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a quick lil behind the scenes of my newest post (in my drafts rn w/lots of others!) i haven’t posted any original content in like the last four months?? so im trying to get back into it haha :))

Matty’s Interview with The Sunday Times Style

I wish I had a teenage daughter. Why? Because here I am with Matt Healy, the frontman of the 1975, who has just offered to take his shirt off in order to give me a tattoo tour. There’s the one dedicated to his nana; his mum, Denise “Loose Women” Welch, is on his foot; his dad, Tim “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” Healy, is on his arm; and his brother, Louis, on the back of a calf; there’s the one dedicated to William Burroughs, the author of his favourite ever book, Queer; then there’s the one on the inside of his left wrist… of his passport number. “I got bored of being constantly woken up by a woman offering me a landing card while my tour manager, who always carries my passport, is conked out somewhere behind me. I thought it would be useful. It’s really all I need on a plane.

Welcome to the world of the 1975, whose second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It (yes, really), went straight to No 1 in both America and the UK last year, and who won the best band award at the Brits in February. They have just announced that their third album, Music for Cars, will be out next year, and when we meet they are about to go on tour, kicking off in Mexico and ending in July at Latitude Festival in Suffolk, where they will headline alongside Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. If you’re not familiar with their music — think Pete Doherty mixed with One Direction, maybe — it’s probably because, like me, you’re too old. That said, Mick Jagger, whom the band supported when the Stones played Hyde Park in 2013, is a huge fan — so fond of their hit single Chocolate, he has been known to put it on after dinner for guests.

Yeah, I remember that gig,” says the 28-year-old Healy, with a faint Northern accent. “It was before I had my eyes lasered and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Pointless. There were 50,000 people there and I could only see about four of them, but out of the corner of my eye I could just make out this gyrating figure and it was Jagger dancing to Chocolate. Mick Jagger — can you f****** believe it?

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 7

I didn’t even love Deep Space Nine at the start. That may be one of my favorite things about this now, here at the end. I got attached gradually, more and more, a love that built over time until I’d grown so fond of it, so close, that at times it would almost seem we were completing each other’s frickin sentences.

Oh my show, my sweet space show, so strong and sure in its storytelling. It has been a steady hug when I needed it most, during times when the world and my own days were both filled with distress and despair. The people on this station experienced great traumas too, but it was boundlessly comforting to watch them navigate each tricky pass with such care and wisdom and heart. Their hope gave me hope, too.

I actually really like watching shows that have already concluded. I like the feeling of having seen the whole thing, and now having this complete world to play in. A show that’s no longer on the air is like a novel — you can look at it as one thing, hold it in your hands and see what the shapes of all the narratives truly were. It’s once I’ve finished a series that the most imaginative parts of my fan-mind finally let loose, spilling light into unexplored corners, drawing plans for how to shore up weak spots, bring a few pieces a bit tighter together, add a haunted attic, etc.

So this is the sort of space I was just tipping over into when Deep Space Nine gave me an ending. A capital letter Ending, achingly realistic. The series ended because the characters’ time together ended. The course of people’s lives change, they take new opportunities, they move away — and so ends the run of months, years if you’re lucky, when you were all together.

The finale is sad, oh it is so sad, and god I love it, I do. I love it for being so sad, and for being so natural, so recognizable, that now this is just my ending. No matter what else my thoughts will go back to fill in, all roads lead to the sea. To goodbye.

Which is probably what has landed me in just a very a tender sort story hangover with this one, walking around sheltering this warm, full, broken heart. 

So I do hope you sweethearts will stick around as I feel I’m going to be in quite the state for a while!!

Tarra Treks: The Final Set of Watch-Notes

7x24 ‘The Dogs of War: Part 8’
- O’Brien: “Running a little late.”
  Sisko: “This is no way to start a relationship.”
  me: “do it”
  Julian, slipping into frame: “Hi Ezri.”
  haaaahahaha, they did it
- Miles just keeping a steady eye on Julian awkwardly circling Ezri, oh Chief
- Worf: “He is an overgrown child.”


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Every time I see a list of “kinds of witches” I just wanna reblog it and finish it with “here a witch, there a witch, everywhere a witch witch”

Then I think that would probably be rude so I don’t do it.


