i hate being in charge

*squints at the tags* who let bendis touch my daughter sharon carter again

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Why do you hate Mercy...? Did she do something bad...? I haven't read the comics, so is there something I don't know about? Sorry for being annoying. I looked it up but didn't see anything.

thanks for the question anon- now the rest of this post is gonna have an angry tone. it’s not directed at you, i just get super salty every time i think too long abt mercy and how people stan her despite her doing, tbh, some horrible stuff.
(OH another disclaimer- i like the wlw fans of mercy who are just out here havin a good time. the stans im talking about are like, the racist ass gency or pharmercy shippers who think mercy can do no wrong and will defend her to their last breath.)

she took advantage of genji’s near-death condition to turn him into a living weapon for overwatch, and used completely experimental technology on gabriel, which if she really wanted to help or improve his life she never would have done. no doctor would ever do either of those things to someone who wasn’t able to consent- that’s one of the exact things spelled out in the hippocratic oath. (gabe would have been dead or near death so he never could have consented, and genji doesn’t count because you can’t consent to something when you’re overwhelmed with pain and your other option is death.)

now the last time i joked that mercy can’t have taken the hippocratic oath, people got pissy at me. and i like to go one step beyond, so although i admit this is way over the top, here’s the passages from the actual oath showing that mercy isn’t worth shit as a doctor.

gabriel reyes- “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. Above all, I must not play at God.”
like…there it is tbh. that’s literally the exact opposite of what mercy did with gabriel. he was literally dead/dying and should have been left alone and respected. instead, she used experimental technology on him without consent, which is the very definition of playing god, considering she was trying to reverse death.

genji shimada- I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required.” 
this one means you treat the sick with the motive of making them better, nothing less. what that doesn’t mean is refusing to treat the patient unless they work for your company, nor does it mean outfitting them with all kinds of robotic shit they do not need to survive and makes them feel less than human or like a tool. (do not tell me genji needed to have shurikens in his knuckles.)

breaking the hippocratic oath once means you’re no longer fit to be a doctor. mercy’s done it multiple times, make of that what you will.

i know the game, comics, etc. really try to make these look like positive things mercy’s done, but if you think about them they’re super cruel and fucked up and i really don’t like her for them

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Can we not use Justicefor*insert kpop group* please? Since we use that for when black people who are being murdered by the police and won't charge them for being murders I HATE when I see people do that it really pisses me off

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As a Korean, I find this blog very interesting. And I really hate Koreaboos. I haven't met one irl so far, but I'm low key worried I will soon. Also, if Koreaboos think us Asian girls are submissive, then they have a another thing coming. I hate being submissive, I like to be in charge. So don't start crying when a 5' Korean girl beats your ass.

Lady Midnight snippet

I hope you guys have seen the cover and you love it like I do. If not, just scroll down my tumblr.

As requested, a snippet from LM to go with the cover reveal. Brotherly love is not such a simple thing..

Ty lifted his face. He’d always had delicate features, more elfin than Helen or Mark’s. His father had said he was a throwback to earlier generations of Blackthorns, and he looked not unlike some of the family portraits in the dining room they rarely used, slender Victorian men in tailored clothes with porcelain faces and black, curling hair and names like Jesse and Rupert. “Then what is it?”

Julian hesitated. The whole house was still. He could hear the faint crackle of the computer on the other side of the door.

He had thought about asking Ty to look into the poison. But that would require him to say,  I should be dead. The words wouldn’t come. They were like a dam, and behind them were so many other words: I’m not sure about anything. I hate being in charge. I hate making the decisions. I’m terrified you’ll all learn to hate me. I’m terrified of losing you. I’m terrified of losing Mark. I’m terrified of losing Emma. I want someone to take over. I’m not as strong as you think. The things I want are wrong and broken things to want.

He knew he could say none of this. The façade he showed them, his children, had to be perfect: a crack in him would be like a crack in the world to them.

“You know I love you,” he said, instead, and Ty looked up at him, startled, meeting his gaze for a flicker of a moment.

It's my society's first event this evening...

