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Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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maybalwild  asked:

Hey! I loved your Drunk RFA headcanon so maybe I can ask a similar headcanon? How about RFA + Saeran had a fight with MC and she break up with them. And one day they are so sad and drink a LOT and call her in the phone apologizing and ask her to come back? Sorry if this is confusing, my english isn't so good. Thank u

Aw thank you for liking my work!! also your english is fantastic don’t worry ^^ 

RFA + Saeran Breakup 


  • “You know what Yoosung I’m fed up with you comparing me to Rika all the time, it hurts you know, do you even know that?! You probably don’t care. I love you.. but I guess you only need Rika. Y-you know what I’m done, we’re over”
  • The words echo through Yoosung’s mind as he chugs another beer down
  • He loves her, he hell is sure of it but he made a grave mistake
  • He knows she loathed being compared to Rika but he still is a fool to keep doing it
  • Yoosung remembers all the times she made him happy, all the times they laughed, cooked together, held hands, held her waist as she sits on his lap while he plays LOLOL
  • He misses it all
  • Wet tears burned his eyes and he didn’t even try to stop them, he was too tired
  • He felt his phone around his pocket and absentmindedly called MC, wanting to hear her voice, wanting to feel her presence even if it was just her voice
  • “Hello?”
  • “Oh God you picked up, I’m- I’m so sorry MC! I love you I really do, I was stupid I was so so stupid MC I need you. I need you, my princess please MC I love you”
  • “Yoosung are you drunk right now”
  • Her voice made him smile but the reality of what he’s doing right now made him feel embarassed
  • “I’m sorry…”
  • MC sighed
  • “I’m sorry for hurting your feelings yoosung, tell you what get yourself sobered, come over here and let’s have a talk, I-I miss you”
  • “Y-yes! yes MC i’ll do just that! I’ll do everything just to have you in my arms again, I love you so much”


  • Zen did it, he knows the weight of the situation and he blew it, god was he really this stupid?
  • “Zen I know you have a career to take care of and you know I support you but can’t you atleast give me some of your time! You barely even look at me nowadays and you’ve been smoking and drinking nonstop. Take care of yourself!”
  • “Look MC I’m tired, can’t you just sleep already”
  • “No! Zen I love you, if you keep being like this to me and to yourself you’ll break us apart”
  • “I’m the one breaking us apart? You’re the one here being all clingy and shit. If you truly do support me then do me a favor and just not talk to me for a while”
  • “And for how long? a day? a month? Why don’t we just call this off. You don’t even care about me”
  • Zen punched the wall as he felt something red and dripping running along his knuckles
  • He couldn’t even feel it, he was just so numb
  • How could he treat his girl this way??
  • How could he be such an awful man to her when all she ever done was support him and give him all the love she can give to anyone
  • He was a person of mistakes, an ugly, horrible person and he knows it, his parents know it
  • Situations like this makes him remember the way she complimets him and cheers him on, telling him that he’s the most beautiful guy in the world, both in and out
  • God did he miss her
  • It wasn’t a surprise that by the next minute he’s ringing her 
  • “Zen look I don’t really feel like talki-”
  • “Please MC hear me out..”
  • “I love you okay? I love you so godamn much and I know what I did was wrong. I know you only wanted the best for me and I know my career has been taking its toll on you. You’ve made that sacrifice for me from the beginning and I was stupid to take it for granted! I-I’m so stupid MC….. I promise I will be the best for you, i promise to give you the attention you deserve. I’ll even quit my career for you! I can work it out with my director, I’ll tell them that it’s time for me to stop and-”
  • “NO” MC shouted through the phone
  • “Zen you don’t have to, acting is your life. Let’s talk this out in person and when you’re sober okay?”
  • “How do you know i’m drunk?”
  • “I know my love enough, let’s meet tomorrow”
  • “Yes please”


  • “Are you kidding me? are you actually kidding me right now Jaehee? You’re disgusting! I never would beliieve you’d do something like this. i thought you were different!”
  • Jahee also honestly couldnt believe she would do such a thing
  • She had just cheated on MC.
  • A coworker of hers, her lips locked around her own and MC stepped right straight into the scene
  • she tried to cover it up but it was too late, she had been caught
  • “MC I-”
  • “Save it Jaehee, we’re over”
  • God what have I done
  • Jaehee felt so disgusted with herself, so mad that she submitted a full resignation
  • Even Jumin was surprised and disappointed of her actions
  • Jaehee then decided to drink, trying to reminisce the last remaining laughter she and MC sharing, sobbing really really loudly
  • She then decided to call MC, wanting her back even though she knows the answer
  • She atleast need to her an apology, Mc deserved an apology and she deserved someone better for her
  • “Jaehee?”
  • “MC I’m so sorry. I’m so disgusting and you were right. I love you so much and I just need you back MC”
  • “Jaehee you know what you’ve done”
  • “I know and ugh im stupid to even ask for you to be mine again but I tried didnt I? You always told me to try. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, you deserved an apology”
  • “Yes and I forgive you, just know that I can’t anymore, not after what you did”
  • “I understand…. I hope you find someone who will treat you right, MC. Just know that i will always love you”
  • Goodbye


  • Jumin was currently at the restaurant MC was working at
  • A wine bottle or five strewn across his table
  • But MC didn’t see him, she was quite far to be honest
  • And Jumin requested that he be seated the farthest where he can only observe 
  • “Ugh MC why are you this clumsy? You ruined a deal with my business partner”
  • “I’m so sorry Jumin I was only trying to help”
  • “Help? By spilling coffee all over my suit? Outrageous!”
  • “I’m so sorry”
  • “Why am I with someone who turns me into a fool infront of work”
  • “Jumin I am so so sorry”
  • “Sorry won’t cut it, I need to be alone”
  • MC had only been giving Jumin his coffee when she accidentally spilled it on him, landing him a decline in his proposal
  • He was enraged but not as much as MC left the next day, leaving his penhouse dark and empty, MC had taken all of her belongings with her
  • Something in Jumin broke as he began to shout at himself that echoes throughout his home, or what used to be. MC was his home 
  • He was feeling lonely yet numb at the same time, he was feeling a whirl of bad emotions as he observes MC laughing with a male co-worker of hers
  • mine
  • He brought out his phone as he shamelessly dialed MC’s number
  • “Hello?”
  • Jumin’s word caught in his throat as he found it completely foolish to be scolding her at this time
  • His hard gaze turned sad as he felt his tears against his cheeks
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “Jumin..”
  • Their eyes locked and MC gasped at the sight before her
  • “What are you doing here? How much did you drink”
  • “It doesn’t matter, I’m sorry”
  • “Your intentions were pure, instead, I took it harshly and I have never felt so much hatred for myself. You are my light MC and without you I am nothing. Without you I am just this emotionless shell of a corporate heir. You brought out these feelings in me and I have never treasured anyone as I have treasured you. You are my home, you are my family and I will forever hold this in my guilt. I love you”
  • “Jumin I’m sorry too”
  • “Now if you would be willing to come in my arms again you would make me the happiest man”
  • “Of course”
  • MC ran straight at him and gave him the tightest hug
  • “I am still correct though. You do turn me into a fool”
  • “Hm?”
  • “A fool in love with you”


  • Seven couldn’t concentrate, he couldn’t at all
  • Why would he, when he had just cheated on his most precious girl
  • But he was under a powerful drug
  • His agency thought it would be a good punishment to have him aroused towards a different girl for making a mistake in his work
  • But he felt so so guilty. It made him hate himself more
  • So when MC found out, she left and he couldn’t utter the words he wanted to say
  • He wanted to say he loves her and that it was a mistake. A horrible horrible mistake
  • And that it wasn’t his fault, he wanted to tell her that he was sorry but he couldn’t
  • No words came out of his mouth, only silent pleas to stay that never really caught MC’s ears
  • Maybe at that time he was thinking of how much he didn’t deserve MC and that it was a good opportunity for her to leave him. To be free so that she wouldn’t experience the pain of being with him
  • But Seven regrets it
  • He regrets it all
  • He needed MC back. She was the one who brought him life, happiness. She was all he needed and he let her slip away from his fingers
  • He felt his growing stupidity as he clutched at his chest, trying to make the pain go away as he watched a CCTV footage of MC at her home.
  • He had installed a camera in her living room for safety purposes and he didn’t want to barge in her privacy but he needed her. He needed to see that she was safe. He needed to see an evidence of her existing
  • With shaky hands, Saeyoung reached for his phone and called MC
  • Seeing MC grab hers, his heart was already at his throat
  • And when she answered the call, the first thing she heard were professions of love
  • “MC I love you I love you I love you I love you” 
  • “I… don’t know Saeyoung, after what you’ve done I don’t think I can believe that anymore”
  • He can see her shivering as she silently cried
  • “No no you don’t understand it was because of the agency! I was forced! please hear me out I… i don’t want to lose you. I will fight. I will fight for your love and I will do whatever it takes for you to come back to me please I love you too much. My heart is just about to burst from all this love so please.. please hear me out”
  • “Only just about?”
  • “Huh?” 
  • “Your heart is only just about to burst? Mine already did for you” 
  • MC chuckled
  • She fricking chuckled
  • Saeyoung could feel tears or relief as he felt his chest unclogging
  • “I’ll head over straight there and we’ll talk okay?”
  • “I’ll be waiting, Saeyoung”
  • He kissed his computer with her footage as he readied his car


