i hate boys :p

Me: ugh it’s so unrealistic that they have Ariel fall in love with a guy she’s never met and basically puts her life on the line for a high risk bet

Me, ten seconds later: anyways, I fucking love Ryan Ross and he can kill me if he wants you know just for fun even lmao

Black Hat hates The Princess Bride.

More specifically, he hates the fact that hapless would-be heroes/assassins who attempt to kill him incessantly quote the “Hello. My name is [INSERT NAME HERE]. You killed my [father/brother/father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate]. Prepare to die.” line. (Submitted by @pinkbaron)

Lyste, how dare you deny baby Mitaka a Porg? (that’s Preston the porg to be exact!)

I was writing something emotional and appropiate about Hansol, Nakta and P-Goon leaving Topp Dogg but tbh just fuck it.

I’m sad, I’m crying my eyes out even though I saw it coming ‘cause Hunus is a shit company and there’s nothing else to it. They deserved better but instead they went from 13 to 6 in the blink of an eye.

With Jenissi leaving last year and A-Tom joining Produce 101 I just knew something would happen, and now I just hate everything and will go cry under a blanket.

I just hope that the remaining members will be successful in The Unit and in A-Tom’s case in JBJ, and I hope that Hansol and P-Goon take care while in the army, and that all 3 of them pursue solo activities and be successful as well.

I, of course, will continue supporting Topp Dogg as a Topp Klass, but I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to their music for a long while, I am just too hurt. I ask all of you to continue supporting them in these hard times and in the ones that will come. They deserved so much better.

And to HUNUS, fuck you, you don’t deserve anything. How I wish Romeo and Elris weren’t under you, piece of shit.


max domi: lion whisperer 

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I just came across your adorable comic with zoro being good at doing hair and thought what if zoros the one who did namis hair in the gold movie (the cute side flower) ;;;;

im cryin it’s so cute :’D

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AliHida height swap, Akiyama is the tall giant while Hidaka is perfectly of average height. How does that affect their relationship in general? (Can also be due the effect of a strain)

I like the idea of this being a Strain effect because imagine Akiyama being unexpectedly pleased by his new height while Hidaka’s all ‘….so this is what it’s like not having to duck when you walk through a door.’ When the Strain first hits them I think everyone else is suddenly surprised by how short Hidaka is now that he’s Akiyama’s height, like normally Akiyama’s so calm and authoritative that most of the cast has never realized how short he really is (until I had to look it up for an ask once I had no idea that not only is Akiyama shorter than Fushimi but he’s actually the third shortest member of the squad, ahead of only Enomoto and Fuse). Now that the much less intimidating Hidaka has Akiyama’s height he just seems really short, like are you sure you and Akiyama switched heights because I don’t think Akiyama was that short, Benzai probably has to verify because he knows Akiyama’s exact height. Meanwhile Akiyama is now twice as intimidating and authoritative as a tall giant, and is also surprisingly pleased by how easy it is to reach the high shelves.

I can see this being a bit weird for their relationship, like Hidaka’s actually a little disappointed that he can’t rest his chin on Akiyama’s head anymore and he misses being able to just wrap himself entirely around Akiyama like he used to. Akiyama I could see being suddenly a lot more awkward about his secret dom tendencies, like he’s already a bit on edge about them and tends to go from ‘lick my boots’ to 'oh dear I didn’t tie the knots too tight did I let me get you some cream for the rope burn’ but now that he’s taller he feels like it’s just…mean to be tying Hidaka up and making him beg. Also imagine that usually Akiyama complains about Hidaka being taller than him (at least in part because since Hidaka’s so tall he’s one of the few alphabet boys who’s noticed that Akiyama’s a little on the shor…perfectly average height end of things and so Hidaka sometimes likes to tease Akiyama a bit about his height) but secretly he rather likes being held by his giant boyfriend and fitting so nicely against him, and now he feels all awkward and giant and clumsy.