sunrise to dawn, knocking on the door , sitting with his back at the door … without getting any response from her. She was inside , that he could tell. Kai could hear her crying and smashing things inside , using his vampire hearing.
He hated himself for the pain he had caused her.

Three days… That’s how long it has been. To Y/N it felt longer , as if she was in a nightmare and couldn’t wake up no matter how hard she tried.
Kai came by every day ,sitting outside her apartment door and sometimes she sat there too , on her side. Listening. Y/N wasn’t a vampire but sometimes when she rested her head on the door , she heard sniffles from the other side.  
Kai had also called her a few times , leaving voicemails asking for her forgiveness. Each time she broke into sobs listening to them , her heart breaking all over again.
The pain her chest was suffocating her. Kai might’ve put her through hell , but she loved him and missed him so much. It hurt her more being away from him than the memory of what he had done to break her heart.
A couple times Caroline and Bonnie had called her. Their calls she answered.  Y/N knew if she didn’t answer , things might get even worse. Despite the fact Kai had hurt her , she couldn’t stand the thought of something happening to him.
“Did something happen with … Kai ?” Caroline asked her , her voice worried.
“No. Nothing happened , Caroline.” Y/N had lied , putting on the best show in her life. “I just caught some nasty flu , that’s all. I just need a few days to recover , that’s all.” For all Y/N knew , the lie had been accepted as the truth by her friends.

The next day he decided to try again. Kai walked to her place and knocked on Y/N’s apartment door , his palms sweaty. He need to see her , hear her voice and was determinated to talk to her and ask for her forgiveness.
A few moments later Kai heard movement from the inside and Y/N opened the door. “Hey…” he said , a small smile on his face.  He couldn’t believe she had opened the door.
Y/N scoffed and tried to shut the door in his face but he pushed it open.
“Please , talk to me.” he pleaded , walking inside and shutting the door behind him. For the past few days all Kai had wanted was to see her , hear her voice … He wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.
She turned around to face him , her eyes red and puffy from all the tears. Kai let out a breath and took a few steps , shortening the distance between them. He stared at his shoes , unable to meet her eyes.
Y/N looked at him for a few seconds. Kai looked broken , dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in days , his hair all messed up. Quickly she dropped her gaze , before he even had the chance to notice she had looked at him.
“I screwed up , Y/N.” he said trying to take her hand but she pulled back right away. “I … I didn’t mean for this to happen. I don’t even know how it happened…  I never meant to hurt you.” Kai said , tears filling his eyes. “I… ” he swallowed hard. “I am so so so sorry…”
Kai wanted so badly for her to look at him. To yell at him , hit him. Anything. Any reaction… “Say something. Please.”
Y/N kept starring at the carpet , studying it as if it was the most interesting piece of art in the world. Every time she closed her eyes the image showed up in her head - Kai kissing that other girl , pulling her closer to him the way  he pulled HER close… Tears started rolling down her cheeks again and Y/N couldn’t stop them. Her emotions were on overload

“I am so sorry , Y/N.” Kai said , pain clear in his voice. “I am SO SORRY … I am the biggest jerk in the world and I don’t deserve you or your forgiveness.”
Tears kept rolling down her cheeks and all he wanted was to wrap his arms around her and hold her tight. To comfort her.  "I hate myself so much for what I did… and I’d take it back in a heartbeat.“  Kai took a step towards her , waiting for her to step back.  "I love you.” he said , “I love you with everything that I have. Please , forgive me… ” Kai pleaded taking another step towards her, closing the distance between them.

Y/N’s heart was breaking from the pain , from listening and seeing Kai like this. Yes , he had cheated on her… and part of her wanted to hate him , however the larger part loved him so much and couldn’t stand seeing tears in his eyes. She wanted to hug him or him to hug her , to tell her it was all a bad dream , a misunderstanding…

Silence was hanging heavy in the air , every second felt like hours to both of them.
Finally Kai couldn’t take it anymore - watching the tears roll down her cheeks , her body shaking from the sobs because of all the pain … He pulled her into a hug wrapping his hands around Y/N pulling her closer to him. He wished he could snap his fingers , make all of her pain away , make everything right again …
Y/N took in his scent , breathing it in deeply  for a few moments before pulling away.
“Kai … ” she said , trying hard to fight back the tears. Suddenly all she felt was anger towards him. Y/N hit him again and again , waiting for him to stop her. He didn’t. Kai was relieved he got a reaction from her , he deserved her anger and he accepted it. “You. Can’t. Fix. This. With. An. ‘I’m sorry’.” she said , each word followed by another punch on his chest.  When Y/N was done hitting him , she took a deep breath , her body starting to shake from the sobs starting all over again. Kai pulled her into another hug , wrapping his hands tight around her and Y/N started crying again.
“Tell me what to do to make it right ,  Y/N.” he said , feeling a tear rolling down his face. “I’ll do anything…” Kai had cried before , but this time it felt different , the pain causing his tears was different. It felt as if someone was trying to rip his heart out.
Y/N wanted him to go away .. and to stay at the same time. She wrapped her arms around him. Somehow Kai was both the cause of her pain and the only cure for it. She needed him like one needs air to live. The past few days , despite the fact Y/N kept ignoring his calls , text messages and the knocks on her door … All she wanted was for Kai to hug her , be there with her…
“Stay.” she said hugging him tighter. “Stay and don’t let go.”
Kai pulled her tighter and let out a breath he hadn’t even realised was holding. “Do you forgive me ?” he asked , his voice about to break. He listened to Y/N’s breathing - uneven from the sobs..
A few minutes passed agonisingly slowly before she answered him.
“Ask me again tomorrow.” she said , pulling away from the hug and looking him in the eyes for the first time since he got to her place ,the cracks in her heart visible through her eyes. Y/N wrapped her hands around him once again.
“I’ll find a way to make it right …” Kai whispered more to himself than to her. “I promise.”

———— ————


I am working on part II and when its ready it will be posted straight away. ☺
… I was rewatching TVD while writing this one , and some of the pain (or lots of it) might’ve reflected on the story.
I do hope you like it though .. ☺

Unfaithful : Part Six

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


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Warnings : language

Previous chapters :


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Lucille closed the door of her bedroom behind her , and put on her nightgown, then she sat in front of the dressing table. she sighed as she looked at her reflection on the mirror, then she held her comb and brushed her hair.
The door swung open, banging the wall. The loud sound startled her, she turned quickly and placed her hand on her chest , panting.

“What the hell!! Negan, what’s wrong with you!!!??? You scared the shit outta me!!”

“What the fuck are you trying to do!” Negan shouted as he slammed the door shut.

“What do you mea..”

“Y/n!!!!! You’re fucking trying to set her up with Jack???!” Negan growled as he placed his hands on his hips.

“Ah!! That’s what you’re talking about, yeah, I am!!! Besides , why are you so mad Negan, what’s in it to you?!”“ Lucille turned again to the mirror , brushing her golden locks again.

“What’s. ..! What the fuck Lucille, you can’t hook up people like that! Your niece isn’t some fucking thing you can give to people! She’s human! She’s. .. Does she even fucking know? !”

“I am not objectifying my niece , Negan! This is called a blind date! Well I still didn’t tell her, but I first wanted to make sure Jack is interested! I didn’t want her to wait and hope for something that wouldn’t happen, but after tonight, I’m optimistic!! Jack seemed to like her so much, I saw it on his face, it’s just a matter of time till he sweeps her off her feet! ”
Lucille smiled, her smile and words made Negan more pissed.

“Sweep her off her feet? ” He scoffed , shaking his head before he added.
“You don’t fucking know what you’re doing? Jack isn’t a fucking husband material! ”

“And you are?” Lucille stood up and threw the comb on the table, Negan was taken off guard by her words.
“Jack is a good guy, he’s nice, he’s cute , he’s young and kinda rich! He makes the perfect husband material, Negan!! MY niece struggled in her previous only relationship with her jerk ex boyfriend! My sister told me everything! That’s why I called her to come to Virginia, sure, I missed her, but at the same time I wanted her to leave Texas ! Leave what happened to her behind her back and move forward! So I thought maybe if she met Jack, they’ll like each other and start a new life here!”

Negan looked at his wife in disbelief.
“What?? You fucking planned for this!?”

“It’s the best I could do to my niece! And my sister, her mom, knows about it too! What the fuck is your problem Negan!!! My intentions are good! Plus it’s Jack we’re talking about, he’s your cousin! I can’t believe you said he’s not a husband material! ”

“Jack, he’s my cousin and I love him like a brother! But he’s a fucking womanizer!”