  • Saeran had said some hurtful things
  • Very hurtful things
  • He was so mad, so so mad at himself
  • MC, the girl who’s always by his side, the girl who was willing to go through his recovery now left him
  • He felt so broken and was shaking
  • Saeyoung was trying to calm him down but he couldn’t, not when he just felt the light being sucked out of his life
  • And his comforting didn’t feel like MC’s, not at all
  • Hers was gentle and delicate and her scent was intoxicating, enough to put him into a calm oblivion
  • But she’s not here anymore, there was no one to calm him through the rage of his night terrors, no one to hold him close as she whispers soothing words into his ear
  • No body to grasp unto when he couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing
  • Her hugs were the best, so kind, so comforting, so loving
  • But she’s gone
  • “I messed up Saeyoung, I messed up this one thing that keeps me going”
  • “Call her, go to her. I can’t stand seeing you like this”
  • “She wouldn’t want to be with me anymore, I messed up I messed up”
  • Saeran was now rocking back and forth as he hugs his body closer
  • Feel her warmth, feel her warmth
  • “Yes hello MC, yes he’s here. Alright I’ll give the phone to him”
  • Saeran’s eyes snapped to his brother as he gave him the hardest look he could muster.
  • But he still took the phone anyways
  • “I’ll be right there Saeran wait for me! I’ll be there” 
  • He heard MC panting and he was dumbfounded
  • She’ll come back? Doesn’t she hate him?
  • “MC… I love you”
  • “I love you too… so so much. Wait for me a little longer okay?”
  • The twins heard the door open as they found MC on her phone, still panting
  • She went straight into Saeran’s arms as she stroked his hair and kissed his forehead
  • “I’m so sorry MC”
  • “I”m sorry too Saeran
  • “Don’t ever leave me”
  • “I’ll always be with you”
3 | Red Skies

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“I’m telling you it was just some kids being kids. Don’t read too much into it man.” Yoongi patted Jin on his arm, trying to calm down the angry man,

“It wasn’t kids. I know it was that bitch upstairs.” Jin spat coldly,

“That bitch upstairs is right here you know. It wasn’t me, look at the glass,” you walked between the two men, both of them towering over you, “The glass is on the inside of the house, right? So it must’ve been smashed from the outside. I can’t leave the house, so how could it have been me?”

Jin shoved your body down on to the ground, not caring if you landed in the dozens of glass shards, he loomed over your figure, “Don’t try and outsmart me little girl, I know you had something to do with this.” He grabbed his khaki coloured jacket from the sofa and headed out the door.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi shouted,

“Melissa’s. Why, did you want to watch how a real man pleases his woman?”

How did a guy like him even find a mate?

The door slammed angrily, earning a disapproving groan from Yoongi’s lips before he left the room and a small shake from the entire building. As much as you hated Jin and his temperament, he was right, you did have something to do with the abundance of smashed glass that decorated the living room floor. Memories of the mans face flashed through your mind, you were almost certain you’d never seen him before. Rolling up the jeans Nancy had given you to wear you observed the bite mark again, could the man who came to the house be your bleeder?

Suddenly an excruciating pain hammered inside your head as you tried to stand up, the loudest ringing noise hung heavy on your ears, weighing you down to the floor once more. The intensity of the sound caused you to cover your ears with your hands, your body convulsing in agony on top of the smashed glass.

Y/N. Y/N listen to me.

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Look at me too

The paladins had a long week of fighting the Galra and worm-holing through the galaxies. Everyone was fairly pooped so when Allura and Coran gave them the news that they’d be able to take a resting stop on a local planet everyone was excited.

“Yes everyone” Allura said clapping her hands “We’ll all be stopping on the planet Hawsuri for a much needed break” she smiled and looked over to Coran who was fiddling with the controls to pull up some photos of the planet.

“Yes, Princess” he chimed in “This planet is the vacation spot of this galaxy! With the warmth of two suns and a giant ocean and sandy beaches. It’s much like the earth islands called the tropials” he nodded as he flicked through the different photos.

“You mean the tropics, Coran” Pidge corrected from their seat not far from where he was standing.

“Oh yes, of course, my mistake. Hawsuri is much like your earth tropics.. With warm weather and plenty of beaches”. At this everyone cheered, especially lance who slid to the front of the room grinning .

“Say Coran, I’m sure there has to be plenty of alien beach babes who can’t wait to get a taste of this!” He nudged him with his elbow before spinning and shooting him with finger guns. Everyone groaned and stood to leave at this note. Keith being the only one with a frown on his face stayed behind.

“Do we really need to go sit in some crummy sand with the heat of TWO suns beaming down on our backs?!” he shouted looking at Shiro for some support, instead he was met with Shiro’s classic grin and a pat on the shoulder as he headed out the room.

“Look on the bright side Keith this will be your chance to have some much needed bonding time with your fellow team members outside of the ship”

Keith shrugged his hand off and mumbled under his breath “Sure that’s only because you want to see Allura in a bathing suit”. Causing the black paladins neck and ears to turn a dark shade of red as he whipped around to be sure Allura hadn’t heard.

“Keith just try and have fun OK?” he said his expression neutral, but his eyes saying if you ruin this for me I’ll hunt you down. He patted him on the shoulder again a little harder this time before leaving.

Keith followed to go pack his things. Ahead of him he saw lance and hunk and he overheard their chatter about the vacation.

More than the heat of two suns and crummy sand, he wasn’t ready to endure another session of Lance flirting with everything that had two legs (if that even mattered to him anymore). Keith didn’t know why but the idea of seeing him ogling over some space chick made his blood boil. Why couldn’t he just act like everyone else civilized!

Instead of smiling and spitting cheesy pick up line to everything that moved.. He didn’t know if he could stomach another day of that. It caused him to think about too many unwanted emotions that he couldn’t explain just yet… like why he only hated the flirting when it was someone else.. or why he hated to admit that he always felt his chest clench whenever Lance directed his affections toward him.

“ugh” Keith grunted

He slid his door open and flopped on the bed, not even bothering to pack anything. Throwing one arm over his head he sighed listening to muffled sounds Lance’s humming in the shower through his wall. I bet he’ll be up all night packing, that idiot, going through all that trouble to get ready. For what. All those facials don’t do anything… He looked just fine like he is.. His hair always looks so silky and amazing- Wait what!! I mean.. In a bros kinda way.. Scratch that?!! Lance is gross.

He huffed and flopped over burying his face into his pillow, dozing off to the sound of Lance’s humming.


Keith blushed looking away quickly as Lance held the sunscreen bottle up. “Just make sure to get my entire back mullet-head, I can’t risk burning this body” he smirked and Keith felt his heart skip a beat as he shakily took the bottle out of his hand as the copper toned boy rolled over on the towel where he was laying. Revealing his lean, yet toned back, long slender legs and Keith couldn’t help but let his eyes trail over him. He blushed when he realized what had caught is attention the most.

“O-ok” he replied kneeling down. He squeezed out the lotion and started to rub it slowly into Lances back starting at his shoulders and working his way down.

Lance shivered under his touch and Keith’s heart started pounding.  He started rubbing him slower, gently skimming his fingers down his spine. A small breathy moan come from Lance and that’s when Keith stilled looking down with him equally aroused and in shock.

“W-why did you stop?” Lance whispered, a small blush creeping up the back of his neck and ears.

“What..?” He asked unsure his ears

where working properly.

“I said, p-please finish rubbing me.. Keith I want your hands all over my BEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEP*”

Keith shot up in bed his heart racing. He scanned his surrounding and cursed realizing it was just a dream.

A dream about lance!? It was bad enough to have deal with him every day now Keith was having dreams about him too.

He lifted his blanket up looking down at his lap and cursed under his breath annoyed that his body was betraying his true feelings.

Hopping out of bed he pulled on his boots and headed for the door when he realized there was a big problem.

He was hard as a rock and he has less than 5 mins to get to the controls room. Swiftly he grabbed his bag and held it in front of himself grumbling again.

“This is so obvious!”

Just as he stepped out his room he saw Lance walking past.

“Yo good morning Mullet-head” he laughed and stepped forward to shove him, when Keith slapped his hand away dropping the bag and scrambling awkwardly to hide his… situation.

“Don’t touch me!” He yelled way to loudly, his face turning red.

“Woah.. calm down dude” Lance laughed “geez what’s your-” he was cut off as his eyes traveled down Keith’s torso to his wait and then … when lance realized what Keith was desperately trying (and failing) to hide a blush crept onto his face.

When he heard Lance shifting back and forth on his feet he bristled shouting 

“Just. Go. Away” instantly regretting the amount of spite in his voice.

“Woah! Sorry… it’s not my fault y- , actually never mind” he huffed and stormed off.

Keith knew he’d overreacted but after that dream he couldn’t help but be on edge. He shook his head back and forth, instead, trying to steady his breathing as he focused on anything to clear his mind of his dream about Lance.

He could still hear his voice and octave lower begging him to rub his body, the way he looked up at him with his blue eyes glassy and lidded, his mouth….

damn it this wasn’t helping.

Instead he switched to thinking about training and how he couldn’t wait to get some extra time to work on his offensive moves. He was great with impulsive defense moves but not so great when it came to the latter.

Keith continued to mull this over, idly walking down the hall until he strolled into the control room where everyone else stood waiting for him.

“ITS ABOUT TIME!” Lance yelled throwing his hands up in forced exasperation. Trying to act normal, but the redness in his ear betrayed him.

“You finally decided to show up” he placed his hands on his hips and scowled pursing his lips “ I know that you aren’t excited about the beach keeeeeith” Lance said dragging out his name

“But I’ve got a date with a purple ocean and hot space babes”

“What are you talking about, Lance I -”

“Oh no-nonono we don’t want to hear your excuses just follow us to the lower deck we’re about to land soon” he held up his manicured hand in Keith’s face before storming off. The others just stood there speechless, giving him apologetic looks, except for Coran who smiled brightly as he chartered on and on about the customs of this planet.


