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like the weather [gay ass bigfoot fic]

title: like the weather

rating: G, maybe a PG - there’s nothing heavy or sexual here though so dw!! its sfw

characters / pairings: bigfoot, mothman, reptilians, cryptid ocs; bigfoot / oc cryptid, mothman / reptilian oc

disclaimer: now this fic isnt saying bigfoot is real and gay but……..he also could be real and gay. get w/ it. title is from “lonely hearts club” by marina & the diamonds.

summary: “Bigs gives them a fond cheek scratch, not taking them too seriously - Mothman has been trying for years to get him ‘a boyfriend’, with all attempts never going anywhere.” or in which bigfoot tries online dating, and meets a really cute cryptid boy.

notes: i have been. writing this for like MONTHS. this is a big project of mine and i hope to do more w/ these characters some day so please, enjoy a taste of some of my most cherished ocs!!!! pls have fun and i hope u enjoy the read!

words: ~6,430

the google doc is HERE ! have fun reading <3333333