i hate chanyeol tho

SM: ok everyone get ready for our trip to Hawaii 


SM: no not you exo you get to work you’re asses off for another comeback oOps


BYUN FREAKING BAEKHYUN YOU DIRTY PIECE OF FILTH! I will destroy you and your *sobs* perfect body! How dare you try and destroy my bias list by destroying your shirt???!!!!! I HAD AN ORGANIZED LIST ALL ALPHABETICAL AND COLOR CODED!!! BUT NOOOOO you have to shred all of my lists and resistance on those washboard abs leaving me as nothing but a pile of fan goo steaming on the floor.

I hate you.

But um feel free to make this a regular thing…

EXO as Teachers
  • Suho: *The one all the girls are friends with* "You brought lunch for me today? You didn't have to, thank you. Let me tell you a story.." *Still being a mama*
  • Tao: *Crying* "Why aren't you paying attention! I'm talking... teaching the history of wushu... it's important.."
  • Lay: *Drives all the girls crazy with his smile* "Are you okay student? Your face is red, I'll take you to the infirmary, in my arms.."
  • Kai: "Hey! Why are you eating?! Is that chicken? Fine.. you won't get in trouble if you give me that to me" *always hungry, even as a teacher*
  • Xiumin: *The teacher all girls have a crush on* "Today we will learn the chemistry of love... are you girls listening?"
  • Baekhyun: *Always mistaken for a student* "I'm telling you I'm your teacher! Why aren't you studying! I hated studying too tho..."
  • Chanyeol: *That teacher that always makes bad jokes, so bad that you have to laugh* "How do ocean waves say hi? They wave..."
  • Kyungsoo: *Everybody runs away from him* "You! There! The one at the corner! I want 50 sheets for tomorrow saying "I shouldn't talk in class"
  • Luhan: *Athletic teacher who makes all the girls go to gym and inspire boys to become professional soccer players*
  • Sehun: "Correct! Here, you won a cookie!" *Always has enough choco to give all his studens*
  • Kris: *Philosophy teacher* "So discovering galaxies is my style, I've learnt so much from them, specially the magical taste of chicken" *God knows what he is talking about*
  • Chen: *The arts teacher you always go to for advice* "Don't hide it, if you like her, tell her. I would sing her a beautiful song and bring her 100 roses"

baek-and-kookie-deactivated2016  asked:

I honestly never believed Baekyeon was real. I mean, they were only found on that ONE DATE. After that it had gotten pretty quiet. I always thought of it as suspicious but when ChanBaek started playing with each other again (more than before) I totally forgot that Baekhyun was dating Taeyeon (sorry not sorry).

Note: Respect everyone’s opinion. Please. If you don’t agree with a certain person’s opinion keep it to yourself. ESPECIALLY if  ur not any closer to the truth than the other person is. sheesh. (this is a rant. pure words)

Hello there darling~ <3 tbh I don’t want to talk too much abt BaekYeon now. Bc do u see the amount of hate BaekYeol shippers are receiving rn?

I don’t want to say much abt the BaekYeon break-up bc I don’t want BaekYeol shippers to get more hate than they’re already getting. Ik there are shippers who went “beyond the line” but still..I don’t think the ppl who are bashing BaekYeol shippers are any better.

I’m saying this not only bc I’m a BaekYeol shipper, I’m also saying this bc this is what I think as a person.

If u ship two ppl together then hello? Isn’t it natural that you’d want them to be together? I mean c’mon, shipping two ppl but not necessarily wanting them to be together in rl? wtf.

I know that there r some shippers out there who r fine even tho they’re OTP won’t come out as real, esp those who ship homo couples. And I don’t have any problems with them. They’re cool really.

What’s NOT cool though, is the fact that some of them are telling BaekYeol shippers that they’re disgusting for being happy abt Bh and Tae’s break up.

I’m not saying that it’s fine to be joyful over a couple’s break-up. It’s really not. But still, emotions aren’t rly an easy thing to control. The shippers felt a sense of hope and joy abt the break-up, you can’t possibly expect them to act sad even though they’re not.

