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I Love Hanzo And No One Can Convince Me Otherwise

So not gonna lie, I was pretty damn salty toward Hanzo for a long time, But the more I think about it and the more I watch the Dragons short, the more I realize that all my salt was misplaced

Now, Hanzo has done some pretty not-good things, that’s a given. But the majority of Overwatch characters have. And I don’t see people hating on McCree for all his gang activity. If it were All Good Decisions All The Time, then it would make for pretty boring lore. But we’re just focusing on Hanzo right now.

Let’s start with the Shimada Clan as a whole. Clearly up to some shady business. That’s our first strike against Hanzo. But the clan was his family. It was the life he was born into, chances are it was all he knew. How many times have you been in a situation where your parents were pressuring you into doing something, but you couldn’t really refuse because they’re your parents? And considering what the Family Business consisted of, it doesn’t really seem like a good idea to disobey. Because someone did try that once. And look what happened to him.

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This is the part people always get on his ass about. “He killed Genji! Therefore he is a terrible person!!”

Now don’t get me wrong. This probably could have been handled better. And I do not condone killing your siblings, kiddos. But the Clan was clearly very strict, or else they never would have ordered to have Genji killed in the first place. Not to mention the fact that Genji was very young (Estimated around 25) when it happened. I mean I can only speak from my own experiences, but I don’t know many twenty-something-year-olds that really have their lives together. Especially when their family doesn’t really have to worry about financial things, which the Shimadas clearly never did.

So we’ve got Hanzo, who’s been given an order. He realizes that this is what happens if you disobey. And chances are, they Clan knows that they’re putting this thought into his head. It’s not only a punishment for Genji, but a warning to Hanzo, as well. “You may be the Master of the Clan, but you are not all-powerful”. 

He’s left with two choices: Kill Genji himself, or allow the Clan to kill both of them.

And really, these are the only two options he can see. After all, the Clan isn’t exactly filled with nice people or amateurs. If they want Genji dead, he will end up dead. And if Hanzo refuses, then he’ll only share his brother’s fate.

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So he does as he’s told. But that makes him realize that the Clan, everything he’s worked for his entire life, isn’t what he thought it was. He spends years mourning, regretting what he’s done, to the point where he risks his life in order to honor the one he took. He knows that the Clan has been sending assassins after him, but he still goes to the same place every year. 

But he doesn’t want to admit that he’s hurting. In a crime family, you have to distance yourself. Any negative emotion can be used against you when you need to remain focused. And that’s where another argument against him comes into play.

“Hey my brother is actually alive? Cool, now I can trY TO KILL HIM AGAIN”

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He’s tense, he’s angry. And honestly? He has a right to be both of those things. Not only was Genji alive for all these years while he was mourning him, but then Genji shows up one night out of the blue, taunting him about what happened and pretending that he’s an assassin. Which is seriously a dick move.

But there’s more to what Hanzo’s feeling, and major kudos to the animators for being able to capture it. 

He’s fighting someone whom he assumes is trying to kill him, and suddenly the “stranger” reveals a technique that no one else should have.

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There’s shock, there’s confusion. Who is this person? How can he do this? But then, just a split second of something else. “Could it possibly be him?” But of course it can’t be. Genji is dead, there has to be another answer.

But Genji’s not dead. And when he reveals himself, we’re met with another onslaught of emotion.

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Skepticism, astonishment, the thought that maybe, just maybe, things could be okay. There’s even the tiniest traces of a smile toward the end. This is a man discovering that he is not alone against the world anymore.

But then, what does Genji do? He has just insulted Hanzo, re-opened wounds that were still healing, made him believe that his life was at stake. Only to tell him he was alive, give a quick “I forgive you”, and proceed to leave.

This forgiveness is, presumably, a decade in the making. But Hanzo has only known about his brother’s survival for a few seconds. Less than a minute before, he was under the impression that he was going to die. 

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So of course he’s angry about this. But this is where his past comes back into play. As I said, the Clan deals with crime, and emotions that could be seen as weak have no place. 

What I’m getting at is that Hanzo doesn’t know how to express what he’s feeling.

So he does it in the only way he knows how. He lashes out, he draws his weapon, he gets angry

But here’s the thing. Genji’s back was to him. He could have fired that arrow. But he didn’t. He lets Genji leave, and he’s left to try and sort out everything that’s running through his head.