This might be trash.. forgive me it is my first time. I might continue if you guys like it


What if Logan was jealous of the other sides and felt like he couldn’t fit in?
Pairing: none
Warning: none
(it’s just Logan angst, because i love him)

Something was off. No, scratch that, everything was off.

Logan dropped the pen he was writing with on the desk at the sound of Roman’s laugh, feeling frustrated at his inability to focus on planning tomorrow’s schedule. As more laughter and yells poured through the walls into his room, he rubbed his temple. The other three must be having fun by themselves again, Logan thought bitterly, without him. He quickly stomped on that thought though, as it was illogical to be annoyed over such a silly thing.

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I swear...

If I see one more video of Climon naked in bed, making out and being all passionate and sweet and shit and Malec gets a god damn fade to black again I might just pull all my fucking hair out. Correction: ALL the hetero couples in the show get half naked make outs in canoes or institute beds all passionate and steamy and shit while MALEC the only LGBT interracial mlm couple in the show, portrayed by two beautiful men who love and support Malec and Shadowhunters AND the LGBT community gets a fade to black with no morning after. I’m allowed to be a little pissed at mostly FREEFORM bc all they’re promoting is CLIMON and CLACE the HETERO LOVE TRIANGLE. It’s annoying, tbh. But to the people who commented on the post about 2B not being out yet, I agree. We’ll just have to wait and see if the SH writers and Todd pulled through. And to the asshole that commented (you got deleted by the way ;)) about me “blaming it all on Climon when the ship is getting enough hate as it is” i don’t like the ship and you should respect that. You should also respect that I’m (and the whole fandom considering its numbers are mostly people from the LGBT community) allowed to be more than a little pissed off about Malec not getting the treatment it deserves and more than a little annoyed that Climon and Clace and Jace with some random nameless fairy bitch get naked rolls in the sheets about 2 fucking minutes long while we don’t even no for sure if the most popular main pairing (confirmed ENDGAME) mlm couple in the show actually had sex at all. So no, I’m not “hating” (as you so eloquently put it) on Climon nor am I hating on ANY of the hetero ships but it’s the fact that it’s ONLY the hetero ships that get representations like this when Malec has more than deserved to be treated with the same amount of equality and respect. I’m tired and I’m angry and I’m upset and annoyed and I’m allowed to feel this way, since I’m not some of the assholes that I know are scattered around this fandom sending HATE to the actors and actresses when it’s not their fault. So you should fucking respect that.

Kalagang #07

1x08 We Will All Be Judged By The Courage Of Our Hearts

In this episode, we get to see more of Wolfgang’s back story – specifically his relationship with Felix, and with Wolfgang’s abusive father. It’s heartbreaking to see Wolfgang suffered so much in the past, but at the same time we see Kala’s feeling towards him gets deeper as he opens up about his pain.

Kala: I was always afraid as a child. I couldn’t sleep if the light was off or it was too quiet. I don’t like the quiet. I used to fall asleep in my father’s restaurant. I’ve always hated being alone. (1x07)

At the rooftop of Ganesha’s temple, Kala told Wolfgang she doesn’t like the quiet or being alone. But here, we see Kala who is at the movies with her family – she is not alone, and it’s obviously not quiet because of the laughter from the audience – being not fine at all. She is crying because of Wolfgang; she is crying for him. It just shows how much Wolfgang has consumed her; how much he means to her.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

In Berlin, Wolfgang is at the hospital after Felix got shot from Steiner. He is in a very quiet place, and he’s all alone now – another cinematographic contrast between two characters. And it’s also great to see that Kala who doesn’t like the quiet and being alone visits the place that is quiet and ‘lonely’. Wolfgang doesn’t even cry because he can’t. He doesn’t know how. He has forgotten how to cry.

Again, with Kalagang you can turn any place into somewhere romantic…and bathroom is definitely becoming their thing.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

Wolfgang tries to suppress the pain and anger all to himself like he used to, thinking that he’s alone. Then Kala shows up. When he senses Kala and looks right at her, he’s really surprised – not just by Kala’s presence, but also by her tears. She is literally crying for him. Wolfgang didn’t ask anyone for anything, and yet she is sharing his pain and sorrow.

So he has all these mixed feelings going on in a split second – sad, angry, surprised, sort of relieved to see her, and then like he’s having another moment of falling in love with her. I mean, wouldn’t you fall for someone if that person shares your pain and even cries for you, when you thought you’re alone in this world? I would.

Wolfgang: [What happened to him?] It was my fault. I wanted to prove something. I wanted to change something that can’t be changed. [What?] The past.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

Just look at how hurt he is. It’s so heartbreaking. Wolfgang was about to give himself another chance to believe in miracles – start a new life. He was ready to fly over to India to see Kala. He was so desperate to put the past behind him. Then this happened; the world once again pulled Wolfgang back to where he was. When Wolfgang tells Kala that it’s his fault Felix was attacked, I think he secretly also wanted to tell her – he really wanted to meet her in person, and it hurts because now he can’t.

The way Max delivered this whole scene where he talks about Wolfgang’s childhood was so good. So on point. You can feel the depth of his pain even before we actually hear his story.

Kala: You’ve known him a long time. How did you meet? [Detention]

Original post [x] @stilesbanshee

Look! Kala’s hand is on Wolfgang’s back (or is it his arm? whatever)! Last episode Wolfie touched her, and now, she’s touching him. Our Kalagang is getting closer to one another! It’s hard to see from this GIF, but if you go watch full episode (video) you’ll see Kala’s fingers gently stroking Wolfgang’s back. AH FEELS.

Felix: Wolfgang? Nobody’s named Wolfgang. OK…Wolfie. What are you in for? [Fighting] Cool.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

From here, we get to see Wolfgang’s relationship with Felix.

Wolfgang: Where are you? [At the movies. With my family] Makes sense. [Why?] Felix loved the movies. We cut school to watch films all the time.

Original post [x] @fyeahwolfiekala

The only times when Wolfgang smile like that – not the usual kind of smirk he does to others, but real, genuine, happy one – are when he’s with Felix, Kala, probably his mother, and his cluster. Right now, it’s just Felix and Kala.

Conan: No one will remember if we were good men or bad. All that matters is that two stood against many. So grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen…then to hell with you!

This film is one of the things that made Wolfgang who he is today. It’s not just a film which he and his best friend enjoyed watching when they’re little, it sort of gave young Wolfgang a kind of guidance for his chaotic life. So it’s like Conan is Wolfgang’s Ganesha, I guess.

Wolfgang: I don’t know why he liked me. In those days, when we moved from East to West Berlin, I was the kid everyone hated.

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Here, we get a glimpse of what would Wolfgang do when he is in serious trouble: he doesn’t ask for help. He tries to take care of the problem all by himself. He protects the ones he cares by not letting them into this mess. And he fights…he fights hard.

No wonder Wolfgang doesn’t ever ask his cluster for help.

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This is why Wolfgang thinks of Felix as his brother. Because Felix never leaves him – he is always there for Wolfgang, and he always comes back for him.

Wolfgang: [That was your childhood?] No.That was nothing…compared to my father.

When Kala is shocked by his rough childhood, Wolfgang lets out a sigh mixed with chuckle as if that whole story he’s just told her was nothing. As soon as he is about to talk about his father, Wolfgang’s face stiffens. You can see how much Wolfgang’s already disgusted just by thinking of his father.

Anton: Life is just five things – eating, drinking, shitting, fucking…and fighting for more. I didn’t say anything about crying. Crying is for bitches. Is that what you [Wolfgang] are? A little bitch?

What’s so heartbreaking about this scene is that – not to mention how abusive Anton was – as much as Wolfgang hates his father, ironically, everything about Anton including his ‘motto’ influenced Wolfgang. It was inevitable that his father made Wolfgang who he is.

Because of his father, Wolfgang couldn’t cry – which explains why he doesn’t cry up to this day…as well as why he’s been suppressing his emotions.

Kala: He would do anything for you.

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The way Kala is looking at Wolfgang – I thought this might be the first time when Kala saw something good and beautiful hidden inside of him. At that moment, she felt this deep, unbreakable, and pure friendship between Wolfgang and Felix. She felt how much Wolfgang loves and cares about his brother.

Wolfgang: He’s my brother, and not by something as accidental as blood…by something much stronger. [By what?] By choice.

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This line sort of emphasizes that Wolfgang is, again, the guy who does not believe in things like miracles. Because he believes in choice. To Wolfgang, his family was not his choice. To him, miracle is also not a choice; it’s something that just happens. It’s beyond his control.

And this makes Kalagang’s relationship so interesting because…Wolfgang who believes in choices is connected to Kala – the connection that is not based on choices; while Kala who believes in miracles is hesitating over a choice that may change her life. Each of them believes in something that other doesn’t…and now, they’re being challenged by what other believes in. I’m kinda rambling, but see what I mean?

The more I rewatch Kalagang moments, the more I realize how their relationship is so fabulously complicated – they are complete opposites, but they accept each other. At the same time, they challenge each other…and eventually build up this beautiful and intense relationship based on their differences.

Manendra: You are going to call up my son and you are going to tell him that you cannot marry him. [What?] You know in your heart that’s the right thing to do. I could see it in your eyes. That’s why you stopped the wedding to keep yourself from committing this terrible mistake. […] But now, luck has given us another opportunity to correct it. All we require is the will…

OK, to be honest, when Manendra visited the temple and told Kala that she should call off the wedding with Rajan, I screamed with joy. I was like ‘YES! FINALLY! Now she can see Wolfgang without feeling guilty! They can be together!’

and then this happens…oh dear.

