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Trump claims “no politician in history has been treated worse”

So I decided to dispute this claim for him in a list form. I even just stuck to presidents, though he left it open to “all politicians.” Here are some examples of criticism our former presidents received:

  • President George Washington: had to borrow money to attend his own inauguration; Jefferson repeatedly accused him of treason especially regarding the Jay Treaty
  • President John Adams: entire reputation scourged by a scathing 72-page letter written by Alexander Hamilton (a member of his own party) about how horrible he was
  • President Thomas Jefferson: election called the “greatest misfortune our nation has ever experienced” by Martha Washington; also historically despised by many of his colleagues
  • President James Madison: was frequently made fun of for being small/frail/weak (5'4", about 100 pounds, very sickly); the wife of a Virginia politician once labeled him “the most unsociable creature in existence"
  • President James Monroe: was nicknamed “The Last Cocked Hat” due to his outdated revolutionary-era fashion sense he still kept later in life; also…he acquired Florida
  • President John Quincy Adams: constantly plagued by calls of illegitimacy for his term because of the backroom deal he made with the House to be elected over Jackson
  • President Andrew Jackson: basically almost caused mutiny of Southern states over a tariff; was chastised for his nepotism and also nicknamed “King Andrew” for his selfish/monarch-like tendencies as president (also committed genocide but I’m not counting that in here because he was actually LAUDED for it)
  • President Martin Van Buren: nicknamed “Little Magician,” “Sly Fox,” and “Red Fox of Kinderhook” for his shitty political skills, small stature, and red hair; Charles Ogle called him “Martin Van Ruin” on the floor of the House of Representatives
  • President William Henry Harrison: gave an ill-advised address in the freezing cold rain & was literally president for 30 days 12 hours and 30 minutes before he died of pneumonia, after which the nation quickly forgot about him
  • President John Tyler: nicknamed “His Accidency” after inheriting the presidency from Harrison
  • President James K Polk: so obscure that one of his rivals coined the slogan “Who is James K. Polk?” during his campaign; highly criticized for his war with Mexico
  • President Zachary Taylor: though only president for 16 months, often remembered as one of the worst presidents in history; as a total outsider he completely demolished the Whig party after his victory
  • President Millard Fillmore: entire cabinet unanimously resigned after disagreeing with him over a free vs. slave state issue
  • President Franklin Pierce: was abhorrently despised for his hand in the Kansas-Nebraska Act and failed to be re-nominated for a second term
  • President James Buchanan: pre-civil war, became so hated during his presidency part of his cabinet resigned; said to Lincoln upon leaving, “If you are as happy entering the presidency as I am leaving it, then you are a very happy man.” Also has evidently been ranked among 3 worst presidents in every poll and survey conducted since 1948
  • President Abraham Lincoln: shot & killed
  • President Andrew Johnson: literally faced impeachment over his failure to work with Congress; during his trial he blamed his troubles on “a mendacious press” that continually criticized him
  • President Ulysses S Grant: no political experience entering office; was loyal to people close to him and as a result failed to remove ineffective people; presidency riddled with scandals and corruption, though none involved him directly it caused him to be remembered as guilty by association
  • President Rutherford B Hayes: official inauguration secretly held inside the White House for fear of the trouble his opponents might stir up
  • President James A Garfield: shot & killed
  • President Chester A Arthur: plagued by a negative reputation of cronyism garnered in his early political career
  • President Grover Cleveland: sexually abused a widow (which he threw into an asylum) and fathered an illegitimate child (which he threw into an orphanage); was criticized with chants such as “Ma, Ma, where’s my pa?”
  • President William McKinley: shot & killed; also had a poor reputation due to his relationship with Republican party leader Mark Hanna who was seen as manipulating McKinley
  • President Theodore Roosevelt: shot & lived; also seen as egotistical and somewhat of a bully, greatly expanding executive powers
  • President William Howard Taft: Ballinger-Pinchot controversy gained so much bad press it led to the split of the Republican party
  • President Woodrow Wilson: aside from massive criticism over his handling of WWI, also garnered criticism for an investigation launched during his presidency over claims of homosexual interactions between naval personal and civilians
  • President Warren G Harding: Teapot. Dome. Scandal.
  • President Calvin Coolidge: actually criticized for saying too LITTLE
  • President Herbert Hoover: severely criticized for his handling of the Great Depression; also ordered Army to break up protesting veterans & his harsh methods got him a lot of public dissent
  • President Franklin D Roosevelt: faced allegations from Republican leaders in Congress who said he left his dog in the Aleutian Islands after a family trip & sent a Navy destroyer to rescue said dog at the taxpayers expense
  • President Harry S Truman: involved in a scandal when an investigation into the IRS lead to the firing of 166 IRS employees; stained with allegations of corruption in the aftermath
  • President Dwight D Eisenhower: many in his administration under investigation as to how many of their “gifts” and personal purchases were allegedly funded by taxpayer money
  • President John F Kennedy: shot & killed; also had a lot of alleged affairs
  • President Lyndon B Johnson: Pentagon Papers indicated he systematically lied to the American people about American involvement and actions in the Southeast Asian region
  • President Richard Nixon: …do I really have to say anything about this one?
  • President Gerald Ford: pardoned Nixon & hated for it
  • President Jimmy Carter: shit ton of criticism for Iranian Hostage Crisis
  • President Ronald Reagan: shot & lived; Iran-Contra affair; AIDS crisis…yet somehow remembered as America’s sweetheart
  • President George HW Bush: secretary of treasury arrested and sentenced to prison for tax evasion and obstruction of justice
  • President Bill Clinton: almost impeached over Monica Lewinsky
  • President George Bush: a journalist literally threw shoes at him
  • President Barack Obama: birth certificate fiasco, “THANKS A LOT, OBAMA”

