i hate dark scenes they are so hard to color


Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot


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anonymous asked:

Can you please gif the scene where Flint is steering the ship alone and there are freaking waterspouts? It's so crazy and badass and brave and crazy.

i would really, truly LOVE to gif that bc 302 god!flint is my all time fave flint he is just UGH so good…. but there are two problems 

1) it’s impossible to color the storm scene. it’s too dark and too blue and it takes long i hate doing it i always give up

2) i literally dont have time to breathe rn and won’t have any until like mid july (finals are kicking my ass hard) and i’ve already piled quite a few requests :/

so, if anyone else would like to tackle that particular storm scene, i’d be very thankful bc you’d help me out and give this lovely anon (and the fandom) what they want :))

KneeJerk Review: 5.15 The Brothers Jones

After what felt like a week of really high anticipation we finally got The Brothers Jones. When there is that much buildup I always worry about being disappointed but that wasn’t the case at all with this one! It managed to avoid all the speculation I didn’t want to have happen and give me all the stuff I wanted!

We opened right in the thick of it with Henry and Cruella which both surprised and pleased me. I am glad they dispensed with any kind of explanation scene and jumped right into the action. Henry used his Author-sense to find the Apprentice! Whose unfinished business turns out to be Henry. He coped to being a bit shady with the truth in order to protect Henry from a difficult decision. Oh and BTW magic works different in the Underworld so forget what I told you before. Except the part about not writing events, that’s still a big no-no.

What I enjoyed most about this was the Apprentice giving Henry all the information but then telling him that in the end it had to be his choice. My mom totally parented that way. She laid out the options, taught us right from wrong and then trusted us to make the right decision. This is the opposite of what Emma did to Killian and I think it was a clear line that show was drawing about the right and wrong way to handle people. It was Henry’s hero test and one he passed with flying colors.

The Captain Swan healing scene came next and honestly I wasn’t ready. I think I just shut down my emotions cause I knew it was going to hurt. The “nursery” went completely unremarked upon which was sad but I am sure it will come back up eventually. When Killian rejected Emma’s kiss I may have whimpered a little bit. Killian said “I hate myself” about six different ways in that scene and it’s just so hard to watch. The fact that he recognized how much stronger Emma was against the Darkness and Emma turning right back around and trying to tell him that he was strong just nearly broke me. This is a conversation I have wanted them to have and I genuinely couldn’t believe that we got it on screen. This is why I love this ship because they get to be real and to develop and I am just really happy even though a lot of their scenes hurt.

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