“Ha! Look who’s talking! At least he is not married! ” Lucille sneered, shot dagger looks his way, Negan blinked and his facial expressions softened, he was genuinely hurt , what hurt him more was the truth, Lucille was right, he’s a cheating bastard and he cheated on her with her niece!
Lucille knew that her words hit him like a brick, she walked towards and softly held his face between her palms.

“Negan, listen! Everything is going to be ok! You’ll help me set them up! Talk to Jack, figure out what his intentions are. And I’ll talk to y/n about it, maybe this would work after all!! I just want her to be happy, she suffered a lot the past years, her ex used to abuse her! We’ll make sure that won’t happen again, Jack might be a womanizer but he’s nice , maybe if he found the right girl and fell in love, he’ll be a family man!”

Negan ’s heart clenched, he could hear his heart pounding in his chest, he couldn’t stand the idea that you’d be Jack or any other guy’s girl. The fact that you were once abused by some guy made him mad, if he had the chance, he’d kill him!!! The thought of someone else other than him touching you made his blood boil, the fact that he wants you real bad, that he crossed the limits and fucked you behind Lucille ’s back was repulsive to him but he was helpless, he thought it was just about sex! But he knew he wants more than that!!! Lucille was the only obstacle standing in his path to get to you , now Jack is going to be added to the equation! He hated himself, he hated his selfishness but he couldn’t let another man get to you even if it was his best friend and cousin, Jack! If he will never be able to be with you , neither would any other guy!

Negan couldn’t sleep that night, he relentlessly rolled on the bed. He wanted to go to your room, to drag you out of there and run away with you, go to an unknown place where nobody knows the two of you, or to some abandoned island and live the rest of your lives there in peace , making love day and night.
But alas, he knew if he was up to it, you wouldn’t do it, not to Lucille!

The other day, after having your breakfast which was as usual, missed by Negan who apparently overslept, Lucille led you out to the front porch , she sat on her rocking chair, wearing her white robe , while you postioned your self on the handrail of the front steps in front of her.
“Y/n I wanna talk to you about something important! ”

“Sure Lucille! ” you acted normal but deep inside you prayed it has nothing to do with Negan .

“It’s about Jack! I’ll be straight to the point, I think Jack likes you!”

You raised your brows and looked at her confused.
“We.. just met, I mean, we only met once! How come he likes me!?” it’s true that the guy is a golden opportunity that no girl could pass, but your mind was occupied with another.

“You know! He has good first impressions about you!!! He texted me this morning, he wants to know if he can date you! I mean I told him you’re single, but it’s totally up to you sweetie! ”

You blinked and licked your lips, you weren’t sure what to say, you looked down as you played with your fingers.
“I… I don’t know. .. I had a bad relationship before … I ..!”
“I know y/n ! Your mom told me about what happened with that asshole Tom Robinson! I mean what did you expect? his mom is a whore! Anyways, you can’t be stuck in the past sweetie, you gotta live your life and move forward! ”

“I… I know Lucille, but… I. .. I don’t know him, Jack… !” You murmured.

“He’s a very nice guy, I know him for years! He’s good! I wouldn’t encourage you if I knew he’s an asshole! And Negan will keep him in line!” Lucille chuckled. But mentioning Negan upset you somehow! It reminded you of the rough sex he gave you, it made you imagine the awkward situation if you really dated Jack which was unlikely to happen, what if Negan told him about you and what you did, what if the two cousins think you’re one of those college sluts who spread their legs for older guys, what if the two of them want a peice of you, hell , they could ask for a threesome and threaten to tell Lucille if you said no. You felt your breath accelerating, everything was spinning, vomit was stuck on your throat, and your subconscious was drowning in your dark thoughts, till Lucille’s voice brought you back .

“So?! You’re gonna think about it?!”

“Y-yeah… um.. I gotta go to the bathroom! ”

Lucille nodded and you bolted inside the house, you ran upstairs towards the bathroom. Once the door was wide open, You fell on your knees and threw up in the toilet, you made a guttural sound and your tears started flowing, you felt a hand pushing your hair back and another squeezing on your shoulder.

“Are you ok , doll?!” Negan said in a caring and concerned tone.
You wiped some of the vomit off your lips with the back of your hand, you pushed him and got up, you turned the tap on and leaned over the sink washing your face. You could feel Negan’s breath on your neck, you turned around to face him , he was holding a towel and he gently dried your cheeks, lips and forehead, As he softly held your gaze.
“Don’t! Please don’t! ” He whispered.
Your eyes slightly widened in confusion , you didn’t understand what was he talking about.
“Don’t go out with Jack! Don’t date him!!! It’s true he’s a nice guy but please don’t fucking date him!!!” Negan pleaded.
Your eyes scanned every inch of his features, trying to analyze what he just said, he seemed concerned and sad, he seemed sincere , you just couldn’t understand why. Negan nuzzled into your kneck and breathed out.
“That’d fucking kill me! I can’t stand seeing you with another man!” His voice vibrated in agony.

You sighed and gently pushed him back, he glared at you waiting for you to say something. His thumb rubbing your jawline.
“Please y/n talk to me!” He begged.

“I … I .. why do you care?!”

“You know goddamn well why I fucking care!!!”

“Just because we had sex! Doesn’t mean we don’t have different lives!! Yours is with Lucille! Believe me I regret what we did, every second of it!” You whispered as tears whelling up in your eyes.

“I didn’t regret anything! I fucking loved it! Maybe we were too selfish not to think of Lucille! But I enjoyed it, I want more, I want you, doll!” Negan took a step forward, filling the gap between the two of you, pulling you towards him, squeezing on your arms, he leaned closer , you could see his lips twitching, he wanted to kiss you and you almost complied under his touch but you resisted , you just stormed out of there! The only thing that made you feel a little relieved is that you could scratch the theory of Negan blackmailing you and sharing you with his cousin, if he had such intentions , he wouldn’t try to keep you for himself, he wouldn’t beg you not to date Jack. Somehow, you felt warm, Negan does care about you in a way, but things are complicated, the fact he’s your aunt’s husband complicated things. Remembering Lucille made things worse for you.

You went back to the front porch, where Lucille still waiting for you.

“Guess who called while you were in the bathroom? ” Lucille blurted smirking.

“Jack!” You sighed as you tried to compose yourself after your confrontation with Negan.

“It was him, yeah! We’re going out tonight!! ”
She cheerfully chanted before getting up to her feet.

“Uh… I don’t think…!” You mumbled.

“Oh come on girl! Let’s have fun, you’ll get to know him better, maybe you’ll change your mind!” She winked at you then she made puppy face imitating its sound.
“Please, please, please y/n let’s go out and have fun please!”

You submitted and nodded. She clapped her hands cheering, then she hugged you.
“Yeeesssss!!! That’s my girl!!!”

Negan came at your direction, firm expressions all over his face.

“What’s the fucking cheering for?!”

“We are going to the club tonight! You. Me. Y/n and Jack! It’s a double date, yay!!“ Your lips parted , you wanted to say it wouldn’t be a date, but Lucille chuckled as she snaked her arms around Negan’s waist and planted a kiss on his lips, she emitted a low moan. You quickly looked away then you left the porch , while Negan’s eyes watched you disappearing inside the house.

Broken Part One: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/160710394889/broken-sign-on-the-dotted-line-and-everything


Ten months later

The coffee shop that you normally went to every morning was closed for repairs. You had to go fifteen minutes out of your way to get your daily coffee fix.

It had been a regular morning. You woke up and made breakfast for the kids before sending them off to school. They only had a few weeks left before Christmas break. They were very excited about being out of school for the next three weeks.

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Imagine making up with Chris. (Part A)

A/N: Part 5A 🙃 My heart is trying so hard not to give out with each part I write. You can read the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’, ‘Little Ways Away - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)

It was 2:20AM and Chris found himself standing outside your door. Again. He was even more nervous than the day he came to confess his love for you because this time, he knew the girls living behind said door wouldn’t be as warm and welcoming as they were two months ago. It was late, so Chris assumed that you, and Ava, and Dodger were probably all asleep; he was wrong. Ava and Dodger were up, fighting their tired eyes and worrying about where you were; you, on the other hand, were out and attempting to digest everything that’d happened. Chris was also wrong about you not wanting to see him because as he stood at your door, you were standing at his. But you weren’t in Atlanta, you were in Los Angeles, too afraid to get on a plane because what if he turned you away? You’d fucked up, like- really fucked up. You couldn’t face him, you didn’t know what to say; you hadn’t had the time to think about your current situation and write a story about it to see how things were going to play out. You were out of your comfort zone, and way, way out of your league.

