i hate all of society

i hate the term ‘politically correct’. i hate that encouraging compassion and basic decency towards all human beings as a society-wide expectation has been reduced to simple ‘political correctness’, like it’s a chore to be undertaken, like not being a bigot is such an inconvenience. no offence, but fuck anyone that uses that term unironically, especially those who criticise it. truly, fuck you

Things I would give up dragon and J/D screentime for: 

  • Jon being in character around Dany even if romance had to unfold
  • Bran getting the transition he deserved to the emotionless Three Eyed Raven so the audience could mourn him and get an emotional response
  • Jon saying goodbye to Ghost
  • Ghost hovering around Sansa in Jon’s absence and Sansa being overwhelmed because Lady is dead
  • Arya and Sansa playing with Ghost

Basically more justice for House Stark’s narrative? Why does one character with 3 dragons have to eat away from the emotional and logical trajectory of House Stark, which has 4 characters and an underutilized stationed direwolf?

Many men tend to ask me, “Why do you care about how you look?”

I don’t mean to offend you males but I don’t think you guys understand how hard it is to be a woman in this society. If you do understand, then props to you, but I’m asking you all to just listen to what I have to say. You guys believe that we women tend to overcomplicate everything, whether it applies to relationships, friendships, or appearances. This is extremely true but only because we have to care about how we look and how we handle situations. It’s very easy to say “be unique” or “dress the way you want to dress” but you don’t tend to fully understand how damn impossible that is. We have to wear clothes that show the right amount of skin but not too much otherwise we’re known as sluts, whores, ugly, or even fat. It doesn’t matter if this is completely false, those labels will stick with us no matter how hard we try to dispose of them. We wear makeup because our natural faces are considered hideous, and no matter how many times you say we’re beautiful the way we are, we feel as if we aren’t. It seems like women are in constant competition with each other trying to prove who can fit in the best or who’s the prettiest, and while there are millions of women who are supportive, deep inside, we’re just a bit jealous. I can’t even explain how many women strive for bigger boobs and butts because we’re looked down upon for not being “thick” enough. We’ve fought so damn hard for equality and we’re still waiting for that day but it’s become so impossible because you guys keep craving more than we can ever give! Do you see children these days? Little girls lean towards makeup to try to be pretty! Yeah, it’s kind of fun to dress up, but that’s no longer the case. It honestly feels like women were only created to please men and the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach. Year by year, the standards keep piling on and on and on. It’s become so hard to keep up. Every year, more women are starving themselves, cutting themselves, killing themselves! I am aware that you men suffer through the same problems as we do and I am aware that this is coming to be a bit sexist of me, but I’m just so tired of having men ask me why I care about my appearance. The definition of “slut” and “whore” used to be a woman who slept with countless men. It then shifted to a woman who showed “too much” skin, but now, the definition has turned into a woman who has made a mistake. Not even a mistake, I can’t even describe the definition. Women who fall for somebody’s partner are considered sluts. Women who just like a simple photo of someone’s partner are considered sluts. Women who wear too much makeup (more so at a young age) are considered sluts. Women who are wearing clothes that show cleavage are considered as sluts. Now, this does not apply to all women. It applies to women who aren’t popular or women who don’t “fit in”. Maybe this doesn’t apply everywhere, but it definitely applies to where I live. This isn’t really your fault… I guess this is just how the world works. Anytime you men see a beautiful woman, that’s all you really see. You don’t see the pain it took to achieve that kind of beauty. The hours it took to perfect the makeup, the hours it took to put together the outfit. We really have come a long way and I’m so proud of the women who no longer care about the calories they consume or how they look, but the amount of women who are affected by society’s standards vastly outweigh those who aren’t. I fear to see what standards come next and what our future daughters and granddaughters will have to endure. I’m praying that it will get easier, but I don’t think it ever will. So if you have read this far, remember what I said before you ask a woman why they care about how they look. It’s not because we want to, but because we have to. There are so many of other things that I did not mention, far more painful things, but this seems to be the most common one.

Like I said, this has come to be a bit sexist of me. I know that some men go through these hardships too. Maybe you guys have it just as bad. We all hide our fears of society and its standards. I fail to understand why we have created these complications for another. Aren’t you tired of living this way?

