i hate being in pictures

hux: You shouldn’t disparage my skills in war, Ren.  I’ll have you know that I excelled in the battle simulations at the Academy


My feelings on Gotham 3x20

You’re one hell of a pilot.

                       Well… Thank you.

“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

Broken - Part 1

2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “What do you mean it broke?”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @autopistaaningunaparte

If you literally died right in this glorious moment, you’d be totally and completely at peace with that. Still barely able to form a sentence, you’re coming down from the most mind blowing orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

But as your past wonderfully dictates, you should know by now that a good thing never ever fucking lasts.

“No no no.” The alarmed tone of Jensen’s voice immediately yanks you out of the blissful daze you’re lost in.


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  • Anxiety: Why are we never invited to parties??? No one likes us!!!
  • Logic: In order to be invited to parties, you have to talk to more than 4 people.
  • Anxiety: haha lol that ain't happening
  • Logic: But-
  • Anxiety: LOL
  • Anxiety: But seriously why aren't we invited to parties
  • Logic: *looks into the camera like it's on the office*

He does love legends doesn’t he?


Some HQ images I got off the COLP official website! again feel free to use!!!!

edit: the first one is a transparent logo!!! lol


Passion and Determination:

Pink Lipstick Interviews Ashley Alexiss.

In 2012, after a year in the business, we held our first Pink Lipstick Model Search. The winner was a young, beautiful, fantastically energetic social media genius named Ashley Alexiss. We didn’t know then that we’d connected with a complex, intriguing person who was to become a key member of our Pink Lipstick family. All we knew was the camera loved her! Now, after working with Ashley for five years, she has single-handedly turned herself into one of the most in-demand curvy glamour models in the industry. We sat down with her recently to reminisce, and to ask her just how she made the amazing journey to where she is today.

Pink Lipstick: What inspired you to get started as model?

Ashley Alexiss: What’s funny is that as a kid, I hated being in front of the camera. Anytime there was a picture taken, there was little Ashley in the corner with a puss on her face. If I knew why, I’d tell you. It wasn’t until I entered the Miss Teen Massachusetts pageant in 2006, that I realized that this is what I should be doing. I won Miss Congeniality, and had to do a mandatory photo-shoot, from the first click, I felt like I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. So, I did my research, and started booking shoots. As I got further into it, many people doubted me because I wasn’t a size 0 and I wasn’t 5’9. I was a size 6 and vertically challenged at 5’4. Lots of photographers wouldn’t waste a simple breath on me let alone a photo, and many said I was wasting my time. I made it my mission to prove them wrong and to prove that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.

PL: What was your first big break in the industry?

AA: I don’t feel like I ever had a “big break.” I’ve worked really hard, and I still do, to better myself, to evolve as a model and with the ever-changing industry. Nobody just gave me a get out of jail free card, I’ve had to earn every shoot, every publication, every catalog, every title by putting my time and effort into it. I feel like my big break has been my passion and determination.

PL: Any funny memories about how we first met?

AA: I remember winning that contest like it was yesterday. I’ve always dreamt of seeing my photo on a box to sell a product, and when I got the $1000 worth of Pink Lipstick items it said “are you Pink Lipstick Lingerie’s next model search winner?” I said oh yes I am and couldn’t wait till that shoot. The day of the shoot I was more nervous than I had ever been. It was my first catalog shoot ever. I kept thinking to myself, “don’t screw this up!” I barely slept. I was practicing my expressions in the mirror the night before. Little did I know, I’d have the coolest team around me the whole day making me feel like an absolute super star. It was a shoot like that, that reminded me why I loved what I did so much.

PL: What do you do to stay centered and focused with your jet-setting lifestyle? Any cures for jet lag?

AA: I remind myself that there’s someone younger and someone better, trying to do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t ever let myself take the slightest break. When I take a moment, I get bored. Modeling, traveling, and just trying to send a positive message throughout the industry is what makes me thrive. I don’t take it for granted. The jet lag, ehh, it’ll pass. That’s what I remind myself. Everything with me is mind over matter.

PL: Any projects you’re working on that really excite you?