How did things become so complicated? When you were friends, you never fought. You talked and he listened, and vice versa. You didn’t lie to each other, you were honest about things even if he had to push you a little. Why did becoming a couple change that? How did it change that? Things always flowed so smoothly for your second person protagonist and Chris, and the two of you were so much like them- so why weren’t things working out? Then you realized it was because of you; you, unlike your second person protagonist, were flawed beyond imagination. You started this because you couldn’t depend on Chris like he’d asked you to, like Ava had told you to. That was the point of being in a relationship, wasn’t it? To have someone be there for you, and love you despite everything. He was your other half, he’d told you that; he’d even promised you a lifetime and meant it, so what were you doing sabotaging the relationship?

It was obvious sabotage. Maybe not at first, but it was starting to become clear to you that it was. You were still afraid that you weren’t good enough for him, which was why you didn’t want to tell him about your struggles or take money from him. You wanted to make your own way because you were terrified that if you didn’t, you’d become a burden- an anchor weighing a transcendent and magnificent boat down. Chris was right when he wrote you that letter, about how you would search for greatness and strive for perfection you didn’t believe you deserved. You needed to stop questioning everything good in your life and appreciate it instead, then maybe you’d actually get to keep that good in your life for longer than a few months. You needed to improve, to better yourself- not just for yourself, but for those who loved you- for Chris, especially if you wanted the lifetime he promised you.

Chris finally worked up the courage to knock on your door; he heard Dodger bark and felt his heart skip a beat. He was definitely relieved to see that Dodger was still living in your apartment, and not with the contact he gave you just in case you couldn’t take care of him anymore. He waited for the door to open, and it didn’t take very long which surprised him. Then he saw Ava and felt his eyes narrow at the concern in hers, “what’s wrong?” Dodger barreled towards Chris, head butting his leg and demanding for attention that Chris couldn’t give him. “What’s wrong, Ava?”

“Nothing,” Ava shook her head then continued before Chris could say anything, “just your girlfriend went out at like seven and it’s fucking two in the morning and she’s still not back.” Chris’ heart dropped and he quickly pulled Sebastian’s phone out of his pocket so he could call you. “Don’t bother,” she told him. “I’ve tried her a dozen times, she turned it off.”

“Did she say where she went?”

“If she did, would I be this worried?” Ava bit. “All she said was ‘I’m going out, Ava. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be back. Just…in a few days.’ And she mumbled the last bit thinking I wouldn’t hear her, but I did and I’m losing my mind. I called her parents, I called her brother- she’s not with them.”

“What the fuck?” Chris frowned. “I don’t- Why didn’t you try and stop her from leaving?” Ava scoffed at him and he sighed, “I’m sorry. I know this is- This is my fault, I had a bad day and I wanted to talk to her. I didn’t expect things to escalate so quickly, I just- it was all a huge misunderstanding. We both said things we didn’t mean and- I’m sorry, Ava.” She sighed and gave him a small smile because she knew it wasn’t entirely his fault; it was yours too. “I promised you I wouldn’t hurt her and I did and-” He cut himself off with a huff. “I’m going to make it up to her, I promise. But in order to do that, I need to find her first. Could you tell where she was going from what she was wearing, or what she took with her?”

Ava didn’t know if telling Chris what you looked like was the best idea. At first glance, she thought you were going on a date or to a bar to pick up a guy to take your mind of your breakup. But of course she knew you weren’t the kind of girl who did that kind of thing, so that thought dispersed almost immediately. Now Chris knew you too, but he was already frazzled enough; she didn’t need to add to his mess of thoughts, so she lied. “I didn’t see what she was wearing, I was too focused on the whole- y'know, almost breakup.”

“Right, um-” Chris licked his dry lips as he thought about places you liked going; majority of them would’ve been closed at this time of night, so he had no clue. “Oh God, why does she like doing this kind of thing?”

“Look, Chris-” Ava began then sighed. “I know we’re worried about her, and me staying up and pacing the living room doesn’t help your angst but- I don’t think we should go and look for her.” Chris narrowed his eyes at her. “Hear me out,” she said before he could speak. “She’s more than capable of looking after herself. LA is her hometown, she grew up here. She wouldn’t go wandering if she didn’t think she’d be fine, you know what she’s like. I think we give her some time and when she’s ready, she’ll come home and I’ll text you.”

“I can’t stay too long, Ava,” he reminded her. “I love her and I’d do anything for her, but- my career is on the line by being here.” Ava nodded, understandingly. “I want to work things out, but I also need to go back to work. Seb can only help me stall for so long, I can’t spend days in LA hoping she’ll come back from wherever she’d decided to go.”

“I know,” Ava nodded. “Just give her a day, if she doesn’t return by tomorrow afternoon then- you can head back to Atlanta and I’ll be sure to make sure she calls you to sort things out.” Chris sighed, but agreed with a nod. “Go home and get some sleep, I promise you things will be okay.” Chris turned to leave when Ava asked, “do you want to take Dodger with you?”

“He should stay here,” Chris patted Dodger’s head. “Just in case I have to head back before I speak to her in person. I have a feeling she’d be more forgiving if his furry face was in front of her,” he managed one of his half smiles, “she’s a bigger fan of him than she is of me, sometimes.” Ava chuckled softly at his weak attempt at a joke. “Text me as soon as she gets home, okay?” After seeing a nod from Ava, he left and took a cab back to his Los Angeles home.

The ride back to his place felt dreadfully long and he wished he had his phone instead of Sebastian’s so he could browse all the photos he’d taken of you, as well as the photos you’d taken together. He missed you so much that he hated you a little for running out instead of staying home; he’d planned to grab you and kiss you to show you how sorry he was. But that plan had been foiled because as he’d learned, not everything went according to planned.

As the cab drove up his driveway, he spotted a female figure in the dim light standing by his front door. He practically stopped breathing as the cab slowed to a stop and he pulled out some cash to pay his fee. He tumbled out of the vehicle, tripping over his over feet when he realized it was you. You were in a trench coat; your red dress peeking under your coat; your black heels lengthening and complimenting your already long legs. Your hair was done and your face was made; you looked absolutely beautiful which made him curse himself for letting things escalate to this point. He could’ve lost you for good, things could’ve been over between you. But it wasn’t; you were still here, pacing his drive way because you were sick of pacing the airport. Boy, did he need you; he needed you in his arms and in his life, now, tomorrow, and until the end of time.

“Y/N,” he called out to you and you turned.

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Part 5B

Dean/jensen meeting readers family? - This is crap. I’m so sorry.

You Don’t Know Me

“Fuck!” You yelled, throwing your phone down on the bed. Immediately, Dean and Sam both gave you confused looks and you sighed, then grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a chug from it, then slammed it back down on the table.

“Well don’t drag it out any longer, Y/N,” Dean laughed and stood up. “I know for a fact this time that I didn’t do anything. Sam, was it you?” Sam just glared at him and you rolled your eyes.

“My brother just texted me,” You sighed and put a hand to your forehead.

“Your brother has your phone number?” Dean tilted his head to the side.

“Yes, Dean. For emergencies only. He knows the drill.”

“Wait - your brother knows you hunt?” Sam stood up as well. “Does he know about us?”

“Yes and no,” You sighed again and started pacing. “But that’s besides the point. My parents found out I’m in town. They want me to come over for dinner.”

“So don’t go,” Dean laughed like it was nothing.

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A Little Too Late Part 17

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 17

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 1,133

Warnings: fluff and a bit of angst.

A/N: It’s SWEET TREAT SATURDAY! So here is another part to ALTL!! I hope you all enjoy this next part! It’s not as heavy as it has been, so a little break is good right??? You can still request headcanons for my 500 follower celebration until 12/05/2016 EST! I think instead of putting out another Gabriel fic, I’ll put out a couple of the requested Gabriel headcanons!

Series Masterlist

You read the article from Sam’s computer once you finished eating.  The article explained how people would disappear in a nightclub.  The janitor of the nightclub would find a body the next morning with the brain missing.  You raised an eyebrow at the screen.  “So we’re dealing with a wraith?  Those are fun,” you remarked with heavy sarcasm.  Nevertheless this case distracted you from yourself, so you were excited.

