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Happy Birthday...

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Request:  hi! could I please request a peter/reader fic where it’s the reader’s birthday? she normally hates her birthday but this year peter makes it great -Anon

A/N: Hi everyone! This my first request I’ve done so I hope you like it! I had my birthday last week and when I had seen a request revolved around a birthday I had to do it! Christina and I are still going to work on the other requests!  :) If you have any requests or any feedback let us know! We love hearing from you guys and appreciate you all so much! (LIKE OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH 1,000 FOLLOWERS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. We’re working on a special thank you post

P.S I also tried to make this gender-fluid again, but let me know if I need any improvement :) 

Today is just another day of the year. You don’t get why people always made birthdays a big deal. Growing up birthdays were always just another day of the year. You turn a year older and time still moves on. Being an adult now, another birthday was the last thing on your mind. You have big kid priorities now and no time for any birthday nonsense. Birthdays honestly just suck. People feel obligated to give presents and be extra nice to you just because someone is aging another year older?! Big whoop. You actually think it’s quite sad. Every year you get this reminder that you are only getting older… which only reminds you that your time is quickly running out. You still don’t know what to do with my life and have a horrible job at the local diner where you have to where this dreaded old fifties outfit that is super tacky. It’s a bright light blue top and frilly bottoms with white trimming and includes a frilly hat to match. You’re unhappy with the job and on top of it, I have to work constantly to help pay for school so you rarely got to see the friends you actually enjoyed spending time with (which there weren’t many). Not like time was on your side anyways. 

You had an early shift today so you’re off by 2 and didn’t have any classes today. You go home to your empty apartment to wallow in self-pity.

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What's with all the hate????

Guys. I’m a johnlock shipper through and through. Y'all roped yourselves into believing a conspiracy as truth. Calm down. It’s ok. I loved the episode. It was plenty stressful and in my opinion had a great ending. Johnlock was never confirmed. Believe the gay under tones all you want but IT WAS NEVER CONFIRMED.

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Heyoo! I'm a BLM ally and I really love what you're doing with this blog. It's really helped educate me about POC! I just want to say keep doing what you're doing. I'm afraid I'm unfollowing. You post a lot of things about politics/hate crimes/and there's discourse and I just don't want it on my dash. I think I have depression and I've been feeling this way the last few months. Your guys' blog is really great and I'll refollow after I get myself some help and am feeling better. 😊

Do what you gotta do.


killing stalking ch. 15 thoughts

Okay, thoughts thoughts thoughts.

If you’ve managed to read up to ch. 15 and still think that Killing Stalking romanticizes abuse, you’re beyond help and delusional. Full stop. Just putting that out there.

Yoon Bum wants to fucking leave. He wants to get the fuck out. He’s willing to placate Sangwoo as long as necessary in order to get away. 

He thought “Sangwoo is such a nice person” and with Yoon Bum being mentally ill like he is, the smallest kindness of a seemingly perfect person was practically Christ-like to him: Worth of adoration and praise and unconditional love. Obsession. 

But what did he get?  More abuse, more fear, more reasons to hate himself. Shit he likely got from his uncle from what has been implied briefly.

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The Power Of Love – Epilogue Part 1

Warnings – none I think

Sorry it took so long guys! I finally got my new laptop!! :D *Insert happy dance here*

So here we go part one of the two-part epilogue :) its only short but I hope you enjoy


A scream torn through the room that could easily have been mistaken for a sound effect on the show as you managed another push.

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ok, i love this youtuber, but this thumbnail annoys me and i wanna talk about it

if you get technical, yes, sister location was a game people asked for after phone guy mentioned the “sister location” in fnaf 3

the game was wanted by a lot of people, its just that the game we got wasnt what we  initially expected

also coughs because even people who hate fnaf liked sister location and it resparked manys interest in the franchise


If you didnt like it then unfollow me! I dont want to see any negativity…
I thought it was a fantastic episode. I will admit it wasnt the best but i still loved it. All this bullshit about their ships not becoming canon or how it was shit or how there are so many plotholes… like can you guys just fucking STOP COMPLAINING!!
It actually made perfect sense to me and although i only found one plothole (john escaping the well with a rope when hes chained), it wasnt bad at all!
Guys you should be grateful we even got a new series, especially given how busy our main boys are! Benedict and Martin are big stars now and we should be thankful that they love this show so much that they want to keep coming back to it.
If you are disappointed then fine. I hear you. You are allowed to feel however you feel… but please dont fill a place to celebrate a show we love with so much hate and negativity.
We all love this show, no matter who we ship, or how invested we are.
Let’s just pray that we get series 5 and things can go back to the Baker Street Boys solving cases and having fun. That is the show we love and THAT is what they have layed the groundwork for.
Besides, anything can happen!
So don’t pick apart the negatives… look at the positives of the episode… of the series! And pray that we get to see our boys on screen again!!

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So I recently started following you and what I'm gathering is is that your URL is moriarty but you don't care for him? LOL I LOVE IT.

i mean… pretty much. i think andrew scott is great and played him brilliantly, and i think he’s the best villain the show has had so far, but on a personal level? hate that guy 

The Supergirl fandom just makes me sad sometimes.

