i hadnt posted a selfie in a while


so i got tagged by @crowinacastle for the six selfies of 2016 thing and honestly i rarely save most of my selfies so here’s the ones that were still on my hard drive at the time of asking since i refuse to tumblr on my phone! i’m pretty sure the one in the pink shirt is from early this year but i may be wrong

i feel like my looks have been vastly improved by the addition of glasses but THAT’S JUST MY ONION i always felt like my face was naked as hell and while not being able to fucking see sucks at least i look cute with glasses, i wish i hadnt gotten them so damn late in the year

im gonna tag whoever else wants to do it, no pressure at all, just post some shit if you’re feeling cute despite the ever encroaching void but @theassbuttofsunnydale @truckfondler420 @dancingspirals @insomniacbyhire @filigreewiitch i highly recommend you show the world your lovely faces

(he/him pronouns, ok to reblog because i’m fucking adorable)