i had troubles colouring this show

Here is my coloured wonder woman…

For a wonder woman movie I’d want the first half to be the ancient warrior in modern times deal. kind of like Just Visiting. Then halfway through reveal the invisible plane and that she’s had trouble with the technology because it’s too primitive.

The opening sequence is a slow pan across engraved metal showing the history of the amazons in etched detail. Oddly you start to realise the ancient battles and civilisations are etched on pipes and gauges. As the credits finish we pan out to see the bridge of a ruined u-boat bridge covered in the etchings. n the centre we see a lone figure sat in furs matted in blood, face in the shadows her breath visible in the cold dripping sub reveals the title “Wonder Woman”

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I noticed that the colour of each Quinx corresponds to the colour of a ghoul in the background of this image. Which, proven from later chapters, shows that these ghouls are linked to the character development of each corresponding Quinx. On top of this however, I had noticed that for every Key ghoul who causes problems and doubt for a Quinx, there is an Investigator to help them through their troubles.

Musuki = Torso + Suzuya

Mutsuki’s status as transgender (you can argue he isn’t all you want, but for the purposes of this post I’m saying his trans) was revealed to us through Torso’s actions, and serve to provides us with a clearer insight to Mutsuki’s past and current actions. Torso is also continually shown to be hunting Mutsuki, and becomes victim to the strength Mutsuki acquires as time passes. But the one who helped Mutsuki become strong, to overcome the fear of himself, was Suzuya. Like Mutsuki, Suzuya was an outcast who was jeered at for his behaviour which was seen out of the boundaries of normal, having a questionable gender identity, and having been framed for heinous acts by a demented Academy Instructor. Of all people for Mutsuki to find solace and advice from, there was none more perfect than Suzuya.

Shirazu = Nutcracker + Fura

After the Auction Raid, Shirazu was left traumatised by Nutcracker’s dying words “I want to be beautiful.” Which turn out to be similar to the words Shirazu’s ROS stricken sister, Haru, says continually. These words coming from Nutcracker’s lips have caused Shirazu to begin to question whether Ghouls are the monsters the CCG taught him to believe. But in his darkest moments, it is Fura Taishi who comes to lend an ear to his problems. Fura shows Shirazu that he isn’t alone in his doubts and worries, telling him of the time when he couldn’t use his quinque, and showing him that there was always a light at the end of a dark tunnel. But most importantly, Fura understands Shirazu’s pain of not knowing if ghouls are monsters or people. Fura himself as completely convinced Uruka Minami, the ghoul Lantern, was a human. Fura was forced to come to terms with the fact ghouls have human personalities, human desires, and human hearts. Just as with Mutsuki and Suzuya, Fura was the only one whom could console Shirazu.

Urie = Kanae + Hirako? Ui?

Urie fought Kanae on two occasions, firstly during the Auction, and now during the Aogiri ambush on the Qs. Kanae was astonished at the speed Urie’s strength had risen, which we know is ruled by his desire to beat Kuroiwa Takeomi. Interestingly to note, in the early chapters, Urie seemed promotions and credit, but now after his promotion to Rank 1, Urie has said nothing in the terms of wanting a promotion, only seeking the strength to outmatch Takeomi. While we still wait to see what becomes of Urie’s no-doubt doomed quest for power, Kane will likely have a key role in Urie’s future, having sworn in chapter 42 that he will kill Urie the next time they meet. Now Urie, being a very secretive, dense character, hides his emotions and isn’t prone to opening up to people. Who else do we know to hide their emotions and keep a straight face at all times? Hirako Take. Like Urie, Hirako does not possess the natural talent Arima or Takeomi has, Hirako has won his rank through hard work and dedication. And like Urie, Hirako’s parents are no longer with him, no doubt leaving him bitter and stunted. Urie also possibly shares his desire to stop others from succeeding with Ui, but without seeing more of Ui’s reasoning, it is hard to say.

Saiko = Scarecrow + Ihei? Kuramoto?

While we know little about Scarecrow, this theory would suggest he will likely be essential to Saiko’s character development. Saiko has shown pity and understanding towards ghouls, having been able to seamlessly play the part of a ghoul and seeing some ghouls as good people. And Scarecrow, who attended the auction, is most likely quite wealthy for a ghoul. As the Rose Operation as lead to the Quinx squad exploring the wards of Tokyo as ghouls, it is very possible that Scarecrow is the leader of one of the Wards, and that he and Saiko may interact. Now I’m not sure what Investigator Saiko would be able to connect with at this stage. Ihei or Kuramoto perhaps? They’re both talented but somewhat unhappy with their job. Only time will tell.