“Looks like it,” Sam sighed, eyeing the book on the other table.  There will still ten books to read.  Sam would rather be reading them than go on this hunt.  “How about I just stay behind this time,” Sam proposed.

You raised an eyebrow at Sam, “why?”

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A Very Turtle Christmas (Tony Perry) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,247


Christmas was your favourite time of year, well it use to be. This year had been hectic with you opening a new photography studio and touring with a few bands as a band photographer. Your fiancé Tony was due back from tour this afternoon and you felt bad because you hadn’t even thought about decorating the house for Christmas. He loved coming home to see all the lights on the Christmas tree and the stupid little decorations you’d both gathered over the years together scattered around the house.

All you could do was leave him a note saying you’d be back later because someone had broken two lights in your studio and they needed replacing as soon as possible. You hated not being there when he opened the door to your house, normally you’d scream his name and jump into his arms but today wasn’t like all the other times.


I couldn’t wait to see my beautiful fiancé again, Pierce The Veil had just finished a three month tour with All Time Low and y/n had to stay back because she was touring with Sleeping With Sirens and then setting up her very own photography studio in San Diego because she wanted somewhere to work on her pictures.

When I pulled up to the house we’d bought together I couldn’t help but notice that there were no Christmas lights outside which was odd, around this time in December the lights would be up and on. Jaime was staying with us while his apartment was under reconstruction so when we walked into a bare hallway both of us were surprised to see the house empty and not a single Christmas decoration in sight.

“I thought you two loved Christmas Tony? This place doesn’t even have decorations on the tree.”

Jaime was right both y/n and I loved Christmas. I found numerous boxes of decorations and lights which had been unopened. I left Jaime to go unpack in his room as I trudged into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter in y/n’s familiar handwriting.


Sorry I couldn’t be there when you got back but I got called into the studio last minute as some idiot broke two lights. I’m sorry I couldn’t have the house decorated for you but with the studio and editing the band pictures I just have been rushed off my feet and had no time. I wanted the first Christmas in our new house to be special but I kind of ruined that. I’ll be back later, tell Jaime if he isn’t already reading this letter over your shoulder that the fridge and cupboards are fully stocked with your favourite food.

y/n xxx

“We should do something for her Tony. But first food, y/n knows the way to my heart.”

I jumped at the sound of Jaime’s voice behind me, y/n was right about him reading the letter over my shoulder. I felt bad that she was pinning the blame on ruining our Christmas on herself, I’d been away the last three months and she’d been left to deal with everything on her own. Jaime was right about doing something for her.

“Jaime do you think we could get the house decorated before she comes back from the studio? I think it will make her day if she comes back and the house is all festive.”

Jaime nodded while stuffing his face, I swore it was like y/n and I had our very own child.

“I could call the other two, four sets of hands are better than two. Plus they love y/n and will understand. You’re a good fiancé Mr Perry.”

It looked like we had a plan. If we could rope Mike and Vic in the decorations would get put up quicker. y/n was going to have the best surprise when she walked through that door.


You got a message from Tony just after the second light had been fixed, normally it would have taken a week to get replacements but you got things done when you were in a mood. Tony’s text lightened your mood.

TONY: We got back safe; Jaime thanks you for the food. Hope you get the lights fixed and I can’t wait to see you tonight. Three months is a long time and I have a surprise for you xxx

You wondered what the surprise could be as you finished a few things around your office. Usually you hated surprises when people did them to you and Tony knew this, but in the nine years you’d been together his surprises were the best.

Y/N: I can’t wait to hug my turtle again x I’m heading back now so I should see you in half an hour if the traffic is good x

Tony didn’t reply and you thought nothing of it as you locked up the building and got into your car. You were surprised that Tony hadn’t bought up the lack of Christmas decorations; maybe he was being nice knowing you weren’t in the best of moods. You were just happy that you had him back.

Pulling into your drive you did a double take upon seeing Christmas lights lit up on the front of your house, you didn’t remember putting them up. Had Tony done this? Was this his surprise? He should have been resting after tour and not putting up decorations.

Before you could unlock the front door it opened revealing a smiling Tony. He engulfed you in a hug and all your worries vanished.

“God I’ve missed you y/n.”

“I’ve missed you more Tony. Did you put the lights up? You should be resting.”

He pulled back and grinned and only then did you notice he had a blindfold in one hand. You didn’t question him as he turned you around and tied it around your head.

“That’s only part of your surprise babe, me and my little elves did something else for you.”

He took your hand and led you into the house. It wasn’t that long of a walk before he stopped you and told you to take the blindfold off. You took off the blindfold and gasped at the beautiful sight in front of you, Christmas had puked all over the lounge and hallway. The tree was decorated and lit up, stockings hung above the fire place and tinsel covered everywhere else. All the little decorations you’d gathered were placed around the room. You felt tears come to your eyes; this was the best surprise you could have ever asked for.

“It’s beautiful Tony; you didn’t need to do this. This must have taken you a long time.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“I had three little helpers who all agreed that you’ve been worked off your feet and deserved a nice surprise. Look up.”

You glance up and laugh upon seeing mistletoe hung above you, it was very well placed.

“I’d be a bit of a scrooge if I didn’t kiss you Tony.”

“Jaime is crashing at Mike’s so we have the house to ourselves tonight. So we can do more than kiss under the mistletoe.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around his shoulders before standing on your tiptoes and kissed him. He smiled against your lips and picked you up around the waist before deepening the kiss. You had your fiancé back for Christmas and it finally looked like things were getting better. This was going to be the best Christmas yet.

REQUEST: Hi, could you write a seb imagine in which he is 120% smitten with y/n and loves cuddling and kissing her and gets insecure about being away from her, maybe afraid she’ll leave him?


One word that always went through your mind when you thought about being in the position that you were in.

The contact of his warm skin on yours. The feelings that you got whenever he would tighten his grip on you or move closer to you during the night out of habit.

You woke up earlier than Sebastian did that morning. The sun had just rose and it was casting light into the bedroom. The weather was supposed to be beautiful.

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My choice for fifth place is the story ‘Receipts’ by @surlybobbies!

I can always appreciate a good Dean/Cas finally getting together in canon!verse fic, and this is totally something Cas would do. Really sweet and well written!

I don’t follow you yet, so you’ll get a follow back as a bonus! Congratulations, and everyone should go check out your writing because I saw some lovely things there! 

Dean walks into Cas’s room, holding his phone to his ear. “How the hell am I supposed to know where you put it, Cas? I’m never in your room, which, can I just say, is a goddamn pigsty - “

As he listens to Cas’s slightly indignant reply, he wanders over to Cas’s desk, where rumpled pieces of paper litter the surface in a semicircle. Out of curiosity, he picks one up. It’s a receipt dated a few months ago for two bacon cheeseburgers at some diner in Minnesota. Dean shifts his phone from his ear and places it on speaker.  

“-be right near the lamp on my bedside table - “

“Hey, Cas?”

“Did you find it?”

“Nah, but uh - why do you have so many old receipts?”

There’s silence.

“Cas? You still there?”

On the line, someone clears his throat. “Uh, yes. I’m still here.”

“So? The receipts? I mean, it’s cool, but it doesn’t really make sense. We’re not exactly paying taxes, buddy.”

There’s another pause, just a little too long to be innocent. Finally, Cas says, “No reason. Now, can you please look for my cell phone? Sam says you’re a waste of his minutes.”

“Tell him he’s an asshole,” Dean says, rolling his eyes. “I’ll text him if I find it.”

Cas hangs up. Dean pockets his phone and casts an eye over the messy desk, where still more receipts are spread out. Something compels him to pick up another one, cleaner and less rumpled than the rest. It’s only a few weeks old, from a diner Dean and Cas visited on the way back from a particularly rough hunt. Two more burgers, two cokes, and one slice of apple pie. Dean smiles. Cas had ordered him the apple pie.

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For thebestpersonherelovesbucky (happy birthday!), ithewhimsyviper-seven, myhandsarenotmyown, and everyone else who thinks T.J Hammond deserved better.

- There will be a few different pairings.
- ✩ for my personal favorites.
- New additions and updates will be marked with ϟ.
- As always, heed the tags and warnings before reading the fics.

Updated 15.02.2016

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Stakeouts With McGee

gif is not mine

Title: Stakeouts with McGee

Pairing: McGee x Reader

Word Count: 921

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this McGee fluff! I’m trying to even out my writing of NCIS and SPN.  I just seem to be currently more inspired by SPN, but no worries!  I will always write for both!

