i hate being in pictures


me: [walks up to him and hands it over] this is for you.
misha: [looks at it] [cas smile]
me: [forgot that I’m supposed to be in the picture and smiles awkwardly]
misha: [hands it back] [in cas voice] thank you.

hux: You shouldn’t disparage my skills in war, Ren.  I’ll have you know that I excelled in the battle simulations at the Academy



he/him, even with the hijab picture

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To be honest I have been think of just answering in comics in my roleplays. I’m kinda getting tired of the fact that my writing is pretty pathetic.

It really is and I can’t really improve if I don’t know what I’m looking to improve on. I’m a visual person and weirdly enough I cannot seem to bring that out into my writing. I just can’t.

I would rather draw my responses, it’s easier for me and I can do more with a pen to draw then to write. I mean you can write several paragraphs and I will answer it in several panels. It’s an idea I’ve been wanting to try out for months now.

And I’m wondering who would be interested in recieving drawn responses (which take 20 minutes each) from me?

IT GOT COLOUR. I’ve always imagined Sabo as the kid who had a growth spurt early and thus refuses to throw out his clothes as they ‘still fit’. That or he kept them for reminiscing purposes and questioned if he could still fit into them. Totally Sabo, Totally.


Do people meet by chance or by destiny ..? I wonder xD But joking aside, this was an interesting question. Both of them brought so much to each other’s life, it was hard to imagine what they would have become if they didn’t meet. I guess Athena would still be a shy girl who doesn’t have a lot of confidence. I can also picture Simon being a bitter prosecutor, hating to lose since he failed to catch the phantom.

They still don’t know the notion of sacrifice or what does protecting something to all costs really mean. Life didn’t try them and they didn’t reveal their beautiful colours yet.


Passion and Determination:

Pink Lipstick Interviews Ashley Alexiss.

In 2012, after a year in the business, we held our first Pink Lipstick Model Search. The winner was a young, beautiful, fantastically energetic social media genius named Ashley Alexiss. We didn’t know then that we’d connected with a complex, intriguing person who was to become a key member of our Pink Lipstick family. All we knew was the camera loved her! Now, after working with Ashley for five years, she has single-handedly turned herself into one of the most in-demand curvy glamour models in the industry. We sat down with her recently to reminisce, and to ask her just how she made the amazing journey to where she is today.

Pink Lipstick: What inspired you to get started as model?

Ashley Alexiss: What’s funny is that as a kid, I hated being in front of the camera. Anytime there was a picture taken, there was little Ashley in the corner with a puss on her face. If I knew why, I’d tell you. It wasn’t until I entered the Miss Teen Massachusetts pageant in 2006, that I realized that this is what I should be doing. I won Miss Congeniality, and had to do a mandatory photo-shoot, from the first click, I felt like I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. So, I did my research, and started booking shoots. As I got further into it, many people doubted me because I wasn’t a size 0 and I wasn’t 5’9. I was a size 6 and vertically challenged at 5’4. Lots of photographers wouldn’t waste a simple breath on me let alone a photo, and many said I was wasting my time. I made it my mission to prove them wrong and to prove that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.

PL: What was your first big break in the industry?

AA: I don’t feel like I ever had a “big break.” I’ve worked really hard, and I still do, to better myself, to evolve as a model and with the ever-changing industry. Nobody just gave me a get out of jail free card, I’ve had to earn every shoot, every publication, every catalog, every title by putting my time and effort into it. I feel like my big break has been my passion and determination.

PL: Any funny memories about how we first met?

AA: I remember winning that contest like it was yesterday. I’ve always dreamt of seeing my photo on a box to sell a product, and when I got the $1000 worth of Pink Lipstick items it said “are you Pink Lipstick Lingerie’s next model search winner?” I said oh yes I am and couldn’t wait till that shoot. The day of the shoot I was more nervous than I had ever been. It was my first catalog shoot ever. I kept thinking to myself, “don’t screw this up!” I barely slept. I was practicing my expressions in the mirror the night before. Little did I know, I’d have the coolest team around me the whole day making me feel like an absolute super star. It was a shoot like that, that reminded me why I loved what I did so much.

PL: What do you do to stay centered and focused with your jet-setting lifestyle? Any cures for jet lag?