Hear Me

Summary: Modern AU Professor Tom is away for the night and receives a distressed call from his wife.  

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Erotica (?)

Rating/Warning: M -  Possibly me being overly cautious.  Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.  Contains use of “Daddy” and things of that nature.  Non-explicit shenanigans.  Is “Literary Phone Sex” a thing in fiction?  I dunno.  You have been warned.

Author’s Notes: I just really hate Tom Hiddleston and my own imagination right now.  That fault is with those two things, but let’s blame @i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow instead.  Same characters as See Me.  All mistakes are mine.

He was reaching for his phone to text her a goodnight kiss when her ringtone filled the hotel room.

“There is something skittering in the walls!” she Snoopy wailed before his greeting was complete. “Get back here right this instant and fulfill your wedding vows!”

He smiled at the sincere panic in her voice, feeling like it was disloyal but unable to stop it.  Her fear of the creepy crawlies, as she called them, was something he learned rather quickly about her.  She’d gone as far as to include it in their wedding ceremony, inspiring the same kind of smiles from those in attendance who were familiar with her long-standing aversion.

“Darling, as much as I relish being your rescuer and as much as I am loathe to deny any request of yours, I’m afraid I am unable to directly assist you with this.”

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IGNITE || lrh

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1573 || “The last statement is like a slap to your face, making you take a step back from the screaming match. He lets you go.”

warnings: hella angst bby

a/n: a very long overdue fic,, i’ll be getting to the requests soon btw hehe anyways that gif kills me dude oml also this oneshot is basically splurging all the angst idk man but i hope it satisfies :-D

The front door creaks open as you sigh heavily, stepping out of your uncomfortable shoes and onto the cold tiles. Another day, another crack in your breaking sanity. The wall clock reads 10:33 PM. Earlier than usual, you muse, moving about in your habitual routine. Your backpack drops with a thud, and you walk into your living room with a drooping hand running lazily through your hair. Luke is resting on the couch, legs splayed across its entirety. His head raises from the phone, and he gives you a tight smile. You’re too tired to notice.

“Hey, babe. There’s some food in the fridge,” He softly speaks, gesturing vaguely to the kitchen. You’re unbuttoning your uniform, moving to your bedroom.

“Not hungry,” You murmur. The bedroom is cold; the air conditioner is already on for you. After struggling to change into your comfier clothes, you drag yourself back out to get a glass of water.

“Your bills came in the mail today,” He calls out to you. The glasses clink together as you take one from the cupboard. Your thoughts drift aimlessly.

“Mm-hmm. You can just pass them over tomorrow,” You say back distractedly as you fill your glass. Luke clears his throat, twisting his position.

“Actually, I kind of already paid for them.” It’s carefully said, as if he was testing the waters. Then again, with the situation the both of you were in, you were always testing the waters. You pull back from the dispenser, back straight in surprise. A slow turn is enough to face him.

“What?” Eyes narrow at his figure, and he rises from his seat.

“I did.” A nervous laugh. This wasn’t the reaction he expected.

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1) Re: Wanda and her lack of redemption arc- One of the MCU's biggest fuck yous was that they allowed Zemo to apologize to T'challa for his Father's death as collateral in his revenge scheme, but didn't have the decency to allow Wanda to do the same to the Avengers for stripping them of their autonomy and using them to hurt other people (of which the primary victims were Tony and Bruce). If they wanted to redeem her and make her more sympathetic, they really should have allowed her

I’m really sorry that I didn’t answered this last night, nonny but it was very late here and I was on mobile.

1) Exactly. But honestly I like Zemo more than Wanda for that. They allowed him to apologise, but also they showed him not being so bat-shit hateful blaming all the evil on his life to the Avengers (just the death of his family) and he neither played the victim. Like Wanda did.

The problem with Wanda lays directly in her “tragic backstory”, I mean, just listening to it, it’s ridiculous:

This is a backstory that doesn’t work for an anti-villain/anti-hero to go straight up a hero. Because it’s illogical. The audience that has a minimal knowledge of how the world works knows that blaming the person that made the weapon is stupid an illogical.

  • Second part of the ask:

2) to make real amends to her primary victims. Also, having her sit and talk to Tony about her anger against the American military industrial complex (which was what killed her parents) and how she conflated that with Stark. She has serious trauma that needs to be laid out. I mean, Tony could have talked about how he too realized the faults in the MID and is trying to make amends for his ignorance and inaction. How it has led him to believe in accountability and checks and balances

  • Part three:

3) LIKE THE FUCKING ACCORDS. It would have been 10x better than Steve’s convo w/ her in the beginning of Civil War, where he treats her unintentional murder of 12 ppl as a small hiccup that can be corrected w/ “try try again”. But no, all we end up w/ is a character marketed as a child half the time, and an adult the other half. It’s character assassination and it sucks. Either show her struggle w/ redemption and accountability as a member of the Avengers, or keep her a villain.

The problem here nonny, it’s that the dynamics are terribly flawed and bad placed. With Wanda, her deed of joining the Avengers it was not for goodness, it’s was common sense and self-preservation. We never see her re-thinking about Tony or showing a single little remorse about hurting him, neither she seems to want to stop and think about the situation. Tony talking to her would have required she trying to go closer and talk but to the first moment that we see her on screen with him her intention are clearly hostile:

Look at the corporal language of this part. This is a hero? No.

This is an anti-hero? No.

This is someone who is conflict?

I dare say: no.

The point about anti-heroes and anti-villains is they know, very deep in them, they have a doubt, a conflict. Wanda doesn’t. She knows what she is doing. She knows that she is hurting someone and she knows what she did. Take a look to Bruce too:

Also take her reaction when he calls her out for mindfucking him:

Her expression seems to be the one of someone who regrets her bad deeds.


Her face hardens when he threatens her and she doesn’t speak about the topic again. Not with him, not with Clint in their oh so marvellous pep talk.

Someone that answered one of my posts said that showing Wanda’s struggles were that ridiculous scene whit with her crying in front of Clint, so the audience have to see her as a poor misunderstood child that was very scared and didn’t know what she was doing…

That’s not how it works!

Wanda should have showed struggle and conflict since the beginning of the movie! She should have interacted with people that she hurt as you said but she didn’t!

And before somebody says something…

Clint doesn’t count!
Steve doesn’t count!

Clint was not attacked by Wanda, he didn’t suffered in her hands. Steve? He forgave her at the instant. He attacked his armour-less teammate because of her word. He told Natasha, one of Wanda’s victims “she with us”, like she hadn’t some right of feeling uncomfortable by her presence!

They don’t count!

The base, the point for an anti villain to be redeemed and made an ally or friend in front of their enemies is the interaction and and the villain admitting that they hurt the protagonists. It’s simple, take Regina Mills in Once Upon A Time. She never became in a full hero but she earned trust by admitting her bad deeds. She showed struggle and doubt. She became a wondeful anti-hero Wanda didn’t.

Just look at the moment when she decides to side with the Avengers:

What choice do we have?

This is someone that learned form her mistakes. No.




This is somebody that wants to fucking live. She wants to keep herself and her brother alive. There’s no doubt here. Not struggle in the loyalties. No conflict! She switched sides in the beginning and she does it again because it’s convenient for her. Not for goodness or anything that changes that she hurt people during all the movie!

She doesn’t doubt for a fucking instant to go to the “winning side”:

What kind of anti-hero can you get of that?

Which leads to CW. You said that she siding with Tony would have been the better, and yes, it would have been a good character development she being remorseful and keeping her initial supposed believes about accountability but with motherfucking Johannesburg, how it’s that possible?


Like, that’s what the Russo and M&M tried to to do and failed miserably. They tried to sell us an anti-hero. They washed her awful deeds and make her look as conflicted when she never hesitated at the beginning.

They tried to us to believe that she can’t control her powers.

And that



And just bullshit.

They also made her clothes more clear, her hair too. Miss Elizabeth was wearing a wig, it was not difficult have one as her hair was in the previous movie.

They tried to vanish the darkness of her. Why? Because it its more difficult present a redemption for villain than a anti-hero. Or as that idiotic writers seem to think: that poor kid that did no wrong.  

Because it was more easy to forgive this:

Than this:

So, they invented this new Wanda, and put all the blame in Tony’s shoulders. The funny thing it’s that the audience it’s stupid enough to believe it. That might talk about the power of the female characters of being forgiven for everything as long they have a pretty face and a delicate body.

Even if it’s a character without struggles or good intentions, or remorse.

So, nonny, my opinion is firm. Wanda Maximoff’s redemption arc was a fuck you because she didn’t deserved or needed one.

Because Wanda Maximoff is better as a villain.

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I feel like Saihara won't be well-received in English fandom. For obvious reasons, but because he's, as you say, a character who's weak and needs to rely on others constantly. Needing help sometimes is okay, but a character who always needs other more competent people to help them and who never gives back can be frustrating. Thoughts?

I think Saihara will be slightly more popular with the western fanbase once the localization is out, but mainly due to the fact that there will be less misinformation going around. A lot of the reasons I’ve seen people have for hating Saihara stem from wrongful assumptions that he’s a “Naegi/Hinata clone” even when he’s… fairly dissimilar from both of them, really.

I do agree that Saihara will probably never be as popular in the west as he is in Japan, though. Personally, I like Saihara quite a lot as a protag. Out of all the protagonists, he’s my second-favorite, with only Hinata ranking higher. But I think his popularity will always be somewhat stinted by the bait-and-switch with Kaede, which left a lot of people with a negative impression from the start (even though the bait-and-switch was more the fault of Kodaka as a writer, rather than Saihara’s fault).