Why? Because I don’t feel like I’m free to ship who I want to ship without feeling like I’m going to get hate for it.

So I don’t post about it at all.

I love this show so much, but I can’t post about it and share my thoughts out of fear that I’ll be labeled a racist or a homophobe because of who I ship.

It breaks my heart because all I want to do is enjoy this show and discuss it with people.

But I can’t because I ship Karamel and that’s apparently the worst thing ever.

I can’t even go through any of the tags without seeing some sort of hate, it’s ridiculous and rather saddening to me.

Please stop guys, let’s enjoy this show together, no matter who we ship together.

I swear the universe loves Louis. So It just so happens that Calvin Harris (of all people) cancels on the very night Louis was attending the gig only to have Steve replace him- this guy who was ecstatic over a twitter follow from louis and who is an absolutely amazing person that gels perfectly with him and was so helpful and understanding to Louis during his time of grief- leading to the production of the most ethereal and lovely tribute to Jay.

Anyone who hates Louis is about to get bitchslapped by the universe

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Warning: one swear word (guys i’m so rebel lol)

A/N: no hate on Danneel, i think she is lovely and an amazing human being

********** You met Jensen when you were their waitress at a restaurant that he took his wife and daughter along with Jared and his wife and kids. You were different, fresh and you didn’t nag him or yell at him while being a total hypocrite about it.


What can I get you for tonight?” you question without looking up, you weren’t even supposed to be in tonight but your best friend and roommate went on a date and asked you to cover for her so being the good friend that you are you did.

Ah princess here will have an apple juice and I’ll have a beer” Jensen says first

“Oh no you are far too pretty to be a princess” you gush at the small girl, earning a smile from her and Jensen.

Make that two beers and three apple juices, two more for the princes’ here babe?” Jared questions his wife, you look towards the two women at the table expectantly,

Um just a white wine for me thanks”

“Me two” you only figure out who you are waiting on when you look at Jensen as your Best friend has forced you to watch Supernatural and you remember the green eyes. and although you are waiting on celebrities you don’t react as they are here with their families 

Coming right up” throughout the night you are cheeky, but only when your boss isn’t looking, and you made the children’s food and drinks look pretty as they were referred to as royalty which you found adorable. this obviously caught the attention of the green eyed beauty. The next day when you were home and your best friend was working Jensen came in to ask for you but your best friend ended up giving him your address and from when he came over you have been friends ever since, even with the underlying tension that you both could feel but did not act upon.

*End of Flashback* 

‘Why do you come to me about these things I mean we barely know each other, shouldn’t you be talking to Jared about this type of thing?’ you question taking a sip of your beer.

‘You’re easy for me to talk to. Plus you have an outside view to this crap, like you’re not friends with my wife or Jared and Gen’ he replies also taking a sip of his beer looking out towards my view as you were sitting on your balcony. This leaves you in silence, both of you just looking out towards the horizon and taking a sip at the same time.

‘She really said that?’

‘Yeah’ he sighs

iubirea mea ce frumos esti
Life is so unfair. Seeing my family like this, seeing my world literally crash around me is horrible. I miss u sis. You were my number one supporter, encouraging me to just be me and to live my life without having to justify myself to everyone. I hate life right now. I hate that you’re not here. It’s not fair. 
im sorry im not active guys. i just can’t do it. i love u all tons. 

I think that TFP was truly brilliant. There’s a lot of hate because Johnlock didn’t happen (not a surprise for me), but come on guys, this isn’t the most important thing ever. I loved this little game a’la “Saw”. It was so similar to Moriarty, but a lot more cruel. Kind of feeling bad, because so many people died for nothing. Poor governor and his wife. 

Also, I’m kind of angry at myself for reading this theories after TLD about 4th Holmes sibling (TBH I’m really impressed with a person that have written this theory). It kind of ruined the element of surprise for me. But it was still so good it hurts. 

i love shoujo anime/ manga but i also hate it.. when something awful happens in the female protagonists life she’s always still bubbly, selfless and in love, and if she’s ever sad/ depressed it’s because of love.. but when it’s a guy and something happens in his life he’s the gloomiest muhfucka you ever met yet the girl of his dreams just happens to be bubbly as fuck and chases him to happiness..
it’s just so predictable like you see a guy crying and know it’s because his mum died, or parents split up or some tragedy happens.. you see a girl crying and it’s like oh yeah she lost her hamster and dudey didn’t text back


Three people (including me) are getting suspicious with mini and Tyler. Like, my head is getting so confused with these two, during one of Mini’s H1Z1 streams, tyler said “ILY STUPID” in the chat, (if you dont know what ily means, it means “i love you”)
So many things have happened between them. I just…
Omg… i really have no words… A lot of people could say “well Tyler has Kelly (his gf)” yea i get that, im not sending any hate to her, i even follow her twitter and all of that, shes pretty funny in my opinion, anyways, yea…
i dont know how to feel. I have so many things to say about minicat that, i dont even know, but im not going to waste your guy’s time on me about this.

