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Recommended party combinations for Dragon Age: Awakening

Nathaniel/Anders/Justice - Spoiler Alert 

Oghren/Nathaniel/Justice - The Father, the Son and the Unholy Spirit

Sigrun/Velanna - The #TreesSmellGood #SigrunStopSmellingTheTrees party 

Anders/Oghren/Nathaniel - The “wanna see what’s under these robes? [Nathaniel Greatly Disapproves]” party

Sigrun/Nathaniel/Anders - Bros Before Woes

Justice/Velanna/Anders - The “let me tell you about justice” party

Velanna/Sigrun/Oghren - “That one time Velanna actually believed Oghren so Sigrun won’t let her live it down” party

Velanna/Nathaniel/Anders - Stressed, Well Dressed and Oppressed

Oghren/Justice - The “in case you wondered why Justice never lets Anders get drunk in DA2″ party

Justice/Sigrun - The literal Legion of the Dead party

Anders/Ser Pounce-a-lot - The Vicious Attack Kitten Enforcement Squad party


Believer by Imagine Dragons

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AkaFuri, caring for each other while sick? (my phone can't do those cool chess figurines I'm sorry)

(My phone couldn’t either, lol) Thank you!! ♥

♞:Caring for each other while ill

“Kouki…” Akashi croaked, his voice hoarse and lacking all of its usual authority and regal tone. “I require more medicine-” he began and then coughed pathetically.

“I’m sorry, Sei.” Furihata sat down beside him on their bed, removing the damp washcloth from his forehead and flipping it over before reapplying it cool-side down. “You just took some an hour ago.”

“But I’m dying, Kouki,” he complained and Furihata did his best not to roll his eyes.

Akashi Seijuurou was not the type to get sick. He took good care of himself and ate right, so he often avoided illness. However, when he did manage to catch something, it hit him hard.

“You’re not dying,” Furihata reassured him. “It’s just a cold.”

“This–” Akashi began and then interrupted himself with a small coughing fit, “–is no cold.”

“Midorima-sensei seemed to think it was,” he reasoned, hiding a small smile at the petulant look he received in return.

“Shintarou is a quack,” he spat, burrowing under the blankets so only his head was visible, his bright hair starkly contrasting with their white sheets.

“Oh, Sei, you don’t mean that.” Furihata brushed his bangs to the side and readjusted the washcloth. “Now, how about some chicken soup?”

At that, Akashi stiffened, his crimson eyes going wide.

“Don’t worry.” Furihata snorted. “The chef prepared it, not me.”

Akashi relaxed at that and then smiled. “Thank you, Kouki.”

“You’re welcome, you big baby.”

I originally thought that Akashi was the type to go to work even if he had a 40° C (104° F) fever, but thinking about him being a giant, needy baby is better, haha.

Thanks again for the asks, my darling! ♥
Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Asks


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I'm sure you've already been inboxed about this but please the With an Accent full 6 minute interview with Cole and Lili is up on YouTube: "Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart talk Riverdale and Bughead at WonderCon 2017." It's really cute but honestly in those first 3 min. that we hadn't seen before, you can see (once again!) how quietly/modestly yet truly intelligent Lili is. I adore this woman. Hollywood, do not sleep on her or underestimate her ability to answer challenging questions.

Omg no you are the first one my dude!!!! The round table interview where everyone got convinced they are dating! 

“ITS FLATTERING” and that look at Lili, Cole don’t kill me. I am so so so happy that they know exactly how big our Bughead fam is! And that they are so happy about that fact. They honestly are such a TEAM, look at how Cole plays out what Lili is saying, they are just there together! 

I love seeing the interview before the last part that we’ve already seen, cos you can really see live how theyre getting closer and closer and getting up arm to arm. 

LOLOLOL when Cole says “as they often are” (not with any intention to make her look stupid btw) after Lili explained that the next mystery would begin in the finale of season 1, she literally could kill him with that look, such an annoyed girlfriend behaviour Im dyyying.

And yes, Lili truly is so calm, collected and clever. Always so well spoken and thinks before she talks. I cant wait to see more of her throughout the years!