AA: There’s a few, but I can’t discuss just yet. I like to have the physical proof before I announce anything.

PL: When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

AA: Traveling the world is something I’ve been finally able to start doing since I graduated with my Master’s. I go to about one new country a month and it really helps my focus. Plus, I get to shoot in these countries and create photos I wouldn’t be able to create anywhere else. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy working on my business, Alexiss Swimwear. Making women feel great and confident gives me this overwhelming joy and satisfaction. So I’m always trying to better that along with myself.

PL: What’s the future of Ashley Alexiss’ modeling career?

AA: I feel like I have quite a while left in me… well into my mid-30’s. I’m not stopping anytime soon. I hope to join the Sports Illustrated girls one day, and grace some big publication covers. I want to show that you don’t have to be the ideal “everything" to be successful. Not just in terms of being a plus-size model, but being short, and without an agency. I’ve been able to accomplish everything on my own, and I’ll keep pushing forward.

PL: It’s been noted that you’re the ideal curvy model working today; how do you maintain your figure?

AA: That’s very flattering and makes me blush. Although, there’s no “ideal” body. I’ve seen girls with slamming bodies sizes 2, sizes 18, sizes, 6… I mean there’s no way to say that there’s an ideal body, I’m just trying to represent women to the best of my ability. My main focus is health. I keep myself in check with diet, but don’t go to extremes. I allow myself to indulge and don’t hate myself when I’m having a lazy day and don’t feel like hitting the gym. When you do that, you resent those things and create a negative relationship with them. If you forgive yourself for being human, it’s easier to stay on track. Again, as long as you’re healthy and treat your body right.

PL: Any message for aspiring models trying to get in the game today?

AA: RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. Honestly, that’s the best piece of advice I can give. Anyone can be a model today with social media, and the same goes for agencies, photographers, and anybody else in the industry. Which means, you really need to make sure who you work with is credible and don’t sell your soul. I’ve turned down big paying jobs because they didn’t correlate with my values and I’m still successful.


I didn’t know how you imagined Vulpes looking in your fic, so I stuck with the long floofy hair version cause thats the best one. Also, my computer kept fucking up trying to find a Xavier ref, so I just used your icon as one :’D

Since it’s @wildwildwasteland birthday, and I’ve been wanting to draw this for forever, I quickly did this for the day of your birth. I hope you like it :’D



Having no friends or classmates to do my homework with kind of sucks. It’s my third year in university and I got separated from my friends for our classes. The only difficulty that I’m experiencing is the loneliness that I feel when I needed to do classwork. It gets boring and I didn’t have anyone to talk to during class hours.

I can say that the perks of not having friends in my classes is that I had time for myself. I could reflect on my life and spend time that I have with myself. After classes, I eat lunch alone and I go home. It’s not exciting and fun, but at least the time isn’t wasted on people that don’t care about me.

Back to the negatives, it’s been a few months since I’ve been alone and I think I’ve gotten used to it? I’m not exactly sure. But it’s times like these where I would have wanted to talk to someone I knew. I had a project and paper to do for a minor subject that I was taking up. It was a creativity class, arts to be more specific. I didn’t know much about it but the feeling that I get when I see people’s artwork makes me inspired and wanting to create content. I could create stories, lyrics or even doodles that didn’t have any meaning. I could create content by observing content, if that made any sense.

It’s the second time I had to attend this art gallery for the arts class that I had because of the demand of the final paper that I had to pass at the end of the semester. It could either make or break my grade. I didn’t mind though, the art that was exhibited in the gallery was beautiful and made me feel different emotions that I was too confused to understand.

Some of the art were abstract and you had to give it a meaning based on your point of view. I was trying to understand one of the paintings that hung up at the back of the gallery, not much people were paying attention to it because it looked like any other abstract painting. But there was something about it that made me want to stare at it and understand what feelings it made me feel. It was composed of strokes that were connected and met in the middle but faded when the stroke went towards the edges of the canvas. The colors that were used were soft and pastel-like. It made you feel warm and comforted. It made my stomach twist a bit because of how the shades of pink, orange and blue understood each other in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. They were soft and cool tones that made your heart flutter because of how warm it made you feel and that was the feeling that the painting gave off in my perspective.