This stakeout was on its third day, and you were already tired of the small room you had spent your days in.  Sure, there was actual furniture in this place, but you hated stakeouts.  You groaned as you set down the headphones, “they aren’t saying anything.  What if they aren’t even there?”  You sat down in the chair next to McGee who was studying cameras that had been placed in the alleyways and hallways of the building.  The building across the street only had four floors, the one you were in was six stories high; luckily you were on the third floor.

“Well they haven’t left all day,” McGee yawned, resting his head in his hand.  “We saw them come in the building at noon, and it’s only 9 P.M..  They haven’t left since they arrived at noon.”

You checked your phone, sighing heavily, “Tony said him and Gibbs are going to go back to the crime scene to find that missing bullet.  So we’re stuck here all night.  Tony says he’ll bring us coffee in the morning.”  You set your phone down in anguish.

“Do you hate being in a room with me that much,” McGee asked, glaring at you.  

“How could you even say that, Tim,” you furrowed your eyebrows, glaring back at him.

“Well you and Tony always seem to have a fun time on stakeouts.  Last time we had a stakeout, you guys always left laughing,” McGee said, a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Tim, that’s just because I pranked Tony last time.  He fell for the dyed lotion trick; it’s the only one he falls for anymore,” you paused with a grin.  “His hands were pink for at least three days.”

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“No, okay?!” You shouted, throwing your purse on the couch.

“Don’t act like it isn’t a big deal one of my group mates groped you, (Y/N)! I know I shouldn’t have ever brung you around them!” Hoseok ran his finger through his hair frustratingly, “What did you two do?”

“Nothing, Hoseok!” You stormed away.

He laughed sarcastically, “It’s not over—not one bit. You’re not gonna see them anymore,” He followed you, “Especially not Yoongi.”

“You’re the one who introduced me to them!” You spun around, “You knew the consequences-”

“Well, if you and Yoongi would be able to control yourselves instead of shoving your tongues down each other’s throats when everyone turned away-!”

You scoffed, “If I could control myself?” You went to the refrigerator, “What is that supposed to mean? What are you calling me, Hoseok? Hm? A slu-”

“Not at all!” He slammed his hands on the dinning room table, “I just wished that he could’ve controlled himself..” He cupped his face, “It’s all my fault.” He mumbled, “My little cousin came here to visit me, and I let my friend make out with her..”

You grabbed a water bottle, not buying whatever Hoseok was trying to pull on you. “What was that?” You looked out the window.

“Where?” His head popped up, “Are they home?”

“No, it wasn’t them.” You shook your head, pointing outside. “You better go check before we get murdered—I’m serious, Hoseok.” You acted as if you were afraid.

“Stay here.” He ordered, getting up from a chair and walking to the front door.

You watched him go outside, and grabbed his phone—quickly looking for Yoongi’s number. As soon as you turned it on, he had missed calls, messages, and texts from the boy in question. “I made her..” You read, face softening from your annoyed one. You shook your head, unlocking his phone and deleting the one’s that Yoongi had said he forced you to kiss him. You yanked your phone out, typing his number into your contacts.

“There wasn’t anything outside,” Hoseok’s voice came back, you threw his phone back.

“I swear I saw something,” You turned your back towards him.

“You better go clean up before they get home,” He sat back down, “I won’t tell your parents if you promise to not bring this up again, and not go see any of them while you’re here. You came here to see us—not have sex with my friend.”

You rolled your eyes, “I’ll be taking my makeup off.” Walking away, you hovered your thumb above the call option for Yoongi’s name. You tapped your phone screen, feeling butterflies of nervousness fill your stomach as you quickly rushed to your room.

The dial tone rang for a while, and just when you were about to give up a voice answered. “Hello?”

“Yoongi—it’s (Y/N).”

“(Y/N), how’d you get my number? Are you okay? Do you need me to go pick you up?” He rambled, and changed his tone.

“I’m fine—he didn’t talk to me on the ride back, but he started lecturing me when we got inside.” You slid down, back against the wall.

He sighed heavily, “I should have never done that..” There was a silence, “I’m so sorry. I should’ve known better than to mess with you,”

“What happened to you saying you didn’t care if Hoseok found out?” You looked up.

“It’s different—I didn’t want him to find out like that. It would’ve been easier if he found me holding your hand, or me telling him; something sweet. Listen, I’m sorry but-”

“No.” You spoke up, “You know where Hoseok’s parents live—come now.”


“Now, Yoongi.” You said sternly, “Don’t let him see you.”

“I’ll be there soon,” He hung up.

“(Y/N)..” Hoseok said softly, knocking on the door slightly.

“What?” You snapped, getting your makeup removal wipes from your bag.

“Can I come in?”


“It’s my house-”

“I don’t care!” You threw the huge packet of wipes at the door.

“I don’t want things to be like this—not around our parents.” He jiggled the doorknob, “Can we at least leave on a good note? I’m not gonna say I’m sorry-”

“Then leave me alone.” You cut him off, not wanting to hear anymore.

“What you did was wrong, (Y/N).” He spoke louder.

You stubbornly wiped your face with the wipe, looking in the mirror that was in the room. Your phone vibrated, and you checked it. Yoongi asked if she should go to the back of the house—you replied yes. The was what you saw if you looked out the window. You heard Hoseok leave, and you finally took a breath. When you finished taking all your makeup off, you switched your clothes to comfortable sweatpants and a crop top. You laid down in bed, thinking about the way your older cousin grabbed your wrist in front of everyone—dragging you away. The way that the rest of his friends had their mouths hung open at his rage, and your face. You put your hair in a ponytail, still upset at the fact Hoseok made a scene. Your phone rang after about ten minutes, “Hello?” You pressed the phone against your ear.

“I’m in the back—should I just wait?”

You got up, looking outside. There Yoongi stood, still dressed like he was earlier. “I’m gonna climb out the window..” You said slowly, “I’ll be right there.” You shoved your phone in your pocket, and opened the window.

The noise alarmed Yoongi, and he looked towards it. “Don’t fall,” He whispered, holding his arms out.

“Will you catch me?” You asked, stepping out.

“I’ll try.” He shrugged, still holding out his arms. “Just jump,” You took a deep breath, and did as Yoongi had told you. You shut your eyes tightly, then felt him holding you against his chest. “Look,” He sighed, setting you down. “I know what I told you, and I want to keep this going; you’re a kind girl, and I’ve felt more from you than anyone I’ve been with. It would be stupid for me to let this go,”

“Then don’t.”

“It’s not that simple, (Y/N).” He looked down, biting his lip lightly. “Hoseok is already upset enough as it is, and I wouldn’t want to add fuel to the fire. Him scolding you because he knows is one thing, imagine what he’d do if he found out it was still going behind his back. I can’t do that to my brother,”

“I know.” You said lowly, holding your arm. “I just thought..” You looked at him, “I thought we could get away with it.”

“So did I,” He breathed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “As much as I hate to say it, I can’t see you anymore. The risks are too high, and I’m sure he hates me.” You nodded sadly, “(Y/N), don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Don’t do that face—please.” He hung his head, “Come here.” He pulled you by your fingers into him. “It’s not easy for me, okay?” He said, wrapping his arms around you. “Did he say he wasn’t taking you around us anymore?”

“Yeah.” You hugged him back.

“Ah,” He groaned, “I don’t know what to do. I want to keep seeing you, but Hoseok won’t talk to me again. If I leave you, I won’t be able to get you off my mind.”

“If you’re leaving me, you won’t call me either?” You looked up at him.

“I’d be tempted to,” He rubbed your back, “Dammit!” He said through clenched teeth, “What do I do?” He didn’t make anymore noise, but hugged you tightly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He held you for a minute, then let go to kiss you sweetly. “I can’t let him be mad at you forever,” He tucked some loose strands of hair behind your ear, “It’s for your own good. Just don’t get into trouble while I’m gone.” He planted a kiss on the top of your head, “Bye.”

You choked back the urge to yell—clenching your fists tightly. He’s gone.. You watched him try not to look back at you, as he disappeared at the side of the house into darkness. You stood there silently, and decided to head back.