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And it will take time. But if what we see in the Reflections comic is any indication, he’s working toward forgiving himself. One step at a time.

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Story: today one of the boys in my class was saying "oh I love how USA is a democracy" Me and a classmate corrected him. Me- "no, this is a republic" him- "same thing" me- "no, in a democracy you vote for laws yourself" him- "yeah but we get to pick our leaders" me- "no, the electoral college does. The majority of people chose Hillary" him- "the majority of people are stupid" me- "I hate trump more than anyone, and you don't see me calling you stupid" He walked back to his seat and sat down.

Send him to me so I can personally fight him.

out of all my classes i objectively hate my english ones the most because, even though they usually have the friendliest professors, they’re bent on you making best friends with everyone in your class. like damn i don’t give a FUCK about jane and her major. I PROMISE. and peer editing is just dumb, like these two boys who are vaping are about to review my paper? or some girl who wants to tell me stephen king is her hero and she loves him? get out of my FACE i don’t trust any of them so please just review my paper and let’s be done with it PLEASE WHY DO YOU DRAG OUT YOUR CLASS SO MUCH YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE LET ME WRITE MY 3 ASSIGNMENTS AND GO 

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Do you have an opinion on Ethan Allan? As a Vermonter when I was a kid I was taught he was a brave war hero who fought off the British during the Revolutionary War, but now that I'm older I've been learning he was not all that chivalrous... So do you think it's wrong to paint historical figures in a more flattering light for children, or do think it's wrong? This kinda turned into 2 questions sorry! 😟

Benedict Arnold made a major contribution while taking Fort Ticonderoga- get Ethan Allen’s name is always put with much of the credit- which is off putting to me. As much as I hate Benedict Arnold I must say that it is wrong to me to simply forget those who made contributions to major things such as Fort Ticonderoga and the fact that for a while in France everyone was saying John Dickinson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Giving others credit for someone else’s work… yada yada. 

I think it is great to get young kids into history at such a young age, and it is okay to glorify them at first because they are just little kids they don’t know better. But painting some of the founding fathers to kids as perfect people will shape how those kids think towards those historical figures until they learn better but even by then their minds are still shaped. 

I mean, as a kiddo I always had Thomas Jefferson portrayed a certain way and did not learn till I was eleven and got into American History again that he owned slaves and had children with one of his slaves. It is still rough for me to wrap my head around the fact that did happen. Glorifying certain historical figures at certain ages will shape their minds forever and you shouldn’t make them out to be absolutely PERFECT people to little kids. Sure you can teach them and stuff and you can glorify them at first because they are just learning- but do not perfect them for the future generation because it’ll be a mistake and they might not learn until later who they really were. 

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i hope you don't mind me asking for your input here, i run an open species court group and i have a member who seems to have repeatedly just not read important stuff with the species guide and with quests. i was gonna let things slide the first time because they fixed it but with my most recent quest they've gone against two major guidelines. they also dont respond to my replies unless i make a public status about it. i hate rejecting finished art, what would you do in this situation??

kick that dingus out!! rules are there for a reason, if people blatantly refuse to follow them on multiple occasions they don’t deserve to be involved

Here’s my favorite thing about people trying to stay neutral about Trump. I am so sick and tired of seeing things like, “I know good people who voted for Trump. They’re not racist, misogynists, or hateful.” Okay fine, but guess what, they might not be that, but


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I went on twitter with the new girl tag. I went on facebook. I went on instagram. The number of people who don't like Reagan is growing, with or without Nick. Jake was surprised when a reporter said she liked Reagan. So I don't really know what this anon is talking about- facts don't add up.

That might be selection bias…you’re really going to get the extremes of the fandom depending on what part of the Internet you go to. My impression is that people have been reacting positively to Reagan and are neutral on Nick/Reagan. You get some people that still really hate Reagan, but that still feels like a vocal minority to me, just like I think the people who hate Ness is also a vocal minority. I think the majority of viewers aren’t terribly involved in either side but might skew slightly Ness just because Nick and Jess are original characters and very few people root for last minute additions to shows. They mainly just want a good way to spend a Tuesday night though and don’t have any major horse in this race.

Was it that E! Interview? I’m not sure he was surprised. Or if he was, he recovered really well and delivered a great answer about how they really like her and hope she sticks around, but he’s a pro ;)

I’m not even scared of Trump per se, but I’m scared of the mentality he has instilled in literally millions of people. That its ok to be openly racist/homophobic/sexist/just generally hateful and people will cheer you on. That anyone different needs to conform to the majority or they need to be verbally and/or physically assaulted until they do. 

