i hate conventions



》H a n a m i ☆ 2 0 1 6 ;;
I’ve met so many great people and had so much fun with my beloved friends !
At saturday I saw these really cool Waylon ( aka @actualjohnnytopside ) and Miles ( aka - I really need your tumblr dude o 3 o ) and we had a nice chat on this day ( and sunday with my beloved @its-like-instinct too ). :3
I promised to upload their picture on tumblr, but only this is too lame. //D
So, here are a few Selfies as Stan with my wife Mariya ( aka @kurodoggy ) and Bill ( aka @butlerofdeath ). On sunday I wore Phone Guy again and I found this flower crown - look how pretty I am. ( his design belongs to @dfox999 ) ;; Thankies for this awesome day !

Listen I’m gonna be really honest and say that I flat out hate most b*sm and most k*nks but especially d*lg. How dare you use the hallmarks of CSA and use them like a game to get off to??? Just because it gets you off that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do so. I don’t care if it’s more “”“nuanced”“” than that. I’m a CSA victim and let me tell you all the shit I’ve seen you fuckers do is like you’re wearing my trauma as a costume and then desecrating it by making it sexy and “”“"fun”“”“ and then making it accessible to minors because none of you nasty fucks know how to keep it behind closed doors and at your fucking conventions. I hate this fucking website so goddamn much.

  • Me the first time I listened to La Vie Boheme: lol okay but what are they even saying

yall know those dudes at conventions? you do. i know you do, because they’re at every fucking con and they’re the absolute worst. the ones who are usually in joker or deadpool cosplay, and it’s the most obvious that they’re only in it because they want an excuse to be the largest, most gaping obnoxious assholes they can possibly be, and then they want to scapegoat it as being “in character?” is there a name for this? can we dub it deadpool syndrome, bc i s2g it is always deadpools

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What store are all those pics from? (and I totes want to see the dozen tacky shirts for stan X) Thanks

Sorry not sorry. I’ve had this sketch lying around for ages and I’m sure someone’s made this joke already before

But more seriously, it isn’t actually a thrift shop, it’s a local independent vintage clothes store (the overpriced cousin to a thrift shop) in my home town. It’s where all the local hipsters like to shop. I go there cause sometimes they have good cosplay oddities, such as the time I bought a bunch of real deer teeth for my Bill cosplay (a local wicca taxidermist runs a pop up shop every once in a while inside the store). That particular day they were overflowing with quality old man fashion. I’m gonna draw more of it later, so I’m hoarding those ref photos for now. ;) I will share one pic though (under cut). Because they like to appeal to the lumberjack hipster crowd, there’s an entire section that is nothing but matching red plaid shirts. It looks like Alex Hirsch donated his entire wardrobe. I kid you not. They are all different brand / makes of the same red plaid shirt….

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*collapses into pile* I’m probably going to tweak a few more things with the colors, but this print is technically officially DONE~


my idea of a date isn’t anything conventional. I hate the whole “get to know someone over dinner” charade. nah, if imma ask you out, this is how it’s gonna go.
I’ll swing by your house at 2 a.m. and you’ll be groggy as shit but you’ll be your natural self and it will be great. then I’m going to drag your sleepy ass up a trail just far enough where we can see the whole city and then adventure on our own to find the perfect place to chill and discuss the meanings of life and each other’s ambitions and dreams. then sit in silence with a blanket around each other while we watch the sunrise and the breath that escapes our warm lips.
then down the hill we go back to my place but not for anything freaky, no I just dragged your shit out of bed at 2 am, no we are taking a well needed nap. and you can lay on my chest and listen to my heartbeat while I play with your hair listening to soft music until we both pass out.
then around midday we wake up together and both help each other make a bombass lunch, a team effort we can both enjoy. and then we spend the rest of the day doing something we both individually enjoy while together. I can sit there writing my story while we sit back to back and you work on your drawing.
and then around the afternoon we will take a walk in the city and explore anything that could possibly spark our interest, visiting shops, climbing rooftops, petting the dogs of the street.
then we will grab some food on the go and I’ll drive you back to your place, probably the both of us exhausted. goodnight babes.

I can’t wait to meet a girl to do this with tbh.

