i has a hotdog


When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.


ok ok ok Imma interject here. this is swapfell pap x swap sans and perfecta said it was called the bbqtacos but since WHEN has swap sans liked tacos??????? I thought he liked hotdogs????? like?? how pap likes spaghetti and sans sells hot dogs underswap swaps it and has sans liking hotdogs and pap selling spaghetti??? so you know what Imma call it

the bbqhotdogs


I fucking did it. I made El doucho shiposts! Be proud of me papa! 

anyways El Guaco and Tequila designs are by @food-says-the-f-word 

and Douche’s design belongs to @tiny-space-robot 

((p.s: I fucking loved how this turned out Tequila looks so good.)) 

((p.p.s: I can’t draw El Guaco or Douche for the life of me… I tried ;u; ))

Watch on mountean.tumblr.com

160430 fansign

s.coups: show us
jeonghan: this is what aegyo is!
s.coups: this is what aegyo is
hoshi: *starts*
s.coups: he’s starting he’s starting
hoshi: ha….ha…ha ha ha hotdog, i ate a hotdog!
seungkwan: ahhh that’s really cute, do another one!
hoshi: ha…hA…i want to eat takoyaki, takoyaki!
(then they start talking about something else…)