AA: I remind myself that there’s someone younger and someone better, trying to do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t ever let myself take the slightest break. When I take a moment, I get bored. Modeling, traveling, and just trying to send a positive message throughout the industry is what makes me thrive. I don’t take it for granted. The jet lag, ehh, it’ll pass. That’s what I remind myself. Everything with me is mind over matter.

PL: Any projects you’re working on that really excite you?

AA: There’s a few, but I can’t discuss just yet. I like to have the physical proof before I announce anything.

PL: When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

AA: Traveling the world is something I’ve been finally able to start doing since I graduated with my Master’s. I go to about one new country a month and it really helps my focus. Plus, I get to shoot in these countries and create photos I wouldn’t be able to create anywhere else. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy working on my business, Alexiss Swimwear. Making women feel great and confident gives me this overwhelming joy and satisfaction. So I’m always trying to better that along with myself.

PL: What’s the future of Ashley Alexiss’ modeling career?

AA: I feel like I have quite a while left in me… well into my mid-30’s. I’m not stopping anytime soon. I hope to join the Sports Illustrated girls one day, and grace some big publication covers. I want to show that you don’t have to be the ideal “everything" to be successful. Not just in terms of being a plus-size model, but being short, and without an agency. I’ve been able to accomplish everything on my own, and I’ll keep pushing forward.

PL: It’s been noted that you’re the ideal curvy model working today; how do you maintain your figure?

AA: That’s very flattering and makes me blush. Although, there’s no “ideal” body. I’ve seen girls with slamming bodies sizes 2, sizes 18, sizes, 6… I mean there’s no way to say that there’s an ideal body, I’m just trying to represent women to the best of my ability. My main focus is health. I keep myself in check with diet, but don’t go to extremes. I allow myself to indulge and don’t hate myself when I’m having a lazy day and don’t feel like hitting the gym. When you do that, you resent those things and create a negative relationship with them. If you forgive yourself for being human, it’s easier to stay on track. Again, as long as you’re healthy and treat your body right.

PL: Any message for aspiring models trying to get in the game today?

AA: RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. Honestly, that’s the best piece of advice I can give. Anyone can be a model today with social media, and the same goes for agencies, photographers, and anybody else in the industry. Which means, you really need to make sure who you work with is credible and don’t sell your soul. I’ve turned down big paying jobs because they didn’t correlate with my values and I’m still successful.


PersonaCaptor Pego ft. Tomoyuki (+ lots of pego doodles…)

After Pego’s dad, Tatsuya, commits a sin as a previous PersonaCaptor, the Personas escape yet again as punishment. Pego follows in his footsteps years later to retrieve them with his number one fan, Yuki. (I’m too into this CCSxPersona AU as you can tell….)

i honestly hate this idea that if you don’t take 10 selfies a day you don’t love yourself.
i love myself i just don’t love my appearance that much. but i do love myself.

anyway i just think this idea is based on the outdated concept that a woman’s worth is her appearance and this is how she’s supposed to value herself as well and nah, i am fun, funny, smart, curious, well-read and kind, my love for myself doesn’t reside in me taking pics of myself and plaster them all over the internet


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Carlisle,” Westley smirks and reaches out to shake Madeleine’s father’s hand.

“I wish I could say the same,” he retorts, his hard gray eyes flickering with palpable distaste.

“Daddy, don’t be mad,” Maddie interjects anxiously. “I’ve been wanting to introduce you to Westley for a while now. He’s my, uh… We’ve been, um… He and I are-”

“Dating,” West finishes smoothly.

“Yes, I gathered as much,” Mr. Carlisle snaps. “I’m not sure why I haven’t heard about it before today, however. I thought we went over this, Madeleine? And you and I agreed that you need to focus on your job and your schoolwork right now?”

Madeleine visibly deflates at his caustic tone. “Well yeah, but then I met Westley and he, um… he asked me-”

“I think I know what he asked you, and we will discuss it later,” Mr. Carlisle silences her with a pointed glare before turning his attention back to Westley. “Now what do you do for a living, Mr…?”

“Monahan, but please, call me West.”

“We’ll see about that,” the silver haired man replies in an icy voice.

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