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My New Human!!!

My name is Kipitin Armolia Ritin Mansi Zibop, but my nickname on the Tumblr is Karmz. I’m hosting a question and answer session. 

Anonymous asked: What is your human’s intelligence classification?

Answer: Class B intelligence!



silly-little-humans-reblogs asked: What age classification is your human?

Answer: I think the correct term is…teenager? No? What? …A kid. Ok. Everybody say hi to my human! Look at the camera. Look at the camera. Come here. Say hi!

ansibeep-answers asked: what does your human like to eat? what is it’ s name? 

Answer: I use a human delivery service called “Jungle”. It used to be called amazon. I order 4 bagels, 2 pizza pies, and 20 apples per month, along with a kilogram of human feed! Her name is Karzie. 

Anonymous asked: can your human speak?

Answer: Oh, absolutely! She corrected me on her age in the first question. 

telepip-kid asked: What is Karzie like? Where did you get her?

Answer: I got her from an earth overpopulation space home on Etzie-5. It’s the only time I’ve been off-planet. Karzie is very smart! She has been helping me read Eeenglish. She likes to read a lot, sometimes I won’t find her for an hour. She also likes the new fabric utopia playhouse I bought her. She’s so small, she has lots of places to hide. It’s painted like earth. 

swerpberp asked: you said you got Karzie from another planet, but was she born on Etzie-5, Earth, or somewhere else?

Answer: She was on earth for five years until she was flown to Etzie-5. She was on the space home for two years, and I’ve had her for the six months afterward!

deledeledeledele-wh000p asked: Hello! Human here! Has Karzie made any friends, and is she more of a Pet classification or Activity classification? 

Answer: She likes being treated like a pet, but is a fully-functional activity human. She’s just lazy. I still love Karzie, no matter how silly she is. 

veterinarian-why asked: what media has she been exposed to?

Answer: Oh, Karzie adores Star Trek. She likes the Mary (Killer) Winstead book series. I heard the author just…Karzie, could you leave the room? Leave the room…Fine…Ugh! Ok. I heard the author just died. Ok. Karzie, come back! It’s ok!

dipidipidip asked: does Karzie have GalacticChat?

Answer: Oh, no! It’s been linked to several murders on multiple planets. 

luark-sipt-gript asked: What does Karzie hate?

Answer: she hates big crowds. I took her to a human get-together and she ran away in fear. Couldn’t find her for a hour and 28 minutes!

dup-nup-swup-kup asked: Does Karzie bite?

Answer: No, she’s passive. Barely has teeth anymore. I found them around the house with blood, its disgusting. 

Anonymous asked: What is Karzie doing right now?

Answer: She’s walking around. I’m going to ring her bell. Karzie!

telepip-kid asked: Can we talk to Karzie?

Answer: Yeah! She’s right here. 

Karzie Answers

Anonymous asked: Hello Karzie!

Answer: Hello !!!

telepip-kid asked: What do you like most about Karmz? Do you prefer living on Earth, Etzie-5 or Radik?

Answer: Etzie-5 was boring. I have lots of memories of earth, but I think I prefer Radik. I have Karmz. I like Karmz’ patience. I do a lot of things to annoy her but she loves me. 

silly-little-humans-reblogs asked: What do you remember most about earth?

Answer: I remember being hungry. A year after i lived on Etzie-5 the earth regulations about overpopulation were enforced. 

Well, that concludes our weekly question-and-answer! “Tune in” next week at 3!

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Where the fuck was the "Taxation is theft and I hate big government crowd" when Eric Garner was killed?

They joined the “he was a criminal anyway” crowd.


First Time Again (4)

okay so this beast was spilt a few times. So you’ll have to be held over with this GIANT chapter that was super fun to write. I cannot wait for their journey to evolve. Gosh I just love Nesta and Cassian so much.

One Two Three

Chapter 4

“So I haven’t met everyone yet, but uncle Luc promised they wouldn’t terrorize you. They just really want to know you,” Cassian tried to ease my apprehension as we walked down my road, “I promise I won’t let them get to be too much. I won’t let them take you from my side.”