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Request ; Could you write for Sirius x reader and he is forced to kill her o watch her being killed? Thank you💯❤

Pairings ; Sirius Black x Reader

Warnings ; My english, pain, so much pain.

A/N ; If you find mistakes feel free to correct me because you’re learning from your mistakes and i want to improve my english because they suck.Hope you like it love, I tried my best.

Word Count ; 1,117

It was war period. Voldemort and Death Eaters were trying to find members from the Order. They didn’t want just to kill us, they wanted to torture us till death. They were killing muggles and innocent muggle-borns. Every wizard that wasn’t in their side either was fighting against them or they were in hiding. It was terrible.

Voldemort had learned about the prophesy and even though he didn’t know the whole thing you knew that he’ll go against either Longbottoms or Potters. James and Lily were hiding in Godric’s Hollow.

You and Sirius had visited them sometimes especially after little Harry’s birth. But now you were hiding as well. Sirius was somewhere due to the Order. You were at home when Death Eaters came in throw every single window you had. They had captured you.

You were in a dark room and you could feel the humidity in there. You were tied on the floor and you could feel blood running from your hands. When your eyes got used to the low lighting you looked your hand. The word ‘mudblood’ was slashed in your arm. It wasn’t too much painful but it stung a bit.

Suddenly the door opened and that Sirius’ cousin Bellatrix throws someone in the room you were in. You saw a dark figure with long hair. When your eyes met yours you immediately recognized him. It was Sirius.

“Y/N? Merlin babe, are you okay?” his voice was low and harsh. His eyes were in tears as he walked towards you.

“What they did it to you. I’ll kill them.” He hugged you and kissed your lips. The kiss was slow and passionate at first. Then he was more rough and quick. He couldn’t believe that they find you, both of you. You were crying while you kissed him and he was doing the same. He saw your arm. And he kissed your wound. Like he was able to heal them. But he wasn’t.

“I’m sorry.”

“So sorry.”

“I’m sorry Y/N”

“Sirius, it’s not your fault.” You had days to talk and your voice was harsh and unsteady. He tried to pull of your chains but he couldn’t. They were enchanted and none of you had wand.

They left you alone with him for a day. The whole night Sirius hugged you. He wanted you to feel safe even though he knew none of you were. He was repeatedly asking you to forgive him. He was putting the blame on him. You try to convince him that it wasn’t his fault but he didn’t hear you.

The door slams open and Bellatrix with Narcissa came in. Sirius stayed by your side.

“Come here my dear cousin. We can spare you your life if you be one of us. Come with us and you’ll live.”

He looked Bellatrix dead in the eyes and he spitted her.

“I would never be one of you.” He told her coldly. Then Bellatrix put out her wand.

“NO!” you screamed, you though she was gonna kill him, but instead of that he chained him to the wall across you. None of you spoke for a while Bellatix and Narcissa whispered for a bit and then she turned her wand to face you.


You immediately felt the pain in your bones. It was unbearable, like you was inside the flames of a fire. Like millions of knives were nailed on your skin. Your head was in so much pain that you thought it was going to break in two pieces.

Sirius let out a small ‘no’ he was forced to see Bellatrix torturing you and he was unable to do anything to prevent it. He felt terrible and he was crying so much that his vision was blurry. He tried to escape from his chains but it was impossible. He felt helpless, he was helpless.

Bellatrix stopped for a moment and you took a deep breath but you felt it again. You felt like your body was about to split in two. You couldn’t breathe, see or hear. You tried to focus your mind on happy moments you had with Sirius but you couldn’t remember any. You couldn’t bear it. Your eyes were blank like the eyeballs were on the back of your head. The only thing you were able to do was screaming. And you did it. You started shouting for help and begged her to stop it. You couldn’t take any more pain.

Sirius was hearing you screaming and he tried more forceful to let himself free but once again he didn’t. He couldn’t bear seeing you in such pain. He knew how much the cruciatus curse pained. And he didn’t want you to feel it. The pain couldn’t be described by words. He hated that he was so helpless. He hated that he couldn’t saved you.

Bellatrix once again stopped. Both you and Sirius understand what’s going to be next. You looked him in his grey eyes.

“I love you.” It was the only thing you could say to him before you listened to Bellatrix saying those two little words.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” the last thing you saw was the green light from the wand and you heard Sirius being helpless and screaming while he was fighting with his chains.

Bellatrix and Narcissa apparated immediately after the killing.

Sirius finally was able to come near you. He took your dead body on his arms and started crying over you. His chest was in so much pain. And he couldn’t breathe properly. He saw the love of his life being tortured and killed. He couldn’t bear it.

“I’m so sorry Y/N I’m so sorry for not being able to save you. I’m so sorry for being the one who must be in your place. I’m so sorry baby. So sorry.”

He was standing in the centre of the room with your body in his hug and screaming with his head towards the ceiling. He was going mad. He knew he would go mad without you in his life. His throat was sore from the screaming and the crying.   

He left with you being only a memory.

With your last words on his mind

‘I love you’.

He woke up with sweat in his face. He was in his Azkaban cell. But he was going to break free.

He knew where the traitor was. And he was going to take revenge for Lily and James’ deaths.

For your death.

“I love you too Y/N.” he hadn’t told you back then. But he told it now and he felt a warm air hugging his body.

He knew you were still with him.

You never leaved him.


Believe It or Not. Part 21/?

(Based off episode 2x09, “Party Guessed”)

It was Saturday, which is why Y/n was very confused to find herself still waking up from a buzzing going off on her phone, it was a reminder.

‘Lydia’s Birthday A.K.A The Biggest Party of the Year! Don’t miss it!’

Y/n certainly didn’t set that reminder on her own so she wondered how Lydia was able to pull it off, as smart as that girl is she probably hacked everyone’s cell phones in Beacon Hills all at once.

Letting out a groan, Y/n sat up in bed and sat there waiting for her eyes to adjust.

Hearing a faint knock on her door, she mumbled a barely audible ‘come in.’

Slowly, Melissa entered the room and made her way over to sit on the edge of her daughters’ bed. “Good morning sunshine,” her mom chuckled, “or should I say afternoon?”

Y/n cringed her eyebrows before turning her phone back on and checking the time, it was 1:00 in the afternoon.

Y/n’s eyes then grew wide as Melissa laughed.

“Okay, I know you’re a teenager, but this was very unlike you.” Her mom’s wide grin transformed into a small one as her eyes looked into Y/n’s, caring yet concerned.

“Yep. All good, just stressed you know- with school- it’s kind of kicking my ass-” she lied unconvincingly.

“Y/n, come on you’re too much like me,” Melissa chuckled, “spill it.”

Sighing with defeat, Y/n let it all out in front of her mom with one huge breath, “I’m in the most stereotypical high school situation ever and I hate myself for it because believe me it is the least of my worries right now but neither of them are making it any easier-’

“Wait hold on,” Melissa held he hand up signaling for Y/n to stop her incessant rambling, “neither of them? Them being two boys?”

“Yes!” Y/n exasperated, dramatically grabbing a pillow before slamming it in her face and falling back onto her bed.

“One of them is Stiles I’m assuming?” Melissa formed her statement as a question even though she knew she was already correct, Y/n just confirming her accuracy be screaming into her pillow.

“Okay, come on, come back to me.” Her mom grabbed the pillow from off her daughter’s face and pulled her back up by her arm to a sitting position, hair slightly disheveled now.

“What’s on your mind?”

Melissa’s tone more serious now, Y/n calmed herself back down, “I- they’re both great, well- one of them is. And, one of them is really trying to be. I’m just so confused, and so worried about hurting one of them.”

Melissa smiled, proud of the big heart she’d like to say she’s raised her daughter to have.

“As amazing as I think you are for not wanting to hurt either of them, you gotta think about yourself to honey. In situations like this, someone is always going to get hurt, and there’s nothing you- or anyone else- can do to prevent that.” The way her mom was smiling at her almost convinced Y/n that maybe everything would be okay.

But there was still one question haunting her, one she hadn’t said out loud because she was too scared.

“How do I choose?” She whispered so quietly it seemed as if she hadn’t said it at all.

“Sweetheart,” her mom sighed placing her hand on top of Y/n’s, “If you think you choose who love you’re in for a rude awakening because I’ll tell you this right now- you don’t choose who love, you learn to accept who you love. And then you do your best to make it work.”

Melissa then returned to her feet, smiling at her daughter one more time before exiting and shutting the door behind her, knowing Y/n had quite a bit to think about.

“You sure about this?” Y/n asked as Allison put her car in park outside of Lydia’s house.

Taking a deep breath, Allison turned and met Y/n’s gaze, “For Lydia.” She stated strongly as she stepped outside of the vehicle and started walking towards the front entrance.

“For Lydia!” Y/n repeated Allison’s words from still inside the car before following Allison’s footsteps.

As the pair entered the house and made their way into the backyard where the party was being held because of the Martin’s gigantic pool, Y/n immediately saw Scott and Stiles.

Allison split to go talk to Lydia, so Y/n made her way over to her brother and her- well- her brother’s best friend (hers too).

“Hey, have you seen Jackson yet?” She greeted.

“You look beautiful.” Stiles ignored her question and smiled at her lightly, she was completely flustered by the comment not giving her enough time to hide the blush that had taken over her cheeks, which if you asked Stiles it just made her more beautiful than she already was.

Scott cleared his throat, pulling both of them back to focus on the task at hand, “No. Seen Allison?’