Welcome to the premiere of Thor

That Was Very Brave

Jason McCann Imagine *smut*

Waking up in the middle of the night to a loud crash and people yelling was not pleasant. At all. You groaned as you sat up and felt your boyfriend Jason do the same thing. He slowly reached down to the nightstand and pulled out the gun that he kept in there. There was another shout from downstairs. “McCann! We know you and your little bitch are here!” they yelled.

“Shit. Baby come here,” he whispered grabbing your hands leading you to the closet. He reached up on the top shelf and grabbed a small silver gun. “Take this. Stay in here. If anything happens don’t be afraid to use it,” he said. “What are you gonna do?” you asked him. “I’m gonna go take care of this. Don’t worry baby. I’ll be right back. Just stay here,” he said closing the closet door leaving you there to wait.

You had no idea how long you had been there but all you could hear was yelling, things smashing, grunts, and of course gun shots. When you heard the scream of your boyfriend and gunshot soon after you started freaking out. You know that he told you to stay there but you couldn’t anymore. How were you supposed to stand there knowing Jason could be hurt or worse.

So slowly you opened up the door, gun in your hand, and started creeping down the stairs. When you got to the bottle you saw how almost every peice of furniture in your house had been ruined. You also saw your boyfriend Jason who seemed fine and two other men. One of them laying on the floor blood seeping out of his head onto your hardwood floors.

Jason was against the wall you noticed he didn’t have his gun. It was over by the dead guy on the floor. The second guy was facing Jason his back towards you. His gun pointed right at your boyfriend. You know the only way to save Jason was to kill the other man. You had never used a gun on your life and knew you would probably have the worst aim.

The only way to make sure you hit him was to get as close as possible. So you stayed as quiet as you possibly could and crept closer until you an arms distance away. You pointed the gun at the back of his head and fired. Blood splattered all over you as he fell to the floor. Jason staring right at you.

You dropped your gun as realization set in. Jason was almost killed and you just killed someone. Someone who a life and a family. Even though he was bad you still killed him. Jason came up to you and pulled you into his arms as you started to cry.

“Shh. Baby. Baby. Listen to me. It’s ok. It’s gonna be ok. You saved me. Ok babe you saved me,” he kept saying. He pulled back once your cries seemed to stop. “Look at you,” he said using his thumb to wipe some of the blood of your cheek. “C’mon lets go clean you up,” he said leading you upstairs. “What about them?” you asked talking about the two dead men on your floor.

“Don’t worry about them. I’ll handle it. It’s a good thing we don’t have carpet,” he said. “I hate carpet,” you mumbled. “I know baby. I know,” he said. He lead you to the bathroom and turned on the shower. “We gonna take this off,” he said referring to the huge t-shirt you were wearing. You lifted up your arms as he lifted the shirt off of you. He trailed his hand down your side when he noticed you didn’t have a bra on.

He stepped back and took off his clothes as you slipped out of your underwear. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the shower. He grabbed a washcloth and wet it before dabbing your face with it. He gently started cleaning off the blood off you.

When he was done with that he leaned down and gave you a gently kiss. He started leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. “You are so brave,” he said in between kisses. “My brave brave girl,” he said kissing you again. He backed you up until you were against the wall. The hot water of the shower against your side.

“You were such a good girl. I think I should give you a treat. What do you think Y/N?” he asked. His hands were moving all over your body and he was kissing all over your chest. You let out a moan as he ran his finger through your folds right over your clit. “I’m gonna take that as a yes,” he said getting down so was leveled with your waist.

As he placed kisses in the insides of your thighs he said “I’m gonna make you feel so good babe.” His pushed his tongue inside of you started sucking on your clit. “Uh. Jasson,” you moaned running your hands through his hair. He continued sucking on your clit as he started moaning on it sending vibrations through your body.

You were panting as he started kissing on it. He moaned with each kiss. Your body shuddered as he entered a finger. “You like that babygirl?” he asked. “Yes,” you moaned. “Yes what?” he asked glaring at you. “Yes daddy,” you panted as he slid yet another finger into you. The hot water was causing steam that fogged up the shower door.

The heat radiating off of you was incredible. So was your impending orgasm. “Uh. Jason. I’m gonna cum,” you told him. “Of course you are babygirl. Let it go. Let it go for me baby,” he said. And moments later you did. He stood back up after swallowing every last drop. He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned down to kiss you. “Did I ever tell you how brave you are?” he asked.