The blatant, unapologetic hate that he has not only encouraged, but has exhibited is disgusting. The fact that he will hold one of the highest positions in the country because of these things he has said, is gross. Congratulations America.

Undertale Fic Theft PSA

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a certain matter here that requires attention.

This is Tony Frisk, an author on Amazon.

While the initial page reveals fairly little there’s one major issue regarding our dear author here.

Every work posted on their page is stolen from various Undertale fanfic authors.

Undertale: Who are You is actually Memories of a Soul

Undertale: Overworld is actually sans, by tsukithewolf

Undertale: Another War is actually Blue Magic

Undertale: Home is actually Why Children Climb Mountains

Special mention goes to the Undertale: Underschool series  for being particularly slimy as every part belongs to the same story, Underschool: Fallen Child and all those volumes are merely a couple chapters slammed together.


Hammer Amazon’s report functions, especially infringement and double-especially if you’re the author.

I unfortunately am not aware of better avenues to take these down, but it should work as a kickoff point, not to mention the more people know it about it, the better.

i’ll tell you what major aesthetic problem i DO have with frozen though


not in a concerned mom way of it being ‘too revealing’ or whatever, but it just sticks out like a sore thumb in contrast to the other costume design?? i get the point that elsa wants to be free and ‘different’ but still, having more incorporation of the entire hostoric norway aesthetic would go a long way imo. i really love the design of elsa’s coronation dress. its got the folk motifs and everything going

but then i remember being so upset having to see her wearing….that thing for the majority of the film. even concepts like this still feel like they ‘belong’ in the universe and is more harmonious with the rest of the set

and this is only a mild critique, im not even talking about all the visual creativity that was lost in the early concept art….

Enlisted Ranks: Army

There’s nothing I hate more than a story that didn’t even try to get its ranks right. Why is a major giving orders to a colonel? Why is a first sergeant working with a bunch of fuzzies? Why the hell did you just call the sergeant major ‘sir’? 

Military ranks are different across the branches, but if your story features the U.S. Army, here’s a breakdown of enlisted ranks and rank etiquette. (other branches coming soon!)

Ranks in the army follow a numerical pattern, so if you’re ever not quite sure what the name of the rank higher is, you can reference them by nomenclature.
E-series: E stands for enlisted. This refers to soldiers from private to sergeant major. 
O-series: O stands for officer. This refers to soldiers from second lieutenant to general. O-series post coming soon!
W-series: W stands for warrant officer. This refers to soldiers from warrant officer 1 to chief warrant officer 5. W-series post coming soon!

In ACUs, (army combat uniform) the rank is worn in the center of the chest via a velcro patch. In class-A uniforms, the rank is worn on the shoulder.

Each pay grade earns slightly more per month than the one before it. Officers make significantly more money per month than enlisted. Time in service also affects pay, meaning a sergeant who’s been in six years will make more than a staff sergeant who’s been in three years.

E-1: Private
Most people who enlist come in at E-1 unless they were in JROTC, have a college degree, or performed some other feat with their recruiters prior to enlisting i.e. volunteer work, good P.T. scores, etc. This is the lowest pay grade and has no rank. Soldiers who are E-1s do not wear a rank. 
also known as: PV1, fuzzy (because they wear no velcro rank, there’s a patch of bare fuzz in the middle of their uniform. You can buy a patch to cover it.)
Title: Private, PV1

E-2: Private
Yes, there are two ranks by the name of private. You reach E-2 automatically after six months of enlistment. If you enroll in the Delayed Entry Program or have an acceptable P.T. card with your recruiter, you can enlist as an E-2 instead of an E-1. At E-2, you more or less have no more power than an E-1. 
also known as : PV2
Title: Private, PV2

E-3: Private First Class
The final “private” class. You reach E-3 automatically after 12 months of enlistment, assuming you’ve been an E-2 for at least four months. If you were in JROTC for four years, you enter automatically at this rank. This rank still doesn’t have much power, but may be put in charge of other privates and may assist their team leader with tasks, and on occasion may be a team leader themselves.
also known as : PFC
Title: Private, PFC.