I nodded, “thanks. I just don’t like meeting new people. I don’t think I ever met your uncle.”

Cassian smiled, “I remember sweetheart. Don’t worry I’ll be the buffer.”

I bit my lip as we turned towards the center of town. “So your dad. You’re going to talk to him today?”

“I decided last night it wasn’t entirely his fault that I got sent away. It was my mom’s and he did try to find me. So I’ll give him a chance. Especially because I need to understand whatever it is this is. I need him to uh. Guide me in learning how to take it slow with you.”

I blushed, “yeah. It’s like the only thing I can think about when we’re together.”

We were both embarrassed and yet totally at ease with how much we needed each other. I couldn’t believe how much I craved Cassian even though we barely knew this version of ourselves. I mean twenty two year old Cassian was a hell of a lot different than seven year old Cassian. And yet I still felt like I knew him. Like he had been in my life for so long I didn’t need to wonder if he would walk away from me.

I had never felt so safe, so cared for before.

“What’s your favorite color?” He asked softly, his hand finding mine.

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I like Tsubasacon because it’s super low stress, low pressure to be doing stuff ALL the TIME, and it’s not crowded at all (tight crowds are the one thing I hate about big cons). It’s my Relax Con ™ every year, so I didn’t make anything new and I don’t really have any photos. But I do have this night shot my dad insisted on taking that shows off the lighting in my props pretty well \(‘w’)/

  • Big Cass: This sunday...
  • Crowd: Boo
  • Big Cass: lol whatever. This sunday...
  • Crowd: Boo
  • Big Cass: I hate you all, I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • Crowd: ...
  • Big Cass: ...
  • Crowd: BOO!


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1. Personality:

I’m a really quiet, shy person… Others say that I am clever but I don’t think so.. I just say that I’m not stupid. I’m introvert I think. But if someone get to know me and we start a friendship I start to open up (orwha) and I start to be myself XDD so I’m funny in my way… 😂… I hate the big crowd (i hate if there are more than 10 ppl in a room xD)…so if there are so many ppl around me my anxiety comes out and i start to be shyer and shyer :“)))

2. Looks:

Greyish blue eyes (but it changes sometimes..idk how) I wear glasses..and i have a pretty double chin.. my hair is long and my haircolor is something like honey I think.. my body shape is normal… just mY tHiGhS R sO ThiCc. I usually wear jeans or yoga pants (or idk what is that name) and something simple shirt.

3. Relationship status:

How many times do I have to repeat? I AM TOO YOUNG

4. Facts about me:

  • Im left handed
  • Im boring
  • I really hate everyone around me (classmates/schoolmates)
  • When I was little I wanted to be a cashier cuz i thought they can put the money in their pockets after someone paid :’) and then ppl told me that that is not like this… I felt so bad ::”))
  • I don’t like ice cream

I tag: @pastafairydinosaur @bts-goldentiger @xiuminniesittybittytiddies @bubbleteaabligurition @yoongispocket @the-orenda-fountain @tough-luck-buddy @yeoleow @valenjagi @itsmeflora @kasszandra03 @tuvilita @eunwookit @poutybearjongin @androgynous-nctzen and anyone

In Remission
The Menzingers
In Remission

I hate how I always I get nervous every time I try to speak
In front of a big crowd, a pretty girl or the police
And I hate the things that I know about you
And all the horrible things that you do
I don’t want to be late for work today,

I want to chew up my dinner and spit it in your face,
Light fire to your home and tap your cell phone.

If everyone needs a crutch, then I need a wheelchair
I need a reason to reason with you.

Do You Know? (Optional Bias, You) Scenario

Here’s a drabble I came up with today. I was doings some practice-writing and was listening to a wonderful (sad) song and inspiration hit. I had a some time to write this afternoon and here’s the product :P

Do you know?

