i hadn't thought of this okay

okay so fun* thought:

  • in #1.05, we see “jack’s dad hoisting the stanley cup for the third time in 1978″
  • in this extra, we learn that jack’s dad turned 57 in january 2014
  • meaning he was born in 1957
  • so in june 1978, he was 21

or to rephrase all that: 

  • jack’s dad won the stanley cup for the third time at age 21
  • which is also how old jack was when he enrolled in samwell
  • haha i’m in pain

*note: thought may not actually be fun

okay so i was listening to danger days in the car today and party poison came on and i just thought how fucking cool it wouldve been if there was a video for that song. imagine it-party poison and ghoul hear the traffic report saying that jet star and kobra kid were shot and of course they’d be devastated. but then poison suddenly grabs his gun and ghoul is like ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ poison give him an evil grin and says ‘we’re gonna avenge them’ or something like that and then the rest of the video is just party poison and fun ghoul breaking into bli and going on a fucking drac massacre with explosions everywhere and korse shitting himself

Why Peggy Carter is my favorite superhero

I love superheros The ones with crazy powers are pretty cool But if the succes of the Avengers has proven anything, it’s that you don’t need to be an insanely powerful alien to be a superhero In fact, you don’t need powers at all Just look at Black Widow, Hawkeye, even Iron Man doesn’t have actual superpowers They are just that good at what they do 

And while I adore Black Widow, and I will defend Natasha to my grave, it is so refreshing to see a female superhero who doesn’t wear a catsuit That’s where Peggy Carter wins it for me

Look at them Both ready to kick some serious ass, but in their own, very different way While Natasha moves and fights like a spy, Peggy fights like a soldier She’s rather punch someone in the face, or shoot them, or hit them with a freaking stapler, than pull the acrobatic tricks Natasha does She is effective and brutal, like a sledge hammer While Natasha is used to fighting behind closed doors and in secret, Peggy is out there on the front line, punching her way through 

The way she moves isn’t especially feminine either While Natasha sways her hips and seems to glide through the space, Peggy actually takes up space Her arms are never pressed against her body, which makes her look bigger and just a little more masculine Hayley Atwell isn’t as skinny as Scarlet Johanson either, which I think is absolutely perfect casting There is no doubt that Hayley is a gorgeous woman, and the show often shows her in nice dresses and always with killer make up But she doesn’t look like a man’s fantasy of a woman, she looks like an actual person 

And don’t even get me started on the kind of battles Peggy has to fight in her everyday life Natasha has to deal with sexism, but not even close to the extand Peggy does, every single time she punches someone or kicks ass, it’s a direct “fuck you” to an overly sexist society 

Not to mention, Marvel can’t kill her! Peggy literally can not be killes or even seriously harmed, because we know she lives to be an old lady in 2014 So even if they decide to kill the show (Which I obviously really hope they don’t) they can’t actually kill Peggy It’s perfect!

So to sum up, Peggy Carter is a breath of fresh air I really needed, and the embodiment of perfection The show is a feminist’s dream, and crushes the Bechel test, and though they still need to work on their POC representation, they’re still miles ahead of most tv shows I only wish she would blow up the way Captain America has, or even Black Widow I need Agent Carter to get at least three more sesons, and idealy a stand alone movie So please, watch Agent Carter, and if you can, do it legally We need better ratings

okay idk if anyones said this yet
but does this

not remind anyone of this?????

…..just me? okay