Note that this is an insanely brief overview of criticisms, but the point is IT’S PART OF THE DAMN JOB, DON. NOW GET THE FUCK OVER IT BECAUSE NO ONE IS ATTENDING YOUR PITY PARTY.

  • Bee: Andrew, you have to stop pulling knives at people.
  • Andrew: This is my way of venting.
  • Bee: Well, it made a lot of people around campus very nervous.
  • Andrew: That's because they're a bunch of bitch ass white boys.
  • Bee: I hate to break this to you, Andrew, but you're also a bitch ass white boy.

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honestly you're overreacting lmao, literally no one is going to see that post and think jimin ACTUALLY hates white people. it's just a joke and youre, making a problem out of something that wasn't a problem to begin with. i get where you're coming from but just chill and stop blaming people for 'ruining jimins image' over a dumb shitpost lol

How hard is it to STOP doing it?! It’s not hard to NOT do it either so stop making excuses and saying it’s a joke. A lot of us are already saying that it’s not funny but you all just don’t care. Just admit it’s wrong, very malicious and could hurt Jimin and Bangtan. Just stop doing it. “It really shouldn’t be a big deal” but y’all keep dismissing other people’s concerns about it and making it look ok. You don’t agree with me? Then just accept that people think it’s shitty.

I lost the post I read where it said something really interesting about Libras: that we think every interaction with someone is like our last and that’s the interaction that person will base their feelings towards us on. I think that’s why Libras try to be so polite and charming all the time – it’s because if we’re rude once or even not AS charming then that person will think negatively of us.

At least for me, when with people I don’t see every single day I usually am very polite and sweet. Even with my professors, family friends, and relatives I try to be as Libra™ as possible. One awkward or disappointing action between us, and I start worrying that they hate me and they’ll never think highly of me again.

It’s different with my immediate family who I see everyday. I’m a lot more of my mars and venus around them. I’m much more blunt, outspoken, and critical. And I think it’s because I see them so often I know they can’t judge me on that one interaction.

Strange… any thoughts?

