i hate comics and i hate my life

I shouldn’t be allowed to draw at 3:00AM.

Based off of this stupid Tumblr text post I saw which I can’t even reverse-search for anymore so it probably doesn’t even exist anymore but hey blackout’s over have some more Miraculous fanart               

art by annabubs

Please do not distribute, repost, modify, or use my art in any way with out my permission.


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.

Mme Bustier's class as Things My Friends and I Have Said
  • Marinette: "I keep messing everything up could I not be like this please?"
  • Alya: "Fuck you, I'd rather be on Tumblr."
  • Adrien: "I am but a smol, and couldn't hurt anything. Unless it's a mosquito, because I hate mosquitoes."
  • Nino: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, music is my way out of life."
  • Nathanael: "I love tomatoes! Don't shit on tomatoes!"
  • Alix: "I will sue this entire school."
  • Kim: "Actually fight me, I dare you.
  • Max: "I'm a nerd, you're a nerd, everyone in this goddamn class is a nerd."
  • Rose: "Aw, I'm pretty. Right?"
  • Juleka: "Um, no, I don't like you. Now could you go away?"
  • Ivan: "I am tall and look tough but I am secretly a comic nerd and will cry if you hate me."
  • Mylene: "I am not short! You're all just tall!"
  • Chloe: "Excuse me, but could you please keep your weird ass expectations like, three hundred feet away from me?"
  • Sabrina: "They think I am a sidekick but I actually do all the work."
  • Mme Bustier: "Please End me."
  • Lila: "Bitch I'm the devil on everyone's shoulder, now shut the fuck up."

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Marvel? Genuinely curious.

Oh, nonnie. I am certain you are either trolling or new, because no one who has followed me for any length of time would make this mistake. I mean, I have made several shirts based on SEVERAL Marvel comics, not one, but TWO Peggy Carter cosplays, a Captain Marvel pinup dress, AND A MOTHERFUCKING METAL CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD. I have purchased so many (mostly Marvel) comics that I’ve literally GIVEN THEM AWAY FIVE TIMES just to keep my apartment not completely full of comics. Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker, just take a look at my bedroom walls!

So, no, I don’t *hate* Marvel. What I hate is a company choosing to take a character created by two Jewish men, whose first appearance was PUNCHING ADOLF HITLER IN THE FACE, and turning him into a Nazi. What I hate is Nick Spencer & co saying “just give the storyline a chance” when I’m seeing that same storyline IN REAL LIFE with President Cheeto Voldemort & his white supremacist cronies. What I hate is a company writing JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR JOINING A NAZI ORGANIZATION and defending it as “a good story.” What I hate is taking a Jewish Romani woman, whose character has already been mangled beyond recognition (mostly for manpain) and then casting HER as a Nazi as well. 

And what I really, really, REALLY hate is people trying to defend this all with “Hydra’s not even Nazis anyway. They were around before Hitler, they just joined the Nazis because it was politically expedient at the time” LIKE THAT MAKES IT BETTER. First of all, Hydra are fucking Nazis. Period.

(At least one of Marvel’s properties–though it’s the red-headed step-child they’re trying really hard to ignore–gets it.)

There are already enough assholes in the world today trying to make excuses for Nazis and Nazi ideology, up to and including the President* of the United States. I don’t want to see that in my fiction as well. It’s a cheap trick by a hack of a writer akin to click-bait articles about “that one weird trick to…” and it hurts my fucking SOUL that Marvel is pulling this bullshit.

Secondly, Nazis and facists DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HUMANIZED. They believe in an ideology that literally believes that certain people are “less than” and that those people should be exterminated. I believe very strongly that all human beings are created equal, no matter their sex, race, religion, disability, sexuality, WHATEVER, and anyone who disagrees with that is a terrible person with terrible views.

