i hate bugs but this made me laugh

anonymous asked:

Hi! How did you find out about B.A.P? Aleo what was the first B.A.P song you heard of, and the first mv you watched?

I became a baby during Matrix. Tbh. I was so stubborn. I just remember seeing a post about Dae’s “they hate us they anus” strap and it made me laugh haha. Fast forward to when Young, Wild & Free came out. It was around the time iKon’s mv for Apology came out so I was all about that. My friend kept bugging me if I watched B.A.P’s mv. So I finally did. Noticed Jongup first & was like “who’s the blonde” & my friend told me to stay away from him lol. Some time passes & she’s throwing Dae at me. So dae became my bias. And that’s how I found out about b.a.p.