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Feyre: Sooooo?

Cassian: So?

Feyre: Has Nesta said it yet?

Cassian: Said what?

Feyre: That she loves you?

Cassian: *blinks slowly*

Cassian: *thinks*

Cassian: Well, I mean, last night she said she doesn’t hate me as much as she hates everyone else…



Feyre: *yelling* GUYS

Everyone: What?

Feyre: We’ve got a wedding to plan

my baker street boys

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There's this drarry fic I read but haven't been able to find again. Harry and Draco have a potions mishap in hogwarts and they have sex. Fast forward to adulthood and harry is bitten by a werewolf/something and is very protective over his 'pack' (people he considers family/pack also people he's slept with). That's all I remember. Can you help me find it?


The Light More Beautiful by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

Now, for anyone who hasn’t read this, I wouldn’t peg this as a werewolf fic so even if you usually aren’t into that, chances are you’ll like this anyway. This fic is written by one of my absolute favorite writers and it is in my top 10. I’ve read it many times and I will rec it until everyone on earth has read it.

Why you should read it:

• Auror!Harry
• Harry has a motorcycle
• there’s sooooo much pining it is beautiful and amazing I can’t
• Draco has an owl who hates delivering mail
• it’s also all in Draco’s POV which is awesome
• clever!Draco too!
• The Noble and Most Ancient Game of Drinks
• side-pairing Pansy/Luna which is perfect
• “Pots and Pans”
• the entire fic is HILARIOUS, in the laugh-out-loud kind of way
• it is also packed with cool world-building details such as how the Floo Network works and how it’s handled by the Ministry (AGNES!!)
• Harry is an adorkable idiot that I love oh so much
• really he is super precious™
• he’s also POWERFUL yes
• Harry has an on-going battle with the NAME (Name And Moniker Establishment) at the Ministry, he has such a gift for “offensive” acronyms that they dare not speak his name
• also quite a bit of case!fic in there

3x03: Bon’s Midnight Screechings


[typos will abound]

  • That dame Blanche reference in the previously-on gave me legitimate chills. GIMME THAT WITCHY GOODNESS
  • I AM INORDINATELY EXCITED ABOUT THE SMOKY TITLE CARD!!!!!!!! Look at this good canon-nod doggo!!!!

Boston, 1956

  • Frank’s Full English breakfast. Statistically proven to be 99% less filling/fulfilling than Jamie’s Ginger Snaptacular variety 
  • The attire for all Randall breakfasting is : Tennis Whites 
  • …not gonna lie, Frank looks hella cute, as far as Frank goes 
  • In all seriousness, I LOVE Frank’s genuine laughs. Very warm and lovely
  • Awwww, Claire asking frank out on a date. That’s so sweet. 
  • “…I’ve seen them both” 
  • “we agreed we were free to”  To WHAT NOW>>>>>>>??????

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Julie told James Corden that every time she wants someone to win, they immediately go home. Sooooo we need to get Julie to stan Paul if we ever want to get him out.

(Off topic: I also love how at the end she reveals that she hates this show just as much as we do, and she not-so-secretly wishes it would just end. Me too sis).



SOOOOO I was hoping you could make texts with jimin as your big bro and he gets all over protective when he spots you talking to a guy? Please? Thank you 😺

“Everyone is starting to think you’re some weirdo now….I don’t blame them”

“Just get your ass over here or I’ll embarrass you in front of everybody”

“You wouldn’t”

“Oh I would”

“I hate you so much rn I hope you know that”

Hope you liked it ☺
Much love~


please watch in HD, small screen with headphones.

I scream, I cry, I curse, I say I hate it and will never forget. I say I’ll burn everything to the ground if they don’t have a good and happy life but let’s be honest here, I’m all here for the drama, I live for it and happiness is for the fics haha And these two are pretty much the definition of drama itself, my poor babies can’t have like one week of peace it’s sooo rude but man I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 You know what I love the most ? They always -ALWAYS- find they way back to each other. They’re SOOOOO beautiful I can’t even write how much I love them and how much they’re precious to my heart and soul <3
Anyway, I really think this season is one the best we had and I can’t think about the show being cancelled, it’s just impossible !
Oh and I was supposed to wait until the season’s finale to vid again but what can I say ? These two are my worst weekness <3

Sooooo… Guess what comic I finally found and read this last week?