It’s not a good thing, but at the same time, it’s also something a person simply can’t control. See it as this: Your dad accidentally hit someone with his car. And that person died.

When he’s sentenced to imprisonment, ofc you’d be sad. But the family of the killed person wouldn’t be. They’d feel a sense of justice and a little bit of weight would be lifted off their shoulders.

Even though the right thing to do is be happy that the person who accidentally killed someone is imprisoned, you can’t do that bc he’s your dad. Ofc you’d be sad. And it’s not bc you want to be sad, it’s bc you can’t control what you initially feel.

I know my example is way too far from the BaekYeon break-up…but you can’t deny that the feelings are similar.

I’m not gonna be a hypocrite, I’m gonna tell you outright that I felt a sense of joy upon finding out that Bh and Tae broke up. Why you ask? Bc I ship another person for Bh. I’m disgusting? How so?

It’s what I feel. You can’t expect me to control it do you? If I hear a funny joke you can’t expect me to be scared can you? Sure you might be sad that Bh and Tae broke up, but some ppl aren’t. Fcking respect that.

I’m not ‘celebrating’ Bh and Tae’s break-up, I simply felt a twinge of happiness once I knew abt it. But it doesn’t mean that we’re not worried abt our idols. Ofc we still want them to be okay, if they were real, then ofc we’re hoping Bh/Tae is okay.

Take it as this: ur bestfriend barely hung out with you bc of his/her new relationship. And when they broke up you felt a slight twinge of happiness bc he/she could hang out with u some more again. BUT ofc ur still worried whether he/she is okay, and you’ll be there to support him/her.

Screwed up? Oh well, aren’t we all?

I’m not talking sht abt the ppl who are sad that Bh and Tae broke up, u guys are amazing. Being able to sympathize with ur idols wholeheartedly is an admirable thing to do.

But criticizing ppl for feeling what they feel is not fcking amazing. It’s annoying. I’m fine with ppl complaining abt the ppl who are shoving nc-17 fanarts/fanfics of BaekYeol to Bh/Cy bc that rly is going beyond the line. Sure, go ahead and teach the fans where the line is. (although I’m pretty sure idols are trained to endure and shrug off these kind of things but meh).

Just don’t…Please don’t tell a person to stop feeling what he/she is currently feeling. I know it’s not right to be happy abt a person’s break-up, but we can’t help it okay? We didn’t rly ask for it, we just felt happy abt it, we can’t control what we initially feel, and neither can you. So please respect everyone’s emotions.

I’m pretty sure there are a LOT of ppl who were happy abt the break-up, but they just don’t say it out loud. I was also planning on not saying what I felt abt the break-up, but the amount of hate I saw on the BaekYeol tag brought me to type all of these up.

PS: Everything I wrote above were to defend the BaekYeol shippers and to hopefully stop some ppl to criticize us too harshly. Not all BaekYeol shippers are disgusting. Pls stop using such words, it’s honestly offending. 

I never wrote anything to criticize the ppl who were saddened abt Bh and Tae’s break-up. But I did write things to criticize ppl who’re criticizing BaekYeol shippers for feeling what they just felt. Sorry not sorry.

I’m pretty sure ppl would hate me for this but ughh. I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. 

A random BaekYeol gif to lift up the mood xDDD

gif cr

Sorry for the sudden rant darling. I know you never asked for those, I hope ur fine with it TT___TT

PPS: This is my actual answer to your actual question darling xD

You never believed BaekYeon was real? Tbh I thought so too. Like I have said numerous times. And yes I agree with you, they have never been seen in any other dates besides that one supposedly “car date” which was one of the shadiest sht in the world of kpop.. And actually, what’s gotten me grow suspicious isn’t the fact that Bh and Cy played around w/ each other much more than before, although it did somehow made me wonder abt some stuff. What’s gotten me more suspicious was the fact that Bh and Cy actually became a bit distant after that BaekYeon spectacle.

And the fact that u forgot Bh was dating Tae at times…HAHAHA well the thought that Bh was dating someone whenever I see him with Cy RARELY comes up my mind tho so…Oops?

I can already see the hate coming xD