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But for real where were you youve been so inactive for the last 2-3 months? Was it about the misunderstanding incident with that woman?

yeah I kinda started to hate social media alltogether after that but then I started hating my own stuff and I went down on a spiral off why the fuck do I even draw for a while (two months) and I couldnt draw anything bc I felt like nothing I drew looked nice enough to post and I still felt like those people were gonna come at me for anything so I did nothing

buuuuuut then I realised it wasnt gonna get any better if i just sat down and did nothing so im back im gonna probably draw less shadowhunters for a while after #theincident™ and im gonna do more yuri on ice bc it makes me happy and ppl there dont scare me yeee

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what I'd give to draw half as good, half as much and get half as much love as you do...i hope your grateful...:(

Don’t compare yourself to other people! That’s the worst thing you could do to yourself as an artist. This is something I’ve just recently stopped obsessing about. It was really detrimental to my mental health and it frustrated me to no end not being able to do what someone else was doing.

Then I realized something. No matter how much you improve or how good you get or how many more followers you accumulate, there will ALWAYS be someone better than you. There will always be someone who will inevitably have something you wish you had. People have this unsatisfiable need to be the best. So what’s the point of wishing for something that’ll just come back around? Focus on you and make sure you’re just improving yourself. 

That doesn’t mean be complacent. Instead of looking at other people and being like “god I wish I were them” look at them and say, “hey, they’re pretty great, I’m gonna work to get to that point.” Use it as motivation to get better!

I want you to be careful with how you perceive “love”. I’m assuming you’re going by a follower count or note count. Just a friendly piece of advice, don’t associate yourself or other people with numbers on social media. A lot of it is just knowing how to work the system and market yourself. It’s something I’ve been working on for years. I personally don’t think I deserve the following I have based solely on my skill. I do appreciate the amount of "attention” I get but just know that with good attention comes bad attention and hate too. Bad attention that almost made me stop drawing altogether two years ago. 

That being said, I am grateful. Very grateful. I’m glad I’m reaching people. Sorry if this message got preachy. I had a similar mindset in the past and I can assure you that it won’t do you any good. Be happy with yourself and your progress. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s the best thing you’ll ever do. 

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Zayn gets racist things said to him because of what he has said of one d. Fuck Zayn

1) zayn has never said anything bad about one direction so you can go ahead and jot that the fuck down.

2) that is not the only reason he gets racist things spewed at him. it is one of the reasons, sure, because people are immature af and also don’t have their own fucking brains so they don’t bother looking into shit themselves because if they did they’d see he really truly never had bad shit to say, and if he had anything bad to say, it was directed at one direction’s management. never the boys. 

no matter what the motive is behind the racist comments being said to him/about him, it’s fucked up and they come from places of genuine ignorance, bitterness, and hatred. 

i see a lot of people defend these kind of comments by saying that just because zayn is asian and muslim, it doesn’t mean the hate he gets is due to racism. is everyone saying these things because they’re racist? no. but i do think people need to step back and think about the reasons they say what they say. this burning hatred they have for him because he fucking left a band llike….even after he said he left for his own health? he was very clearly experiencing something different from the other boys (poc will never experience the same things as white people, the experience will always be different) and even after sharing his hardships, he always said how much he appreciated his time in one direction. fucking always

and for a lot of people making those ugly af comments, it’s racism that is embedded in them that they’ve now normalized. to attack someone for the color of their skin, how they identify, their religion, etc. they are spewing absolutely hateful things at someone who has shown nothing but pride for everything they are attacking.

it’s one thing to say you hate zayn, but when you use who he is as a person to insult him and include who he is as a person in your hateful comments? (all things that made him different from the white members of one direction, might i add) yeah, man. it kind of comes off as fucking racist.

anyway, i’m a huge believer in karma, and she will fucking get to y’all. just fucking wait.

