i hate alcohol so much

It’s so heartbreaking when you love someone and you see them far from the deen, like they don’t even care, but all you want for them is Jannah.

If you’re reading this, can you please make dua for my family. I love them a lot and I pray Allah ﷻ forgives our shortcomings and that were in Jannah together

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i walked by two dudes at the grocers just yesterday and eavesdropped on their argument and one of them was rambling about how one of his other dudebros couldn't handle their drinking (they were most likely frat boys tbh) and the other guy goes "you gave yourself alcohol poisoning last week, james" and i had to leave the aisle before they caught me listening in bc i found it so funny for some reason and idk i just imagined bones or spock saying that to jim

i read this right when i woke up this morning and thought it was the funniest thing. i hate frat boys so much but frat boy jim giving himself alcohol poisoning is something i need in my life now

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: depending on how much time i can carry on making for writing this, this may or may not be the last chapter before it goes on hiatus soBS im sure it won’t be though i’ll make as much time as possible okya im sorry i hate exams so much sigh

mentions of alcohol and being drunk but thats it  i think




The next couple of days cruise past, and neither of them bring anything up about that night. They laugh, bicker over petty things, sneak up to the late night buffet when everyone’s asleep, eat too much, drink too much, talk too much, get their wall thumped by some grouchy guest next door, but nor Ryan, Phil’s ex, or anything that happened post-sunset that night are even vaguely addressed.

Half of Dan’s instincts are convinced he’d imagined it. If he didn’t start to now notice the way in which Phil would put effort into hiding his wrists with any accessories in reach, he’d be inclined to believe it was all a dream. And it hurts him, not only because Phil’s the last person who deserves to be treated like that after everything that had happened, but because of how well he’d been hiding it. Dan’s not like that; if he has a problem, he’ll try to hide it, but it’s never long until his moodswings and monosyllabic answers are questioned.

But Phil’s worryingly different; even after Dan knowing a window of his past, his eyes still glitter with genuine happiness, he still laughs with a tone outlined with what Dan can only detect as happiness; and he knows it’s happiness, because he knows exactly what Phil’s voice sounds like when it’s anything but.

But he won’t question it. They’ve managed it this far already, and Dan’s in no position to ruin it now. Not when the sound of Phil’s laughter is pretty much all that can make him smile these days.

He doesn’t dwell, there’s no time for it, but he wonders if it’s the other way around, too.

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I mostly try to ignore the grumpy old farts complaining about Pokemon Go on my Facebook feed, but it really irks when I get told (indirectly) that I need to “grow up” and do something better with my time.

Oh, adult past times, OK then. Where should I start? Drinking? Gambling? Adultery? Telling young people they’ll never make anything of themselves? There’s just so much to choose from.

It was during our first day of middle school, i saw a girl who was wearing a Red Tour t-shirt so I sited next to her in mathematics class. We knew nobody in our new class so we started talking about you during the entire hour. We became friends.
Yesterday was the moment where my best friend turned my family.
On Saturday i will turn 13 and I feel like it’s time to telling you what happened because of or about you during the whole past year!!!!

February 2015: I got Fearless for my birthday and I listened to it until June, It inspired me a lot and help me through everything and anything.

March 2015: I gave 1989 to my cousin and she became a Swiftie:) and I became Tayvin AF

May: The 1989 World Tour began and I became obsessed with it.

June: I was talking about you all the time so my friends started to love you

August: starting tumblr and being crazy about @wolf0889 ’s car

September: My dad’s alcohol addiction was bigger and bigger

October: My dad went to hospital for the first time and I “met” Silke ( @onabalconyinsummerair ) when I asked for help to @swiftiesupportgroup
and she helped me so much and she still here for me. I love you so much Silke! I met @shadows-inthe-faded-lights and @dancingindaydreams too.

November: My dad went to hospital twice. I met @marionmusicinwonderland
who is my Tumblr best friend, she is amazingly fun. I met @turned-out-to-be-just-treesa and @live-love-be-fearless and @frenchswiftie13 and @swiftietayvinaf . I did the @swiftmasproject so i gave 13€ to StandUp2Cancer.

December: My dad came back home but he came back hospital few day later and you can’t imagine how much i hate alcohol and him now. But Silke supported me so much and I will be always thankful because she kept me up and fine. I didn’t want to but my dad came back for Christmas and for the New Year eve. I got merch from taylorswift.com and it was so great! I had 89 followers on December 12sd (it’s a coincidence:) and the OOTW music video came out!!

January 2016: My dad came back hospital again…
I met @sandrotaylor13blog , @pizza-swift89 @bengshe @isabellaschichomusic @anzengi @taylorqueen89 @ohmyswiftness13 @polaroidredlipstick @white-is-a-color ……. And all the other guys from the Cinnamon Soldiers group text!

February: i had the best day ever with my best friend Estelle(video) i met the best guy in the whole world called Tyren( @tyrentheswiftie ) i loooooove you:) and I dream about being noticed on my b-day by you @taylorswift

Forever yours,


A summary of Pete Townshend's autobiography

• The who is done for
• I’m so depressed
• I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of this stripper woman I saw
• Karen sure does hate me
• So much alcohol and cocaine wow
• I wish I could get as many chicks as the other guys