Wisła 2017

I mean..
It was something.
I just want to make a statement about some things.
1) I don’t really get, how so many people can bitch and hate on Domen so much. I’m totally okay, if someone doesn’t like him, but i’m not okay, if someone’s bringing shame and hate on him. I talked to him for like five minutes and then he also hugged me. I didn’t eve had to ask if i can hug him, he just did it on his own. I just wanted to say, that he’s just normal 17 year old guy, who loves ski jumping.
2) Andi Kofler is a sunshine! After his final jump in round two, he brought his signed cards and gave them to the fans. He’s a very nice guy.
That’s probably it.
I also wanna say how amazing and cheering is the polish crowd. Even i cheered for Maciek, Piotrek and Kamil and i don’t even regret it!❤❤


So, I looked at my followers earlier and it nearly became Pee Pee Pants City over here, real quick. Why? I noticed my follower count of over 500 people. FIVE HUNDRED. That’s a number I never expected to achieve so fast when I made this account; I actually expected everyone to hate my Negan, and run me out of the fandom. Nah, you guys actually like me though and my portrayal and because of some of you, I’ve stuck around for several years. There’s a few of you I’m just now getting to know on this list but I want you to know I love and respect each of you, so much! I never want to lose any of you, either, okay? All I can say is a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! 


@perchedupinthetrees​ ( Chloe ):  I mean, there really are no words here okay? This is one of my best friends and she has been for the last four years. She was the first person I ever wrote a romantic plot with as Daryl and boy, was that a slow burn, or what back in the day? Chloe is one of the most genuinely kind, loving, and compassionate people I have ever met and my life wouldn’t be the same without her. Thank you for always being there for me and having my back, too. You’re amazing and it wouldn’t be the same without you here.

@livewxthit​ / @beer-to-shotgun​ ( Ash ): Have I ever told you how glad I am that you walked into my life when you did? You found me when I needed you the most and I’ll always need you in my life. You’re the Ian to my Lip, forever and always, and nothing will change that. Meeting you in person just sealed it for me that you and I would be life time friends and I’m willing to make that 2 hour drive down to see you from time to time okay? We need to plan to hang out soon. Also, people, if you haven’t yet - go introduce yourself to Ash and check out her accounts. Her writing is phenomenal and I find it incredible, for real, and she definitely needs to have more love shown to her. Go show it to her if you’re reading this, please!


@heydumbcss​ ( Jess ): You are so amazing and such a wonderfully sweet person! I’m glad I approached you when I did and I have to say, thank you for giving me a chance, and getting to know me. Your Glenn portrayal is something else and, if you ask me, you’re perfect as his writer. I’m glad you’re still around and I hope we’ll get to know one another better! 

@worthdyiing​ ( Tessa ): Look at you and your perfect Rosita! You’re wonderful, okay? I hope you’ll never lose faith in her or lose muse for her; I can’t see anyone else playing her better (except Christian herself). I would love to plot with you on here and on all my accounts! I hope we’ll get to be good friends, too.

@mgreener ( Lu ): I know I still haven’t talked to you much but I think you’re incredible at portraying Maggie! You really understand her character and you’re definitely one of my absolute favorite portrayals on this site. You’re an inspiration for sure and I can’t wait to get to know you better now that we’re mutuals and friends. Thank you for being so sweet and understanding, too!


@bethisms @bcrnedaway @singlesighted @peletiier @lczarus @laidre @stillcominback @deathraised @usefulpain @deadwclking @daingean @reigningwiidow @reidnius @kxllercolt @officerdxddy @lastprcttygirl @thebrokenmarionette @t-chambler @jssenid @plcstics @mcmachine @mcdoctor @mcsteami @fuckucp @badbloodkarev @ruinedmission @aintbreaking @dixcnn @hatesapplesauce @scalpelsuperstar @strongerthanchaos @waveringhumanity @stillsings @asdamaged @asurvivor​ @ofshanes@theprixrity@thenextwcrld@missusgrimes​ + literally anyone else I am following since my memory is the worst and I can’t list everyone without running out of some sort of invisible word limit. Don’t take it personal if you’re not on here; I still love you regardless. Please remember that before you get mad / take offense if you’re not on here.

Love to all of you and I hope more of you will approach me in the future either on here or one of my other accounts. I promise, I’m not mean and I don’t bite at non-mutuals that approach me so never  be afraid to ask to plot ( mutuals or not )! Until next time,

Khodi // @savageslugger

Okay, about Ndrv3 ending...

I actually like it, even tho it’s flawed.

Was it perfect? NO.

Was it messy? Yes.

Was it what we expect from Danganronpa? Not at all.

But we shouldn’t say it’s the worst game ever because of it. for the ending’s faults, the rest of the game is still great. Everything else was pulled off great. I like the twists that it had, I’d love the characters, I love THAT OUMA DEATH TROLL MOMENT, it wasn’t the worst game in the series, not in the slightest. As a whole, it’s still danganronpa.

Tell ya the truth I think all the games in the series are great but come on guy, lets be real here… We all know that Ultra Despair Girls is the weakest in the series. (In terms of gameplay and story, but it’s still a good game.)

So let stop calling out the flaws and enjoy what it had. Okay??? please??? Don’t kill me for my opinion???