Supergirl used to make me feel so good. I used to feel relaxed and uplifted, not only watching it, but just knowing I had it to look forward to. Alex’s SL this season was so important to me. But y'all (see: the toxic sludge, migrated from another nearby fandom, who mistakenly believes their bullying ways are “progressive” and justify being disgusting scum to everyone around them through this faulty logic) have ruined this show for me and a lot of other people, too. I need to think long and hard if I can continue to support this show. I want to support Melissa and Chyler and Calista, but I don’t want to support a show that breeds such hate. Supergirl was supposed to be a sign of hope, especially for little girls, but that was taken away by selfish bullies who couldn’t hold a candle to the maturity of the young girls Supergirl was intended for. I wish Chris Wood would find a new role on a different show where he can be free of the hate. I support Katie, but all the ugliness started when L/ena stepped foot on the show, and for that, I wish for her to move on as well. I have never seen such disgusting behavior in a fandom. Things never even got this bad in the TVD fandom. So I’m done.

i find it funny (not) when some people say there’s no reason to be mad because evak were hardly seen this season…. it’s not about how much screen time they get, it’s about how much attention people pay to them instead of sana…. who… is….. the….. main….. or have i missed something?

these are the most popular posts from the MAIN tag…. . out of 10 posts, we have 3 that are sana related, which is, well, a bit odd because, again, she’s this season’s main. 

don’t get me wrong, i absolutely adore evak, they’re the reason i discovered skam (just like many other people), but… this season is about sana. she’s magnificent and all her scenes are beautiful. people should just pay more attention to this amazing girl. 

also, absolutely no hate or whatever to the people making these posts, they are wonderful and the fact that they take time to make these beautiful gifs is great. (as far as i can tell, most of these blogs - if not all of them, i haven’t checked - make sana gifs as well) 

                Why I understand Abby Griffin’s choice

                                    Even if I don’t agree with her

Since the 3x12, I saw a lot of comment about Abby Griffin being a little or more than a little Out of character, or about the fact that she doesn’t love Marcus enough etc… (I also saw a lot of hate toward her but this is pure Haters’ bullshit so I just ignore it). I can perfectly understand the disappointment of some Abby’s supporters and their point of view but there is mine:

1.Abby would have stayed alive to keep saving people

Yes, that’s exactly what S1. S2. S3. Abby would have done. BUT S4. Abby did things she would have never believed she would have. ( /!\ don’t get me wrong, what I‘ll say it what I think could be Abby’s POV, that’s not what I think of her /!\)

  • First of all she “took a life”, she chose to test the nightblood on a man, knowing it was highly probable that he would die. Of course, at that time turning people into nightblood was the only solution they had but still, she took the decision to do it, she watched him die in a terrible agony and that’s not something she can bare at all. She’s a doctor and even if it was to save the many, that day, she became the angel of death.
  • She was also ready to test it on Emori and she didn’t do it just because Clarke prevent her to do it by testing the blood on herself.
  • Which leads me to the second point “I failed the human race because I wasn’t strong enough”. I’m 100% sure Abby didn’t regret her decision to break the machine to save her daughter, her own blood, but still I think she could think that at the end it was a selfish choice, she didn’t do it because she couldn’t bare to watch her daughter die, it was her breaking point (Like Jaha pointing a gun to her head was Marcus’ one in 3x13). Both of them always put their people first (and that’s what she did with Jake) but at the end, they are just human. Some people are able to put their feeling aside (like Clarke did when she was about to let her mother hang herself) but Abby can’t do it when it’s about Clarke and Marcus can’t do it when it’s about her. And I think she might blame herself for that too
  • I think it can also work for 4x11, this is just self-wonder, but I’m not sure that Abby would have opened the door if Marcus wasn’t outside. Clearly, she didn’t do it just for him, she also did it because there was still empty box and more people could be saved but I think it has had an important role in her decision anyway. And I think she can wonder why she has done this, what is because it was the right thing to do or because I wasn’t strong enough to let the man I love dying? She might feel guilty about that too.
  • Was it right, Marcus ?” Yes, Abby is the kind of person who always wants to save everyone, no matters if it grounders or skypeople, she’s a humanist but still….We are not speaking about people she doesn’t know. She probably knows every name. She had lived with them for 42 years. She probably had held their hand during a hard time to comfort them. She had probably help every woman to give birth to their child. She took care of all of this people for 20 years. I totally can understand that she might feel like she had betrayed them all by giving up a part of them; offering their place to grounders they don’t know. Like Octavia she chose humanity and not “her people” but contrary to O. she knows them all when the latter barely know them, she was hidden under the floor for 16 years and then just lived with them for 3 months between season 2 & 3.