E-4: Specialist/Corporal
The last “junior enlisted” class. You reach specialist automatically after 24 months of enlistment, assuming you’ve been a PFC for at least six months. If you enlist with a completed four year college degree, you can start out as an E-4 instead of an E-1. Specialists tend to be team leaders and may be in charge of other specialists and privates. When no NCOs are present, the senior specialist is in charge. 

Corporal, while technically the same pay grade as specialist, is actually an essentially higher rank. It’s a special rank only bestowed on those who are in leadership positions and are awaiting the appropriate time in service/time in grade to be promoted to sergeant. Corporals are considered NCOs while specialists are considered junior enlisted.  Strictly speaking corporals and specialists are the same rank, but in most situations, corporals out rank specialists.
also known as: shamshields, (specialist only) SPC, CPL
Title: Specialist, Corporal


Man, all of that text is boring. Let’s break it up a bit with some rank etiquette, shall we?

• Lower enlisted (E-1 thru E-4) tend to call each other by their surname regardless of rank. Even an E-1 will probably be calling a specialist just by their name. The exception is Corporals, who are considered NCOs and are referred to by rank.

• E-5 and above are referred to as “NCOs,” or non-commissioned officers. 

• NCOs with similar ranks might call each other by their surnames and will call lower enlisted by their surnames. When discussing another NCO with a lower enlisted, they will use that NCO’s proper rank. So a sergeant speaking to a PFC will say “Sergeant Smith needs you,” not “Smith needs you.” Freshly promoted sergeants who still hang out with lower enlisted might not mind their friends calling them their surnames in private, but formally and professionally they’re expected to address their senior properly. 

• Lower enlisted ranks are often called “joes,” especially when an NCO is addressing another NCO about their squad or platoon. “Have your joes had chow yet?” = “Have the soldiers directly under your command eaten yet?” 

• It’s considered inappropriate for lower enlisted to hang out with NCOs and it’s discouraged, especially in the work place. 

Are you all rested up? Great! Let’s get back to the ranks. 

E-5: Sergeant

Finally: the NCO ranks! Unlike the previous ranks, you cannot automatically rank up to sergeant. You must attend special courses and be seen by a promotion board where you’ll be expected to recite the NCO creed and have knowledge appropriate for an non-commissioned officer. From this rank on, lower-ranked soldiers will refer to you as “sergeant” and you will likely be a squad leader or in another leadership position. 

• Lower enlisted do NOT refer to sergeants by their surname unless it is paired with their rank. “Sergeant Smith,” not just “Smith,” or your private will be doing a lot of push-ups. 

• No one calls them “Sarge.” Like… just don’t do it friends. 

• Some pronounce sergeant in such a way it sounds as though the g is dropped entirely. Ser-eant, or phonetically, “saarnt.” 

also known as: SGT

Title: Sergeant

E-6: Staff Sergeant

Sergeant Plus. You probably will have similar responsibilities to an E-5, meaning probably a squad leader unless you need to fill in for a platoon sergeant. Don’t misunderstand; in lower enlisted ranks, private and private first class aren’t that much of a difference. E-5 and E-6 are a definite difference though. It is acceptable to call an E-6 either “sergeant” or “sergeant (name)” instead of staff sergeant. 

also known as: SSG

Title: Sergeant

E-7: Sergeant First Class

At this point the ranks become known as “senior NCO.” E-7 and above cannot be demoted by normal means. It actually requires a court martial or congressional approval to demote an E-7. Like, it’s surprisingly hard to demote people after this point. I once knew an E-7 who got busted with a DUI and STILL didn’t lose his rank.

Anyway, it’s still appropriate to call an E-7 “sergeant” or “sergeant (name)” instead of sergeant first class. SFCs may be platoon sergeants or in some circumstances may hold a first sergeant position. While positioned as a first sergeant, they should be referred to as “first sergeant.” Unless you work at battalion level or higher, this is probably the highest NCO rank you’ll interact with regularly, and in some cases interacting with an E-7 can be as big a deal as interacting with an E-8. 

also known as: SFC

Title: Sergeant

E-8: First Sergeant/Master Sergeant

Another dual-rank. First sergeants are the NCO in charge of a company and are usually the highest ranking NCO soldiers will interact with regularly. They run the company alongside the company commander. All NCOs answer to them and most beginning of the day and end of the day formations will be initiated and ended with them. It is only appropriate to refer to a first sergeant as “first sergeant” or “first sergeant (name).” Do not just call them “sergeant.”