I got out my jotter pad and wrote down a few notes about how I felt, why I felt it, and what I can do with the feeling. It would be a great introduction to my paper and it would be real, the feeling, I mean. The feeling would be raw but the paper needed to be real. It had to contain the feeling of joy that it created in my mind.

The more I stared into the beautiful strokes of the painting, the more it gave off meaning. The colors were vibrant in the middle, where they meet, but when they had to separate from each other, they would lose their color and fade into nothingness. That was my initial understanding with the painting.

I had to find out who the painter was and what the name of the painting was. It was an extraordinary piece and I wanted it to be the subject of my end of the semester paper. My poor eyesight couldn’t read the name properly and I had to take a closeup photo with my phone. I wanted to take a photo with the portrait so that I’d have an inspiration to write the paper even though I didn’t visit the gallery. It would be nice if I had someone with me at this art gallery.

Only a few people had passed in this section of the gallery, which was weird. Maybe they weren’t interested in the pieces of this side? I’m not sure but I needed someone to take a photo of me. At the end of the secluded section of the gallery, the area where I was located, I spotted a person. He was wearing a grey jacket, black pants, and was very low-key in my opinion. I stared at him for a few moments, it was like art looking at art. I became cautious of my surroundings and I didn’t want anyone else to see me taking photos. He was the only one near me and it was perfect since no one would see my ugly ass taking photos.

“Um, hi.” I approached him cautiously. I didn’t want to seem like a weirdo. He was taken aback and looked kind of pissed that I talked to him? “Would you mind taking a photo of me with that painting? I really need a good shot and didn’t want it to be a selfie.”

After explaining myself, his expression softened and turned into a small smile. The pair of specs that was placed on his nose looked really good and I wanted to get myself a pair.

“Sure.” He replied, pulling out his hand from his denim jacket and reached for my phone. I smiled as I gave it to him.

I stood there awkwardly, didn’t know what I should do. I’m not fond of taking photos because usually my friends would be the ones to ask photos and I would be the one to take it. I’m not used to being on the other side of the phone this time around.

“I’m really awkward, I’m sorry.” I said, placing the sleeves of my oversized jacket onto my face, trying to hide my awkward posing. “I’m not used to taking photos.”

I felt like I was about to cry because I hated it when my picture is being taken. It makes my eyes swell up with tears and it makes me look stupid too.

“Hey, hey, are you crying?” He asked putting the phone down and went closer to me. “Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry.”

Even though there were tears in my eyes, I started chuckling because of how he responded to my pathetic tears. “Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who’s a mess here.”

“I don’t know,” he says, unsure of what to do in this situation. “I’m just really confused right now.”

“Yeah, me too.” I remove my glasses and placed them on my head so that I could wipe away the tears that were forming. “It’s so stupid to cry because your picture is getting taken. I’m so stupid. I’m sorry.”

“You’re not stupid,” He reassures me. He’s reassured me more than anyone else before. And he’s only done it once. “You’re really cute, actually.” He chuckles, looking at the photos he’s taken of me and the painting. “Your crying is cute.”

I pout at his answer, making him laugh even more. “Here, take pictures of me now. So that we’re even.” He hands me back my phone and poses in front of the painting. I took several shots and even though I stopped, he continued making poses.

“You should copy my poses, uh..” He paused, didn’t know how to address me. “Um, what was your name again?”

“You never asked my name before.” I teased, letting out a small chuckle.

He scratched the back of his neck and was phased by my sudden teasing. I smiled at his shyness. A few minutes ago, he was confident and doing weird poses in front of someone he’s only met for a few minutes then suddenly lost the ability to speak when I tried to say something remotely funny.

“(Y/N),” I reply, “my name is (Y/N).”

“Nice to meet you, (Y/N).” He places his hand in front of our bodies. “I’m Taehyung.”

You’re at an art gallery alone and need someone to take a photo of you, but your negative ass gets in the way.

Warning: Negative thinking, may or may not be triggering, I wrote this when I was sad(ish)