i hardly think that this counts as a spoiler

Been playing Nightshade

Or Hyakka Hyakurou, anyway.

Currently I’m doing Hanzou’s story (2nd route), and I can hardly believe it … I’m impressed by the MC?! I was already disappointed with her before, thinking she was just the regular sweet, pure, pretty boring but of course still oh so special damsel in distress put into a shinobi outfit just for the aesthetic. I also wasn’t expecting a lot from this route - dude could be her father and kinda acts that way, too (a dynamic I would appreciate A LOT more if this wasn’t supposed to be romantic tbh!). But now I’m kinda amazed!

Like … she is actually learning from Hanzou and becoming tougher, both physically and mentally? Just look at that determination. Girl is developing real backbone in this route.

So surprised. This MC is actually working hard on becoming a badass herself.

I hope this game keeps that up.

Update: Holy shit, I think I’m really going to miss this version of the MC … Can’t I just keep her and play all the routes with her?

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What'd you think of the first episode of the second season?

It was fast paced and action packed. Slightly disappointed because the iconic “103 bones” scene was not animated. I personally prefer Kaneki’s battle suit in the manga. It’s much more sexy and practical. (backless for easy kagune release. Economical and practical bcz he does not have to rip off his shirt each time he releases his kagune).

LOVED Eto. She was creepy/adorable in this ep. Exactly how I imagined her would be in the anime. Lots of badassery scenes. Juuzou was adorable & perfect as per usual. (Though I feel like a lot of non-manga readers will probably wonder whose body he was dragging in that scene.)

Hide was so handsome!! People should really appreciate him more. He should get more screentime tbqh.

Tsukiyama stole that ep imo. Damn Shuu counting in french and forgetting number 10!!! I was laughing the whole time. 

I think everyone prefers Unravel but let’s face it. Unravel is too perfect that comparing it to anything else hardly seems fair. 

They introduced the “clowns” really early. It was one of the big reveals in the end of Tokyo ghoul manga. I think showing them too early would lessen the impact on the viewers when they realize who these people really are. 

Overall, I find the first ep interesting and I can’t wait to see how the story will progress.

i know to take this sort of stuff with a grain of salt but the amount of people who’ve had people who have seen the movie say that sharon doesn’t get hardly any development at all and is just used in relation to steve is pretty concerning if it is true. like…….this was a lot of people’s worries going in, that sharon could be reduced to a love interest and just because she has a few kicks here and there that we see in promos doesn’t mean that when the movie starts, sharon won’t just be used in relation to steve. i mean multiple people have confirmed that she’s not in the movie for very long (maybe just 15 minutes) and that she’s doesn’t have an important role. so 15 minutes of screen time (and we know that some of that is gonna be her during the board meeting, fighting bucky, and passing notes to steve trying to be discreet so it’s might even be less than that) is all the “development” her and steve get before they kiss and become a couple, and some people are even saying that they’re already a couple at peggy’s funeral. when you think about it, if this is all true, then they’ve had less development then bruce and nat……..(and no, comics don’t count) i mean even if you’re a fan of their relationship you can’t be happy with all of this, especially if sharon is used like a lot of people are saying she’s used; just in relation to steve and with hardly any character development.