Housemate keeps saying that there’s not many people attending on the facebook event. STOP STRESSING ME OUT! It’s only meant to be a small event. We don’t lose anything if it’s not very good, it’s not like we’ve paid for anything. All we need is someone (preferably male) to be our first year rep, and then we’re all dandy.

Maybe I should have got my second years to do a shout out today. Or even woken up early and gone and done one myself.

AAAAH. Stressed.com. Really want it to just go okay :(



I whole heartedly agree with the Anon advocating for Bjd artists to receive a living wage without being harassed. I hate these posts like “jointed love charges $100 for a custom high quality face-up. If you calculate their time, plus materials, plus equipment, plus studio space, plus utilities, plus taxes, she’s making over minimum wage! I’ve lost all respect for her. I’m not even going to consider her education, healthcare, health risks from materials or any of her efforts learning to her efforts learning to create face-ups. I know for a fact she was born knowing all that.” Like stop. These artists do this work for the love of the hobby, not just for money. Don’t ruin that love with your hate. That goes for all customizers. If you can get a 100% custom made item for your character you have no idea how amazing that is. $100 for a piece of art that completes your doll, damn I can’t get a repair man to show up at my house for less than that. JUST SHOW UP. It just goes to show how much art is undervalued. Bottom line, we need them so treat them kindly please and thank you.



I have always been the girl who everyone looked up to and had the highest hopes for, making me believe that I somehow would be a great and successful leader some day. But for the longest time I have tried to figure out why I was so afraid of succeeding and the answer is, responsibility!

Anxiety stops me from being confident in all my abilities, making me second guess whether or not I’m good enough at what I do. It keeps me from taking big risks because I’m afraid of people noticing my skill set and wanting me to take leadership roles. Roles that I feel like I am not wholeheartedly prepared for.

I have always hated the idea of being in charge of other people or situations, it just means that I must take responsibility for any mishaps that may occur from my wrong doings, or someone I’m in charge of. And the last thing I want is someone dealing with the consequences of my actions. And in all honesty, the only person I want to be responsible for, is me!

And I’m ashamed to say it, but that is what has been holding me back: responsibility!

INFJ Confession #630

I have a talent for manipulation which I use way too often. I feel like a terrible person when I manipulate someone, but I also like being in charge. And I hate myself for that.

Hotel in Georgia - SFW

Eeeeep! This one is written for the amazing fartoandsmellbig because she studied for her French test like a BOSS! (Is that what the cool kids say these days?) Anyways, much love to you fartoandsmellbig, I hope you like it!

Mamrie POV

I’m standing at the reception desk of our hotel here in Georgia. Our last NoFilter show is tonight.

“Excuse me miss, but under what name was the reservation?” The receptionist ask me, again.

“Mamrie Hart. I’m sorry but that’s the third time I’ve told you, is there a problem?” I ask, getting irritated with her chipper attitude.

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Wren is uber A, never thought I would say that

Thinking about it, I don’t think Marlene screwed up. I think everything is going to make sense at the end of season 7.
6a finale was only a part of the reveal. There is more to come. Marlene said that 6x10 was the end of this A-story. Yes,this A, a minion, somehow. Uber A is still out there.

Mona was the original, with her crew, believing she was in charge. Cece stole the game, believing she was in charge.
The real A is still out there. It’s a man. He uses the info from Mona, as well as the info from Cece. Cece is crazy, so she did a lot of things on her own, but most of the time, she was instructed, conciously or not.
I think the “he” is Wren. And I always hated the idea of him being in charge. But now I think he’s A.

Mona knew something was wrong with him. That’s why she refused to tell him anything in season 3, telling him she trusted him, until she knew where his loyalties were. He was on her team, but he went rogue. And that’s why he colored that drawing with a red coat. He knew about Ali as Vivian (and later Sara as Cece’s decoy), wearing the red coat.

He and Spencer knew each other, Spencer most likely had his number. So when he showed up at her door in season 1, saying that she had blocked his calls, it was him screwing up by using the A-phone to call her, instead of his own. Because he was drunk.