“Yeah, we came here together.” Y/n smiled at Scott sympathetically, knowing he and Allison were going through a rough time after what happened the night of the rave. Y/n hadn’t brought up the incident to Allison knowing it’s a rough topic right now. Especially now that the Argent’s and their hunters are more involved than ever because of Allison slipping up and giving them information. None of them were mad, Scott was mad in the moment because it had screwed up the plan so he ended up yelling at her, which was understandable in the heat of the moment. But, they’re only 16, and Allison made a mistake. She’s in a tough situation and it wasn’t her fault, they all knew that.

“We need to tell her what we found.” Stiles stated.

“I’m still kind of not sure what we found?” Scott whispered, and Y/n looked between them completely confused.

“I’m not sure at all what we found, do share!” She encouraged sarcastically.

Stiles turned his full attention to her, “I figured out it has something to do with water. You know, the fact that all victims were on the swim team, the way the kanima reacted around the pool.”

“So, whoever is controlling the kanima really hates the swim team?” Y/n reaches for clarification.

“Hated the swim team,” Stiles corrected with various hand gestures, “Specifically, the 2006 swim team. So it could be another teacher. Maybe like a student back then. I mean, who are we missing though? What haven’t we thought of?” Stiles continued to reach deeper.

Later on in the night, Allison finally approached the group of three making it a group of four.

“Uh, Jackson’s not here.” She observed.

“Yeah, no one’s here.” Stiles retaliated

“Maybe it’s just early?” Scott attempted optimism.

“Or maybe nobody’s coming because Lydia’s turned into the town whackjob.” Y/n stated, retrieving criticized looks from the group, but she just shrugged them off, “come one we were all thinking it.”

“Well we have to do something, because we’ve completely ignored her the past two weeks.” Allison pointed out.

“We don’t owe her a party.” Scott defended.

“She wouldn’t be the town whackjob if it wasn’t for us.” Allison said directly looking at Scott.

“I guess I can use my co-captain status to get the lacrosse team here.” Scott suggested, smiling towards his girlfriend.

“How do you not feel this?” Isaac whispered to Derek as he finished locking up all of the beta’s chains around the train car poles.

“I feel every second of it.” Derek answered without hesitation.

“Then how do you control it?” Isaac pleaded desperately.

“Use your anchor, that one thing meaningful to you,” Derek began before finally looking in Isaac’s pained eyes, “blind yourself with her, use her to keep the human side in control.”

Y/n wandered aimlessly around the now completely packed and crazy party, a cup of punch in her hand. Lydia was continuously approaching Y/n throughout the night, making sure her glass was never empty. Which Y/n actually thanked her for, she finally didn’t feel so stressed and tense.

As she made her way into the house, she passed through the kitchen into the empty living room besides the random couple in the corner making out, she realized she was feeling extremely dizzy, and her vision began to blur. And it wasn’t a drunk kind of dizzy, it was a drugged kind of dizzy. Feeling extremely anxious and uneasy, Y/n looked at the half empty drink in her hand and became suspicious of what was actually in it. With shaking hands, she slowly attempted to set it down on the coffee table directly in front of her. But, due to her eyesight being a little whack she missed the coffee table, watching as the cup fell to the ground and shattered, almost in slow motion.

“Shit.” She hissed, bending down on her knees to quickly clean up the mess she created, but being in too much of a rush to pick up the glass, a piece sliced through the thin skin of one of her fingers, causing her the whimper in slight pain.

“Always messing up,” a monotonous voice stated from in front of her, but it wasn’t just any voice, she could never forget this voice, “and you people wonder why I left.”

Slowly retreating from her kneeling position back to a standing one, her wide eyes slowly lifted so that she could see the person in front of her, the person she never wanted to see again but at the same time the only person she wanted to walk through the front doors of her house.

Locking her eyes with his demeaning ones, she called to him in a whisper, “Dad?”

“Look at you Y/n,” he ignored her question, “you can’t even pick up after yourself without screwing up. You’ve always been a screw up.”

“Dad please, please- I tried. I tried so hard-” Y/n stuttered and tripped over her words as he walked towards her, a tear slipped down her cheek.

“God- don’t cry. You’re pathetic.” His voice was now louder, shaking her body to her very core.

“Please-” she begged once more, “I don’t- I don’t understand what I did wrong, I’m- I’m sorry.”

“You don’t understand what you did wrong?” He mocked her, “No- it was what you did right. It didn’t matter, I never loved you as much as I loved Scott. But you knew that, didn’t you? You never admitted it to yourself, but somewhere inside you, you knew all along that was the truth. But I’m here now, and I’m telling you, that fear that you had- about your mom and I loving Scott more than you. It’s not just an insecurity, it’s the truth.”

Her entire body was shaking, looking at the pure hatred with his eyes as he screamed at her, “Why?” She pleaded, “Why wasn’t I good enough for you?” She sobbed.

“Because, Y/n. You’re not my kid. You’re not a McCall.”

“Wha- What do you-”

He faced away from her as he cut her off, “I told Melissa not to bring you home but she didn’t listen.”

Eyebrows furrowed and her throat burning, she couldn’t even process the information being thrown onto her like a brick.

“No. No, you’re lying.” She shook her head, but her father just mockingly smiled at her, replacing her sadness with anger. Clenching her fists, she began rushing towards him.

“You’re a lying son of a bitch and I want you to stay gone!” She yelled towards his figure, stopping mere inches from him before swinging a right hook at him.

But he caught it before it could connect with his jaw, except it wasn’t her father, it was Scott.

“Y/n hey! It’s okay, it’s a hallucination it isn’t real. Whatever you saw, it’s fake you’re okay.” Scott tried to calm his hyperventilating sister. She couldn’t stand anymore, exhausted. Her legs gave out from underneath her and her body collapsed to the ground, Scott following with her and strengthening his embrace around her. She stayed completely still in her arms, she couldn’t get what she had just seen out of her head. Hallucination, okay. But how real can hallucinations be? And do they hold some truth?

“Hey, I can’t find her,” Stiles approached Scott and Y/n as they entered the pool area again, once Y/n was in better control and Scott caught her up on what exactly was going on, “And, dude, anyone who drank that crap, they’re freaking out.” Stiles stated obviously.

“Yeah, we know.” Y/n replied without any emotion behind her words.

Stiles instantly noticed, finally glancing in her direction and observing the now dried tear stains on her cheek, ones that he knew where covering his face earlier.

He had drank the punch too, seeing his father who uncovered the fear Stiles has always had of being the reason for his mother’s death. He only hoped, that Y/n didn’t go through as much pain as he did during his hallucination. He would rather go through his a million times than see her look as broken and distraught as she does right now in this moment.

“What the hell do we do?” She broke the silence, trying to seem okay.

And then, the voice of Matt screaming over and over that he ‘can’t swim’ as teenagers continued to throw him in the pool, all of them watched in shock as he struggled with being in the water.

Until Jackson pulled him out of the pool.

Suddenly, they understood. The three exchanged glances knowing that they all had just figured it, Matt is the one controlling the Kanima, controlling Jackson.

Learning to Ask

For @audreycritter. This took longer than it should have. But it’s done and it’s hopelessly fluffy. Enjoy 

Shouts and crackles of gunfire dragged Bruce’s attention from mobster to mobster, his mind reeling as it calculated his next action, and the four he’d perform after that. The reality that this fight was one he’d probably lose was lost on him. He was outnumbered in both man and firepower, but that didn’t stop him from formulating a plan.

Somewhere beside him a plate clattered and cracked, the ceramic shattering with a crash against the ground. Bruce’s eyes flew open as he shot up in bed. He gasped and fell back against his pillows as a searing pain raced across his chest.

Muttered cursing came from the side of his bed, before Dick straightened from a crouch, his apologetic look contrasting the frustrated words still streaming from him as he fumbled with broken tableware.

“Sorry, Bruce. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Dick said after catching a large shard of blue plate that kept slipping from the crook of his arm where he’d tucked the shattered remains of the dish. “I was trying to clean up and well–” Dick shrugged. “I seem to be all thumbs today.”

Bruce realized then, that the shards of the plate were clean of all but a few streaks of leftover sauce. His eyes caught sight of the silver cover over a second tray, protecting the still warm and unshattered contents within. Why had Dick been eating in his room? Why had he been in his room in the first place?

He tried to sit up again, but the pain in his chest reminded him why he was not already sitting up so he gave up the endeavor. By his estimation, the pain was caused by two, maybe three broken ribs. Dick seemed to pick up on his self-evaluation and filled in the gaps for him.

“You broke two ribs, and fractured a third.” Dick explained as he carried the shattered pieces to the trash bin in Bruce’s room and let them clatter in.

“Hn.” Bruce said. “What are you doing here?”

His son glanced back and grinned at him. “Alfie didn’t give you that much pain medication.”

Medicine would account for the foggy feeling in his head, and his delay in remembering what had happened. Had his dream just been a dream? No, it hadn’t. He’d been fighting on patrol, but how he’d ended up back at the manor was a blank. Dick had to be the answer. Bruce assumed his oldest had stepped in when the fight went wrong, and had brought him back.

“What happened tonight?”

“Right to the point.” Dick returned to the chair beside the bed. “Alfred gave me the head’s up that you might have gotten in over your head. What he should have told me was that you’d gone suicidal.” He frowned at him.

Bruce frowned back. “I didn’t—”

Dick held up a hand to stop him, giving him a look that said ‘No excuses’. Bruce let his mouth click shut. Dick was upset, it was understandable. This wasn’t the first time one of his sons had bailed him out of a bad issue, and if Bruce were being real with himself it wouldn’t be the last.

He clenched his jaw and prepared for the inevitable telling off that was about to happen, and the yelling that typically followed. Dick was by far the most vocal of his sons. He cared and it came out in his actions, words, and anger.  Bruce could try telling Dick to lay off him, that he was the adult, father figure, example, or whatever but it wouldn’t help.

