i hate be alone


I feel like I need to clarify something

I still have dark days

There are still days when I look in the mirror and see something that isn’t there. Where I start planning and telling myself just one last time. I can’t get there again. I can carve flesh from bone. I still have it in me.

But it’s just that. It’s just a dark day.

Because the fact is that I don’t hate myself anymore. I am no longer alone. I have life in me. I have love. I have too much to destroy myself again.

And so I go on. I live. I let the dark day pass

Had a meltodnw

And I’m still crying and my breathing is out of whack. My throat hurts and my blanket is wet which is hell.
I just want to be completely alone with no one in the house. I hate feeling so completely awful and spiteful and ridiculous


Andrew Minyard didn’t look like much in person, blonde and five feet even, but Neil knew better. Andrew was the Foxes’ freshman goalkeeper and their deadliest investment.