i hate captivity


Capriweek2k17 Day 3: Kings & Day 7: “You were watching the road.”

“I planned to greet you on the steps, Veretian protocol.”
“Come out and kiss me in front of everyone later.”

Headcanon. After running around the summer palace naked and doing it “not quite on the balcony”,
At some point the kings had to meet the crowd.

–The kings in all their glory–
and then
–The Kings in reality–
who are like an old maried couple.

I can’t blame Damen tho. Laurent’s skin is just so sensitive, it would bruise to the touch.


i doodled a self-indulgent cp zombie au on my sketchbook!!

“There’s a summer palace in Ios outside the capital. My mother designed the gardens there. They say it’s built on Artesian foundations.” He thought of the meandering walks, the delicate, flowering southern orchids, the sprays of orange blossom. “It’s cool in summer, and there are fountains, and tracks for riding.”

“When all this is over… we could take horses and stay a week in the palace.” After a moment, Laurent said, softly,

“I’d like that” (Pacat, Kings Rising,  pg. 243-244).


This sketch/painting was based on the imagery from the end of chapter 14. The background nearly killed me, but overall, I really enjoyed doing this.

Ahhh sweet, sweet bbies<333I think the next time I draw them, I’ll do chibis~