I’ve always hated chocolates. But the moment you gave them to me, those little pods coated brown within boxes of red with a ribbon on top. Your name on a card, sealed with a promise of sweet beginnings…

I learned to love them.

“You’re going to make me fat.” I said, but he only snorted and pushed the box into my hands, saying that I looked perfect and that if I did get fat, or if I did get ugly as I claimed I would, then that would be fine.

“How is that fine?”

“That way people won’t look at you.” He answered as he popped a chocolate into his mouth, his lips coating over the sweet treat.

“How is that a good thing?”

He chuckled and placed the box down. “It’s a good thing because,” he leaned in close to me, our noses practically touching. “If they won’t look at you, no one can steal you away from me.”


Do you know?

I hated big crowds. I hated the feeling of people pushing in on me; of heat and sweat combining in the air, suffocating me.

But amidst the crowd, the stage stands in all its majesty; lights flickering like little stars…though it is nothing compared to you who stood there: the brightest star of them all.

I watched you sing and dance, watched you do what you loved most in the world. And somehow that was enough. As long as you were happy living your dream, I was happy.

“Did you see me?” He grinned as I walked up to him backstage, his arms immediately encircling my waist and lifting me up from the ground. His embrace always warmed my heart.

“Of course.”

He put me down and gave me a pout, “You weren’t looking at the other members were you?”

“Well I had to look–” he kisses me, long and deep, my words dispersing like a puff of smoke as I felt myself succumb to the warmth of his lips.

“You’re not allowed to look at anyone else but me.” He said as we parted and I smirked, pinching his nose. “Possessive.”

“You’re mine.” He bopped my nose, making me giggle. “Don’t forget it.”

Do you know?

I hated being sick. I hated runny noses that make it hard to breathe, of dizziness pulling me down to bed like a magnet.

But when you cooked that water-tasting soup and stayed with me all day to watch over my sickly form, I knew I could learn to love sick leaves.

He nuzzled beside me despite my protests, hugging me close. He hummed against my hair comfortingly, soothing my dizziness. “Sleep.” He murmured as he kissed the side of my head. “I’ll be here to keep the pain away.”

I smiled, inhaling his scent as I nuzzled close to his chest. “Oppa?”


“I’m having trouble breathing.”

He snapped up at my remark with worried eyes, “Let me get–” before he could move out of the bed, I pulled him down and cupped his cheek. “I don’t mean it literally.”

He looked down at me with a questioning gaze as I held his hand and moved it towards the left side of my chest.

“I can’t breathe.” I said. “Because you love me too much.”

His eyes softened at my words and he reached out to trace the side of my face with his thumb. “Then we’re just going to have to share lungs. Cause I have no plans of loving you less.”

With that being said, I smiled. Despite the cheesiness of it all, I knew he spoke of the truth for I too have no plans of loving him any less than I already do.


Do you know?

I fought hard. Fought hard to stay only to be swept away by the wind, leaving you behind with traces of my ashes.

I hated seeing you cry, hated how you pleaded for me to stay… Hated seeing how you almost went out of your mind and came with me.

“Y/N…” He whispered every night; the mere thought of me haunts his dreams.

I destroyed him as life destroyed me, and pushed me out of existence.

But do you know?

Do you know that I still hope?

Hope that he knew my heart is still his though there’s no more beats for it to drum;

Hope he knew that even if my body no longer breathes…

I still find it hard to take a breath.



Angst, I know. keke~ I hope you liked it though. I really liked my quotes here. <3 Some deep (cheesy) stuff :P 

What do you think?


Playing With Fire - Part 10 (Cameron)


a/n: THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE <3 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH holy crap I can’t believe this is the last part of playing with fire. my heart </3 I plan on making a sequel in the future idk we’ll see. this is for all my cam girls

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader

Summary: It seemed like yesterday that Y/N chose Cameron, yet it has been months and Y/N has never been happier. 

