i hardly use tags anymore

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just wanted to say you're awesome for going toe to toe with the crazy c@ryl fandom. bravo. keep fighting the good fight! and yes, carol/ezekiel is VERY LIKELY happening. there were literally articles promoting a 'possible romance' for them after the 2nd episode (when we met ezekiel). Melissa, Khary, & Greg were all asked about it. The ship is very much being teased both on the show & in the promotion. One of the twd accounts even made a c/d vs c/e poll...& it was pretty damn close tbh.

Honestly I didn’t want to go “toe to toe” with them. I tagged it right, I put @ symbol in. I did everything I could not to have them see it. Honestly they need to learn to use the tagged instead of the search. I hardly even use the search anymore because tagged is just way better. 

Yep, the C@ryl shippers have their head in the sand. Carzekiel is gonna be canon, everything is indicating in the writing that they are a going to be a couple. Honestly I would feel bad for them but C@ryl fandom seems to think they are the only one that matters in TWD and I can’t wait to see them have a massive meltdown the second Carzekiel goes canon.