—  To all the men out there who ask us women, “Why do you care about how you look?”

I’m afraid I’ll never read anything as good as the Six of Crows duology. Like it’s such a good cast of diverse characters, so beautifully written, the story is amazing, the character arcs are so well done, and the general look of the books are aesthetically pleasing. It’s just so damn good.


I look at the mirror and always hate what I see.

I’m sorry I don’t feel pretty. I don’t think I deserve to allow myself to believe that I am beautiful – not with all these scars I carry. I am hideous. I am a distortion of physical flaws and mental instability.

I look at other girls and think, “he can show her off better than me.”

I envy girls who have perfect skin and body. I envy their confidence, their strut, their very being. I look at them and see what I don’t have and it kills me every time. Questions always plague my mind why I wasn’t born with a pretty face or a sexy body. It’s like a curse, a disease that I couldn’t get rid of. And society hates me for it.

In turn, I hate society’s standards. I hate that they treat people like me as an outcast – people who are fat, black, and weird. I hate that there’s a system to follow, a standard to base on how beauty should be defined.

But that’s all I can do: hate. As much as I hate the judgmental society, I hate myself more.

I will never be a social face of beauty nor perfection. I will remain in the shadows. I will remain invisible.

And my fear? That the man I love will replace me with someone who has everything I don’t have. That the man I love will finally see how ugly I am and be repulsed. That the man I love will leave me because I am not pretty enough.

Nothing will be more painful than that.

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@starrelia made me love the idea of pink holo!Jack


It’s a different kind of danger
too fast for f r e e d o m
these chains never leave me
I keep d r a g g i n g them around

                                                             (what you and I had made me f r e e)

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Omg I woke up and people are still talking about James 😂. Holy shit who cares this much you know, why does this fandom get so obsessed over a subject that it gets dragged out for days. I get so uncomfortable when people try to dissect their friendships. Louis and harry don't need the same teams, the same hair or fashion stylists, they're individuals ffs. Not everything has to be splashed out all over social media,I just hate how society these days bases friendship off of social media activity.

I’m your last sentence.  Except for the fact that I still fucking love Niall’s social media presence and get giddy when he comments on everyone’s pics/statuses etc.  I know it’s performative but i’m such a sucker for it.

Friendly Reminder
  • Asshole™: I am a sjw
  • Me: OK
  • Asshole™: All cis people should die
  • Me: Cis people are part of society... You're not really fighting for social justice
  • Idiot™: I am a sjw
  • Me: OK
  • Idiot™: I hate all white people
  • Me: White people are part of society... You're not really fighting for social justice
  • Dickhead™: I am a sjw
  • Me: OK
  • Dickhead™: All men are pigs
  • Me: Men are part of society... You're not really fighting for social justice
  • Clod™: I am a sjw
  • Me: OK
  • Clod™: Straight people are all assholes
  • Me: Straights are part of society... You're not really fighting for social justice

i love being safe and a beacon of hope to learning and aspiring lgbt people. im so glad over the years i’ve always helped be that beacon of acceptance and steadfast protection for others in the way society hates. i love y'all and i will always support you. you need to be yourself- for you!

Pedophilia and Those inbetwen.

Pedophilia is, as we all can agree, a horrendous crime worthy of the worst punishment. From those that ignorantly mock the victims of it and Those who find loophole around it to just plain pedophiles. They’re disgusting.

From DDLG to loli shota porn, they’re all just abhorrent. I hate it all. They just desensitize society into accepting it and that just pisses me off.

stoned texts.

“So I’m v stoned and having deep as fuck thoughts. So do you ever feel like the world is moving too fast for you? Like there’s just TOO much stuff going on. So many noises and bullshit drama and extra stuff. And your brain just gets filled with all these negative things and extra noises and things and it’s like you start feeling like your life is in fast forward and you can’t slow it the fuck down so you’re just kind of smiling as it goes by hoping any minute now it will be QUIET and there will be some PEACE. Like I do not like society at all. I just hate all the expectations people put on you as a "human being.” Like get a 9-5 job, be social and have a network, have a perfect fucking house and perfect kids and perfect everything and it’s like DUDE. EVERYONE NEEDS TO FUCKING CHILL.“