Word Count: 1.8k 

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So the thing is I made this new side blog but it's like... Im also way too shy to go big with it. Like requests r open but now its like I almost regret it not bc i get anon hate no but just im scared of big crowds? ;3; Like one moment i was happy to make the blog but next im like "maybe I should stick to small blog" or "just leave it for me" or "this idea was stupid" ... ;3; Heh. I didnt do ot for anything else except pure fun. Well not pure but just fun lol

Honestly, I didn’t even start this blog with any sort of intent to be popular. I was just thirsty asf and my two other friends are here and I bit the bullet and started to write trash for them, LOL! I don’t even consider myself big at all… just… thirsty asf and loud about it HAHA

As a person with mad social anxiety, I feel you on the crowds thing. I don’t feel it so much on Tumblr because it’s not like I have to literally look at a thousand people, but if it helps, just focus on producing what makes you happy. Take each day one step at a time and have fun with it like you’ve intended. The moment you stop having fun, stop blogging. No pressure. You’re not getting paid to keep it up so there’s no expectation to fulfill if it becomes more of a hinderance than a blessing, so just remember that. *hugs*

I think you’ll do fine. Just frolic away in this awesome fandom, and things will work themselves out. YOU GOT THIS FAM


All dressed up and ready to vom from candy consumption. Decided to add Cal, Paul and Woble into the mix! 

In the first pic: from the left is Cal, Luca, Farah (held by Paul), Kuza and Woble

The other images are just some cute shenanigans (click for captions) 

Cal was created by @the-smallest-kurapika and I, Lu was created by moi, Farah was created by @chainedintimacy and @armintie, Paul was shat out by @blunderxblunder, Kuza was made by @millionsknive, and Woble’s older design was created by @blunderxblunder and I!!


I WAS TAGGED BY MY MOTHER @loopy–juice AND MY TWIN @milk-with-pulp I LOAF U GUYS…..

1.) I’m very paranoid ( ive been told this by many people )

2.) Ive been told that I  can draw pretty good, but I know I am not as good as others

3.) I have a fear of small spaces closing in (it might be claustrophobia but I don’t like to assume my symptoms)

4.) I’m not a big coffee fan

5.) my favorite genre of music is probably oldies or classical

6.) my favorite color is like a dark-ish green

7.) I could never watch a show straight through(how do people watch things in one sitting???)

8.)I hate going to parties or having a party thrown for me(I just hate big crowds)

9.) when I was younger I wanted to be an archeologist im a nerd for history 

10.) I’m a hoe for reading

I tag @tteessaa13 @imtrashforbangtan24 @bangtan-insfired  you don’t have to if you don’t want to

birblester  asked:

I’m so so so scared about the number of people that will be there.. initially I didn’t want to go bc of that but I’m gonna push myself a little bit I just hope I’ll be ok (I probably will be I’m just dramatic)

aw you aren’t being dramatic! :) i myself hate big crowds and heaps of people surrounding me so at events like parties or big gatherings (etc) really freak me out! just make sure you have a friend/family member to go with you OR make some friends while you are there! that way you’ll have someone else to help you through it!

send me your thoughts, worries, questions or excited feelings about the tour!

libraloneko  asked:

I love all of your fics. You are amazing !! <3 Here for a prompt: "Shinichi finds out Kid's identity out of sheer luck. But now Kaito is finding every single reason to spend time with him, to the point where Shinichi is beginning to wonder if Kaito is planning on never leaving."

AAAAAA THANKS, I’m glad you like them!!!  (aaaaaaaa I wouldn’t say amazing; I have a long way to go, but thank you!!!)  And this is an interesting prompt, so yeah, alright, let’s see what I can do with this, haha

“Shinichi, come over here and meet Chikage!“  Yukiko grabbed his arm before he could sneak away from the party and into the library to read.

“Oh, Yukiko, he is the spitting image of Yuusaku–hello, dear, Kuroba Chikage, it’s a pleasure–I’m sure you don’t remember me, but last time I saw you, you were quite young.  You and my Kaito were such good friends.  It was a shame you had to move, but these things happen.”

While their mothers gushed and gossiped, Shinichi made eye contact with “her Kaito.“  They were of an age, and Shinichi had the strangest feeling like they’d met recently.

