i hardly ever do these

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hey! idk if you have a post on this, but as a cosmic witch, how do you cast circles? ive read many in depth how to's and many witches different methods, but as a cosmic witch, nothing is really resonating with me. im not looking to copy a technique, i just need some sort of inspiration

I hardly ever cast circles and even when I do I usually just walk around my space with a stick of burning incense. I have a post on spiral meditation in which I suppose you could alter for circle casting.

{This is Hoseok, commonly known as Hobi.

He is a Sunflower spirit that happily greets the customers that come to the bath house. He is also the one to distribute all the herbal water tokens to the others for the baths. His ability allows for him to produce various spores from his hands and then use them according to their specific traits (poison, healing, sleep, etc.)}

~ Nyth

so @space-prince-arts made this gorgeous design for kanaya, based on the lesbian pride flag, and i just had to draw it :D

jade and rose’s designs were based on personal headcanons; jade is trans and rose is either demi or ace, i couldnt decide- luckily the colours of the flags are the same


Third year Captain and Vice-Captain TsukkiYama (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

It really surprises me how well this blog is doing despite my inactivity. I’m very happy to see these two get so much love from everyone so this is my thanks for all my followers!


Look who just arrived! I’m beyond exited to finally have these dolls! I’ve wanted them since I was a kid, I guess they’re my original grail dolls lmao

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw an eBay listing for all 4! I never realised that the Scooby they come with has a different expression. I’m really tempted to rebody but I think I’ll keep them NIB and I hardly ever do that lmao. They feel too old and special to debox.

A lil rant here

Hmm… Truth time~ it’s like, 6 AM and I haven’t gone to bed, so let’s have a little bit of honesty here. Vanoss.. I’m pretty sure we all know him by now. Number 1 in the group, right? Why? I mean, there is nothing wrong with that, but I really don’t understand how subscribers aren't​ really.. spread out.
Like I’m glad Vanoss is so popular! But I guess don’t understand how the group isn’t big as a whole. Delirious is obviously runner up with 9 million, then there is Mini with 4 million, Wildcat with 5 million, and so one and so forth. That’s great! I’m glad my babes have so many people liking them! But Vanoss has 20 million. A pretty big difference, if you ask me. I’m glad they’re so great together, and I love them all, regardless. But honestly… What makes Vanoss so different? Yeah he spends a lot of time editing videos, but so does Delirious and a bunch of other people in the group. Nogla hardly ever edits videos, and he’s doing aight. I guess never really seen the difference. I just can’t see why Vanoss has so many subscribers and his best friends (who he plays with all the time) aren’t up there with him. I mean, Vanoss probably wouldn’t be where he was without the guys.. without having fun with them. They helped him just as much, if not more, as he helped them. Yeah, they joke about Vanoss practically carrying them through. But it shouldn’t be like that. They want to be up there with him on their own accord, and still have fun with each other. I mean, because of the whole ‘Vanoss carrying the crew thing’ MiniLadd​ stopped playing with him (even tho he was in. Video to him not to long ago. Maybe things have changed.) Sorry if this makes a lot of people angry, since I know a lot of people practically worship Vanoss, but I just can’t see a difference on their content. If you know, tell me? I just don’t understand it… Yeah they’re doing fine.. but I just wish they got appreciated like Vanoss does. Like some of VanossGaming’s friends haven’t even hit 1 million. Like Bryce, for an example. Jiggly is another one. Yeah, Vanoss supports his friends, boosting their content (like one time he put Basically’s video on his channel to boost it). That’s super sweet of him to do that, so props to him! Of course this topic is reoccurring. I’m pretty sure a lot of people was aware of this situation, and even the gang is, too. So it’s not foreign, just, no one talks about it anymore. Now, by no means am I hating on Vanoss. I love the guy. I just don’t really see why he’s number 1. It should be the group is number 1 as a whole, and have fun with each other. Sorry for the rant @-@ Just know I dont intend to make people angry with this, it’s just my own personal opinion. 💖

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i don't think you fully understand your power, mod. you just made me ship donald duck's cousin with the magic duck. literally i just became deeply emotionally invested, and i really hardly do that ever.. you make me like literally whatever you touch. mod why do you do this to me

you didn’t see it but I just high-fived myself

…okay so, that’s clapping but