i hate coloring this show


female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] lead female characters 

riley matthews (girl meets world) - there is no end to my horizon 



This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

*nails these complaints on a piece of paper to the door of rebecca sugars house like Martin Luther did on that church*

- why is bismuth dangerous for hating her oppressors
- why is steven such a neoliberal
- why is pearl constantly manipulating people’s feelings and lowkey abusing her team and this shown as ok
- how did peridot go from a calculating genius to a fucking gremlin from teen titans go
- why do y'all hate garnet and amethyst so much
- why does the show look like a fucking kid draws it now literally y'all are professionals
- why is it treated ok for lapis to not have remorse for almost murdering children
- in light of that why is it ok for her to be out but not bismuth
- finally why are you having your main villains who endorse and take part in slavery, genocide and all sorts of bad shit painted as sympathetic characters WHILE MAKING BISMUTH, WHO WANTED TO STOP SLAVERY AND GENOCIDE, PAINTED AS A BAD GUY
- also why y'all coloring it like that it’s ugly


Very Belated 3.4 Happy Birthday, Hanamaru!

Based in the LLSHP AU tho it’s not from any existing chapter lmaoooo


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