When Kaito dropped his gaze, he shifted his weight as if…  Was he injured?  He seemed to be favoring his right side, as if he’d hurt his left, around the bottom half of his rib cage.  Coincidentally, right where he’d hit Kaitou Kid with a soccer ball last night.

“Kaito, huh?” Shinichi said, drawing out the last ‘o’.  Kaito jolted a little, probably hoping he wouldn’t be caught out.  “Mind if we talk for a bit, Kaito?  I’d like to know more about you, since we were friends when we were little and all.”

“I don’t know, I should probably…”

“Go, have fun, Kaito.  Don’t stay with your mom; this is a party!” his mother said, interrupting with a bright grin.  Yukiko’s matched unnervingly well.

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2 - Chris Wood

[Imagine going to Comic Con and meeting Chris]

“Come on, Y/N!” My best friend says, taking my hand and dragging through the crowds.

I groan, uncomfortable with the mass of people round me. I hated big crowds and being at Comic Con was awful.

My friend, Y/BFF/N, forced with her to this stupid place. Crazy fan girls and boys everywhere, their squeals hurting my ears.

“Please, let’s just go.” I plead.

She rolls her eyes. “No you promised. Plus we need to meet the Vampire Diaries cast!”

I roll my eyes. “If we must be we have to leave.”

“Alright.” She replies, lining up in the enormous line to meet the cast. As my friend, squeals over nothing I plug in my earphones blasting Panic! At The Disco.

The line feels like hours until we make it to the front. My friend, is literary starstruck by it all.

The meeting goes like normal, simple wave, smile, given an autograph then next person. Towards the end of the row of actors is Chris Wood.

He played Kai, who was my favourite.

My friend looks ready for faint. I laugh to her, my music still playing. He grins, his cute grin and she nearly accidentally faints.

I manage to catch her. Chris stands up, looking concerned. “Is she alright?” He asks me.

“Yeah, just falling for you already.” I reply, moving her to her feet but she’s heavy and I’m weak.

Chris laughs, moving round and picks my friend to her feet. “Thanks, I’ve got no muscle.” I say.

“Its alright.” He replies, grinning.

I smile, Y/BFF/N blushes deeply. “Oh god.” She says.

I laugh. “Yeah, you fell. You know I’m weak.”

She laughs, Chris grins. I have forgotten he was here. “Here.” He hands me a slip of paper.

“What’s this?”

“Just something.”

“Interesting.” I reply, opening the slip as we leave the booth.

Its a note with a number on it.

Chris’s number.

[New imagine hope you enjoy it.]

Chubby Kitten looking for a Mommy! 💕💕

Name: E

Real Age: 16

Little Age: 1-5

Gender: Female

Preferred Nicknames: Princess, kitten, babygirl, babydoll

Preferred Role In Partner: Mommy

Preferred Partner Age:15-17 Preferred Partner

Gender: Female please!

General Area: Indiana

Interests/Likes: I really love to cook and bake especially! I also love to draw! I love love love drawing pictures for and of my mommy! I also love making music and playing the saxophone!

Dislikes/Triggers: I hate big crowds with lots of noise due to some sensory issues. I also hate when people get mean and rude with me and especially hate it when I yell.☹️

Important Info: I have been diagnosed with panic disorder, GAD, and depression. I may try to block you out sometimes, but you have to be patient. I may also be very clingy.

Sexual or Non Sexual: Non Sexual until I know you v v well!!

Relationship or Platonic: Definitely Relationship

Polyamorous or Monogamous: STRICTLY MONOGAMOUS

Description of what you want in your partner: I want a mommy who isn’t afraid to be very strict. I want someone who will give me rules and expect me to follow them, but is also gently, kind, caring, and cares about my wellbeing. I want someone who give me lots of attention and who I can give lots of attention to. I want to be able to talk to them all the time!!

Contact You:
Tumblr: little-miss-e-ne
Kik: little_miss_e_ne