All of this leads me to the final thing: Abby is going through a hard time, I also might say that she has a breakdown. She hates herself for all those things, she’s not able to see if she had done the right thing or not anymore. All she saw right now is that she failed everyone, that she hadn’t been able to save everyone. She thinks that others people deserve to live more than she does. She doesn’t think “they need me because I’m a doctor”, all she think right know is that “ I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m bad, I did horrible things and I failed everyone, I deserve to die so someone else can live”. It made me think about Marcus in 1x13 “Redemption comes at a price”, I think this is exactly where Abby stands right now.

Also, we must not forget that, at that time, she think she’s dying because of her brain. She’s like “I’m gonna die, so I have to give my spot to someone who will still be alive in five years”. I think that’s why the writers brought back this plot at the beginning of the ep, to give us an explanation of her sudden loss of hope.

By the way, I would like to say that even strong characters, like Abby has always been since the first ep, have the right to break down at some point. They are just human. Abby fought and keep hope alive since 1x01, don’t blame her because for once she can’t take it.

2. Abby doesn’t think that Marcus and Clarke are a reason for her to live

I think this is not at all what she meant by “I love you Marcus but I made my decision”. We had this kind of choice with Harper and Monty and that’s not the same thing at all for me. Harper wanted to die because she was tired of this life made of pain and loss and even if she realized she was wrong, at first she thought that Monty wasn’t enough to get over it. At that time Harper had still the possibility to survive with everyone but she chose death.

Abby doesn’t want to die, she thinks she has to because everything I said earlier, that’s different and this has nothing to do with Marcus and Clarke. Abby doesn’t choose death she chose to give another person a chance to live.

I HATE seeing posts like “dont tell psychotic people that what theyre seeing is spirits” fuck u when my gf and friends are seeing orbs and glowing balls and beings and IK what it is im gonna fucking tell them. Just because yall are literally brainwashed by the psychology industry to believe that nothing youre seeingis real doesnt mean im gonna elt the people i love stay in that ignorance

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OK seriously I don't get how people can say that Jensen and Jared don't care about Misha or that Misha is not close with Jared and Jensen. Do these people not have eyes?

People believe a lot of dumb things when they let hate control them. It’s so clear to anyone reasonable that these guys adore each other…but haters gonna hate.

BTS BBMAs info

I don’t know how many of you stumbled upon tweets stating that a western idol said this and that about BTS but I feel the need to inform you if you ever see tweets like this:


When I first stumbled upon a tweet like this I believed it but then I saw the EXACT SAME quote from word to word by the Chainsmokers as well. A lot of people seem to believe these in the replies as well or asking for clarification if it wasn’t another artist.


Many people realized that ARMY is dedicated which shows in the voting results just as well and now they are trying to USE US against others.

Please don’t spread hate in the name of BTS because after all we still represent them and if you can please reblog this so that others will know that these quotes are fake and won’t make false assumptions. Thank you.

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I've been thinking about this a lot. How can you know whether you're attractive or not? Or at least average. When you don't get compliments, or when you do, they sound so fake and pathetic. What are you then? And why does it matter so much if I'm good looking or not? As if my whole life is based on that.

i used to think about this a lot when i was a little younger. i could never really figure out if i was actually attractive, and i ended up just having super low self esteem and hated myself regardless of compliments. and when i got them i was sure people were lying. 

but the way i got over it was i kinda realised that i don’t owe the world beauty. i’m not obligated to be attractive. i used to think i was making everyone else angry by being ugly but like.. i don’t owe the world shit, i can look whatever i want bcos i’m not hurting anyone. i don’t owe beauty or attractiveness to anyone. i’m just me. and im gonna like what i like, dislike what i dislike, do my job and work on my studies. 

it takes a while to stop focusing on it, but the best way to get out of this way of thinking is realising all you are obligated to do on this earth is to breathe. thats it. you’re not obligated to be conventionally attractive, you can do whatever you want and look however you want.

trust me. no matter what you look like, there will be people out there who think you’re attractive. humans are a pretty great bunch like that. kind of cheesy, but most flowers don’t look alike, but they’re all pretty beautiful!

