i hardly think that this counts as a spoiler

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What counts as a spoiler? If it hasn't been posted on mangastream yet? Also I kind of want to see Mel's indura form. Loss of reason hmm sounds like him sometimes. Do you think he can do it without using his hearts?

As long as there is no english scanlation it counts as a spoiler. So textspoilers, spoilerpics, summaries, anything that is not a completely scanlated chapter.
I will generally open my asks again around the time I read the chapter.
That would indeed be interesting to see, I wonder if that happens in the future. It does sound like his form when he broke out of the goddess amber at the first fight festival but that hardly counts as he hasn’t sacrificed his hearts and he didn’t really change his form either. But I can imagine him being similar to that only on a much greater scale, more darkness, more intimidating…
Well, we just got the information that you have to sacrifice 6 hearts. It’s a high level technique that’s only possible for the higher demons that have 7 hearts in the first place. Meliodas is pretty OP most of the time but for him to be able to do that without sacrificing a single heart… I doubt that is possible, but we’ll see.
After all it could be the demon king who gives the demons power in exchange for their hearts, so Meliodas being his own flesh and blood might get away with not sacrificing them… The demon king had no reason to lend him power but since they’re connected it might be possible. Meliodas drawing power from him might also be the the reason why Meliodas sometimes can’t control his power too.