Master sergeants are E-8s who are not in a first sergeant position. Typically these people wind up working in offices in battalion or brigade. It’s only appropriate to refer to a master sergeant as “master sergeant” or “master sergeant (name).”

also known as: 1SG, FSG, (first sergeant only) MSG (master sergeant only)

Titles: First Sergeant, Master Sergeant.

E-9: Sergeant Major or Command Sergeant Major

We finally reach the end of the list: Sergeant Major, the highest ranking NCO. Sergeant Majors will be found at battalion level and higher. Command Sergeant Majors are those that hold a leadership position in a battalion, brigade, etc, like first sergeant vs master sergeant. It is appropriate to refer to E-9s as “sergeant major” or “sergeant major (name).” Typically, a command sergeant major will be referred to AS command sergeant major.

In the U.S., the plural form of sergeant major is “sergeants major.” Outside the U.S., “sergeant majors” can be correct. 

also known as: SGM, CSM

Title: Sergeant Major

Now, for the most important announcement:

Soldiers NEVER, and I mean NEVER, refer to an NCO as “sir” or “ma’am.” Forget what the movies tell you; if your first sergeant is chewing you out, you do not say “ma’am, yes ma’am!” You’ll earn yourself some push-ups and some cleaning duty and probably a counseling. Do you see how under every rank I’ve provided a “title” section? That’s how your soldiers address that rank. Period. The only people who get called “sir” and “ma’am” are civilians and officers. Cannot tell you how many movies I’ve rolled my eyes into my skull because some snot-nosed private is calling their squad leader “sir.” Please cease this immediately. Thank you.

That’s all for scriptsoldier’s rank breakdown of enlisted ranks! Stay tuned for our breakdown of officers, warrant officers, and how your rank affects your standing in your unit!

psychic: *reads my mind*


psychic: what the fuck

i really do not give a fuck if you hate daryl i dont care if you think hes boring or needs to die he does not deserve the abuse hes getting especially since he probably spent the majority of his childhood huddled scared in a dark corner so can you please just pull your head out of your ass for 1 hour thanks

obi wan: “only a sith deals in absolutes”
the jedi: think any and all emotions/attachments are bad and evil (no exceptions), thinks any force sensitive person who isnt part of the order or doesn’t follow the code is inherently evil and is probably a sith, refuse to think that anyone who has touched the dark side could ever be redeemed ( a la luke saving his father style ), aka literally 👏 The 👏 Most 👏 Absolute 👏 Group 👏 Of 👏 People 👏 With 👏 The 👏 Most 👏 Black 👏 And 👏 White 👏 Rules 👏 To 👏 Ever 👏 Exist 👏

random aus i havent seen
  • ‘you are sitting next to me at the doctors watching me freak out. oh, i just am deathly afraid of needles and need to get a shot’ AU

  • ‘i’m a librarian and i see you have a bunch of books about depression and suicide in your hand, hey buddy, want to talk to someone? i’m here if you need me’ AU

  • ‘you are talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you are going to fail. need help there? i just so happen to major in that subject. oh shit, you’re really cute’ AU

  • ‘you play guitar every day during our lunch hour and no one knows what song it is but I do and i love that band, lets talk about how amazing they are.’ AU

  • ‘i have a garage sale every year at the same time and you always show up but never buy anything and just flirt with me but i have never seen you any other place’ AU

  • ‘i’m in a band and i jumped into the crowd but no one caught me and i accidentally crushed you oh my god im so sorry here come backstage to rest. wow, you’re actually really cute’ AU

  • ‘you’ve been in Bed, Bath and Body Works for hours everyday and all you do is smell everything’ AU

  • ‘i met you on social media but we both don’t speak well in each others languages, wow i really like you and need to figure this out’ AU

  • ‘i’m a guest on your talk show and you’re flirting with me, do you do this with everyone? oh your audience is swooning over us, sure, i’ll come back on your show soon’ AU

  • ‘i collect snowglobes and i just need one more from your country, you own an antique store, wanna help me find it? oh shit i forgot you don’t really speak my language’ AU

  • ‘i’m the principal of this school and you’re an administrator and you catch all the kids trying to sneak off and send them to me. i’m impressed and you’re also really hot in that vest.’ AU

  • ‘you write amazing fanfiction on tumblr and i send you anon messages everyday. oh shit, that wasn’t on anon, my cover’s blown. well, may as well message you and talk about how much i love [insert ship here]’ AU