i hadn't seen this posted anywhere

okay so fun* thought:

  • in #1.05, we see “jack’s dad hoisting the stanley cup for the third time in 1978″
  • in this extra, we learn that jack’s dad turned 57 in january 2014
  • meaning he was born in 1957
  • so in june 1978, he was 21

or to rephrase all that: 

  • jack’s dad won the stanley cup for the third time at age 21
  • which is also how old jack was when he enrolled in samwell
  • haha i’m in pain

*note: thought may not actually be fun

hiddensymposiarch  asked:

Hey, sorry if this is creepy, but I saw the note you left on Joy's post about Louis' latest tweet. I hadn't seen anything about the tweet being posted, deleted, and reposted. Is that what happened? Are there screenshots at all? Cheers, Alex

It happened very quickly and hardly anyone was awake for it, so I’m not sure that it has been documented anywhere.

For those who didn’t see my note -

“Louis” tweeted about the capital radio game. First “he” messed something up (I think in the hashtag maybe?), deleted it quickly, posted ANOTHER version where they had copied and pasted the first one but left his username in so it looked like he’d tweeted himself, deleted that, then finally posted the version that is still up.

Well done, little intern. It only took three tries to post one shitty promo tweet!