i hate be alone

friendly reminder that kageyama worked (and still does) his ass off to be the wonderful setter that can work really damn well with his team that he is now. friendly reminder that not a year before he was left behind with a trauma and no guidance whatsoever from anyone and that no amount of talent he has could overcome his selfishness and the consequences that came with it, until he decides himself to actively change how he approaches people and adapts with others’ style of playing. friendly reminder that he deserves the place that he has today, and that it’s not just the work of his “natural talent” alone, and to dismiss that is disrespectful to the character growth that he has in the series.

also friendly reminder that i love kageyama tobio and will go to war for him.


happy birthday to.. me! haha uh its kind of a birthday tradition of mine to draw whatever i feel like no matter how little sense it makes lmao anyway here are yuuri and victor in kinda matchy KotOR star wars robes!! its very late!!! this is not an au dont @ me victor would never work for the jedi he is good and i trust him okay im leaving now bed time

My life feels like a badly written fan fiction with a good plot: it’s so awful and full of mistakes that I just don’t wanna go on, but I do want to know what happens next and how it ends.
—  Thoughts I’ll never speak out loud.