i hate art thief

what? what’s this?? i don’t know!! i was reading Haunted by TobiSterling on Ao3 and this just… happened! it was meant to be a simple sketch, i swear!

i’m only at chapter fifteen at the time of posting this, but i’m eagerly awaiting the next update. i’m really enjoying this au and think the ghost therapist theme is a nifty change from your generic coffee shop aus. many kudos to the author!!

(honestly I should do fanfic fanart more often, it’s quite fun)

So Uh … Steampunk Sky-Pirate AU Sickleshipping … yea why NOT.
monozu and I are in deep shit now.

hello I am mod Equius. No I am not gay. I am CIS. And my sweaty horse boy isn’t gay. So fuck you and your gay shit. He obviously loves Aradia. And loves Nepeta. So fuck you fuck you and oh yeah, fuck you!! Get your gay shit out of here ya Fucking queers

This art is by @hi-im-lucass I may hate gays, but I’m no art thief.

~Mod Equius

Don’t reblog the art of Frites in the Makoharu/Rinharu/Reigisa tag!

She never gave her permission for this one ><” The “permission” link is from January. 

I just contacted her to be sure about that and she told me she didn’t give her permission for this post!!

EDIT : she just posted it here!!! reblog from the original source please

I will delete this later but be careful please!!!