//Two Weeks Later//

Over the course of these odd days, you received no sort of contact from Yoongi—minus texts from three nights ago. He had texted you ten times: begging for you to come to the studio, begging for you to meet him somewhere, saying he was sorry, saying he wish he hadn’t have left you. After a while of just staring at the texts he had sent you, you received another. It was a rather lengthy one, but one phrase stood out to you: ‘Tell me it’s over..let me know.’ You had to fight with all your might to try to gather up enough willpower to ignore him. You couldn’t deny that was dominating your thoughts every minute, but you had to act as if nothing had ever happened. Deep down, you were truly sad. It was an opportunity missed—your favorite person in BTS taking a liking to you, but being ripped away by some awful outcome. You couldn’t shake the thought of what would happen if you did things the right way: formally dating, not jumping into sexual acts, and getting to know each other instead of being attracted solely on looks. That’ll never happen, of course; Yoongi’s gone.

“(Y/N)?” Your mother said lightly, tapping your shoulder. “Your aunt and I need some ingredients for tonight’s dinner; do you mind going to the store?”

“Not at all, eomma.” You shook your head, standing up from the chair you were in—which was the one just weeks ago Hoseok had sat in yelling at you.

“I wanna go!” Your siblings ran into the room.

“Do you mind taking them? I’ll give you extra money to buy them sweets,” Your mother reached into her purse.

“It’s alright.” You nodded as your brother yanked on your arm down.

“(Y/N), can we get candy?” (Y/B/N) looked up at you with hopeful eyes.

“If we have enough money,” You grabbed the money from your mother’s hand along with the grocery list.

“(Y/N)-ah!” (Y/S/N) tugged on your shirt, “Can I bring my cat doll?”


“Run!” (Y/B/N) yelled, pushing her towards the room. “I wanna leave already.”

She began running, her dress flowing behind her. As you wait, your brother started for the door to put his shoes on. “Okay!” She held up the doll, shaking it about.

“Be safe!” Your mother waved, going to the kitchen where your aunt—Hoseok’s mother—was.

On the way walking to the store, you held your siblings tiny hands ensuring their safety. They behaved well enough not to get on your nerves, and promised not to go crazy with the treats. You arrived, and got all the things you needed first—promising to pay attention to the kids and their wants after. “Give me that!” You heard (Y/S/N) shout frantically. “(Y/B/N)!” She whined.

You turned around, placing a can into the basket you were carrying. “What did you do?”

“He threw it to another aisle!” She cried, tears forming in her eyes.

“Why did you do that?” You groaned, walking to him.

“I’m gonna get it,” She pouted, rushing along.

“(Y/S/N)!” You called to no avail.

“I’ll get her!” (Y/B/N) ran after her.

Great, now they’re both gone. You hit your forehead, walking quickly through the carts and people. Searching through the aisles, you see them talking to a man. “Oh, are these your-(Y/N)?”

You looked up from grabbing them, and trying to pull them away from the creep. “Jin?”

“I haven’t seen you in so long—how are you?” He set his basket down, hugging you.

“I-I’m fine. How are the boys?”

“They’re fine..” He scratched the back of his head. “You know, Yoongi hasn’t been the same since that night..”

You sighed heavily, “I think I have to go-”

He held your wrist, “Did I make you uncomfortable? I’m sorry—I don’t know what happened after the arcade; he left, then came back upset later in the night. He was with you, right?”


“What happened—if you don’t mind me asking.”

“I’d rather not say,” You bit your nail, “I’m surprised he didn’t tell you.”

“He told us the general idea of it—not the details.” He coughed, proving the awkwardness of the run-in. “What are you doing here?”

“Hoseok’s mom, and my mom need a couple things; you?” You readjusted your basket to your other hand.

“Ah, just shopping for some cooking. The guys can eat so much—I have to be prepared.”

“(Y/N), what about our candy?” (Y/B/N) whispered loudly.

“Um,” You pointed to him.

“I understand,” Jin chuckled looking at your brother getting restless, “It was nice running into you.” He smiled, holding his arms out. “See you soon.” He placed a hand on your back. “Oh, and here you go.” He handed your sister her doll.

“Thank you!” She smiled widely.

“Bye.” He waved, walking away.

'See you soon’? What was that supposed to mean? Maybe just an expression.. You took your sibling to go get some candy, snacks, or treats—then paid for everything and went home. Most of the day, you stayed in your room sulking like everyday. Not realizing how much time has passed, you were caught off guard when the door busted open.

“Yah, get up!” Hoseok yelled loudly, taking a stance where his legs were open and he was pointing at you. “Get dressed, too! I can’t take you out like that,”

“Where are we going?” You mumbled, turning your back towards him while you covered your face with a pillow.

“You’ll see when we get there,” He leaned against the wall, “I’m waiting.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes, now move!” He shook you roughly.

“I’m going, I’m going!” You sat up, throwing your legs over the edge of the bed.

“I won’t look,” He looked away. You rolled your eyes, putting on relaxed clothes. He cleared his throat, and out his hand out. “Don’t you wanna put something nicer on?”

“What’s wrong with this?” You picked at your shirt.

“Just trust me on this?”

“Fine.” You changed into something more acceptable. “This is better?”

“Definitely better,” He nodded, dragging you outside the house. “We’ll be back, eomma!”

“Where are we going?” You yanked his hand off of you.

“I told you to wait,” He groaned, still leading you.

You shook your head, trying not to let it bother you. You seen some familiar sights, thinking back to where you had been on your way to on this path. The studio.. “Hoseok,” You stopped walking, “Why are you taking me to the studio? Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to see Yoongi again?”

“Jin told me how you ran into him, and there’s something you really need to see.” He blew off the fact you brought up Yoongi, and the whole ordeal of never seeing the boys again. You walked in front of the studio, Hoseok pushing the doors open as he brought you in. Shoving you into the elevator, he blew some air out. “You know I love you, right?”

“I guess,”

“I just want to see you happy; I love seeing you happy. When we were little and used to play, you always laughed and smiled—you don’t so much now.” He looked down with a sad expression, “I know it’s my fault-”

“Nothing is your fault.”

“No, it is. I wanted to become a rapper, and a dancer without thinking twice about you. I barely have anytime to see my own mother, let alone send a text to my little cousin.”

“You have things to do with concerts, albums, recording, and practice. It doesn’t bother the family that you don’t speak so much to us anymore, because we can see you on TV and the Internet. You may not be with us in person, but we know that it’s all worth it since you smile so much while you’re doing your thing.”

“I am happy,” He responded, “But I want you to be as well.”

“Then why bring me here?” You said in a barely audible whisper. “He texted me the other night, telling me all these things..”

“I know; I saw him texting you. He was in the dance studio typing away on his phone.” There was a minute of silence before your cousin broke it, “You know he has you as 'Jagi’ on his phone, right?”

“No.” You shook your head, feeling your heart flutter a little. He cared enough to put you as jagi..

“Why didn’t you say anything to him? I saw what he send you—he poured his heart out. He meant every word he sent,” The double doors opened, and there was minimal light due to the fact most of the staff had left.

“It would hurt too much,” You walked out, “He left me for a reason, and you wouldn’t let me see any of them until now. Why would I go against you again?”

“Just remember: I want you to be happy.” He said before he opened the door to—assuming—where the boys were.

They all turned around, mouths slightly open. “(Y/N), you’re here.” Tae smiled warmly, getting up from the black chair with wheels. “I missed you,” He hugged you, then led you to sit on the chair. The other’s just smiled and waved at you, looking anxious. Everyone was here, but Yoongi.

“You guys got it ready?” A voice behind you said, opening the door.

Jungkook coughed loudly, “Yeah.”

Jimin’s bounced his leg lightly, his eyes darting from the person at the door to you. He cleared his throat, “Yeah, everything is fine—and here.”

“Okay..let’s make music.” The person—obviously Yoongi—walked without even looking at you. He got into the booth where they recorded their vocals, “Can you start the song please?” He ignored you, looking next to you to Namjoon. The song started—a slower beat. Tae’s voice boomed, singing lowly and calmly. The beat changed as he finished his verse, then Yoongi began his rapping. His voice was more calm than in other songs, and he finally opened his eyes and fixated them on you. “Even when I breathe, I see you..” He said while locking eyes with you intensely. He continued on, and when he finished he continued to look at you. You listened closely to the lyrics—knowing now your purpose for being here in this room was. You were surprised Hoseok agreed to make this song, considering his anger about any of them looking at you funny. Namjoon’s verse was unlike him as well. Everyone’s voice was amazing, and great for this slower piece. You knew—no matter who sang it—Yoongi wrote this for you. The singing got louder and more full of emotion, then he glanced up at you. You got your phone out, and messaged him quickly. The song slowed to an end, and Yoongi checked his phone. You sent him something else quickly, and he smiled extremely wide. “The song isn’t as beautiful as you are, jagi.” He said aloud, taking his headphones off. He rushed out, “So you liked it?” He knelt down.

