i hate carpets

  • me: sending an empty mail to my teacher to gain time and then blame it on internet connection
  • me: ahaha i'm such a mastermind

Hello studyblrs,

I am here to say that I will always be happy to talk about mental health with any of you. I’m of the belief that mental health should never be swept under the carpet. I hate that it seems to still be taboo to bring the topic up, or the fact that there is still stigma surrounding the topic.

Mental health is more prevalent than people seem to realise, and I think it’s important to note that you really are not alone. Your university/college has resources for you to use. And there are more resources available outside of your campus, though this may not be as readily available depending on your financial status/health care system/etc. (though this can also be said about the university).

Most importantly, and I’ve already said it, you are not alone. There are many students who are battling mental health problems of all kinds, and there really is nothing quite like finding another person who you can at least sympathise with. Details aren’t always necessary, and there are people who will be there for you.

This has been a random PSA, but I just kind of want to get it out there that mental health is not easy, but it’s often treated like an elephant in the room (or whatever the phrase is), and I want to address that especially in this community, which I do think has some unhealthy ways of approaching academics, but also for those who feel alone or unsure about their struggles.

And especially for the younger ones, you would be surprised how many gradblrs especially are aware of these problems within academia. And perhaps I cannot speak for everyone, but I know for me personally, I am readily available to talk about it if you ever have doubts during high school, undergrad, etc. A lot of us has seen some shape or form of mental health, whether personally or through colleagues/friends.

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As a long time fan of Abel, let me just say that I've been cringing for months and it's about to reach peak cringe tonight. I fn hope Justin Bieber shows up and steals his spotlight or some shit bcs this is next level. I just saw a pic of A/S from last night, jfc how is it that they've been photographed like 100000 times and there's only like 3 pics that look natural/good? They are not ready for a red carpet, I hate his team so fn much for not stopping this and embarrassing the fandom. #notBella

I hope they look forced and awkward if they are walking together, it’ll be hysterical, like he’s already awkward enough in front of cameras and she always looks like she’s literally dicking him from behind in every photo I’ve seen of them, it’s ridiculous. And the amount of photos of them and times they’re spotted together is insane, I’m sure more than half of his candids, period, have her in them in only four months of stunting and they all look miserable and extra, like they stare at the cameras in all of them. I don’t know how anyone thinks they’re cute but it’s whatever. I block them and any blog/account I see post photos of them so I have to see as little as possible now and it’s pretty chill. 

I see a lot of his fans get on them for being fake or the way he’s acting but it doesn’t matter if all of you leave his fanbase. At the end of the day S’s fans will glady start supporting him just for being with her and she has way more of them than he does. I think he looses so major cool points and credibility for the image he was rocking before with it but it doesn’t matter since this typical teen star look is what he wants. It’s a giant cringe fest but that’s what it takes to stay relevant in todays media. I was a fan of him for a long time before I even knew who Bella was, Kiss Land will still be one of my fave albums ever even if I never listen to it, and I had tickets to go to Starboy and everything but he’s such a hypocritical embarrassment that I just can’t with them him anymore. Idk, not to rip into your fave or anything but I’m so bothered lol.

Im so pissseeeddd, I spilled foundation on my carpet yesterday, I tried to clean it but there’s a big spot on the carpet now that is brighter than the rest. Idk what to do now. This is why I prefer wood floors, I hate carpet so much.

So my next housing goals are: 

-bright kitchen- one that looks sheek but also fancy when cleaned, but homey when dirty. A kitchen where the sunlight streams in and you can dance on the floor in your socks and have ample baking space. 

-wood floors (i hate carpet, not my favorite thing in the world since I’m always cleaning it to get rid of allergens) 

-split rent because I am in a house and living with someone, or cheaper rent for my apt than what I’m paying now

-a nicer aesthetic-i am finally buying matching furniture, etc, one piece at a time when i can afford it, so the whole place, bed, couch, etc, should be fresh and new and more me and modern. right now i got this rustic junklot donation vibe going on, which is fine, but haha it’s not completely me 

-more artwork on the walls, lots more artwork, preferably made by friends

-a room/area to write in and meditate in, one that faces nature and trees

-nice neighborhood like the one I am in now w/parks close by for dog walks and such (backyard a plus for my doggo clients who stay over) 

-nice bright bathroom too- i am done with dingy austin apt bathrooms, i am ready to return to the bathrooms of the living 

That Was Very Brave

Jason McCann Imagine *smut*

Waking up in the middle of the night to a loud crash and people yelling was not pleasant. At all. You groaned as you sat up and felt your boyfriend Jason do the same thing. He slowly reached down to the nightstand and pulled out the gun that he kept in there. There was another shout from downstairs. “McCann! We know you and your little bitch are here!” they yelled.

