i has the clintasha feels guys


Apparently what I wanted to do today after putting up an askwsbucky comic was … to draw another mini-comic.  orz

After that recent talk about Nat, I really wanted to draw Nat with her support network.  Because Bucky isn’t the only ex-soviet-assassin with nightmares.

(Too lazy to draw backgrounds but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

The Russian is Google-translated, so please tell me what I should fix!  [ETA: Thank you ladyowlett for fixing the translations!!]  In order, they are:

  • “Natasha?"  "Is she the target?”
  • “Where are my other guns?”
  • “Who?”
  • “Thanks.”

I’d like to think that in moments like this, both Clint and Bucky know not to address her by name – she’s had too many, and saying the wrong one might trigger something.

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Marvel ships as people in school

Romanogers: Gets along with just about everybody and is pretty cool but secretly doesn’t like buckynat
Pepperony: Is currently having a mental breakdown but normal is pretty nice to be around
Buckynat: The kid who sits creepily in the back of the class and speaks Russian and thinks he’s best friends with Romanoger but doesn’t like Brutasha
Brutasha: Normally sweet and quiet until insulted and is usually picked on by most of the other kids on class and is friends with Staron
Clintasha: Is super loud about thinking he’s right and hates Brutasha with a passion
Staron: Is chill and quiet but nobody really talks to her but Brutasha
Scarletvision: Has a cool accent is nice to almost everybody and somehow knows how to fly
Sciencebros: Is constantly talking about science and talks really fast
Claura: Is really cute but is picked on by Clintasha about her family
Stony: Is normally cool but arrogant but is currently crying in a corner with Pepperony
Stucky: Is friends with almost everyone but Buckynat they seem to want to kill watch other
Sambuck: Is the guy who walks around teasing people and makes jokes

I don’t know why everyone is always so vicious towards each other over their ships. Seriously. Is there a point?

You are allowed to like whatever ship you want.
You are allowed to not like whatever ship you want.
Just do not sit there and be a total piece of fucking shit to someone who likes a ship that you don’t, because you really don’t know what that ship may mean to someone. Don’t make people feel ashamed of shipping their ships. That is not what fandoms are about.

If anyone here has a problem with this and intends on being a fucking piece of shit to someone who ships a ship they don’t like, then do me a favour and unfollow me right now. I do not stand for ship hate here. I’ve been shamed into silence for a few of my ships, so I’m not going to sit back and let it happen to other people.

Ship and let ship, guys.

  • <p> <b>Coulson:</b> [searching for Natasha in the crowd] I can't locate Romanoff. You have a twenty on her Barton?<p/><b>Barton:</b> No but I know how I can find her.<p/><b>Coulson:</b> I can just call her. [takes phone out of pocket] Barton, no need for-<p/><b>Barton:</b> [shouts] BARTON HAS BEEN COMPROMISED.<p/><b></b> [shouts of protest can be heard from the other side of the room]<p/><b>Romanoff:</b> MOVE OUT MY WAY YOU IDIOTS. I HAVE TO GO SAVE AN EVEN BIGGER IDIOT.<p/><b>Barton:</b> [smugly looks over at Coulson] Found her.<p/><b>Coulson:</b> You guys always seem to find a way to find each other.<p/><b>Barton:</b> Always.<p/></p>

Here’s why you should like Clint Barton’s family.

  1. Their existence is independent of Avenging.The other team members have friends and girlfriends who are all involved in the superhero business. Clint’s family is completely separate from that. They’re not helping to fight or working towards the cause. It’s necessary that we see the common people that the team works so hard to protect.
  2. It grounds the Avengers. It makes them real people with real separate lives. As much as we like to think all they do between missions is party together, they do other things too.
  3. It shows how much Clint is risking every day to do the right thing. He’s sacrificing time with his family and more importantly, the possibility that they grow up without a father. And he’s doing it because he’s that dedicated to the cause.
  4. It cements that there is only a sincerely strong friendship between Clint and Natasha so that there’s no question of Clint pining silently for Nat while she has feelings for Bruce.

   I know people like me who read the Hawkeye comics are devastated they’re not getting that version of Clint and his back story. But can’t we be okay with just having this other goofy guy who just happens to have a family?