This comic is all the things I love and none of the things I don’t! 

It’s like- OH DEAR! Old-timey, irresponsible non-human men accidently becoming dad to precious child they really shouldn’t be let near! MY GREATEST WEAKNESS! And here I thought that weakness was too specific. I am so excited, I love this comic so much! 

I'll make you scream. [Finn Balor Imagine]

Requested by anon: “Hey!! i love your writing so much! Can you write a story for Finn Balor about him and the Reader playing scary video games together, and teasing eachother and it getting alittle intimate?”

Rating: M

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut, and cussing.

Authors note: Sorry it took two days! This was my very first smut so I hope you like it! Sorry if it sucks. :( ———————————————–

“Finn, I wouldn’t go in that room if I was you.” I said, clutching on to the pillow I was holding. “Y/N, who is the gaming expert here?” He asked, looking over at me as he shook his controller in his hand, signaling he was some sort of gaming god. He turned his attention back to the game, and entered the room I told him not to go in. When he opened the door, a zombie popped out from the door, and killed him causing Finn to scream like a little girl.

“FINN!” I screamed out as I fell onto the floor, sending myself into a fit of laughter. “Y-you scream like a little g-girl!” I said through breaths, laughing so hard my stomach began to hurt. Finn stood up, and looked down at me. He placed his hands on hips, and raised one eyebrow. “I’ll make you scream like a little girl.” He replied, sounding very stern. I became silent, staring back up at him, tilting my head to the side a bit, deciding wether to challenge him or not. But knowing me, I decided with it. “I would love to see you try.”

Without any hesitation, Finn bent down and pulled me up by my arms, slamming his lips on to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers into his hair. His arms snaked around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I lightly tugged on his hair as he deepened the kiss, licking my bottom lip to signal he wanted entrance. I decided to be a tease and not open my mouth for him, but he quickly caught on to what I was doing. His slowly slid his hands down to my ass, giving it a light squeeze before lifting his hands up, and allowing them to slap my ass as hard as he could.

I gasped at the unexpected impact, allowing him to slide his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues tangled together, fighting for dominance. Finn lightly tapped my ass, meaning he want me to jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. Which I did immediately. He began to walk forward as he finally won dominance over my mouth. I felt my back hit a wall, but I honestly didn’t even care right now. His hands slid out from underneath me, but he had me pinned against the wall so I wouldn’t fall.

He reached behind him, and pulled my hands out of his his, and pinned them on both sides of my head before pulling his lips away from mine. “Go upstairs. I want you naked by the time I get up there.” He said. I can hear the lust in his voice. I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded my head. I unwrapped my legs from his waist, and he stood back to let me free from the wall and his body. I darted upstairs as Finn stayed downstairs, doing whatever he was doing.

I ran into our bedroom, and shut the door behind me. I quickly undressed knowing that he would get upset if I wasn’t doing what he told me to do. I laid horizontal across the middle of the bed, trying to look as sexy as I can. I heard footsteps begin to come up the stairs, and suddenly my heart began to beat out of my chest. This isn’t the first time Finn and I have had sex, I mean we’ve been dating for almost 2 years. But each time we had sex, it was a new adventure and a new position.

The door opened, and in walked Finn holding something behind his back. I raised one of my eyebrows, curious to know what it was. “What is that?” I asked him as he shook his head. “You’ll find out.” He laid it down beside the bed so that I couldn’t see it, and took his shirt off flinging it across the room. He grabbed my feet and pulled me towards him, earning a little squeak from me. “Are you going to be good for me and do what I say?” He asks as I look up at him, our eyes locking. I nodded my head slowly, licking my lips. “Good. On your knees.”