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Passive-Aggressive Partnership

@coveofmemoriesPart 1 / Part 2

Part 3


Spencer walked out to the car, ready to return to the team with the new-yet-old information; the latest victim had suffered the same abuse as the other two. After a short drive back to the Bureau, he parlayed the information he’d learned to the rest of the team. “The first victim was probably killed with the butt of the broken vase we found at the crime scene. As for the other two victims, I think we’ll probably find a trophy of some kind in a dumpster near the crime scenes. The measurements Y/N took of their blunt force injuries show that a trophy with a squared-off base is the most likely candidate for our murder weapon.” For a split second, Garcia beeped into the room, claiming she had found a connection between the three victims. 

“The kind of rage that this unsub had starting with the first victim doesn’t just come out of nowhere,” Hotch started, looking down the hallway as Garcia teetered in on her impossibly-high heels. “When we find him, we’ll undoubtedly uncover other complaints that no one took seriously.”

“As always you are correct, my liege,” Garcia said. “I found a link between the three victims. All three had been frequenting a local career center after being laid off. I used the basics of the profile to narrow down employees, and as I suspected, they were all helped by George Van Der Vennan. If the crime scenes weren’t so unbelievably brutal, I might actually feel bad for him, but I can’t because he’s a horrible human being. I just don’t understand why people do the things they do. I mean…”

“Penelope,” Hotch said sternly.

“Right, sir. Sorry. Anyway, Van Der Vennan is 41 years old and currently lives with his 67-year-old aunt Betty. He was raised by a single mother, Betty’s younger sister Margaret, who had George at the age of 18; she’s since overdosed on heroin. In order to make ends meet, she worked part-time as a cashier and part-time as a hairdresser, which was my first indication because Y/N said that the weapon used for the sexual assault was likely a curling iron, right?” she asked, turning toward Spencer. With his confirmation, she continued. “CPS was called on more than one occasion because the neighbors claimed they could hear screaming, but every time they arrived, George would say that there was nothing wrong and the authorities would leave. The nail in the proverbial coffin? I looked up a picture of his mother and she has a very distinctive nose. If the blunt force is to their noses, it makes sense that his own mother has a peculiar-looking nose…right?”

Morgan put his arm around Garcia’s shoulder, pulling her into his embrace so he could kiss her on the head. “That’s our guy. You have an address?”

“Do I? Do I have an address?” she asked, her blonde hair bouncing as she feigned hurt. “Of course I do.” After handing Morgan the address, the team was out the door in flash. Hopefully, Van Der Vennan hadn’t already picked out his next victim. 


“George Van Der Vennan,” Morgan screamed as he knocked on the door, his gun cocked and ready to shoot. “Open up!” Instead of a gentleman around his age, an elderly woman, presumably his aunt, opened up, claiming that her nephew was down in the basement. 

“What did he do?” she asked meekly as the rest of the team shuffled in behind Morgan and started down the stairs to the unsub. She really had no clue. It was amazing how family could be so oblivious to the troubles of their loved ones. Undoubtedly, she was aware of the abuse he’d suffered at the hands of her sister, but judging by the look in her eyes, she had no inkling that he was up to anything sinister. 

As the last one down the stairs, Spencer watched, gun at the ready as Morgan called for him to stand up. Van Der Vennan glanced quickly at the basement window, probably wondering if he should try and make a break for it, but with six federal agents training their weapons on him, he had no chance, and he knew it. When he turned around, Morgan crossed the room, handcuffing his arms tightly behind his back.

After so many years with the Bureau, Spencer unfortunately knew what made these unsays tick, but on occasion, their savagery still took him by surprise. Morgan made his way up the stairs with Van Der Vennan, but he stopped himself dead in the center of the staircase, turning to read with the deadest of eyes. “She had to pay.”

“They weren’t your mother,” he said, knowing what the deranged man meant; he hated that he knew without clarification. “They were innocent young women that came to you for help.”

“Well they made a mistake then, didn’t they?” he said calmly, with the slightest smirk of knowing that betrayed his attempt at an insanity plea.

Spencer shoved him in the back up the rest of the stairs, swallowing hard as he went down to where the man lived. Morgan, Rossi and JJ went up with the unsub to handle things on that end, while Spencer, Emily and Hotch stayed downstairs to look for the assault weapon. 

The hiding space he’d kept it in was almost cliched. Conspicuously hidden in a box under the bed was an older model curling iron. From the looks of it, it hadn’t been used for its intended purpose for years. Hotch held out an evidence bag as Spencer dumped the iron wand into it, handing it off to JJ so that she could close it. “Mrs. Van Der Vennan?” JJ asked once they returned upstairs. “Do you recognize this?”

At the sight of the wand, the woman started to cry. “That was my sister’s favorite curling iron she used at work,” she croaked. “It was the one she used to hit him with. I couldn’t do anything to help him. I’m so sorry.”

“This is not your fault,” JJ said, placing her hand on her shoulder.

After handing over the evidence and the unsub to the local authorities, the team headed back to the Bureau to finish up their paperwork for the night. It turned out the only one who actually stayed was Hotch. Everyone else was too tired, sleepily walking out of the bullpen thankful that they’d stopped Van Der Vennan before he had a chance to hurt anyone else.


The case was over.

The adult in Spencer wanted to go and talk to Y/N - ask her what happened and what it meant - if anything.

The child in him however wanted to avoid all awkwardness, go home, go to bed, and forget this ever happened. 

But the adult won out. Before driving toward her office, he texted her to see if she was still there. Thank god she was, because he just wanted to get this awkwardness over it and either do something about it or forget it entirely. “Hello Y/N,” he said, opening the door to the dimly lit room. Apparently, she was also finishing up paperwork for the case.

When she looked up, something had changed. The eyes that had looked so hard in the past looked softer now, but he honestly wasn’t sure if that was because his brain was looking for something or because there actually was a change in her. “You caught him, right?”

“Yea, thankfully,” he stuttered. “When we looked in his basement we found the name of his new clients, so he was definitely not going to stop.”

“The nature of the business, I guess,” she said, taking a deep breath and stilling the pen on the paper. He could see she was tired, whether it was just tonight or the job in general he wasn’t quite sure. He was about to bring things up, when she saved him the trouble. “What exactly happened the other day?”

Spencer opened his mouth to speak, but at first nothing came out. “I don’t know. I was pretty sure we hated each other. But that night, it sure didn’t feel like it.”

“Me too,” she chuckled, putting her paperwork in a lockable drawer for the night. “I can’t take anymore tonight. I need to go home. Another question. Do you regret what happened?”

“No,” he said honestly and without thought. When he stopped to think about, he realized he didn’t. Maybe they clashed so much because they were more alike than they wanted to admit. “No, I don’t. Do you?”

Reaching behind him toward the coat hook, she grabbed her peacoat and hung up the clinical lab coat. “No. In addition to your big brain and hot bod, you’re a good kisser. But I am wary about taking this any further. Given that we work together, I mean.”

“You know a recent study has shown that nearly 15 percent of people meet their long-term significant others at work,” he said without thinking. Of course he would know that. “And you think I’m hot?”

She laughed as they walked outside into the cool night air. As she tugged her coat tighter around her body, she said it again. “Of course I think you’re hot. Who doesn’t?”


“You don’t see the way people look at you, Dr. Reid,” she replied. “Let’s try this. Kiss me again. If we both feel the way we did the other day, we’ll try a date. If not, we won’t.”

They stepped next to her car and he opened the door, bringing his hand to the right side of her face and leaning in to press a soft kiss to her lips. Much more tender than the other night. A sigh escaped her as their lips met and in response her hand snaked its way around his waist. “Tomorrow night?” she whispered after breaking the kiss. 

“I’ll probably be in the office late tomorrow night,” he said regretfully. “But the night after?”

“Difficult as always, Dr. Reid.”

“S- Spencer,” he stammered. “Please, call me Spencer.”

“Difficult as always, Spencer,” she said with a smile. “I’ll see you then.”

Sweet Pea [Hogwarts!Jungkook]

Summary: It wasn’t a good idea at all to tease Jungkook. Not good at all when he turns you into a cat, and when you accidentally give him a boner. 

Gryffindor!Jungkook, featuring other BTS members.

Genre: Fluff (I think)

Words: 1.9 k

Originally posted by kookie-bts

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Fanfic: Think Before You Speak

Final Fantasy XV
SFW -> a little angst, a little fluff
2,031 words

I don’t even know what this is, just take it.
Gladio learns a valuable lesson about double checking who he’s calling when he has two people whose names start with ‘I’ and end with ‘is’.

In hindsight, Gladio probably could have waited until he was less distracted to make a call, instead of flicking through to Iris’ contact entry and wedging his phone between his ear and his shoulder. But he needed to talk to someone now, even with his gym bag in one hand and the other rooting around for his house keys.

Not waiting for Iris to say anything once the call connected, Gladio launched straight into his tale, knowing that his sister was more than used to it by now. “Iris, I swear to the Astrals, I don’t know how much longer I can keep training Iggy. It’s gonna kill me one of these days.”

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Gladio opened the door to his apartment and walked inside, dumping his bag on the floor and taking hold of his phone. “Seriously, I’m considering swapping out with someone else before I lose my shit. Every time I have to put my hands on him to correct something, I just…”

Gladio let out a little growling noise, and he assumed that the little intake of breath he heard was Iris trying not to giggle at him. She got a call like this at least once a week, and she’d long since learned that it was best to just let Gladio rant until he got all of his feelings out. He was like a teenage girl with her first crush, and that’s why he figured that the best person to talk to was an actual teenage girl.