“Yeah.” You felt slight tears threatening to spill out.

“I made it for you-”

“Obviously.” Jimin snorted.

“Shut up, pabo.” Yoongi turned around, then went back to you. “I couldn’t get you off my mind at all..” He held your knee lightly, “I didn’t mess up my chances, did I?”

“No,” You shook your head, “Not at all.”

“I thought it was a good idea..” He sighed, hanging his head down. “Can we be alone?” He asked the room. They all got up, and left you two to have your own privacy. “I’m not one to show emotion, and I’m not one to show affection.” He started, “I do know you’re someone I want in my life, though. I couldn’t let you go like that—not that easy.” He chuckled, smiling at himself. “I’m sorry. I have something to ask you: Wanna go out sometime? Go catch a movie, have dinner—anything? Does that sound good to you, babe?” He cockily smirked, knowing your answer.

“A movie would be nice,”

“Good. It doesn’t have to be in a theater, does it?”

“I think I’d prefer it to be at the dorm, if that’s what you’re implying.” You looked down at him, placing your hand on his.

“We have a date then,” He looked at you while fighting the expression of happiness tugging on the corners of his lips.

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course I did,” He bit his lip lightly.

“Come here,” You patted your lap. He gave you a puzzled look, “Well?”

“What are you gonna do?”

You huffed, forcing his head on your lap. He raised his hands, putting them on your knees to pull away quickly. “Stay.” You ordered, keeping a firm hand on his shoulders. He stopped fidgeting with I heavy sigh, while you sat him up better so he’d be more comfortable. You moved your hands up, lightly brushing your fingers against his ears. You played with his hair softly, “Should we go out there before they get the wrong idea?” He swallowed hardly, staring at the wall without blinking. “Oppa~” You brushed a few strands of hair out of his eyes.

“Hm?” He looked up at your with big eyes.

“Get up.” You slightly pushed him off you.

“Why’d you do that?” He stood up, speaking more assertively.

“I just wanted to.” You shrugged, standing up as well. You reached up to caress his cheek with your thumb, bringing him down by his neck to peck your lips.

He kissed you before opening the door, this time more deeply and he held you hip. When he turned the door knob, Tae popped a little confetti popper. “Yeah!” He shouted loudly.

“Were you eavesdropping?” Yoongi held your hip protectively.

“No—we just knew you would get together.” Jin smiled, “Did you ask her out?”

“Yes, and she said agreed.”

“Alright!” Jungkook punched the air, “Where are we going hyung?” He looked at Yoongi with a cute face.


“Yeah! You’re taking me to make up from when I couldn’t go to dinner and the arcade, right?”

“They’re having a date,” Namjoon said slowly.

“I won’t bother them. I’ll eat quietly, and only talk when talked to.”

“No, Jungkook.” Yoongi answered.

“That’s no fair!”

“We’re having it in the dorm anyway,” You informed him.

“We can have a movie night!” Jungkook cheerfully jumped.

“As much as I’d love to crash their date, I think they need a little time to themselves to get to know each other more.” Hoseok said.

“How about I take all of us to go get ice cream?” Jin offered.

“Yeah!” Tae and Jimin hopped in place.

“Tomorrow night?” Yoongi suggested.

“Sounds good.” You nodded.

“Can we go to the dorm now—but with (Y/N)?” Jungkook asked.

“If she wants,” Hoseok shrugged when everyone looked at him.

“Okay.” You laughed a little.

Everyone ran to the elevator, and you walked with Yoongi down the hall. “Thank you for giving me another change after I screwed up,”

“Why wouldn’t I? I hope we can stand each other,” You sarcastically replied.

“Yah, don’t get smart with me kid.” He ruffled your hair, “This is the second time I’ve seen you without make up.” He stared at your face.

“Stop staring,” You pushed his head away.

“But you’re beautiful either way,” He leaned down to kiss you, but devilishly bit your bottom lip. “We’ll have some fun together, jagi.”

Prompt #16: Imagine person A of your OTP wearing person B’s clothes


Your favorite item of clothing that Bucky owned was his soft gray tee shirt. The fabric was worn out a little and it made it so soft and comfortable. Bucky often wore it around the compound and every time he did, you wanted to take it off of him and wear it yourself.

The two of you were in the beginning stages of your relationship. You still were getting to know each other. You weren’t sure if you was in the stage of the relationship where you could start stealing his clothes.

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Imagine Jared confessing how he feels about you

I fumbled with my keys, trying desperately to get in to my apartment before tears fell. I lost.

I had a text from Emma which I didn’t reply to and now a missed call from Jared. I wish I hadn’t even told them about this stupid date. The date that never even happened. Serves me right for thinking that I could me someone from an app.

Of course I had to gush over the guy to my best friends. Now I had to face them and tell them that I had been stood up.

My phone buzzed again. Emma this time.

“Hello” I answered trying not to sound too defeated.

“Well, how’d it go?” She asked

“It didn’t” I replied as I flopped down on my bed


I explained how I’d gotten dressed up, ready to go and meet “Mr. Perfect”. Then told her of how when I got there I ended up sitting there for two hours alone with no explanation, no phone call, and getting sent straight to voicemail when I tried to call him.

“I’m so sorry.” She said sweetly. “You want me to come over?”

“No I think I’m just gonna go to bed”

“Ok. Call me if you need me”

I hung up and turned on the tv in my bedroom, laying there for what seemed like forever and tried to watch whatever bullshit was on when I heard a knock at my door.

Reluctantly I opened the door to find Jared.

“Emma told me what happened.”


I shuffled to the couch followed by Jared who sat across from me.

“Why do you give these guys the time of day? You deserve better than that.”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m an idiot.” I laughed.

“I hate seeing you hurt.”

I gave Jared a half hearted smile and a pat on the leg.

“They’re idiots if they don’t see what I see”

I looked at him confused for a moment, trying to figure out if he said what I thought he said.

Before I could, he moved forward and kissed me as if he’d finally reached some kind of breaking point.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against mine.

“You’re beautiful.” He began “And I can’t wait to make you feel the way I feel when I’m with you”


[A/N: i just wanted to say hi and shoutout to hey-bae-bae for this cute idea! I kinda twisted the original request around a bit so i could make it longer. To me it feels a little rushed at the end, but in all honesty I kinda have writers block and didnt know where to go with it. Other than that I hope you guys enjoy!]

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Scenario request: EXO’s Kai has to stay in the hospital due to an injury, he misses his girlfriend but she is busy at work.


~Missing You~

“Hyung, how long do I have to stay here?” Kai looks at his Manager but can’t help and look down at the phone in his palms, seeing the messages of concern from his girlfriend, ________.

“At least a few days. Your injury this time is quite serious. There is no escaping that.” His manager says. “You should get some sleep.”

A few days of not being able to see ________ would end up making him go crazy. At least when he’s working he can distract himself but in the hospital, basically grounded, he is going to go crazy.

Groaning in frustration he lays back down on his bed and tries to get some sleep in hopes to have the time go by faster.


In the restroom away from the noisy workers she can’t stop her fingers from typing in a frenzy.

Kai’s injury seems like it’s going to take a long time to recover, and this wasn’t the first time he’d been admitted to the hospital. Although this was the first time she couldn’t visit him and tend to him.

She sighs and looks at the time on her phone. Only half an hour left until her break but even that won’t help her. The place she works at is not exactly close enough for a visit.

She can’t help but ruffle her hair in annoyance. There’s nothing she can do for him this time making her feel like such a bad girlfriend.


Suddenly thinking of something she dials a number. After a few rings the person on the other line picks up. “Hello?”

Feeling all excited she can’t help and starts to talk really fast. “Unnie, I need your help.”


Groggily Kai opens his eyes after the little nap he took and like an instinct he grabs for his phone on the bed side table.

No new messages.

Feeling a little bit disappointed that _______ didn’t text him he sits up and looks around noticing that his manager was not in the room.

Still a little bit out of it he tries to get up from his bed but has to stop and flinch when he feels pain.

“Yah, what do you think you’re doing?” Kai looks up not expecting to hear this voice.

“Noona?” Kai calls out to his sister in question as if he was unsure if he saw correctly.

His sister rolls her eye being used to that. “Did you just wake up?”

He nods and watches her place a big basket filled with all kinds of things onto his table.

