i hate carpets

Shampooing the carpet with one of those carpet washing machines:

no discernible difference to the stains on my awful beige carpet 

but filter is clogged with grime afterwards

seriously what the hell?

i hate red carpets because all of those small chested celebs wearing plunging neckline dresses make me so sad. i just wanna be part of the elegant plunging neck club but these titties won’t quit

Hello studyblrs,

I am here to say that I will always be happy to talk about mental health with any of you. I’m of the belief that mental health should never be swept under the carpet. I hate that it seems to still be taboo to bring the topic up, or the fact that there is still stigma surrounding the topic.

Mental health is more prevalent than people seem to realise, and I think it’s important to note that you really are not alone. Your university/college has resources for you to use. And there are more resources available outside of your campus, though this may not be as readily available depending on your financial status/health care system/etc. (though this can also be said about the university).

Most importantly, and I’ve already said it, you are not alone. There are many students who are battling mental health problems of all kinds, and there really is nothing quite like finding another person who you can at least sympathise with. Details aren’t always necessary, and there are people who will be there for you.

This has been a random PSA, but I just kind of want to get it out there that mental health is not easy, but it’s often treated like an elephant in the room (or whatever the phrase is), and I want to address that especially in this community, which I do think has some unhealthy ways of approaching academics, but also for those who feel alone or unsure about their struggles.

And especially for the younger ones, you would be surprised how many gradblrs especially are aware of these problems within academia. And perhaps I cannot speak for everyone, but I know for me personally, I am readily available to talk about it if you ever have doubts during high school, undergrad, etc. A lot of us has seen some shape or form of mental health, whether personally or through colleagues/friends.

| C.H.| Award Show Ex

Based off the request: “Can you pleeaaasee make a smut where you and cal fuck in a car? tysm ily xx”

I haven’t edited this so there is probably a lot of errors, I’ll go through it later enjoy :) 

I hate red carpets with a burning passion. All they are is cameras being flashed in your face with old men yelling at you to look one way then another while being forced to have a fake smile plastered on your face at all times. It’s even worse when your ex boyfriend and his band mates are right next to you on the carpet. 

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I feel like im in limbo
Inbetween safe spaces
Running from bad places

“im sorry, im sorry”
Is that all they fuckin say?
Be original for fucks sake
Im dying here
Crying here
Losin my fuckin mind here
I dont have no fuckin friends
Or family
Or no fuckin 401K

Im young and im restless
Always with these messes
I dont wanna sense these senses
I numb myself evey night
I hate to hear their voices

GOD! PLEASE! Take it the fuck away from me!
I cant stand myself
I cant stand real life
The fuckin knife
My strifes my pride
You know the life I’ve lived
The price I’ve paid
To get to where I am today…

I told my nan,
“I feel like my whole life, I was born to be abused”
What a fuckin ruse,

How i feel is up for debate
And you know i hate
These dusty carpets
With all the shit thats been swept under it…

I’ve lost faith…

I love to sleep
I love that lull
That intimate and sleazy pull,
“Come unto me”
“Its going to fine”
“Just sleep it away”
Its promising
Its shiny
Its such a sweet deal
Up until i discover
Just how fuckin
- just how fuckin awful i feel

Being awake tries me
Like flyin in a blizzard
I can hear her
Im fearing her
Those fuckin times
They shake me
They grip me
Its here
Ever present and closing
Closing onto me
Hard to breathe
I dont wanna breathe
Those times do reek
Real bad and deep
Web MD
This shits a mess
Yeah, they cant help me…

I just wanna feel safe
In a safe place
Some place quiet
Without the booze
Or sleazy pills
I’ve had my fill
I’ve seen too much
Shits real tough
Trying to stay asleep
Hoping to stay alive
I dont wanna feel
I dont wanna hear
Or smell
Or see
Or taste my tears-
Fuck these fears
Theyre the shit keeping


From being me.

I want to forget
And i want to wake up
Return to the lull of living
Unafraid and unharmed
But for fucks sake, its so hard

These loud sounds
These echoing pounds
Those angry screams
They haunt me

Im here
So much fear
Waiting- and away from there
Thats good I guess
But time will only tell before i realize that my life’s a fuckin mess…

—  I finished this at 4:27 am, June 30, 2015
Awards are a very new thing to me. I hate red carpets and I hate people looking at me generally and taking pictures and stuff. I hate all that stuff.
—  Calvin Harris (November 2012 interview by AJ Gordon, 97.1 AMP Radio)