i hadn't seen the first one before so

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I'm sure you've already been inboxed about this but please the With an Accent full 6 minute interview with Cole and Lili is up on YouTube: "Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart talk Riverdale and Bughead at WonderCon 2017." It's really cute but honestly in those first 3 min. that we hadn't seen before, you can see (once again!) how quietly/modestly yet truly intelligent Lili is. I adore this woman. Hollywood, do not sleep on her or underestimate her ability to answer challenging questions.

Omg no you are the first one my dude!!!! The round table interview where everyone got convinced they are dating! 

“ITS FLATTERING” and that look at Lili, Cole don’t kill me. I am so so so happy that they know exactly how big our Bughead fam is! And that they are so happy about that fact. They honestly are such a TEAM, look at how Cole plays out what Lili is saying, they are just there together! 

I love seeing the interview before the last part that we’ve already seen, cos you can really see live how theyre getting closer and closer and getting up arm to arm. 

LOLOLOL when Cole says “as they often are” (not with any intention to make her look stupid btw) after Lili explained that the next mystery would begin in the finale of season 1, she literally could kill him with that look, such an annoyed girlfriend behaviour Im dyyying.

And yes, Lili truly is so calm, collected and clever. Always so well spoken and thinks before she talks. I cant wait to see more of her throughout the years! 

Maple Bacon Whoopie pie from Sweet Spells located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

So, I’ve reached the “re-watching old episodes looking for secrets” stage and I noticed something in “The Love God.”

Only one grave has dates on it in this shot. …It would be much easier, with three in a row being blank, to leave that blank too. Putting writing on just one of them makes it stick out, and makes no visual sense.

Here it is again, and it’s shifted so that we can see it behind Wendy. It’s moved too far to the right to be plausibly just a result of changing the angle. Almost like the animators pushed it down a little, deliberately, so we could see it a second time.

I have no idea what those dates could mean, thought. …Just to be thorough, I grabbed screencaps of the other tombstones with dates in the cemetery….very few have actual numbers.

The one almost behind Robbie says “1989-1971,” which could just be a joke. (Looks like this poor fella only lived to be negative eighteen years. Such a waste.) The other goes from 1885-1959.

Do these dates mean anything at all any of them a reference to anything outside the show? Are they clues–particularly the first one, which sticks out so much? Or is it all just nothing?


This is the first time I’ve seen a music video based on a comic. I’ve seen ones of animes and movies, but webcomics? This is a (beautiful) first. Just one of the many things I discover while messing around on youtube :)



The first three are from happier times, before I was sure I was in the company of Mike Pence (tho I was kind of concerned about it – I’d seen his motorcade from outside, and there were SWAT teams and Secret Service folks loitering outside the theater before we came in), the last one from THE FUCKING SPEECH the actor playing Aaron Burr gave at the end, which is bound to be all over tumblr.com eventually.

So, that was my night.

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Alright so I'm starting to see the Larry thing and honestly I can't believe I hadn't seen it all before. I think it hit me when I saw Harry's anchor tattoo and Louis's rope tattoo and noticed that one of them has it on the left wrist and the other on the right so they would fit if they were holding hands and THEN the first line of Strong goes "My hands. Your hands. Tied hp like two ships." an unless I'm mistaken Louis wrOTE THAT SONG (also the ship and compass tattoos are relevant) FUCK my heart