i hate army


as a Jungkook stan, this is way too accurate what is this sorcery

Me: I wonder what the new cypher will be?

Bangtan: oh there isn’t one, it’s called Pied Piper instead

Me: oh cool, who’s it dissing this time?

Bangtan: you

Me, blinking white guy meme:



Interviewer: I have to comment on the dancing because that was one of my favorite bits. 

Timmy: He was so miserable that night.

Armie: In my head I’m just screaming, “I hate this! I hate this so much!” And I look over at Timmy and he’d be off camera dancing and having his own good time, and I was like, “Now I hate him!”


Tougher even than the love scenes for Hammer was one sequence in which Oliver dances with abandon at a disco to “Love My Way” by the Psychedelic Furs. “That was not fun — I don’t really enjoy dancing,” he says. “I very quickly become the 6-foot-5 gangly guy that’s very easy to spot from across the room.” In the scene, the locals, including Elio and some summering French girls, are entranced by the Adonis with the sick moves. “So Luca calls ‘action’ and literally everyone is ogling me, including, like, 50 extras off camera. And the music’s pretty quiet, so we can record the dialogue. Here I am, dancing to this quiet music. And I’m just like, 'I hate myself! I hate my life!' 


Why do yall write fanfiction about your fav being abusive in some type of way? Why would you think of someone you adore in that type of way?

The stories usually go like this. The girl is being bullied by the boy (who the fanfic is about) and he usually has a crush on her, or when he gets to know her they date in secret. Or the characters are already in a relationship and things fall apart and he gets abusive and the girl forgives him no matter what he says or does to her. And the last would have to be the girl getting cheated on by her fav and she’s staying with him because of love and who he is.

I’ve talked about this in my YouTube videos before stating how I hate this cliche and how abuse is not love. So many people think it’s cute to abuse by someone they are in love with. Many writers use this cliche because they think it will make a good story. We need to stop romanticizing this.Abuse is not love and it will never be ok.