i hate blue so much

Do you ever remember that Gansey and Ronan RAN to make it to Adam’s court case in time

Do you ever wonder how that went down. Like, do you think they were sitting in second period, both of them putting together that Adam wasn’t there, and both of them panic for a moment before remembering that Adam has moved away from home and it isn’t for the same reason it used to be

And then Gansey uses his Gansey Charm Power to get the office staff to tell him why Adam called out

And then they look at each other and don’t say a word and just RUSH to the courthouse, Gansey ignoring the speed limit for once in his life and them running up staircases trying to find the right courtroom (holy shit there are so MANY why are there so many)

And Ronan fucking ties his tie right because this is Adam and this is Important

And Adam might think he is unknowable but they know him better than he knows himself

Do you ever cry

“Noah appeared beside Blue. He looked joyful and adoring, like a Labrador retriever. 
Noah had decided almost immediately that he would do anything for Blue, a fact that would’ve needled Adam if it had been anyone other than Noah.”


There’s been a flood of fan art and screenshots of crying blue diamond on my dash and I’ve never felt more apathetic about a character’s moment in su. I haven’t seen the new episodes but when I do I swear once she starts crying I’m probably going to throw something at my tv.

I think I’m falling in love with you.

And I know, to you, that probably means nothing. If anything at all, it makes our friendship extremely awkward.

But to me, it means a lot. It means I let my walls fall down for you. When I’ve done that in the past, at least with prospective boyfriends, it hasn’t gone very well. Please don’t break me like they did.

It also means that, along with letting you see the real me, that I trust you. Please don’t break that, either. It’s getting more and more rare, and I don’t know how long I have before the world just shuts me down.

Another thing that that means is that I will be there for you. Whether it’s as a friend or a girlfriend, calming words and smiles or a hand to hold and arms to be held in, I will be there. Please understand that if you understand nothing else.

The last thing that means is that I’d probably go to the ends of the earth for you, even if I never wanted to go there in the first place. If that happens, please remind me who I am and let me find my own path again. If we really want to, we’ll find a way for those paths to intertwine, so don’t worry about that.

Just don’t hate me. That might kill me this time. Please.

And I really hate to say this, but…

I think I love you.

—  an excerpt from a book that I’ll never write #17

I loathe introductions and forewords. The stories that live are the ones we get into like a knife in the flesh. 

Jean Ray in La danse de Salomé