i hadnt thought of that

Molly's bracelet

So I work in a mental hospital, and one of the interventions used for the patients is making bracelets with beads. It’s something about working with beads that make you relax and less anxious… anyways my point to this story is that some of you guys mentioned Molly’s beaded bracelet and that it might have been a gift from Sherlock. But what if it really was? What if Sherlock has been in some kind of rehabilitation??? What if he infact did make Molly a bead bracelet, and it was made while he was in hospital?

She was last seen curled up dead in her classroom beneath four blankets with two pounds of Mentholatum shoved in her nose T_T 

Let’s just go with Sicky!Roy being the reason for last week’s Sleepy!Riza?

LOL everyone put on your background preath goggles

#WHERE’S WALDO: ISI Photos edition ©

1.Baby preath having a baby moment:


3. Idk about Tobs, but standing behind Chris would be distracting AF:

4. About to be the #LITTEST background preath high five:

5. Background preath smiling/standing next to each other is my aesthetic:

6. This isn’t really background preath but look how f*cking adorable they are:

7. #yellow vs blue:

8. Celebrating like #awkward girlfriends:

9. **That intense mid-celebration preath hand-holding???:

***(hint below is an opposite angle):

10. The Preath/Krashlyn team photo! (#PRASHLYN…..#kreath?):

11. Visiting the white house like #awkward girlfriends part 2:

12. Ok Christen calm down:

13. Descending into the preath dumpster like:

14. Team Preath knockin em’ down:

15. Everyone: *wearing shoes* Tobin: but y tho……. :

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the worst part of the episode was that they ruined all our room sharing fics. Like ooop, not only is Clarke hooking up with someone, but her room is a creepy ass shrine I want Bellamy 5000 miles away from.

god i hadnt even thought of that do u think bellamy makes excuses to never go into her room clarkes like “you wanna hang in my room” and hes like “cool but my room’s nicer lets go there” clarke; “k” bellamy, internally; “i dont play with demons” 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZJn6EEKNwM)

Hadnt seen this on tumblr and i thought it was funny so

am i the only person whose mind DIDN’T automatically jump to assume grindelwald used a polyjuice potion? like, that honestly hadnt even occured to me. i thought he magicked himself the disguise, since both graves and grindelwald had the same haircut and style.

EDIT 11/21/2016: David Heyman (producer of Fantastic Beasts) confirmed that Percival Graves was a real person and “someone used some Polyjuice potion and took their place… . Yes, there was a real Graves. We didn’t film him. We didn’t film the Polyjuice. We just dived into the story midway through”. [x]

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i wrote a fanfic about a guy from my school where he fucked himself with a dildo imagining it's his fav musician fucking him. i printed it out, put it in the envelope and left on the window sill in school with his name on it. his whole squad was reading it in the hallway and laughing. that day he messaged me saying "ik it's you" bc i hadnt thought that i was literally the only person in school to be associated with gay shit and fanfiction. THIS MEMORY HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY



‘three people’ not ‘papyrus, sans, and someone else’? it’s been said before, but even with a crap-tastic drawing of those two, they should still be recognizable.

consider the following:
there are three wingdings fonts.

there’s been lots of thought about who the other two are in the following quote:

wanna know what i think? we got some unmet characters on our hands.

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I don't have a super strong opinion on the merits of brownie locations, but I wanted to point out that another benefit of The Edge Brownie is some extra saltiness on the outside from the butter. (though I guess that's just if you use butter to grease the pan)

yes!!! thank you elise. you’re always there for me when i’m in a corner (very cheesy wink)

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Hello, Count, I was wondering, since you're into theater, have you heard of the broadway play, Hamilton? It's really good, I recommend you check it out. I am literally grossly sobbing right now because the ending was just a knife to the heart.

what? –breathe. he’s just going to… gulp.
  good? good?

  “ i’ve not only seen that so called play, but lin-gabriel fernanda himself begged me to be on his little production.  the only reason you should be crying, if you say you hold any appreciation for the art and institution that is el theatre, , other than me saying ‘no’, is because of how bad it is. 

 everyone is off key, the sisters don’t even look like they’re from the same country, and what they call music does not belong on the holy broadway stage! it’s too hip-holllerish. so, if you liked it - do yourself a favor and put an actual knife on your heart. not that you should be deader, because people like yourself  are killing art already 

im never taking adhd medication again ONE dose and the day after i still feel suicidal when i hadnt had depressive thoughts all month. i cant stop crying i dont know what to do i cant even go outside like this