i hate coloring the colored one

Quick Raffle

Hello awesome followers and others alike! I am going on a 5 day break soon! To celebrate, and not be bored, I have a 1-day, 3 winners art raffle!

First Place: Full Background, 3 characters, full colored and shaded. I will try to make it as pretty and neat as possible!

Second Place: A colored, full body character!

Third Place: An animated icon, your choice of theme!

Rules: • Reblog and likes are worth one entry each, since I’m not to bothered by it, side-blogs may reblog, but please do not abuse this!

- (but if you submit a drawing of a dragon, any quality or type, you get an extra entry!)

If you art picked please to not request: NSFW, Mecha, hate or something that would offend a person or group, and OCs that are not yours without permission!

•You do not need to be following me, but they are always appreciated!

Raffle Ends at Nov. 22 at 7:00am Central Time! Good Luck!

Get to know you

I was tagged by @ellesjourney

Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them better

Relationship status: selfishly single

Favorite colors: I love most colors, but orange is my fave. Never wear it, though.

Lipstick or chapstick: oooh, chapstick. I hate wearing lipstick.

Last song: “Meeting Tom Riddle” by John Williams. I’m currently writing. >.>; Don’t judge me.

Last Movie: the new Power Rangers movie with my son.

Top three shows: I don’t really watch tv, but my favorite ones are The Office and Poldark.

Top three ships: Tomione, Reylo, Dramione

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Blizzard, I could write you a two page essay on why there needs to be more neon skins.

@phil-the-stone can we consider this one as a “holding hands”?