I did as I was told. I got off of the bed, and down on to my knees. I looked up at Finn to hear his next command, trying to keep my focus on his words and not the swimming pool forming underneath me. He unbuckled his belt, and pulled it out of its loops, flinging to where his shirt came to rest. “Now, I want you to beg for me to let you suck my dick.” He said, pulling down his pants and kicking them off his legs. His bulge was straining against his boxers as he slowly began to palm himself. He knew actually what to do and say to get me to go crazy. I had a love-hate relationship with begging. I loved it because it’s sooooo hot, but I hate it because he gets so much enjoyment out of it.

I nodded, and began to do what I was told. “Finn, can I please suck your huge dick? You know how much I love having it in my mouth. Just the feeling of my lips wrapped around your dick makes my pussy so wet.” I glanced up at him, seeing him bite his lip. He grabbed on to the hem of his boxers and pulled them down. He was already fully hard. I continued to please him with my words, “It just makes my mouth water just looking at it. It’s so big, and it sure as hell pleases the fuck out of me.”

“Open your mouth, and stick your tongue out.” He commanded. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and stuck my tongue out awaiting for the taste of him. He put his hands on the side of my head, and slowly put his tip into my mouth. “Suck.” I wrapped my lips around him, and hollowed out my cheeks as I began to flick my tongue over his tip as I sucked on him. He enjoyed going a little bit at time for some reason. I don’t know why, but hey I ain’t complaining.

He slowly put all of himself into my mouth, which was my queue to start to bob my head. “That’s it, baby girl.” He leaned his head back, and closed his eyes enjoying the pleasure that my mouth was giving him. I pushed my head as far down as I could, and my nose came in contact with his pelvis. I slowly pulled my head back down to his tip, and wrapped my hand around his length. I began to jerk him off as I slurped on his tip. The noise I was making was earning moans and groans from him. Slobber was falling off of my chin, and off of his dick but neither of us cared.

I felt him began to twitch in my hand, but he quickly pulled me up from my knees. “That mouth of yours is something else.” He said, pushing me down on to the bed on my back. Before I could reply, he was already on top of me. He began to place sloppy, wet kisses on the side of neck. His head began to drop lower, now placing kisses on my collar bone. And then to my breasts.

He took my nipple into his mouth as his hand gripped the other one. He allowed his tongue to flick over it continually, earning moans from me. I could feel him smirk when he heard me which boosted his ego. He took my nipple out of his mouth, and slowly licked over it which he knew was my favorite. He planted kisses from my left breast to my right one, doing the same thing he did to the last one. “Finn..” I moaned out, closing my eyes. I could just feel myself getting wetter and wetter by the second.

He began to slowly kiss down my stomach, planting his last kiss just above my pussy. He propped my two legs up, and put his arms under my things. I looked down at him, and our eyes locked as he slowly licked my clit. My head fell back and my eyes closed. God he knew what he was doing. He wrapped his lips around my clit, and began to suck on his gently as his tongued quickly flicked over it.

“Oh, F-Finn..” I moaned out, arching my back up just a little bit. He took his right arm out from underneath my thigh, and stuck two finger inside of me. He pumped them in and out of me at quick place. My hand quickly found his hair as my other hand gripped the bed sheets. “Fuck! You’re gonna m-make me cum!” I screamed out, bucking my hips forward which he seemed to enjoy.

Finn pulled away completely, and looked down at my shaking body. “Not yet.” He said, as I pouted at the loss of pleasure. He positioned himself at my entrance, and looked down at me. His hands were on either side of my head, and I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me. “You ready, baby girl?” He asked me as I quickly nodded, which earned a chuckle from him.

He slowly entered me to allow me to adjust to his size. My mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as I felt him slide inside of me. He went inside of me fully, and stood like that for just a few seconds to let me get used to his size. Something he always had to do when we fucked. He leaned down to the side of the bed, and pulled out what he brought in earlier. And it was something I have wanted for a long time. It was a vibrator. My eyes went wide as I saw it since I have always wanted to use one.