So, why do I hate Marvel? Short answer: I don’t. I hate what they’ve turned into.

what are you talking about this is a perfectly normal comic just two guys being bros just two dudes being gay

@colanom for… reasons

From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe comes a legend… the legend of LANCE, THE DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE! A mighty warrior loved by good (and the ladies), feared by evil. As Lance’s legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy. Parties were held, and many good times were had. Friends contacted other friends and asked, “Hey, have you met Lance? He’s awesome!” But apparently Planet Krell had never heard of Lance, or his awesomeness. It thought that it could just be all like, “Duh, I’m Planet Krell, and I like monsters and dragons.” Well Lance hoped Planet Krell was hungry, because it was about to get served a Lance knuckle sandwich with a side of slap sauce. Lance had arrived to save the fair Princess Malocoti and retrieve the most valuable treasure in the history, of like, ever.

Sizing SUCKS!

I hate sizing in the fashion industry. I am a bigger person. I have been made fun of my entire life for it. I hate my size and it’s extremely difficult for me to lose weight (though I continue to try). Just bought a dress for comic con, because I’m going as my light, my love, Penelope Garcia, and in order for me to wear the dress, I have to order it two sizes bigger than I actually am, the biggest they offer on the website. 

Now, if the dress fits, I’ll be happy, because it’s so a Garcia dress, but goddamn, I hate sizing! -_-

Falling (Avengers)

this is a fic that is about the avengers as a group and it was going to be a three part but at this second i’m only confident on one part so expect nothing. thanks.

You grimaced, staring at the white of your thigh. It’s likely very bad that you can’t feel this, can’t feel the searing heat that should be there or the little leaks of blood that’re escaping. Only a couple leaks, luckily. That’s the point of burning the flesh, so the blood doesn’t leak out. Not that you’d been bleeding before you’d been hit with a flamethrower to the thigh at point blank range.

Not the point. What’s also not the point is that you definitely shouldn’t have tried to take on a flamethrower guy on your lonesome, as Steve has so succinctly pointed out over comms at least a dozen times already, but it’s always best to set the scene.

Maybe that’s a bad thing, thinking you’re setting a scene. It’s just your head, and there’s no one else around, nor are you even speaking aloud. And this isn’t a show or movie or book or anything like that. Do burns effect the way a person thinks? Is it like when you go mad with pain? Strange considering you can’t feel any pain. Or not much. There are little shallower burns around the edges but that’s not the point.

And I swear, every time we let you try and fight without a buddy something goes wrong! How- Dammit- How are we supposed to trust you on a mission if you can’t keep yourself from getting wounded to the point of needing time off?” Steve roars in your ear, the twang and screams elicited by his shield as it flies from point to point wherever he is the background to your undressing.

The twang and screams elicited by his shield as it flies from point to point wherever he is the background to your undressing? Now all you can think of is doing a sexy strip tease to a backing track of Steve in battle. A hip bump with every grunt, arms flying high and sliding down your body to the sound of a dying mans scream.

Lay off the kid, you know she’s still learning.” Tony pipes up, his voice sympathetic but you’re barely focused on the conversation right now. An ant is crawling up your hand.

Bullets tear up the earth a few feet from you and you frown at the sight. Why does man have to destroy the earth? What has the earth ever done but feed and clothe us?

Tsunamis, tornados, earth quakes and volcanoes.

“Ha! That’s right.” You giggle, cringing at the high pitched noise of your laugh. Like a keen or a squeak. Hysterical sounding, almost.

What the hell kid? I’m trying to stick up for you.” Tony snaps and you shake your head, trying to refocus on the conversation through the comms.

“Sorry? What?” You mumble, raising a dirty finger and lowering it slow motion toward your burn. Maybe if you prod it, you’ll feel something. A crumb of dirt drops from your palm, landing on the cloth left covering your thigh and someone shouts across the field.

She knows she’s being an idiot, she admitted it.” Steve growls and you blink at the empty field.

Steve, shut up.” Tony snaps, worry in his voice. “Kid, what’re you thinking about right now?”

Steve’s voice starts up again, only to be shushed by Tony once more and radio silence fills your ear.

You rack your brain, what do they want you to say? Are you supposed to provide humour for the group? Is this a sombre moment? You were barely listening.

“It’s strange how geese have teeth. I’m not sure if ducks have teeth but it’s worth looking into, don’t you guys agree? Oh, and there’s an ant and he was on my shin before but he’s on my knee and I think he wants to eat my delicious crispy flesh.”

Please tell me you haven’t eaten any of your burned skin?” Clint begs, the sound of someone gagging coming through the comms.