I understand that literally every body type is scrutinized by the patriarchy but you cant deny that fat women do suffer a special brand of misogyny. Like, the only reason why the phrase “skinny bitch” gets thrown around is because slim women get special perks for being thin whether its romantically, socially, medically and even career wise. Im not here for body shaming anyone but I do want people to recognize that fatphobia is much more prevalent, especially systemically, than thin shaming.

also the bernie supporters at the convention are confusing the hell outta me bc they’re screaming bernie’s name and booing anyone who supports hillary clinton but then bernie says “pls vote for hillary” and they boo him too???? like wtf maybe actually listen to the dude you’re so intensely supporting

Getting real tired of going to anime conventions and seeing NH and SS cosplays tbh. Like good for them for having a good time but they have a big storm a comin’ when I show up in my Sakura cosplay with a cute ass Naruto with a big ass drawing of Shinachiku on a huge board. I’ve been to 9 conventions throughout my life so far, and not once had I seen a NaruSaku Cosplay. There were some narusasu cosplays here and there, but the point is that we really are a minority as a fandom irl and this chick here is bringing change to conventions as a cosplayer. My goal is to start recruiting NaruSaku cosplayers and shippers at conventions and expand ourselves just like how we come together on the internet. I feel so alone when I cosplay Sakura at conventions because my ships are so foreign to these people. Like I can’t even go to photoshoots without cringing and I keep silent when they talk about ships and THE LAST. We narusaku shippers exist, and I feel like something needs to change.


Jensen’s so lovely. He really made a special effort this weekend, headlining the con while Jared is getting better. He made sure everyone of the fans had their own special experience and didnt care that photos and autographs ran overtime, even doing extra photos than originally asked of him and still taking the time to talk to people. He’s seriously such a sweetheart.

Before the photo, I had a lovely little greeting with Clif, then helped a friend who was meeting him for the first time to relax, then when it was my turn, I just walked up and he was so smiley despite jetlag and lack of sleep. General banter & friendliness ensued and he put his arm around for a side hug. I kind of instinctively cuddled into him and put my arms around his waist omg. He chuckled and then cuddled his other arm round and pulled me closer. We took the photo and I began to let go and he gave me the biggest quick squeeze it was really cute aww. I thanked him and yeah it wasnt anything too special but I really admire him :)

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why do people hate Alfie?? i've seen several people saying he's a dick and i don't know why

it’s not necessarily him as an individual that people hate, it’s more what he does????? how he treats people/youtube?? and how youtube/the media treats him??

my guess, as to why ppl have hate around him/his youtube channel, would be because of his unoriginal, repetitive videos (literally all they are are collabs/tags/challenges/q+as/click-baity etc - those videos are fine if it’s once in a while, but if it’s 100% of your content, that’s just…ugh…you’re not putting any effort into them) and he gets praised for them (in the mainstream media) as if he was original, creative (which is so wrong he steals/never credits people’s *cough* phil’s *cough* ideas – one time he even stole a viewer’s idea and made money out of it woW) when really he just plays the youtube game (upload almost every day/week, average 10+ minute videos, simple entertainment – one video he apparently just read a buzzfeed article?? what??) with no uniqueness/honesty to his work (see: his two books that are a total ripoff of Wreck This Journal

idk he just annoys the crap out of me as well ahah but i guess if he’s making people laugh and stuff it’s not too bad but ugh idk makes me upset that he’s like seen as the face/king of YouTube if we’re crossing out pewds as being no. 1 most subbed when their are so many other people using their voice to help (in the sense of motivation, supporting, inspiring etc.) and educate others on certain things – as well as entertain in a more genuine way :///

He just isn’t some peoples, including mine, favourite kind of guy lmao but like who you like i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Moose elk fiasco? What moose elk fiasco i have a need to know

It’s not so much an actual fiasco as a ridiculous naming thing but regardless more people need to know about it

The animal Alces alces is a member of the deer family that we in north america call a moose. You probably recognize this adorable giant creature as the thing that Lee Pace rode in that completely underwhelming Hobbit movie a while back. Or if you’re Canadian because I just sort of assume moose roam the streets freely in Canada.

The thing is, Alces alces also lives in northern Europe, where it is call an elk, which may have been why nerdy north american Tolkien fans were confused that Lee Pace wasn’t riding an elk in said disappointing Hobbit movies like it probably says somewhere in the extended appendices or whatever boring Tolkien book I couldn’t be bothered to read.

That’s fine because moose is a native american word (from the Algonquian family) and it makes sense that different regions have different words for the same animal. Cool, an interesting little fact to store away for the next time you need to pretend you have social skills by spouting random interesting facts at a party.

Until you realize that in north america, elk are distinct from moose. That’s right, there’s another large member of the deer family native to north america and eastern asia named Cervus canadensis. This significantly less adorable monster right here is probably what you picture when you think of an elk, if you’re north american at least.

A completely different animal from Alces alces, but also called an elk. The eurasian subspecies are call wapiti, to distinguish them from eurasian elk, which are also north american moose. Because why the fuck not. 

This is presumably because some european explorers saw a very large deer and were like “yep, that’s an elk” but they had never actually seen a eurasian elk or apparently a moose so they didn’t know any better. Fucking Europe, making everything worse.

So that’s the elk moose naming fiasco. Two different animals over three separate geographic regions with three different names that is still somehow the most needlessly confusing thing you’ll learn today.