He slowly began to thrust his hips at a slow pace, making me furrow my eyebrows together at the pleasure. “After 2 years and you’re still as tight as ever.” He said, wincing at my tightness. He turned the vibrator on, and put it directly on my clit. “Holy shit.” I moaned out as Finn began to go faster. Soon enough, the sound of skin slapping together filled our room, and the sound of buzzing was along with it.

“Oh my god, fuck yes! Fuck my pussy!” I screamed out as I wrapped my legs around his hips, making him go deeper and faster. I felt this ball of fire in the bottom of my stomach, and I knew I was so close. Finn knew it as well. He buried his face into the crook of my neck as he took the vibrator off of my clit, and replaced it with his fingers. “Finn, I’m g-gonna c-” I began to say but was cut off by his free hand coming over my mouth. “No. Not yet.” He leaned up, picked up both of my legs and held them from behind my kneecaps. “What a beautiful view.” He said with a smirk as he looked down at his naked property. A string of profanities flowed from his mouth as the pleasure was beginning to get overwhelming for him as well. “On the count of 3, baby.” He said, letting his head fall back. Him counting to three seemed like forever. But finally he reached three, and we both came at the same time. Something we loved to do.

“Fuck!” I screamed out loudly as my body jolted, and my legs begin to shake. My head went as far back into the mattress as possible as my back arched. I felt him twitch inside of me as he filled me up with his cum. “Holy fucking shit, Y/N!” He screamed out. Finn and I rode out our highs together, and finally he crashed down on top of me. His dick still inside of me.

I laughed as I began to play with his hair, our sweaty bodies tangled together. “Who’s the little girl now?” He asked. “Me!” I said proudly as I raised my free hand to the air. “Damn right.” He said as he placed a final kiss on my shoulder before we both fell asleep.

There are way more things I hate about Chidi than like about him.  His stupid Clark Kent glasses.  His extensive turtleneck collection.  Oh, and he loves ethics sooooo much, he once talked about John Rawls for two hours.  I timed it, and he only stopped because he saw me timing him.  Granted, he laughed and kind of made fun of himself…it was a nice moment, but still.  He always twitches his eyebrows when he says, ‘Absolutism.’  And he tilts his head whenever I say anything ignorant, but he never makes fun of me….which is nice.  He’s also incredibly patient, and kind, and surprisingly jacked.  And…OOOh fork!  I’m in love with Chidi.

Eleanor realizing she’s in love with Chidi


Especially made for @nottooldforthisship, who despites my subtle demands, hasn’t made any Quack/Duck/Woman lockscreens for me.

I hope it inspires you B! You can do so much better love:)

Ps: if the artist who drew Harry’s profile wants me to remove these edits or add their name, just contact me! Thank you!

My problem with SJM

Let’s just talk about SJM. I really love her way of writing and read all her books and I spend my whole day reading A Court of Wings and Ruin, but there are a few things that are just so annoying. I don’t even know where to start so this will be a little messed up. Anyways…

1. Why does every character needs to find a significant other? Like honestly, even Lucien developed some kind of crush on this queen and honestly I just don’t care anymore. Sure, love is beautiful, but you guys know that it’s not the answer for everything! Maybe I would be interested if it weren’t for the fact, that

2. EVERYONE IS FREAKIN’ STRAIGHT! Okay, I admit that within the last novels more gay or bi characters appeared (mostly gay background males), the highlight being Mor in the last novel, but it’s just frustrating. There are only two canonly queer characters in SJM’s two series who aren’t basically interchangeable background characters, and in Mor’s case she also is kinda the only of the main characters who doesn’t end up with some kind of love interest, so that’s disappointing. I want a healthy lesbian relationship to heal my lonely lesbian heart! Also, in the Throne of Glass series we have a whole clan of female witches basically hating men and you want me to believe we don’t get ANY important lesbian character from them? Not to mention, that gay and bi are the only queer forms in SJM books.

3. Also everyone is freaking beautiful. Why would you idealise EVERY FREAKING CHARACTER? It’s not like we wouldn’t read the books if we hadn’t countless descriptions of the astonishing beauty of EVERY BLOODY CHARCTER!