“No, I haven’t. Should I? Is that… Is that how I’ll be able to feel again cause right now it’s like my leg is… It’s like my leg is dizzy.” You wonder, hearing a soft curse run through the line in your ear.

I’ll see you in one minute, Y/N, and we’re gonna get you on the jet. Where are you?” Tony asks softly, his voice soothing and you yawn at the cadence. Nice.

“Same spot. Never left, I sort of felt vomity so I sat down and then everyone sort of ran off. Probably didn’t want me to be sick on them.” You laugh, only for the sound to die and your eyes to go wide. “Help, guys. Help.”

What? What?”

“The ant is nearly at the wound; it won’t heal good if there’s an ant bite on it. Hurry!”

Oh my god.” Natasha groans and you can’t help softly and bitterly mimicking the sound. A thud sounds as a red and gold robot appears before you.

“Hello, are you real?” You frown, beaming as the bot nods its head. “You’re an AI, you’re so cool!”

“Please be still, Miss.” The automated voice rumbles, kneeling and scooping you into its hard arms. “My scans show you have received third degree burns to two thirds of your left thigh. I have been instructed to take you to the jet, do you object?”

“Nope.” You smile, patting the robots glowing heart happily and trying not to squeak as you’re jostled into the sky.

“You do realize that this could be grounds for you to be taken off the team.” Pietro sighs, and you pout at him. What’s the point of having a beautiful boy on your bed if he’s gonna talk?

“Of all the things I could live without, fighting for my life on a weekly basis- if I’m having a good run, is high on the list.” You shrug, running your fingers through his hair and gazing at him. How is he so pretty? It has to be the hair with his dark eyebrows. Art.

“You’d leave the team?”

“No!” You laugh, the offense and outright amazement in his voice comical. “I’d never leave the team while they’d have me. But I hate running all the time, I hate being so bad at this, I just hate being constantly sick.”

“You love bed rest!” Pietro counters and you laugh, flopping back against the pillow and trying not to visibly wince.

“I love bed rest because I am loved. What I don’t love about bed rest is being in pain. Even lying here with you, mostly still and doing nothing but talking, is utterly exhausting and it feels like someones running lines along my thigh with a dull razor.” You mumble, your eyes drifting around your bed before you push against the mattress, sliding yourself further down the bed and setting your head on your pillow. Pietros eyes meet yours levelly on the other pillow and you avoid his gaze.

“Y/N.” He mumbles softly and you shrug, holding out your hand and interlacing your fingers.



thats enough to buy a house thats enough to buy like three houses #true stories about micheletto corella #history

*markiplier starts playing oneshot*

me *kneels and fold my hands* Dear father in heaven please dont let the millions of people seeing the videos hate on it by saying it’s an Undertale clone, because it’s a beautiful, clever game in it’s own right made by incredibly talented, clever, artistic people, and the original version that changed my fucking life came out in 2014

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I always hate to remind how many people in this fandom terribly underestimating Asami, even in korrasami fandom, i mean, supporting the korrasami just because it means Korra is bi, and then start shiting on Asami for a variety of "reasons", such as people hated Korra during the show runtime, claims that Asami was their "golden girl" or something like that, or they didn't like Asami's style of fighting, and they don't want the focus in the comic to be about Asami, like WTF?

Hi! It is frustrating lol. I think i’ve talked about before how it really bugs me when i see hate towards either of them. Like it bugs me way more than with any other character i’ve seen. 

I obviously love the hell out of both of them. And yeah, it really bugs me when i see people undervalue Asami, or repeatedly say korra sucks. Like it bugs me enough to almost ruin my whole day every time i see it.

But thankfully, i personally haven’t seen much of this the last few months. Like i’ve seen a few posts like you say whining about how the comic is gonna focus on Asami a lot. To this day, and for the rest of my life, I don’t get the hate she gets. But I try to not get hung up on that anymore. Cause I think she’s a wonderful character, and having this blog has shown me that a lot more people love her than hate her, and that she is valued, and has mattered to thousands of people.  Same with Korra. There’s way more positivity in the fandom right now then I think there has been in the past, especially with the comic on the horizon.