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You're so sweet! I love your art of Billdip and Sidlink! People just don't want to understand that they are fictional characters. You're so strong I would have been so discourage by all the hate.

Thank you cutie ❤ Well maybe i have a lot of hate but i also have a lot of love by people like you 🌸 so it’s perfectly ok ~


M was up puking. I’m running my first solo big important meeting at 9 (which I sent out like 4 reminders for). I’m exhausted, but coffee. I’m justifying sending her to school because it wasn’t exactly chunky vomit just watery spit up (in my bed of course). I have to go to work because my boss will be in a different more important meeting so I have to be there to do this one. I have a lot of work to catch up on but if she can just be at school for 2 hours then I can work the rest of the day from home. I hate when parents send sick kids to school and get everyone else sick, and I feel horrible, HORRIBLE, that I can’t let her just stay home in my bed all day. I really need to find a babysitter here. I joined care.com and one of the others but it is too scary to leave her with a stranger. People tell me “they’re background checked, it’s safe,” but I don’t judge someone as being normal based on arrest history or lack thereof. I need to do something extreme like send out a company wide email asking if anyone has a babysitter they’ve used who is nice and won’t kidnap my kid.

A sincere thank you

I am so unbelievably happy that so many people are getting happy because of my stupid drawings. I’ve seen every comment you guys have sent me, every “lol I’m crying” and every nice tags when people reblog my drawings. I haven’t felt this happy in a long long time.

You guys don’t know this but before I started drawing these pictures, these dumb ninjago pictures, I was in a pretty bad spot. Clinical Depression and my Anxiety disorder always got the better of me every day and I never felt happy, I hated myself more than anything else. I thought everyone be better if I just didn’t exist. Not even the medicine I took was any help. I just felt empty all the time, and I was on the verge of doing something stupid.

But then I got these computer drawing supplies working up again and decided to go to something familiar. I started drawing my Ocs and I felt a little better than usual, not a lot of people cared though, so I tried drawing ninjago stuff. I drew that “guess I’ll die” zane meme and it’s one of the most popular posts on the ninjago tag. Seeing that many people laugh and like something I created, it was something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I continued and I got to meet more friends. @allmyfavesareflawed @doctorqueue and @wolfgamzee reblog and like almost all my stuff, and it makes me so happy to see people who are dedicated like that. @justacestars @theninjaofcake and @lloyd-garmadone who are wonderful and kind people who I’ve talked to and have helped me out mentally a lot from this past week. @americananime26 who took the time to reach out to me to draw her character (it’s done and it’ll be posted around lunch tomorrow) and the coolest people ever @dividedwecantfall and @the-art-lizard who have been with me from the beginning and I am very thankful to have as my friends.

Thank you to all of you.

But it’s not just them. Every person who has liked or shared one of my stupid drawings, I thank you with all the power my heart can thank. You guys have really changed the way I’m going to look at life for at least a long while now.

I know it sounds cliche but you guys really have made me feel happiness and self confidence again.

I guess to sum this sappy post up, thank you guys for accepting my art into the community.

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“The USSR invaded Poland to stop the Nazis from doing so and they saved Jews, they did this all for Polands minority communities dont you know?”

Nah dude im pretty sure they wanted their lost Brest-Litovsk land back, this belief that the USSR was the great saviour of the Jews (whom they hated) is incredibly false and atrociously patronizing

I know a lot of other leftists follow me and im not trying to be a dick or start a fight but honest to god dude I really dont see a difference between this and “America needs to ‘free’ people overseas because we’re the good guys”