Not to mention that Noctis and Prompto would just laugh at him for his hopeless infatuation with Ignis.

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I’ve been thinking pt 2 ~ J.A.

A/N: My dumbass really thought she could write about a car crash and not do any medical research for the consequences of the crash in part 2 smh. I had a lot of writers block while working on this, but I just couldn’t let this story end like it did in part 1 (like let’s be real I love my baby Jack too much to not fix this) Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this part and that it makes up for the suffering in part 1, I hope I did the story justice. 

REQUESTED: yes, a bunch of people told me to make a part 2 so here it is. This one goes out to all my jack girls out there

SUMMARY: the story picks up where we left off in part 1 right after the paramedic tells Jack  “okay well you have the address of the hospital if you change your mind, sir”. Anyway as for the actual summary part 2 is basically a dramatic telenovela so yeah enjoy 

Jack hung up the phone and stared at it in shock for about 10 minutes before his phone screen became wet from all the tears that were falling down from his face. Corbyn walked in “yo what’s up, Jack- wait why are you crying, what happened?"Jack looked up with the wet trail the tears left, still on his face. "I…I made a mistake” he whispered and sat down on his bed with Corbyn to explain everything that had happened between the two of you. When he got to the last part Corbyn looked at him in disbelief. “First of all what the actual fuck, Jack? Second of all you better go to that hospital right now because it’s crystal clear that you still love her with every fiber you have.” “I can’t go there, we broke up!  The last thing she said before storming out was literally ‘I hate you, Jack Avery. I never want to see you again.’ I’m telling you she doesn’t want me there.” His heart broke a little as he almost whispered the last words. 

Corbyn sighs deeply “Can you blame her for saying that though? You were being a total jerk to her.” Jack fell back on his back and put his hands over his face. “I know, I messed up so bad, I took all that we built and I broke it. I didn’t even mean that I don’t love her anymore. I do love her, very much, but I thought she would be better off without me. We barely get to see each other because of the tour and everything else that’s going on and I thought it would be better to break up with her than having her sit at home waiting for me. She deserves so much better than that.” His eyes were burning, fighting a new wave of tears. “Jack, you need to go to that hospital and tell her how you really feel, she deserves to know. She’s in a very bad state so you might not get another cha-” Jack knew how that sentence was going to end, he couldn’t bring himself to think about losing you and he cut Corbyn off before he could finish it. He managed to get a rushed “I have to go” out and ran down the stairs before quickly grabbing his keys and jumping in his car. 

He sprinted over the enormous parking lot and ran inside feverishly searching for the information desk. Out of breath, he walks up to the woman sitting at the information desk “I’m -I’m here to- to see y/n y/l/n”. The lady looks up some information to tell him where he needs to go. Jack is tapping his foot impatiently hoping he’s not too late. “Miss y/l/n is in the east wing on the fourth floor in room 46B, but she’s currently being tested. There’s a waiting room on every floor, so you can go there and wait for more news if you’d like.” Jack thanked the lady and ran to the elevators. 

Jack had been sitting in the waiting room all by himself for 3 hours now. There were so many questions going through his mind and he grew more worried with every minute that passed. “What if something is seriously wrong? What if she needs surgery? What if she doesn’t make it?” He snapped out of it and looked up when he heard a voice. “You’re here to see miss y/l/n, is that correct? I’m doctor Evans ” Jack jumped up before hastily saying yes and shaking the doctor’s hand while introducing himself. He almost didn’t dare to ask it but eventually did. “How is she?” He asked with a trembling voice. “She is stable as for now and resting. She went into hypovolemic shock. This is caused when there isn’t enough blood in your blood vessels to carry oxygen to your organs. Which can be caused by severe blood loss, for example, from injuries. This resulted in losing consciousness in the ambulance on her way here. We’ve done some tests to see if her vital organs are alright and we did a blood transfusion to fix the blood loss." "Can I see her?” “Are you a direct family member, sir?” Jack frowned “well, no…but I’m her emergency contact.” The doctor looked through some of the papers on the clipboard with your information. “We normally don’t do this mister Avery, but since her family couldn’t make it back this soon and you’re the only one here, we’re going to make an exception for you” Jack whispered a thank you and followed the doctor to your room. “She’s sleeping but you can wait here until she wakes up.” doctor Evans said before walking out again.

Jack walked up to the bed to look at you. You had stitches on your left arm and one on your forehead near your hairline. You had bruises and bumps all over your arms and a scratch under one of your eyes. He teared up a little while looking at you and whispered “I’m so sorry y/n, this is all my fault. I should’ve never let you walk out that door.” He sits down next to your bed and watches your chest slowly rise and fall. After about 15 minutes of sitting by your bedside in silence, you finally wake up. When you see Jack sitting by your bed, a hurt expression washes over your face. “What are you doing here?” you said in disgust. “Was I finally important enough for you to change your mind?” Jack looks at you with a puzzled expression and opens his mouth to say something, but there’s no response. “Wh- What are you talking about?” “I’m talking about how you didn’t care enough to come when you initially heard about it over the phone. I heard the paramedic say they had to call my emergency contact and I sure as hell heard him say “Okay well, you have the address of the hospital if you change your mind, sir.” “I know that I must be the last person you want to see right now, but I really need you to hear this and let me explain.What matters now is that I’m here and I care about you. I never meant it when I told you I didn’t love you anymore. I’m an idiot for letting you go.” He sighed and paused for a minute before continuing. “ You know, I really love you and I messed everything up. I just really miss you and we don’t get to spend a lot of time together with all of the tour and band stuff going on. You deserve so much better than waiting for me to come back home. I wanted to be there at all times to support and comfort you when you needed me, but since I can’t do that I figured it would be best for us to break up so you could get over me and find a guy that is there for you all the time and isn’t always miles away and busy.” He swallowed hard before going on. “I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand and hurt you. When they called I told them that we just had a huge fight and I wasn’t sure if it’d be good for you to see me because it might distress you. But I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you. I came here because I realized that no matter how far away we are from each other and no matter how little I get to see you, you are the love of my life and I can’t stand to be away from you. And I know that an apology isn’t enough to make this up to you but  I tore us apart and I hope you will give me a chance to piece us back together. I just got so emotional that the words came out all wrong and I said a bunch of things I didn’t mean and regret saying, maybe I should think before I talk.” He looked down at his shoes not daring to look you in the eye, scared of your answer. You sighed deeply “You really hurt me Jack, but as mad as I want to be right now, I can’t do it, because I can’t stand to be away from you either.” Jack looked up at you, a shred of hope in his eyes and a smile on his face. “Does this mean you’ll give me a second chance?” “Don’t make me regret it, Avery”. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it before planting a kiss on your forehead. “I thought I’d lost you” “You could never lose me, even if you tried.” 

Unconventional Techniques

*dips toe delicately into the Spiritassassin waters* *runs quickly away*

This is set some amorphous time during their Temple days as Guardians, though I’m picturing as perhaps early 20s and full Guardians rather than in their teens and still acolytes, and it is mildly NSFW-ish.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

Baze stilled and looked down at Chirrut’s grinning face where he was lying underneath him and reminded himself, not for the first time, that glaring would have no effect whatsoever on his friend. They were crammed into this rather narrow vent and Baze was firmly of the opinion that this was not how this assignment was supposed to go. They had come to Coruscant as part of a deputation of Disciples and Guardians from the Temple to deliver the Jedi’s consignment of kyber crystals. One of the Jedi Masters had mentioned a bookseller who had intriguing texts and Baze and Chirrut had been dispatched to examine the texts and if they were worthwhile, to purchase them.

Or rather, Baze had been sent to do that since his interests leaned more towards the scholarly, Chirrut had come with him because, by this stage, everyone in the Temple had accepted that where Baze went so too would Chirrut go and vice versa. Usually vice versa, if Baze was to be brutally honest.

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Deep Space Nine RECAP: 5x06

I mean obviously.

Season 5, Episode 6: ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’

A coupla suits arrive in Ops, announcing they’re from the DEPARTMENT OF TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS, good god yes.

Dax grins. “I guess you boys from Temporal Investigations are…always on time.”

Kira laughs, the space bureaucrats do not, and I am flipping my shit because no one told me that Deep Space Nine’s love letter to The Original Series was also their tonally perfect homage to the X-Files comedy episodes?? BUT IT SO IS. [Update: SO VERY IS]

Kira shows the suits in to Sisko’s office, where Ben, eager to share Deep Space 9’s bounty of space bevs, the glue that holds this society together, asks, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“Just the truth, Captain,” Suit One responds.


Ok here’s some elements essential to the BRILLIANCE of the meta-tastic comedic episodes of The X-Files, which would have been in its own fifth season at this point, and clearly known and loved by the Star Trek: DS9 writers:

- suits, whose demand for explanations provides narrative framework and ballast — check, just brought those in by turbolift
- outlandish supernatural plot devices — born ready
- diegetic jokes — Jadzia Dax has us covered, now and always
- genre jokes, always with the ~feel~ of puns even when they’re not, delivered straight BUT
- with this pervading sense that everyone involved, actors fully but on some level even characters too, are playing it Extra Straight as their way of having as much fun with it as possible
- basically, everyone holds their stares for one hilarious beat too long to leave space for the imaginary *wink*

It is HEAPS OF FUN because the sense of everyone being in on the joke includes us, the audience, and so we love these episodes for their sense of community and affection as much as we do for their creativity and cleverness in taking a break from form to comment on the form. These kinds of episodes are the best and bounciest and all silliness in the service of sincerity and I’M SO HAPPY and we’re only just starting, ahh, AAHH.

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