Carefully, not wanting to feel pain again, he turns and let’s his legs gently touch the ground.

“What is all of this?” Kai asks his sister motioning towards the basket.

Taking a few things out she hands them to Kai. “________ called me and asked me to bring you a few things from your apartment.” Then placing her hand on top of the basked she looks at him and smiles. “Also she bought you a few things.”

Hearing this he is unable to stop himself and stands up on his good leg while his sister slaps his arm. “You’re meant to stay in bed, as in lying in bed. Not straining your legs. You need to rest!” She slaps him again frustrated.

But Kai’s attention is solely focused on the things ________ had bought only for him even though she was busy at work.

Again he feels the luck in having met her and being able to call himself her boyfriend.

He is incredibly grateful to have ________ in his life.

He hears his sister sigh in defeat. “Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. I have an appointment.” He quickly looks at her not liking to be left alone again, his sister knowing him, she goes and gives him a hug. “Take care baby brother. Don’t wake us worry, too much.”

As he watches her walking back out, closing the door behind her, he instantly feels the cool and deafening quietness starting to suffocate him, weighting in on him.

Focusing back on the things in the basket he grabs the one on the top.

His iPod and a note attached to it.

‘Oppa, sorry I can’t be here for you but I hope this will cheer you up.
I know how much you hate empty and quiet places.
Probably the worst place to be right now.
So, I asked your sister to bring you this in hopes to make you more comfortable. Bogoshipda (I miss you)! —________.’

Reading the note he can’t hold back the tears from welling up in his eyes. This note made him miss her even more, she knew exactly how he felt and how lonely he was.

Placing it aside he wipes at his eyes and continues to go through the things.

His manhwas and again a note.

‘Oppa, I think your sister is a little bit angry at me for telling her to get so many things.
I’ll have to treat her to dinner later kkkk.
In case you get really boring you can read a little bit, I know how much you love to read manhwas. Chincha, chincha bogoshipda (I really, really miss you)! —Your ________

With a smile on his face he places his favorite manhwas on his table and goes on to search through the basket of treasures.

Fruits and his favorite snacks are among the many things inside again with a note stapled into an orange. Poor orange.

‘Oppa, I’m waiting. I know you’re hungry but I’m still waiting. Stop reading and look at your phone. I’ve been waiting a long time. Hurry and look at your phone! —very impatient girlfriend.’

Even though he was only reading a note he bursts out laughing, he could imagine her saying these exact words impatiently with her cute face and pouty lips.

Doing as Kai is told he turns and looks for his phone, seeing that he received a message from ________.

A video file to be exact.

The video plays and the whole screen of his phone fills up with the beauty of his girlfriend.

________ is outside and the wind is blowing making her silky hair flow back and forth.

“Oppa,” She begins, the voice projecting from the phone filling up the empty space in the room making him feel warm and at home. “I feel really bad for not taking care of you enough. I should be there for you and not stuck at work.”

She sighs loudly and pushes back the hair that had flown across her face.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can but for the time being I’ll have your sister bring you a few things that will make you feel more at home.” She didn’t know but hearing her voice already made him feel more at home than anything else would be able to. All Kai wanted to do was give her a long embrace but unfortunately they had to be apart.

“In case you were wondering, I kidnapped your Manager,” she confessed and giggles adorably into the camera, warming up his heart even more.

“My mum is making dinner for you, since you liked it so much the last time. He’ll be back soon I think.” Now that she mentioned it he was indeed starting to get really hungry.

Perfect timing of his perfect girlfriend.

“I hope you’ll be released soon so you don’t have to be stuck inside all the time. Rest a little bit more, Oppa. I’ll be thinking of you.” He can see the slight blush appearing on her cheeks.

She looks around and then quickly blows him a kiss through the camera with one hand, further making her cheeks even more rosy. “Bogoshipo.”

The video ends with her forming half a heart with her hand and smiling from ear to ear.

Kai can’t help it and repeats the video a few times, a constant smile on his lips, his eyes sparkling from happiness at being able to hear her voice and see her face glowing like always.


Busy at work, ________ keeps checking her watch making sure that she would be finished with her work in time so she could rush over to Kai in an instant.

She jumps as her phone rattles next to her, seeing Kai having send her a message.

Opening it she is surprised to see him having send a video file as well.

Looking around she plugs in her headphones and starts the video.

It shows Kai sitting against a big white pillow his exhausted under eye circles catching her attention, like a stab in the heart she feels sad for the pain his body and health has had to go through for his career.

“________-ie, saranghae.” He says into the camera playfully knowing very well that she didn’t expect that from him, his cheeky smile and mischievous eyes telling it all.

He makes a heart with his thumb and forefinger and the video ends just like that.

Surrounded by chatters and angry typing she grins and watches the video again and again.


Another request done, a short but a cute one. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to send in your requests :)

~Admin Amy/Kami

The Seven Mistake Road Trip (or, “How To End A Friendship In A Stolen Minivan”)

The first mistake was letting Elizabeth plan the snacks. She was excellent at picnics and dinner parties, and we figured those skills would be pretty transferable, but it turned out that she was terrible at road trips. Instead of plastic-wrapped finger food that basically meant nothing but empty calories and vague nostalgia, Lizzie had prepared actual food. The sandwiches she made were so artfully stacked it felt nearly criminal to squash them, but the alternative was littering the upholstery with lettuce, so we had to squash them anyway. She looked at us accusingly as we blatantly failed to appreciate her efforts in plating, but she was still Elizabeth, so after the sandwiches were goddamn miniature key lime pies, and I don’t even know why we invite her on these things. She’s hopeless.


The second mistake was leaving the music up to Tabs. Historically, her taste had been pretty good, but half-way through our senior year she started dating this weird hipster from the local college, and, I swear to God, it was like she couldn’t remember what actual driving music was. I don’t mind the occasional venture into experimentalism, but she had no right to saddle the rest of us with the various travesties she promised us were cool before they were cool. It took all of my self-control not to leave her (and her iPod) at the state welcome centre. Well, all of my self-control and a direct threat before she got out of the car.


The third mistake was trusting Charlotte when she said she knew a good campground. Spoilers: there is no such thing as a good campground. There are campgrounds that don’t completely suck, but “good” is a far stretch for all them. Charlotte insisted that this one had water and power and even WiFi, and, to be fair to her, it did have all of those things. But it was still an effing campground, and I hate sleeping on the ground more than I hate hipster music and miniature key lime pie.


The fourth mistake was bringing Kendra at all. Which is too bad, honestly, because she is generally the most tolerable of all of us. She might be great at talking us out of detention or happily completely group-work projects while the rest of us do the absolute minimum, but she has a bladder the size of a freaking pinhead, and every time we stopped for her, Tabs would get out to stretch her legs or do yoga or some shit, and I’d be all tempted to leave her behind again. It really started to eat on my patience, which made me want cheesies, which we didn’t have, because Lizzie brought, like, artisanal quinoa snaps instead.


The fifth mistake was believing Ally when she said she hadn’t been texting her boy-friend. They had this whole awkwardly adorable quasi co-dependent thing going on that summer, so really, this was 100% predictable and therefore entirely on us. At the same time, if she’d been able to sext like a normal person, we would have been fine. But no, she had to tell him where we were and, more critically, where we were going, and that really put the kibosh on keeping this a secret from our parents, because when they realized we were missing, he was first person Ally’s dad asked. When Tabs threw Ally’s cellphone out the window, I turned up the awful hipster rock for almost 10 seconds before I got so mad I had to physically sit on my keys the next time we stopped for Kendra to pee.


The sixth mistake was leaving Abigail in charge of navigation. I picked her because she is level-headed in most scenarios (including a general lack of what I think is totally justifiable rage re: the music situation), and because of everyone I knew well enough to bring on this trip, she was the one best suited to sitting next to me in the passenger seat for hours at a time. She sounded so confident reading exits and road signs that I never really thought to question it until we’d been in the desert for two hours and were running out of gas and I remembered that we shouldn’t be in a fucking desert in the first place. She apologized, of course, but by then it was pretty much too late.


The seventh mistake was all me.

I’d been so mad. I couldn’t remember who or what or even really why, except it was everywhere inside of me: bones and blood and breath. I wanted out, before I broke everything, and so I called the first six people in my contacts list and told them we were going on an adventure. I gave them their assignments and told them when I’d pick them up. And then I set my alarm for earlier than my family ever saw morning, and stole the car.

Not my best move, probably, if the flashing lights behind us were any indication.