“Shit. Baby come here,” he whispered grabbing your hands leading you to the closet. He reached up on the top shelf and grabbed a small silver gun. “Take this. Stay in here. If anything happens don’t be afraid to use it,” he said. “What are you gonna do?” you asked him. “I’m gonna go take care of this. Don’t worry baby. I’ll be right back. Just stay here,” he said closing the closet door leaving you there to wait.

You had no idea how long you had been there but all you could hear was yelling, things smashing, grunts, and of course gun shots. When you heard the scream of your boyfriend and gunshot soon after you started freaking out. You know that he told you to stay there but you couldn’t anymore. How were you supposed to stand there knowing Jason could be hurt or worse.

So slowly you opened up the door, gun in your hand, and started creeping down the stairs. When you got to the bottle you saw how almost every peice of furniture in your house had been ruined. You also saw your boyfriend Jason who seemed fine and two other men. One of them laying on the floor blood seeping out of his head onto your hardwood floors.

Jason was against the wall you noticed he didn’t have his gun. It was over by the dead guy on the floor. The second guy was facing Jason his back towards you. His gun pointed right at your boyfriend. You know the only way to save Jason was to kill the other man. You had never used a gun on your life and knew you would probably have the worst aim.

The only way to make sure you hit him was to get as close as possible. So you stayed as quiet as you possibly could and crept closer until you an arms distance away. You pointed the gun at the back of his head and fired. Blood splattered all over you as he fell to the floor. Jason staring right at you.

You dropped your gun as realization set in. Jason was almost killed and you just killed someone. Someone who a life and a family. Even though he was bad you still killed him. Jason came up to you and pulled you into his arms as you started to cry.

“Shh. Baby. Baby. Listen to me. It’s ok. It’s gonna be ok. You saved me. Ok babe you saved me,” he kept saying. He pulled back once your cries seemed to stop. “Look at you,” he said using his thumb to wipe some of the blood of your cheek. “C’mon lets go clean you up,” he said leading you upstairs. “What about them?” you asked talking about the two dead men on your floor.

“Don’t worry about them. I’ll handle it. It’s a good thing we don’t have carpet,” he said. “I hate carpet,” you mumbled. “I know baby. I know,” he said. He lead you to the bathroom and turned on the shower. “We gonna take this off,” he said referring to the huge t-shirt you were wearing. You lifted up your arms as he lifted the shirt off of you. He trailed his hand down your side when he noticed you didn’t have a bra on.

He stepped back and took off his clothes as you slipped out of your underwear. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the shower. He grabbed a washcloth and wet it before dabbing your face with it. He gently started cleaning off the blood off you.

When he was done with that he leaned down and gave you a gently kiss. He started leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. “You are so brave,” he said in between kisses. “My brave brave girl,” he said kissing you again. He backed you up until you were against the wall. The hot water of the shower against your side.

“You were such a good girl. I think I should give you a treat. What do you think Y/N?” he asked. His hands were moving all over your body and he was kissing all over your chest. You let out a moan as he ran his finger through your folds right over your clit. “I’m gonna take that as a yes,” he said getting down so was leveled with your waist.

As he placed kisses in the insides of your thighs he said “I’m gonna make you feel so good babe.” His pushed his tongue inside of you started sucking on your clit. “Uh. Jasson,” you moaned running your hands through his hair. He continued sucking on your clit as he started moaning on it sending vibrations through your body.

You were panting as he started kissing on it. He moaned with each kiss. Your body shuddered as he entered a finger. “You like that babygirl?” he asked. “Yes,” you moaned. “Yes what?” he asked glaring at you. “Yes daddy,” you panted as he slid yet another finger into you. The hot water was causing steam that fogged up the shower door.

The heat radiating off of you was incredible. So was your impending orgasm. “Uh. Jason. I’m gonna cum,” you told him. “Of course you are babygirl. Let it go. Let it go for me baby,” he said. And moments later you did. He stood back up after swallowing every last drop. He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned down to kiss you. “Did I ever tell you how brave you are?” he asked.

Since I’m on a roll in the traumazone, did I ever tell my public tumblr about the time my ex made me sleep on the floor in the bathroom when I was ill because he was scared I would puke on his precious bedroom carpet