i hate bills too


“We don’t have to send him a thank you card if he didn’t get us a present, do we?”

makes this comic to justify being late for the twins’ birthday forgive me

and yes that is the cipher from journal 3 all over the letter! I hope you have as much fun deciphering it as I did writing it up :D which I think basically means I hope you suffer with it but enjoy the suffering? huh


Okay, so like

I wanted to shitpost yesterday

But I was at work and it got busy so I couldn’t fuck off like I normally do

Then I got home and was like “I should finish this fucking smut for UTW I’ve been neglecting for like weeks”

So I didn’t go on Tumblr at all



australian music

so i was talking to virtuousfantine and thinking about how music is so americanised (or should i say americanized) and all you guys (even most australian people) know of australian music is like iggy azalea which is just depressing. so i decided to make a post celebrating the gems of aussie music history because like how can you live without knowing:

the classic about the guy who was just sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea by a pond then stole a sheep and committed suicide?

or the one about the competitive sheep farmers who want to be the fastest sheep shearers in all the land (but one of them’s a cheater)

and then there’s pretty stuff like this that’s sorta sad?

and awesome stuff like this excellent song i mean look at that video A+

also this amazing piece for solo cello that was written for a reconciliation thing between aboriginal australians and white people that is actually really important historically but is also just flipping cool and gorgeous

obvs there’s aboriginal music as well which is so. cool. omg.

and tiny obscure aussie composers who write stuff like this that is the prettiest choral music ever

and cutesy indie pop like this (is this not the cutest video you’ve ever seen)

and just australian culture is pretty cool actually and gets very little international attention other than negatively and people like iggy azalea and acdc who just do stuff that’s basically american. like there’s more to australia than the harbour bridge and racism and homophobia, we have a v rich culture and it deserves more respect. please add your fave australian music to this list! 

Crack! GF AU where Bill is like Varrick and Dipper is like Zhu Li (from the Legend of Korra).

Now I can see this happening in two ways…

1. Dipper makes a deal with Bill and his payment was to become his permanent assistant.

2. Dipper is fascinated with Bill because of his clashing characteristics of ridiculous behaviour but genius mind, so he snags a job as his personal assistant. Of course, he learns the hard way that Mr. Cipher’s antics can’t be decoded into comprehensible things and that he’s actually quite the pain in the ass to deal with.

y’know, whichever floats your boat the most, lol.


BILLDIP IS CANON *dives in trash bin dramatically*

anonymous asked:

Dipper pouted as Bill pecked his lips gently, making the other laugh and ruffle his hair. "I hate you Bill." Dipper said, trying not to smile. "Love ya too, pine tree" bill said as he kissed Dipper again, this time earning a smile.


anonymous asked:

for the walking dead au, how do the twins find bill, more specifically how does Dipper find Bill? Or vice versa

I’ve actually got a drawing set I’m working on for this!

as you can see, it’s going to be terrible for everyone

I’ll probably post WIPs on instagram as I work on them, all I’ve got is the twins right now and some sketches for wendy. I had Ford, deleted him, drew Bill and hated him too

So I guess I ship Billdip now?
  • *scrolling through tumblr, avoiding impure thoughts*
  • Me: What a nice day to be safe, sane and consensual!
  • *encounters an explicit Bill/Dipper fanart*
  • Me: *scandalised gasp* What kind of sicko would-
  • Brain: Hey.
  • Me: No.
  • Brain: What if-
  • Me: NO.
  • Brain: But maybe-
  • Me: He is a child! A 12 year old CHILD. And Bill is some kind of malevolent ... chaos ... triangle ... It doesn't even make sense!
  • Brain: You could age Dipper up ... and have human!Bill ...
  • Me: But it's still so messed up. Their relationship would be manipulative at BEST.
  • Brain: Maybe you should watch the entire series again, just to be sure.
  • Me: Please ... you don't have to do this ... I have a family ...
  • *Some time later. Watching the 'Sock Opera' episode. Bipper occurs.*
  • Me: Uh oh.
  • Brain: How ~romantic~ ♡♡♡
  • Me: This is a terrifying and traumatising situation. It is not sexual.
  • Brain: But it could be.
  • Me: Why are you like this?
  • Brain: It's time to Sin.
  • Me: I don't want this in my life!
  • Brain: Too late.
  • Both: *SCREAMING*
  • Person: I hate Rick Macy, he's such a dick.
  • Me: Yeah I, too, hate Bill Macy.
  • Person: No I mean Rick Macy is a douche.
  • Me: Oh man yep Bill Macy is the king of the douches.
  • Person: I'm not talking about Bill Macy, I'm talking about Rick Macy.
  • Me: It's okay I understand you're confused.
  • Person: I'm not confused.
  • Me: Yes you are.

“horses are so stupid, i hate them” the equestrian sobs, looking at their vet bill.

“me too.” the non equestrian agrees, munching on some chips without noticing the equestrian creeping up behind them wearing rowelled spurs, clutching a whip and looking very angry.