4. Slut Shaming. Because everybody was to hate Ianthe because she loves sex. Sure, later it turns out that she is a bitchy rapist, so THAT’S FUCKING HORRIBLE, but before we knew that she basically was a bitch because she slept with a lot of men.

5. Can we just stop with the male/female jokes. Like “there should be at least one male be somehow part of the rescue of everything, otherwise you females would never let us forget that” or “you males are useless for anything other than your bedskills”. It’s not funny. Just stop.

Okay, that turned out longer that I thought and there is sooooo much more, but well, I just had to get that off my mind.


• Family Gathering short souvenir video from KATSUCON 2017! :) ❤

We made it possible as a family ( I hate the word “fan”, sorry) :) Sooooo … Thank you so much for everything again ! In the end we spent around ¾ hours together and it’s been sooo fast! ⭐

I just wanted to say I will be missing you all so much!!! 😭

Thank you for making my KatsuCon and for supporting me to get there! :) ❤❤❤

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anonymous requested: Could you do a Kirk X reader in which they both have a crush on each other but they act like they hate each other all the time (bc both of them think the other one doesn’t like them) Anyways they get stuck in the elevator (turbo lift?) and they are trapped there for a long time. Eventually they end up confessing their feelings for each other. Okay bye! (Btw your last Kirk one was really cute and I loved it sooooo much)

author’s note: MORE!!!!KIRK!!!I’M!!!!LIVING!!!! so yeah the summary is in the ask basically - i’m really really loving these requests y’all are giving me, i’m a sucker for angst with happy (or sad ;) ) endings so like… hmu pls. :3 ((ALSO I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS - READING YOUR REQUESTS MAKE MY DAY AND I ESPECIALLY LOVE THE LIL COMPLIMENTS AT THE END BC THEY MAKE ME BLUSH - DON’T EVER THINK I IGNORE THEM - thank ))

Jim Kirk x Reader

“Do you have to hover over me constantly, Leonard?” You mutter, not bothering to take your gaze off of the keypad in front of you. Your brother sighs, the way he does when he rolls his eyes, and turns away, leaving you to go over your patient’s medical records in peace. Or so you think. “All I’m saying is that you should give Jim a chance.” He says, right behind you, and you jump forward, a tiny shriek escaping your mouth. He chuckles, and you narrow your eyes as you whip around. “Don’t DO that!” You scold, placing your keypad on the nearby table and crossing your arms.

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hi!! ive been meaning to ask if u could write something nurseydex with some hurt/comfort! i know u wrote one before and it's super great!! thanks!!

(sooooo this is more of an emotional hurt/comfort thing than like, physical hurt.)

She’s so small. He knew she would be little - she’s 3 days old, after all - but he didn’t know how fragile she would feel in his arms. It’s terrifying. She’s so vulnerable, and she’s going to rely on him for everything. What if he messes up? What if something happens to her? What if she hates him? He’s so overwhelmed. He loves her already, more than anything he’s ever loved. It’s too much. He’s not ready for it. He can’t handle it.

“God, she’s so beautiful,” Derek breathes out next to him. “Can you believe she’s ours?”

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4 kinds of moods with TC

1-Sassy: I just want to be the best bitch with him. I’m the bad bitch. When I see him is just like F U C K M E .
2-Romantic: I just want him and cuddle him and watch Netflix with him and I want him sleeping on my legs while I strokes his hair. I want to kiss him in his car while his driving me home, cook with him in his apartment. I want me and him, just us.
3-Hater: He is an asshole, I hate him, he didn’t look at me when he walks past, why he don’t flirts with me!, why he laughs with that bitch? Dude I’m right here, OK fuck off, I hate U,
4- Depressive: we’ll never be together, he doesn’t love me and I just think about him all the time, I’ll cry on my pillow until I fall asleep, it shouldn’t be this hard, my mind is killing me, get out of my mind, I miss him sooooo much, It will never happen.